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"Greg: Fiddle with valve"

...Yea this thing is pretty solid, you aren't gonna be able to turn it. From the machine though you can hear a slight humming noise, maybe it's waiting for something or maybe it's waiting for a Totem? You’re not sure. Just like the other things that this game makes it is cold too, you can guess that that's going to be a standard for all the things that this game makes. You’ll try to figure out what else this thing can do in a bit.

PE: Yea nothings happening
PE: I can hear it humming though
PE: No clue why. Probably waiting
MT: hm.
MT: alright, so our next thing to do would be to figure out how to get a “totem” right?
PE: I guess? If we want this thing to work anyways
PE: It may just want to use something else as a totem
PE: May not even be something relating to the game to work!
MT: what you’re saying is…
MT: we don’t look for a totem but we instead just, find something that fits?
PE: Well I mean if we cant find a totem anyways
PE: I have no idea what can fit in there
MT: neither do I, so im going to think about this for a moment.
PE: I wanna fiddle with this thing a bit more. See what happens. That okay?
MT: yea sure go ahead.
MT: but remember what your dad said.
PE: “Be careful” I know!
PE: Give me a moment

{Omegaupdate Forums}


MT: ta-daaa, what do you think?
MT: no idea what this thing does, but, what do you think?
PE: ...Uhhhh no idea either
PE: What is this thing called?
PE: Looks like a laser thing of some kind
PE: or some kind of clamp?
MT: said it was a “totem lathe”.
MT: so it like… hang on lemme look it up.
PE: I think it means its for carving stuff?
MT: “a machine for shaping wood, metal, or other material by means of a rotating drive”.
MT: ...yea that.
PE: So… Its for carving stuff from this game presumably.
PE: Either that or something for crafting.
PE: Was there also a “workbench” somewhere?
MT: nah, I didn't see something like that.
MT: not sure where a “totem” would come from either…
MT: here, can you fiddle with that thing on the side of it?
PE: Which thing and which side?
MT: the one that looks like a valve or whatever.
MT: I think if you move that something should happen?
MT: either that or it may need something in place.
PE: Alright… If this thing uses me as a “totem” im gonna totally be hurt. Hard
MT: greg, I doubt you could fit yourself into that anyways.
PE: I dont WANT to fit into that!

"Greg: Observe MT place something"

Whatever he’s going to place it must be pretty big if he needs this much space. You see his cursor go get something and then see it dra- Holy hell what is that? It… It's very huge compared to what else is in your room! The only other thing that's probably that big is the bed but that’s because its wider than it! Jesus this is gonna be harder to explain… Luckily it didn't block out the door access, that would have been worrying for you or dad… You should (obviously, like you didn't do enough) talk to MT about this.


MT: alright did you get your kicks out of that?
PE: Kicks?
PE: Oh. Jokes. Uhhhh
PE: Kinda not really?
MT: didn’t mean kicks like that.
MT: I meant did you figure out anything?
PE: Oh
PE: Well I guess ill say that its pretty easy to move
PE: Considering that its floating in the air and anchored in place
PE: Overall id say its like moving a rock or a big plate or something
PE: But without the gravity
MT: ...whatever you’re talking about, I guess I agree with it?
MT: anyways now then.
MT: think its time to, uh, “deploy” one of these objects?
PE: Yea sure! Whichever one would fit anyways
MT: perfect, got a perfect candidate for this space right by the wall.
MT: lemme place it.


Seemingly you’re able to move it with not that much of an issue. The surface of the cursor is cool to the touch but you saw that when the cursor touched you. You notice that even though its floating in mid air its somewhat easy to move, like if you were pushing a rock or something. But thats kinda interesting because this thing is able to lift furniture and make rooms all on its own! Still crazy to remember that. Maybe later you could figure out how to bypass the whole “not able to lift up NPC’s and Players” by just gripping onto it really tightly and having it lift, but what do you know.

"Greg: Discuss with MT"

MT: wow I really spooked him.
MT: he’ll be fine right?
PE: Yea he should be alright
PE: Hes seen some scarier stuff. Probably
MT: probably?
PE: Well. Maybe
PE: I dont know what stuff he may have seen
PE: So im just assuming hes seen some worse stuff
MT: right.
MT: anyways, you know how I was making space for the room to place stuff?
PE: Yea?
MT: how about I place something?
MT: or do you wanna see something else before I do that?
PE: ...Well I was thinking about like
PE: Before you do that. Can I try to like
PE: Move your cursor?
MT: how so?
PE: Like. Move it up and down?
MT: uhhh sure i’ll move it down a bit and you can try I guess.
MT: how is this helpful?
PE: Its not to see if its helpful but to see if its able to be done
PE: You understand that right?
MT: uhhhh yea.
MT: i’ll move it down and you can try it, alright?
PE: Alright!


There goes dad, startled as heck and probably regretting checking on this. You would reassure him that you’ll be fine but you think he gets it… You hope he wont be spooked for too long, he can sometimes be scared for a while... Anyways now you should probably focus back on MT and maybe trying some stuff, you still have like, what, a dozen things to try? Or something?


Dad: Well uh this sure is interesting Greg truly!
Greg: Yea it is ri-
Dad: But i'm gonna get going, right now this is kinda...
Dad: This is really too much for me to handle, you see.
Dad: I'm always worried about weird spooky stuff like this!
Dad: We can say this game is haunted, right?
Greg: ...Yea we can but I don't think you need to lea-
Dad: I'm just leaving to go get something!
Dad: Don't worry!
Dad: I mean this is all really weird and I felt a cold shiver, but…
Dad: Anyways please be careful and i'm gonna get going right now, probably watch a show!
Greg: ...Uhhhh okay
Greg: You sound really spooked?
Dad: I am not scared!
Dad: Just startled!
Dad: And maybe somewhat spooked!
Dad: But, now i'm going to just get going.
Dad: I know and hope you’ll be okay.
Dad: MT if something happens to my son please go find me.
Dad: Since i’m assuming this haunted game lets you do that.
Dad: Anyways just gonna go now!
Greg: ...Okay then?

"Greg: Watch MT"

Dad’s already kind of tense even though the cursor isn't up to him… and he already looks like he’s sweating bullets from it getting close. One click later and Dad has already jumped back and looks really spooked. Three cheers for sacredness! Seems as if you can't pick up Non-Player Characters, so there’s that… Or maybe you can but Dad was just so scared of it that he got out of the effects? Or something else. Who knows, not sure, anyways he’s startled now so whoops.


MT: sweet so uh.
MT: looks like you can get on the cursor right?
MT: or at least for a bit, before you fell off.
PE: Yea. Though I do still wonder why you showed yourself
PE: One second nothing was happening then well
PE: BAM you came down and showed up
MT: sorry lol, wanted to see what would happen.
MT: plus I wanted to click something but uh, cursor y’know.
PE: Right right
PE: I mean it makes sense and all to do it
MT: hey wait a second.
PE: Hm?
MT: I had an idea.
MT: like.
MT: a dumb silly idea?
PE: ...Tell me?
MT: what if I clicked on your dad?
MT: I can't lift you because (I think) the game doesn't allow the player to move.
PE: Yea?
MT: but your dad isn't the player.
PE: well duh but
PE: ohhh wait
MT: yea, so… should I try to click him?
MT: it's your choice.
MT: and his but I don't know if you should ask him
PE: ...Uhhhh sure why not?
PE: Ill tell him why you did that and stuff
MT: alright.
MT: so… ask him?
PE: ...Nah lets just see what happens :P
PE: But if you CAN lift him up then PLEASE let him down gently
MT: well duh i’ll be gentle, i'm just making a check.

"Greg: Attempt to ride this sucker!"

Alright… Aanndd he’s lifting and you’re trying to stay on! Sucks for you though because soon you feel something push and change on the cursor even though you don't see it, causing you to fall back onto the ground. Jeez you barely got lifted up by it, think you could have stayed on longer there? Dad’s worried as usual even though you’re perfectly fine too… Conclusion is: This was kinda dumb but hey you got to stay on the cursor for a bit! You wonder if you can exploit this somehow.

Dad: ...You’re okay, right?
Greg: Yea im fine
Greg: Thank you checking though
Greg: Here im going to talk to MT for a moment. Okay?
Dad: Alright… I’ll just, look at the cursor thing for a bit.


...And there we go, he lowered it down… Now then if you just angle this right and get on this you should be able to stand on it. One small jump later and now you’re on it and yep it still feels cold. Even if you’re wearing shoes you can still feel the coldness and the temperature changing… Now then let’s see what else you can do.

Greg: MT can you raise it up now?
Greg: Ill be careful
Dad: Greg why do you wanna do that?
Greg: I wanna see how far it can lift me!
Greg: Dont worry. Again
Dad: I'm not, just want to be cautious!

"Greg: Think about what to do"

Greg: Okay dad so uh
Greg: I have an idea
Greg: Kind of a weird idea but I hope that MT is able to hear this
Dad: What is it?
Greg: Well I was thinking…
Greg: The cursor is flat right?
Dad: ...Yeeeaaa what about it?
Dad: Oh wait a second.
Dad: I see that it's a cursor now, I thought it was a weird pointed house thing!
Greg: I mean it is
Greg: But its a cursor so yea
Greg: Anyways I was thinking about it and well
Greg: Do you think I could stand on it?
Dad: ...Uhhhh…
Dad: I… I guess?
Greg: Should I try?
Greg: I mean if its fine with you dad. And MT. You too
Dad: I… Son you can, but, please don't do anything I wouldn't do.
Dad: But i'm sure you’ve probably thought about that right?
Greg: Well yea. Ill be as careful as possible
Greg: MT if you can hear this then uh. Please lower down the cursor
Greg: You should be able to hear this anyways. Youve heard the sounds of the game

"Greg: Explain the Cursor"

Greg: Okay guess I need to explain this now too
Greg: Alright. You know MT right?
Dad: Oh, your friend from earlier?
Greg: Yea. Well
Greg: He gave me the game and he decided to be the server player.
Greg: I set it up and became the client
Greg: And well thats when we learned that the game was real
Dad: ...Okay… Wait, can he hear us?
Greg: Yep he can
Dad: Oh shoot.
Dad: Sorry MT, I didn't mean to vilify you!
Greg: He probably understand. I think
Greg: Anyways. Hes the server player and hes the one responsible for making the room bigger
Greg: Well not him specifically but his uh “cursor abilities” in a way
Dad: Makes some more sense, I guess.
Greg: Yea so we have been trying to just figure out how to do this game and all that
Greg: And through all of this I can say we learned one thing
Greg: We have no clue what we are doing
Greg: And this game is really “cool”
Greg: ...And this game is really weird
Greg: Alright weve learned multiple things I guess
Dad: ...Greg, are you certain that this isn't some weird dream thing?
Greg: Speaking of that… Ive learned that if theres no weird terrifying shadow creature. Then I know that im not dreaming
Greg: And hey theres no terrible shadow creature yet!
Dad: ...Well, I guess that works then.
Greg: Yea luckily… Only issue is well… Now the cats out of the bag and you know whats going on.
Greg: Ill have to think about what to do now
Greg: Maybe MT has some ideas…
Dad: Okay… Whatever happens, make sure to be careful okay?
Greg: Ive been doing that for a while dad. Dont worry
Greg: Just give me a second


Greg: Dad no th-
Dad: Listen, Greg, I have no idea what this is, and you said you have no idea what's going on this game…
Dad: Well, neither do I!
Dad: I don’t want anything to hurt you! Or me either!
Dad: I know I'm being overprotective, but if we don't know about this thing...
Dad: Then we shouldn't assume it would be a good thing right?
Greg: Dad tha-
Dad: Greg, look just.
Dad: We don't know if it's a bad thing or not, right?
Dad: And all games I've ever seen you play have a bad guy or an enemy or something!
Dad: And I'm not sure if this is a bad guy but I'm assuming the wor-
Greg: This isnt a bad guy! They are a good guy!
Dad: ...Oh.
Dad: ...Sorry.
Greg: Its okay but just
Greg: If ive been playing longer by like a few minutes then that means I know a bit more
Dad: I just wanted to be careful, sorry son.
Greg: Its fine. Dont worry. Just... relax a bit


Dad: I just don’t understand this whole thing.
Dad: So the game is real?
Dad: I guess?
Greg: Yea you can say it like that
Greg: The game technically is real and were a part of it
Dad: ...How can a game be real thou-
Dad: Greg what the heck is that?!
Greg: Whats what?
Greg: Oh… Oh thats-
Dad: Is that part of the game?!
Greg: Yea but-
Dad: I should have known, this game thing has…
Dad: It has enemies too right? All games have bad guys!
Dad: I've seen the games you play!
Greg: Dad thats not-
Dad: Greg, I don't want to take a chance on this please!

"Dad: Get mind blown"

Dad: ...What?
Dad: That… How does the game... it affects… What?
Greg: Yeah im confused as well dont worry
Greg: But its true
Greg: All of it
Dad: ...Is this a joke or…
Dad: Or a dream or…
Greg: Dad if this was a dream we would have woken up by now
Greg: I think
Dad: ...Hang on, so.
Dad: This is a game?
Dad: Or this is THE game?
Dad: Or… What?
Greg: No clue. Either real life is the game or the game is real life?
Greg: Or both?
Greg: Or some combination of the two I cant really tell
Dad: ...Okay let me just think about this.
Dad: Why would this…
Dad: ...And this is online?
Greg: Well duh. It has to be I think
Greg: I dont know if it would be possible offline
Dad: Right, I guess…
Dad: ...So we’re in a game… I still don't understand just...
Dad: Anything else there is or…
Greg: I mean theres one thing I guess but
Greg: That depends on the server player
Greg: And if they do it or not
Dad: ...Server player? Oh... Right...

"Greg: Explain to Dad"

Greg: Okay look uhm. Ahem...
Greg: This is going to sound extremely weird to you and you probably wont understand but
Greg: This is all from the game itself
Greg: Like. The room being bigger and everything feeling colder
Greg: Its from the game
Greg: That probably sounds weird because the game is the game right?
Greg: Well the game affects reality
Greg: Or well the game takes place in reality?
Greg: I cant explain it right
Greg: So basically because of this game and the antics its caused it made the room bigger
Greg: Well the antics were caused by my friend not just me
Greg: If that makes sense too? It probably doesnt but I think it does
Greg: And theres some weird thing called “grist” too or something?
Greg: I dont understand that part yet
Greg: We are also able to move around furniture with a click or something?
Greg: Well. Not we but my “server player” or something?
Greg: I think that theres some sort of limit to what they can do anyways or something?
Greg: And I guess Ill say that this is all very confusing and complex and well apparently im just at the start of the game or something similar to that because I have no idea whats going on and neither does my server guy so yea theres all that too
Greg: ...I think that makes sense
Dad: ...Uuuuuuhhhhhhhh...

"Greg: Panic, worry, think!"

Crap, crap, okay okay this is really bad, cat’s out of the bag, full alarms warnings going off everywhere you're screwed you're so screwed... You either have to lie your way out of this (which is probably impossible at this point) or you need to tell the truth! How the heck could you even lie out of this? Your dad knows that something is up, and you need to tell him and you can't figure out what to say and just, just… Screw it, it's probably best for him to know now instead of later if this game is persistent… Here goes nothing…

"Dad: Talk to Greg"

Dad: Greg, there’s definitely something…
Dad: Off, right now.
Dad: Either that, or I'm imagining something!
Greg: Hahah yep just imagining trust me
Greg: Everything is good dont worry!
Greg: Right?
Dad: Greg, here, listen.
Dad: Right now I am baffled by what's going on.
Dad: I have NO clue why your room is like this, I just want to know.
Dad: Please just tell me, I don't mean to sound harsh but...
Dad: I just want to understand, because I am confused as heck.
Greg: Well
Greg: Uh
Greg: You see…
Greg: Thing is...

"Dad: Look around"

Jeez, Gregs seeming to be acting up, maybe he’s a bit sick and trying to move a bit or this game has him uppity for some reason… But besides that, why does his room feel a lot… Bigger. Well, for one, the bed is in the wrong spot, but he said he moved it, and the posters are in different places… Actually, everything is in a different place! You know for sure that this is all off, like the room is bigger for some reason? What is going on… Maybe this is a coincidence of some sort? You’ll have a stern talking to Greg about this, maybe he’s hiding something about this...


Dad: ...Son I keep hearing banging from up here, everything okay?
Greg: Yep! Perfectly fine!
Greg: Im just playing my game and all that yep
Greg: Nothing to worry about
Greg: Nice hair by the way you look really stylish!
Dad: ...Thhaannkkss? But...
Dad: Greg if you’re enjoying your game then uh.
Dad: It's a computer game right?
Dad: Why are you standing up?
Greg: Oh you know just
Greg: Stretching the gamer muscles!
Greg: On something really complex and interesting and all that!
Dad: ...Your screen is on your desktop?
Dad: ...Hang on your room feels different.
Greg: Oh its nothing uh
Greg: I just did some moving of the furniture!
Greg: Everything felt off you know?
Greg: Just had to fix it!
Dad: ...Hang on, wait a second.
Dad: This feels wrong.
Greg: What do you mean? Its fine!
Greg: Dad you dont have to worry a bit cmon
Dad: Greg, just let me look around for a moment.
Greg: ...Right!
Dad: ...Also you feeling okay? You sound really odd.
Dad: Feels cold in here too, did you open a window?
Dad: You didn’t… hm.
Greg: Oh just some odd breeze came in dont worry!
Greg: Trust me you dont have to worry!
Dad: I just want to see what’s going on, dont worry, I wont be here too long…
Dad: I think.

"Greg: Discuss a bit with MT"

You’ll ask him about what to say, or probably ask him about what else to move or maybe just get rid of the do- Oooorrrr Ohhhhhh heyyyyy thereeee… well, uh, dads here… And you have no idea what to say, or how to act or uh... time to pull your best act and just act natural hahaha you’re gonna be so busted.


Okay, the drawers are in place… Wait a second, you realize that the bed would be in the wrong place, since he put the nightstand in the spot. You’re gonna have to either fix that yourself, or tell him. Either way, you’re thinking about what to do if dad comes in. Maybe you should try to say that you were reorganizing the room and it just looks bigger? Nah that won't work. Maybe just tell the truth or something like that? You’re not sure about that either, your dad may freak out and cause an issue but... Gah, You’ll just ask MT again.

"Greg: Talk to MT about an excuse"

PE: Okay so
MT: hm?
PE: I was thinking of maybe just like
PE: Moving the furniture into where it was before?
PE: Like. Against the wall
MT: that was my plan though.
PE: Okay good
PE: Because if (more like when) dad comes in here ill need to be able to say something like
PE: “Oh the rooms always been this big dad! You just never noticed it!”
MT: there’s a reeeeaallllyyyy low chance of that happening you know.
MT: but well a chance is a chance right?
PE: Yea duh thats why I wanna try it
PE: Hopefully he just gets confused or something
MT: I mean if we’re being wishful than hopefully yea.
MT: ...hopefully also we get this space put to good use.
PE: What do you mean?
MT: making this bit cost me about like…
MT: 3 grist?
MT: if we’re moving stuff on it we can't really move it back then.
PE: Shoot
PE: Well… In that case I should probably have a good excuse then
PE: Here uh. Move the drawer next ok?
MT: kk.

"Greg: Watch MT fix up"

Okay, so either he can get rid of the extra bits and just move everything… or he can just move that, that works too. You hoped that he would have done something else but you guess just moving it is fine, hopefully dad wont te- oh who are you kidding, he will tell. You have to think of something, what you can do... maybe a better question is what CAN you do? You're not so sure...


PE: Why did you do this
PE: Please tell me why you did this
MT: well we needed more space right?
MT: so I made more space.
PE: But D:
PE: Why like this?
MT: we needed a bit more space in the room to do all this stuff right?
PE: Yea
MT: so… the natural solution is to make the room bigger, riiigghttt?
PE: Yea
PE: But just
PE: Making the whole room bigger? How the heck?
MT: all I can say is this.
MT: I did the same block thing that I did for the block.
MT: but I did it for the room.
PE: I guess it makes sense but
PE: What if dad walks in here now?
PE: That was loud enough for him to hear!
MT: alright alright i’ll try to fix this
PE: Please!
MT: just give me a sec
MT: sorry by the way
PE: Its fine but please
PE: Tell me what you do next time okay?
MT: i'll try, dont worry man.

"Greg: Watch the “cool” thing"

He said it could be cold, that must mean he’s talking about making something? Or he’s talking about changing the temperature of the room but you’re not sure about that either. But also it could be cool looking so you’re not sure if he’s meaning something awesome or interesting or if he’s talking about something else o- hhholy heck what did he do?! A loud thud is heard from the wall and he made your room bigger!?... I guess it makes sense because you needed more space in your room but he just, made it bigger with no slack attached! I mean you guess its normal since some games let you do that but… Seeing it in real life is just surprising as hell! You do definitely feel colder too, the air from the room seems to be chilled slightly from the extension… You are entirely sure your dad should have heard that by now, if he's outside he would have seen it, if he doesn't hear it then well thats a fat chance. Oh boy...


PE: So the stuff you talk about is “grist”?
PE: First off thats kind of a weird name for a resource
PE: Second off uh. Whats the other ones?
MT: wish I could tell you but it seems like they don't tell.
MT: guess it's done to keep a bit of mystery right?
PE: Yea I guess so.
PE: One thing to ask though is uh.
PE: You only used one before build grist before right?
MT: yea only one.
MT: for the small little block thing.
MT: why do you ask?
PE: Im just asking because we gotta manage resources right?
MT: I mean we only should if we have a small amount I think.
PE: Looks like we have a small amount to me!
PE: I mean i'm not sure if we get a higher “grist limit” later on but. Twenty is a small amount relatively!
MT: well, we aren't sure if its a big amount of not.
MT: what if twenty is the max for a reason?
PE: ...Im not so sure but well
PE: Ill assume it gets higher later
MT: alright, now then uh, I have some other things to show off.
PE: Like what?
MT: well… first off i'm going to need a bit more space.
MT: but you said you wanted to stay in your room right?
PE: Yea. I mean if dad were to see the cursor just floating around everywhere well
PE: Im not sure how he’d react.
MT: alright, so, stay in your room it is.
MT: in that case we need a bit more room than we actually have.
PE: ...What are you planning?
MT: well this is also a test to see how much grist we actually have so…
MT: trust me on this, this could be cool.
MT: cool as in cold and as in cool looking.
PE: MT what do you mean??
MT: give me a sec!

"Greg: Receive video"

Oh good he fixed the stabilization before hand, thank you MT. Now then… Seems as if he’s in some weird menu thing in the HUD? You thought he had to cycle between stuff but I guess it's optional to click them too. Looking at the menu you see they’re “Grist” or something? Build Grist looks like the only one he has so you guess thats the one for building, because it's in the name, duh… You’re not sure how you’d get any of the other stuff, which you’re not even sure what its called since the video ends when he highlights something called "build grist"... You should ask him about that.


PE: Hey. Before we go on any further I got a question
PE: Like a small one really
MT: shoot it to me.
MT: unless its super small lol.
PE: Well I was just gonna ask like. Does making the ground come up and all that use anything?
PE: Like a resource?
PE: If so what is it?
MT: resouces?
MT: well I know of one thing when I made that block.
PE: What was it?
MT: I have NO clue.
MT: I mean I have one idea but its kind of weird.
MT: lemme explain uh.
MT: do you see that weird crystal looking thing on the hud I sent you?
PE: The thing on the far right?
MT: no not that, thats something I have no idea about.
MT: the thing in the middle
PE: Oh the… Hexagon thing?
MT: yea that!
MT: whenever I do anything with the room apparently it uses some of that stuff.
MT: except when I move something.
PE: ...How does that work?
MT: well.
MT: when I made that block thing apparently it used one of them?
MT: but when I deleted it I got it back.
PE: So its like you invested into it?
PE: I think?
MT: yea that makes sense.
MT: ...hang on im seeing some other things too.
PE: Other things?
MT: other crystal things.
MT: here let me show you a video of it.


There goes the cold block, another loud thud noise comes from it and the ground once he deletes it too. You’re honestly surprised that your dad hasn't heard any of this yet, either he’s outside or he’s simply distracted by something else, hopefully it's because he’s too busy with something to know yet… Anyways though, that's one thing down, looks like MT was able to select that singular piece of the ground he pulled up, leaving the ground as normal as it was before… Though now you’re slightly curious if this needs anything to be done or if its just some weird free action...

"Greg: Talk to MT"

PE: Hey. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you
PE: Had to talk with some people :)
MT: nah its alright, who were you talking with?
PE: RL and OD
PE: Seems as if OD doesnt have sburb yet so I had to tell her about the weird effects on real life
MT: oh right she doesn't have it yet because of where she is.
MT: but well, hopefully when she gets it we’ll understand more about this game and not be so confused.
MT: which at this rate will take a while.
PE: Hey it means more time to learn right?
PE: At least I think so.
MT: you seem a lot more cheery.
MT: you going through a mood shift or something? lol.
PE: Just taking this at a different viewpoint. Games are meant to be fun right?
PE: Or at least fun for the player
MT: yea but, as you said its real life too!
MT: gotta be careful.
PE: Duh that too!
PE: Im not just gonna go through it like a fool and let everything happen.
PE: Gotta stay in control somewhat right?
MT: yea I know! I was just clarifying that you weren't just throwing caution into the wind.
MT: since if you did then oh boy i’d need to be your guide.
MT: blind leading the blind you know?
PE: Yea yea I know!
PE: Here. Lets focus back on figuring out how this game works before we get distracted any further
MT: alright! first off let me delete this block.
MT: taking up too much space as you said.
PE: Alright!

"Greg: Respond to OD too"

-( obscureDiscernment[OD] began pestering programmedEnigma [PE] )-

OD: took a bit of time but i'm done now.
OD: everythings calmer now too so thats a plus.
PE: Welcome back!
PE: Hows it hanging?
OD: its actually pretty good now. you?
PE: Great right now. Just got done talking to RL about the game
PE: ...The really confusing game
OD: which game do you mean.
PE: Sburb remember?
OD: oh right sburb kind of forgot about that coming out today.
OD: i dont have my copy yet but i should have it later today.
OD: is it fun?
PE: Id say its a big learning experience but thats because it takes place in real life
PE: As in it affects reality
PE: If that makes sense
OD: makes more sense than nothing at all?
OD: even if it does sound like a big joke?
PE: No no its not a joke!
PE: Me and MT are playing the game right now and well… Its like the sims but real life?
OD: greg please i know if things are jokes or not.
OD: ...but if it is real then wow how did you get in that mess.
PE: Hey I didnt mean to!
PE: I just got in here because well. I thought it was a normal game
OD: should i cancel my order or.
PE: ...Nah I wouldnt say to
PE: I mean… Who knows. Maybe this game has some weird ability to change where we are or something?
OD: like a teleporter?
PE: Yea I guess like a teleporter?
PE: I mean im just speculating
PE: Itd be cool since we could meet!
OD: yea i probably should get the game.
OD: just in case.
PE: I mean hey who knows what can happen
PE: This game is a mystery
OD: whatever happens just remember to keep your head on straight okay?
OD: if this game is a mystery to us then. well. be cautious.
PE: Im being careful OD. Dont worry :)
OD: good. good.
OD: got to deal with something else now. i’ll talk to you later alright?
PE: Yea! And you be careful too alright?
OD: i always try to be careful. :)
OD: see ya in a bit!

-( obscureDiscernment[OD] has stopped pestering programmedEnigma [PE] at 11:38 AM )-


...Yea RL is right, you shouldn't be as tense and stressed out about everything, this is a game so it wouldn't or shouldn't cause any harm to you, unless you were a bit reckless and caused yourself to get hurt. You should push onwards and keep playing this ga- Oh. Shoot seems as if OD is messaging you now too? Seems as if whatever was going on with her is over and she decided to respond back… You’ll tell her about what's going on, since she probably doesn't know that you’re in Sburb, literally.

"Greg: Respond to RL"

-( risingLuminosity[RL] began pestering programmedEnigma [PE] )-

RL: Heyyyy greg!
RL: Ive herrd something happend to you?
RL: Besides yoyr birthday of coruse! :P
PE: Well yea you can say something important happened
PE: Considering that im in a game right now
RL: Oh you’re in a game?
RL: Sorry! I wont obther you then!
PE: Wait no I didnt mean like that
PE: I mean im literally like… In a game?
PE: Its really confusing right now but
PE: Ill just say that this game. Sburb. It takes place in the real world
RL: ...Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.
RL: MT told me aobut that!
RL: Tht sounds pertty cool actually!
PE: How is it cool?
PE: Im not sure what this game will do to us!
RL: Uuusss? :?
PE: Well. Me since im the one who is being affected
RL: Ohh okay
RL: I jsut thought it was cool since you liek games and siad you wanted to be in one!
PE: ...I mean yea I guess it is kinda cool?
PE: I mean being in this is the closest I could be to being in a “game” so
RL: Yea! So what col stuff can you do in tihs game?
PE: ...Uhhhhh im not so sure if I can do anything
PE: Most of it seems to be like what MT or the server can do?
PE: Unless something happens later
RL: Ohhh okay
RL: So knid of like… uhhh wahts that one board gmae that you and MT played?
PE: Dungeons and dragons?
RL: Yea that! :D
RL: Wheer you’re the one pushing the stroy and MT’s the conteroller? :o
PE: Yea I guess!
PE: I just hope that he doesnt try to spawn monsters then if he is the dungeon master
RL: Pfff why would he do taht? he’s cool!
PE: I mean I dont know what can happen!
RL: Im sure that whatevr happens, everything iwll be fun! :D
RL: Besides games are ment to be fun, so why woudl this not be fun?
RL: Have a bit of fun with the unknwon right?
PE: ...Yea. You are right. I should just have a bit of fun :)
PE: Thanks RL. I need to focus on this now so I need to get off the chat
PE: See you later okay?
RL: Byeeeeee! :D

-( programmedEnigma [PE] has stopped pestering risingLuminosity[RL] at 11:36 AM )-

"Greg: Get off the block"

Sucks how you were just getting comfortable and now you need to get of- oh… hang on a second, seems as if RL decided to respond to you? She did say someone was going to do something quick for her but guess that took a long time. Wonder why she decided to respond to you now of all times but well, you’ll figure that out when you talk to them.


MT: uhhh what you planning to do on that?
MT: or are you just sitting there.
PE: Im just gonna sit down for a bit yea
PE: Its chilled enough that its comfortable!
PE: Plus we got to make a good thing out of an odd situation. Right?
MT: yea I guess.
MT: I was gonna try to delete it but well if it's comfortable for you then i’ll keep it there.
PE: Im not gonna want to keep it forever!
PE: I just wanna sit down for now, this is all kind of a rush for me.
MT: I mean it is for me too but I was hoping to delete that because it was just a test.
PE: I get you! Its fine if we wait a second though right?
PE: At least I hope its fine unless you are really busy
MT: not busy in the slightest really.
MT: though i'm not sure if we should be playing around still since we aren't sure what we’re dealing with.
MT: what if it freezes you solid?
PE: This game has basis in reality man. If it were to freeze me solid I would feel it!
PE: But I understand you. I shouldnt really stay up here for now. We should do some more stuff
MT: no no take your time, enjoy it unless you really wanna get off.
PE: Its cool!
PE: Really cool actually ;)
MT: greg I swear to god lmao.
PE: Hey I can joke around a bit!
PE: Ill get off now

"Greg: Get on the block"

You were planning to stay off the block before, but since it's so cold you decide to just set your phone down on it and get on it. One jump later and you are standing on it, already feeling yourself getting cooler from it in a way. Doesn't seem to change temperature either so you might aswell stay on it for a bit. You don't think any harm can come from a small rest anyways, this is all so weird to figure out.

"Greg: Discuss with MT"

PE: ...Okay so what did you do now?
MT: I apparently “revised” the ground and made uh.
MT: this block.
PE: But why make it in the middle of the room?
PE: I understand you are curious but. Man we gotta be careful!
PE: Again just. All the noise can cause my dad to come in here
MT: I didn't know that it made noise?
MT: I mean I didn't hear it that loudly at least.
PE: The game is silent to you?
MT: no no not that but like, when I made that block it didn't make a noise besides like.
MT: it made a small thud noise basically?
MT: like I could hear it but it wasn't like loud
PE: So… It's slightly silenced for you basically?
PE: I mean I guess that makes sense. Unless your volume is down
MT: nah it's at my standard gaming volume, it's how loud I usually hear things in games.
MT: atleast I think so.
MT: also uh… why are you feeling at the block?
PE: It's oddly cold. Like the same temperature I felt when I touched the weird sburb cursor
PE: Think that's normal for all of these sburb oddities?
MT: I mean if they’ve all been cold so far then I guess so?
PE: ...Hang on give me a second. I got a plan

"Greg: Watch MT"

Seems as if MT’s doing something now, whenever the cursor clicks through colors you guess that means that he’s choosing something. Seems as if he… highlights the ground and makes it red? Whatever he’s doing you hope he doesn't cause anything too drastic… But now he’s made some sort of block from the ground? Looks like it's the same as the ground and walls but it's elevated and pulled up from the area he selected… What the heck?

"Greg: Talk to MT"

MT: if i'm holding something heavy like that, please don't message me.
MT: I instinctively pressed the button again.
PE: Oh I did that. Shoot. Sorry
PE: ...So it just dropped because you were stressed?
MT: yea and I pressed it because I fumbled the controls.
MT: so, if i'm carrying anything with this cursor, just don't message until i'm done with that, I think.
PE: Okay. Bit weird but alright
PE: God I hope my dad didnt hear that either
MT: I mean I can't see him but, if he’s below then he probably heard it loud and clear.
PE: Please tell me he’s not below...
MT: I dont wanna check, because if I do he’ll see the cursor.
PE: Alright then don't check and hopefully he doesn't come here
MT: yea… but, hey got some good news.
MT: kind of good news anyways.
MT: apparently this cursor can lift up basically anything that's not you, I think.
PE: Makes sense… so uh. Lets try a different one of your abilities?
PE: Not really sure to call them abilities if they are sburb things.
MT: give me a moment to choose one, there’s like, seven of them besides select.
PE: Okay...


Okay okay please put it down lightly no no NO! He dropped it and it hit the ground, god dang that was loud! You even said to be careful too, why did he drop it again?... Maybe you pressured him too much by talking to him while he held it. But, ouch… Hopefully dad didn't hear and is busy, you aren't sure, but you can say GOD that was loud.

"Greg: Watch the cursor"

Alright, hopefully he doesnt do anything too drastic, or at least something unintentionally drast- no no no don't lift up the massive heavy chest! How the heck is it able to do that anyways that thing weighs, like, a ton! And it just picked it up with ease?! I mean I guess it supports the whole having it be like the Sims thing but please just be careful with that, this is real life and it has weight!

PE: Careful! Put that down lightly!
PE: I don't want to have anything loud and cause my dad to come up!
MT: hang on.
PE: Just be careful with that!
MT: hang on!


MT: alright, you got the file?
MT: says you opened it.
PE: Yea I did. This is really happening. I cant believe it
PE: Todays my birthday and now im in a real game
MT: hey you said you always wanted to be in one.
PE: Shush I know I did!
PE: Look just. I need to ask you something
MT: mhm?
PE: Please dont let my father see the cursor or sburb symbol or whatever
PE: I dont know how he would react seeing something like it but
PE: We shouldent risk it not knowing what he does
MT: alright, so if he shows up I should like, move the cursor out of the room or something?
PE: You can do that?
MT: yea I can, I think so at least.
MT: I mean I was originally zoomed out to house view but then I went to room view so.
PE: Alright. Thats… kind of good
PE: That means you can move it out before he sees the cursor
MT: right.
MT: is it fine if I try something else by the way?
PE: Just dont grab anything that can easily break ok?
MT: wasn't planning to, lol.
MT: just don't be alarmed.
PE: Thats not that re-assuring you know!

"Greg: Receive video "

Lets see... Looks like he had to record it from his TV screen, but, why is the camera tilted? Doesn't look like it's zoomed out enough to hold all the HUD you need to see but… You can see the options at the top. This also confirms that this is not a dream, because you’ve never seen anything like these icons before in your life besides the Sburb logo… Apparently he can see the whole room too, but you aren't sure if he’s able to go to other rooms or if it's just this room, but, you’re not sure… God this is confusing, you’re part of this "game" with no known objective...


PE: Did you really need to drop my phone?
PE: I mean seriously man. Careful!
MT: sorry, still learning the controls you know.
MT: apparently it’s a sort of click to pick up, click to drop system.
PE: Oh
PE: So how did you drop it?
MT: I wanted to see if objects float or something.
PE: Phones dont float dummy!
MT: yea I know but I don’t know if this game changes that.
PE: Eh true
PE: By the way is the cursor the only thing you see on your screen?
MT: nah there’s some other things too.
PE: Like what?
MT: I can't really say without it sounding weird, so, how about I send you a video of it?
MT: short one, just to see what it looks like.
PE: Sure I guess. It can help if we need to decide what to do
MT: alright, give me a second.
MT: it should send in a moment.
PE: Okay


Alright, he has an idea. Hopefully he doesn't cause any issu- wait why is he- oh goddamn it no don't take your phone! You really dont want a cracked phone screen right now man! You tried to hold onto it but your sweaty palms let it slide through. Luckily you are able to get it when it falls… But, really it's just uncool to take something out of someone's hands when they’re using it and relying on it to talk to them!... Well, atleast you know he probably didn't mean to drop it, right?

"Greg: Discuss with MT"

MT: alright got some news.
MT: apparently you can't be clicked.
PE: I felt you click me though?
MT: well duh I “clicked” you but it didn't do anything.
PE: Alright good so this isnt like the sims thank god
PE: So why are you able to click then?
MT: that’s what i’m trying to figure out right now.
MT: I need to figure this out slowly.
PE: Hopefully if you figure out what to do we can stop this game or whatever this is now?
MT: didn't it shut down for you?
MT: or you said it crashed or something?
PE: Yea it did crash!
PE: But I looked through the task manager and it wasn't even open there
PE: So that means its gonna stay running… oh boy
MT: I guess that means if I turned off my console it wouldn't change anything.
MT: well, shoot, we have plenty of time, i'm not busy today, so.
MT: let's “play” this “game”.
PE: What are we even supposed to be doing?
MT: no clue!
PE: Great. :D
PE: I mean I kinda have an idea. I read the manual a bit
MT: well before we do anything like that, I need to get a handle on the controls okay?
MT: and what I can do as this “cursor”.
PE: Again just. Dont hurt me or anyone okay?
MT: I mean I have no idea what this things powers are so i’ll try my best I guess?
MT: here I have an idea.


You let the cursor bump you, it feels oddly cold, you expected it to feel like, room temperature but it feels like a cold fridge door, admittedly a bit nice but this is still confusing. You see it change color and you feel a shiver in your body, but you aren't sure if that's because you’re nervous as heck, or if it's just from the "click". God, you really hope this is a dream, how would you explain it to anyone? You’re not too sure. You hope it didn’t do anything with the click, besides make you anxious and worried.

"Greg: Talk to MT"

PE: Alright. Im here now
PE: And you are able to see me right?
MT: yea I can, this is so confusing.
MT: I mean both being able to see you from this perspective and well, everything else.
PE: Well duh this is weird. This means im part of a game now too right?
PE: I always wanted to be in a game but not like this with this weird symbol thing
MT: technically I guess that's a cursor.
PE: Cursor?
MT: atleast I THINK its a cursor?
MT: I mean this hud doesn't really specify if its a cursor, pointer, or whatever.
MT: but because it's kinda shaped like one… i’ll assume it's a cursor?
PE: ...I guess so then? I mean look just. If its a cursor then that means kind of one thing
PE: One thing which I kind of am scared about
MT: i'm scared either way about this game being able to, y’know.
MT: interact with the real world and all that, but what are you scared about.
PE: Have you ever heard of the sims
MT: who hasn't?
PE: Do you know how the player is able to force the characters to do certain things?
PE: Like. Tons of certain things?
MT: yea?
MT: oh you mean you think this is like the sims.
PE: Yea. And that's terrifying if you can control me like that!
MT: I mean there’s one way to find out if its like that.
MT: i'm going to click you ok?
PE: Alright. Just. If you see anything pop up please tell me :\
MT: alright, if I accidently hurt you then i'm sorry in advance.


Well, there it is... Its not attempting to get close to you right now, and well, if MT is controlling it then it means you’re probably going to be okay as long as he doesn't do anything sudden. Its so weird to see that thing right in front of you, it looks like it's just hanging there, just floating like static. You don't think it could hurt you. Unless it well, was slammed on you, but, you trust MT to not do that since you two are close friends.

"Greg: Head back in"

This has got to be a dream, you still can't believe this is happening in any way at all. Like, a floating sburb logo appearing right next to you? Thats gotta be some sort of dream thing right?!... If this isn't a dream though… you aren't sure of what you’re going to do. Hopefully this isn't some sort of Sims thing where they can control you… But… Here you go!

"Greg: Tell MT about this"

PE: Alright. So. Not playing today obviously
MT: greg.
PE: I cant play today. Yep. Cant play
PE: Totally not the game or whatever wanting to probably kill me and try to hurt me!
PE: Either that or some other supernatural bull or whatever!
PE: But now I also cant get in my room and I cant do anything. What am I going to do!
PE: My dad is going to kill me!
PE: What?
MT: okay so this is gonna be weird but.
MT: thats me.
PE: Heck no that cant be you!
PE: You are not a weird floating sburb logo :\
MT: yea it's not ME, obviously. it's more like, my character? I think?
MT: trust me this is just as confusing for me as it is for you.
MT: obviously this game (not even sure if I should call it game anymore if it does this) is… real?
PE: Yea its real. And the sky is red right. Grass is purple right?
PE: This has got to be a dream. There is no way games are able to do that!
MT: dude, alright just.
MT: listen to me a bit.
MT: you said you had a nightmare right?
PE: Well duh. It always was involving some weird shadow creature. Every time ive slept ive had that happen to me!
PE: Recently anyways
MT: well is there any shadow creature around right now?
PE: ...No and im extremely worried
PE: Either this is my first normal dream or this is all real
PE: Please tell me you are worried as well
MT: of course I am man!
MT: look, just, obviously something's up and this game is like, cursed?
MT: just… head back into the room for now, we gotta figure this out.
PE: If you control that sburb cursor logo thing then please dont like. Scare me with it
MT: why would i do that?
PE: I dont know. Im just really paranoid
PE: Give me a moment

"Greg: Run away!"

...Yea you arent taking any chances with this, you leave promptly. Whatever the heck is going on you run the hell out of there you do NOT want to be stuck in the same room with something like that. Nope nope nope. You choose life!


...What can he even mean by poke the character, you didnt even make a character. Why did he start to describe your room, is there some weird spying thing going on or are you imagi- WHAT THE HECK IS THAT. WHAT the HECK… Is that the sburb symbol thing what the heck why is it floating there whats going on... You're legitimately freaked out why is that here is the game alive now or something?!


MT: alright so this character has a lava lamp too.
PE: ...Coincidence or
MT: no no no its in the same spot I think too!
MT: and its purple!

PE: Okay then what the heck
MT: and there’s the chest thing too...
MT: same poster I think?

PE: Okay you obviously are joking around man
PE: Stop trying to freak me out
PE: Either that or something freaky is going on

MT: man I swear im not joking im seeing this on the screen right now!
MT: here, i’ll prove it to you, lemme poke your character.

PE: Uh. Okay but… Okay?

"Greg: Talk to MT about this"

PE: Hang on I have an issue?
PE: My game glitched and closed itself I think

MT: what do you mean man?
PE: Like… It crashed!
PE: I dont know how else to put it

MT: uhhh… hang on a sec.
MT: looks like you’re in?

PE: I am?
PE: But I crashed. I dont have a character do I?

MT: yea man it looks like it!
MT: either that or my character looks really like you do.
MT: so… I think you may be pulling my leg a bit?

PE: No im not pulling your leg!
PE: I legitimately crashed. That must be your character! :|

MT: hang on hang on.
MT: alright, so, your room has like, a lava lamp right.

PE: ...Yea it does? Why?


...Orr… Maybe the game can just crash? Is there something wrong with it? Did it bug out? Is your computer unable to run it? It said to enjoy the game but… Huh. What the heck just happened?

"Greg: Play the game finally!"


Alright, finally, time to play the game you’ve been waiting to play for so long. Everything seems to be set up, MT is hosting and you’re connected to the game, the time is right for some good gaming time. After countless hours and days, its finally time to see what all the hype is about! Lets play Sburb! This is gonna be good.

"Greg: Talk to MT"

MT: alright, I think I figured it out.
PE: Tell me. Is there a code or something or
MT: yea its a code actually, for some reason they use a code for all this.
MT: I think they do that to make sure that the consoles can cross?
MT: atleast I think so.
MT: oh uh, the code is “1125-2736” by the way

PE: Well. However it does this. I think we should get started man!
PE: Im excited for this. Ive been waiting for so long!

MT: yea you’ve been excited enough to fall asleep during the loading right?
PE: Shut up that loading screen was intense man!
MT: lmao sure, trust me I understand
MT: if you didnt sleep at a good time then its fine to rest a bit

PE: Well. Yea I guess.
PE: But hey. I got this to work!
PE: I was supposed to click client and you do server?

MT: yea something like that!
MT: I think you’re supposed to use the code too.
MT: remember, 1125-2736.

"Greg: Relax"

Maybe you’re just worrying too much, like MT said. Its always good to be positive about things, and the fact that you fell asleep may just mean that you were a bit bored. Who knows, maybe you just fall asleep when watching that stuff, that was a lot of colors and all… Seems as if MT has responded, you should just forget about what happened and move on a bit.


You can't get your mind off of what happened, you fell ASLEEP. You can't believe that, you weren't tired before, you were wide awake! Plus that nightmare, that was the same… THING at the end, the same that was in the last nightmare! You clearly remember that face and that weird rock thing that it was holding? God you just… What the hecks going on? ...Maybe you’re becoming a bit of an insomniac because you just fell asleep so easily, or maybe somethings wrong with your mind, and this is a warning? Or...

"Greg: Check for “code”"

You remember seeing on the box art of the sburb box that there's a code thing on it somewhere… But you’re not really sure what the code really would be, there’s three on the bottom and you’ve used one of them and well… you’re not really able to think straight right now actually, you feel really weird…


MT: yea this looks weird.
MT: apparently you’re supposed to connect as a server or a client?
MT: how would this work...

PE: Ive heard about something like this before actually?
PE: Like. Someone plays as the owner of the server and the other joins
PE: Kinda like minecraft I think?

MT: that makes sense, but if the game takes place on a server then wouldnt it just mean for us to connect as clients?
MT: atleast I think so…

PE: Though im not sure what it means by all of this
PE: Does it already have us connected somehow or?

MT: maybe, im not so sure?
MT: here how about I try to figure this out first and then we can try something.
MT: but i think that since its talking about a server thing, we can choose who hosts and who doesnt?

PE: Yea I think so?
PE: I’ll let you choose first.
PE: ...God this is a weird system…
PE: But I guess its understandable. Since its cross platform right?

MT: yea.
MT: here, i’ll host the game by the way, i’ll send the code when ready
MT: or when I learn how to do this.

"Greg: Respond to MT"

MT: hey man you there?
MT: got some weird log in screen.
MT: you seeing this right?
PE: Hang on a sec. I just woke up
MT: ...woke up?
MT: yyoouuuu were awake before though?
PE: Lemme explain a bit
PE: Apparently. For SOME reason. I fell asleep during the loading screen?
PE: Like. For some reason I just blanked out and just. Slept :\
MT: oh.
MT: hope that's not anything serious, maybe you slept wrong?
PE: I mean I did have a weird nightmare of some kind I guess?
PE: Atleast I THINK I did. There was a weird shadow guy from my last nightmare. And I was also in the loader thing…
MT: sounds like a coincidence honestly.
MT: i’d say to just relax a bit on it, and maybe get some rest?
MT: iunno man, I dont know anything about nightmares lol
PE: ...Yea I guess I shouldnt worry. Thanks man
PE: Just weird for dreams to happen in a row right?
MT: I get you man, I get you.
MT: though uh, do you see the log in screen?
PE: Oh! Yea I do.


How did you fall asleep? You were wide awake before hand, but maybe this loader made you bored or something? Maybe that, but you also got into a bit of a nightmare it seems... That sucks, two nightmares in a row on the same day... Maybe you should tell MT about this.

"{S} Greg: Load Game"

<embed src="" quality="high" bgcolor="#ffffff" width="650" height="450" <="" embed="">

(Song Again by Master of Toast: "Automatic Dataization")
(Youtube Link for Mobile Here)


Seems to be loading up now, hopefully this is fun.

"Greg: Look for the “PID”"

Taking time to look through your manual, you can see that the PID seems to stand for “Player ID”, odd, and MT said it was for only PC editions… Guess it makes sense for it to be anti piracy, you have to have it in order to play the game so it would come standard for consoles and disks and all that.

PE: Hey I think I found my PID thing
PE: So I just put it into where it asks?

MT: nah man you just write it down and forget about it
MT: what do you think?

PE: Hahah nah its a joke I know where to put it! :P
PE: I may be kind of dumb at times but im not that dumb

MT: greg you’re silly at times not dumb
MT: though the times where you are dumb well
MT: then you’re preeeeetty dumb man

PE: Sure hahah
PE: Thats a joke right man?

MT: yea its a joke dont worry
MT: here uh, once you put in your PID thing we can start playing kk?

PE: Yea! Im excited for this. Were gonna have a lot of fun
PE: Were going to have the others join in too right?
PE: Because if we all play together that would be great! :)
PE: I hope that everyone else has it too. The games hype should have got to them right?

MT: yea we’re going to try to, but even if we arent able to get some people to join it will be fine, trust me this will be fun.
PE: Yea I know it will be fun man!
PE: Just give me a moment to put all of this stuff in

MT: alright just take your time.
MT: lets see if this game is as good as they say it is.

"Greg: Respond to MT"

MT: hey im back I just had to check something.
MT: heard a loud crash outside, nothing serious.

PE: Oh. Hope no one was hurt by whatever happened
PE: I kinda have something to mention though about the game

MT: hm?
PE: Im not sure if youve ever heard about this but. Apparently theres mentions of entropy in the game
PE: Entropy kind of being like. Decay in a way? I cant describe it right

MT: i’ve heard of something like that, but im not sure how this game can incorperate it in some way.
MT: maybe some sort of story quest or something.
MT: im not sure.

PE: Hey also. Something came up on my screen
PE: Apparently something called a “PID” or something?

MT: oh that? I've heard about it being only for like the pc copies.
MT: you should be fine if you have the manual. Which uh, you should have. got that?

PE: Yea I got that
PE: Why would they need this to be part of the thing though?

MT: iunno maybe its some sort of anti piracy thing, what do you think
PE: Yea uh probably anti piracy. Weird

"Greg: Read up on Entropy"

After diving back into the book and taking a few readings up on the concept it seems like it makes some forms of sense, a world that's failing to stay together and is falling collapse due to change… Kind of an interesting scenario, you wonder if it's gonna stay that interesting in the game or if it's just a false thing put into it… You can't put much time into thinking about it though, seems as if MT messages you back, maybe you should tell him about this.

"Greg: Read Manual"

Checking out through the manual you see some of the basic parts of the game, apparently some form of crafting system that it doesn't fully go into, probably wanting you to figure out somewhat on your own. It brings up some aspects of the story but it mostly involves going through a “new world of wonder and excitement” like some rpg’s talk about… Though it also mentions the fact that the world and the game is falling to Entropy. Entropy, the same thing you were hearing about before in your book…

"Greg: Check progress"

...Even if it's been about like, 20 minutes? And even if it's been straight from the disk, it seems like it's still taking a bit of time to finish, should be soon though! You should maybe pass some time checking out some more of the manual and all that to get acquainted with the game better. After all you’re going to try to play it a lot today, you’ve been waiting for months for it!

"Greg: Talk to MT"

Might as well check on MT’s message, I mean he messaged you first so maybe there’s something important going on with him. Or it's just a casual chat it seems.

-( programmedEnigma [PE] began pestering mislaidTorquewrench [MT] )-

PE: Hey are you back?
PE: I just got done with unpacking some gifts!

MT: just got back, had to talk to someone.
MT: how were your gifts?
PE: I mean I cant go in depth about it right now but
PE: What I can say is that I really enjoyed them and the fact that my dad put time into thinking about it just makes me happy :)
PE: Oh also did you look up anything about the game?

MT: nah I haven't done that yet
MT: not even sure what to look up really
MT: “sburb cheat codes 2016 no charge free”? nahhhh.

PE: I mean do we know if theres cheat codes anyways?
MT: nah I dont know, I was just assuming or thinking about it.
MT: then again why would there be cheats in a multiplayer exclusive game?

PE: Oh its multiplayer exclusive? Theres no normal story mode or something?
PE: That sucks but hey maybe its better with friends

MT: was just gonna ask you about that actually
MT: you wanted to play the game together, right?
MT: if thats fine with you anyhow man

PE: Yea thats fine!
PE: Plus were gonna get everyone else involved right?

MT: yea. brb a sec gotta do stuff quick.
PE: Alright. Ill wait for you.

"Greg: Go to Computer"

"Greg: Pick up Gifts"

Good to have all the floorspace back after this though, so much room for activities… Though, before you’re able to think about what to do, you hear the sound of your messenger going off! Seems as if someone's messaging you, and from your view you can see that it's your good friend MT. Should probably tell them the good news.

"Greg: Close door"

Well looks like that's that, you got your gifts out of the presents and you’re happy with how it is. All this stuff is taking up the space on the ground though, but man you’re glad that you got these. Especially the minifigure, book, and the sweater. But all of these gifts together makes you happy as can be!


Dad: I'm going to take all of this stuff out okay?
Dad: I don't want your room to be all cluttered with all this junk!
Greg: Thank you dad
Greg: Just be careful with carrying it right?

Dad: Hah, Greg I’ll be fine dont worry!
Dad: Its just some boxes it's not like it's some weird monster right?
Greg: Right!
Dad: Plus I know you may be a bit busy with your game soon, so I’ll leave you be for now.
Greg: Alright dad


Dad: There may come a time where you may not be happy with what you have.
Dad: I don't want you to ever not be unhappy or have you be without something you need.
Dad: That's why I try to give what you want or think you need, Greg.
Greg: Dad I think that you giving me what I want is good but thats not what im after
Greg: I just want to be happy and live life a bit
Greg: Even if it means not having much. I dont mind!

Dad: Well son, I just hope life is kind too as you live it.
Dad: I don't want anything bad happening to you in life!
Greg: And I don't want anything bad happening to you, dad
Dad: Now then, let me just pick up all of this stuff.


Greg: You know dad. I dont know why you would think I wouldnt like these gifts
Greg: I think these gifts are great!

Dad: I'm happy that you think they’re good Greg, even if they’re small and you may have wanted more...
Greg: Dad im not the type of kid who really wants more. Im fine with the stuff I have!
Greg: I mean every thing that I get is pretty nice but I dont think I really want to have something like. A new game system or like some cool expensive thing
Greg: I think these are great dad

Dad: ...Son, thank you, Im just wishing I could give you more, even if you dont want anymore
Dad: It may just be me that thinks I should do it but, I just want to make sure its fine.
Greg: Dad its always fine. This is a lot of gifts for this year!
Greg: I dont want alot of stuff. I dont want to be spoiled!
Greg: Im happy with how everything is dad

Dad: Son...

"Greg: Read Book"

Taking your time to read the book you get a bit to the start, which includes various introductions of the concept and general starting points… Yea this is a book you know you can enjoy, especially considering how it delves into some forms of astronomical references. Pretty good book from what you’re seeing so far!

Greg: Yea dad. I think this book is great for me
Greg: I mean I dont know some of the stuff here and thats good! Right?

Dad: It’s perfect if you want to challenge yourself with some hard terms.
Dad: Ive read through it once before and only got through the first chapter because it was so confusing to me!
Greg: Well. Luckily I know some of these terms so I think I can get through this somewhat
Dad: And that's why I thought you’d like it son!
Dad: I hope you like your gifts and the stuff you got.

"--( ened r act un"

what will happen next time in gergogry's and dan eveeto's jounry. find out next tim on nucc scuc ball z part 4 episode 2 only to be released in japan super duper special edition featuring dante from devil may cry and knuckles grand dad 7 town



gerg: Holy shit

"gerg: whoa"

gerg: Danny DeVito?
'danny devito': Technically no, but I have taken form of this 'Danny DeVito'.
gerg: Okay then what are you?
'danny devito': I'm your stand, you dumbass.
gerg: A stand?
'danny devito': Stop with the questions. Look, everything's wrong, and we need to fix it.
gerg: What do you mean everything's wrong?
'danny devito': Take a good look at yourself.



"gerg: rize"

form the arorw, gerg getz...





"arow: affetc"

gerg is tno fien, he hurt




father: I'm surry, Gerg, are you k?

"fahtur: pull aut"

"daed: reaekt"

father: groog no.


agh shit that looks like it hurts. need a bandaid grug? maybe some aspirin? you gonna need 2 take a seat or relax 4 a bit?

"gerg: rect"

gerg: What in goddamn-


well that was fuckin rude, you were just askin a fucki nquesiton. its notlike you were bashing on your padre- what the fuck is that in the book.

"[April Fools Update 2017] gerg: red berk"

espite your fuckin dad telling you to take your time READING this book, you decide to fuckin ski pto some random ass page

gerg: Dad I don't understand a single fucking word in this book
father: Of course you don't, I told you to take your time reading it.
father: But you were always a go-getter, ahaha.
gerg: Why do you always laugh like that?
father: Listen here you fucking shit, I don't tell you how to live your life.


...This is kind of interesting though. What is this book? The quality looks a bit odd compared to the other gifts you’ve gotten. Not as pristine, kinda old looking… The title says its “The Look Into the Study of Entropy and Concepts of Such”... You’ve never heard of a book like this before, this must relate to your interest in space and all that. Though the quality of the book is unknown, you should probably ask your dad about it.

Greg: Hey dad this book looks cool but… Where did you find it?
Dad: Well… Greg, that book I've known about for a very long time.
Dad: I found it back at a time around you were born, I knew you would turn into a kid who loves the study of science, astronomy, and such.
Dad: So, I decided to get you a book for the future that might peak your interest!
Greg: That makes sense. How would you know id like all that though?
Dad: Father's intuition in a way, I just had a hunch you would, Greg.
Dad: Even if the book is old, there’s still plenty of worthwhile knowledge to know about!
Greg: Well all books have useful stuff to know about right? I think
Greg: Ill read a page or two. Get a small idea of the book
Greg: Ive never really looked into entropy though. So itll be interesting to read about for the first time

Dad: That's alright, take your time reading it Greg, but don't rush it!

"Greg: Open Green Gift"

This looks like one of the last gifts, well, the last one you’ve found and put in the pile anyhow. Before you open it you should probably talk to your dad a bit.

Greg: Hey dad
Greg: Can I just say thank you for being here with me to open these gifts?
Greg: It really makes it more enjoyable

Dad: Son, I’m thankful that I'm able to do this, too.
Dad: And the fact that you’re happy with the gifts as welll!
Greg: I dont see why you think I wouldnt. They are good gifts!
Dad: It’s just a bit hard to think of some stuff sometimes, since there’s probably been a lot of gifts I've given in the past.
Dad: But if these all work, then that’s good!
Greg: Dont worry dad its all good gifts!
Greg: Even if they werent id still be happy dad

Dad: Thank you son, im glad you're happy.


Ah, that explains it! He got you a little minifigure of one of your favorite classes to play as in Team Fortress 2, The Engineer. Looks like its one of the good quality ones as well! Plus, he got you some steam gift cards since you like to buy some stuff on it, and it skips the middleman. Dad doesn't want to always have to input all the codes for your digital devices anyhow. This is a nice little thing to remind you of the games you play and what you enjoy, strategy and planning. Perfect! Though there’s only one present left.


Huh… Seems to be covered in gift wrapping stuff, like packing peanuts and stuff to hold it in place... Why did he do this with this gift instead of the others? The best explanation is that there’s probably something important in it that he didn't want it to break, but you'll only see that once you open it up and take whatever's in there out of it.

"Greg: Open Blue Gift"

This one is as small as the purple one it seems, looks like it's kinda as weightless as it, too. Its nice to be opening presents with your Dad, its always heartwarming to be with someone when you do this stuff. Speaking of opening stuff, you should probably open this one up now.

"Greg: Attempt to open the Box"

You attempt to pry at it to force it open, but to no avail it seem. Even fiddling with the hinges and latches, it looks completely on there… How would you get this off?

Dad: So, what do you think of this puzzle?
Dad: Trust me, it’ll need a bit of out of the box thinking.
Greg: I mean. For me it seems like its just bolted on tight but
Greg: This is a puzzle right? So that means it has a way to solve it
Greg: I will think of a way to solve this though. Trust me!

Dad: Ahaha, trust me it’ll take a bit of time to solve it.
Dad: And since it’ll need a bit of non-obvious out of the box thinking, you’ll enjoy it a lot!
Greg: Hmm… Alright I think Ill enjoy this puzzle a lot more then if its not something obvious
Greg: Only thing I wonder is what the rewards gonna be

Dad: That’ll take a bit of time to get to. Here, let's open your other gifts real quick.


You pop open the top of the gift, having it land next to you and taking a look inside… Huh, looks like an odd sort of wooden box, you can see the hinges on its back but you’re not sure how it opens, it looks like it was put together a bit wrong… Hm... Is this the puzzle he was talking about? Dad seems to be happy too so maybe your look of confusion peeked his interest. You wonder what's inside it if its a wooden box like this.

"Greg: Read Note"

You go about reading the small note for you.

Greg: “Greg please enjoy this gift. I think this gift will be somewhat interesting to you. Because it will be somewhat of a challenge for you”
Greg: What does this mean? Dad is this another little puzzle of yours?

Dad: Well, it can either be a puzzle or it can be something else.
Dad: But I’ll just say this, it’ll be complex to solve!
Greg: Ah Dad you should know that im able to solve a lot of these things
Greg: Besides it can't be too hard can it?
Greg: Or did you really outdo yourself?

Dad: You’ll see, open it up, son!

"Greg: Open Purple Gift"

Its probably best to move onto the next gift, now that you got that little fiasco out of the way. Looks like this ones a lot smaller and feels like an appropriate size, something clanking around in it. On the box there’s a little letter it seems too! Looks like it's from your dad.

"Greg: Empty Gift"

Ah, sweet! Your dad decided to get you a new Rubik's Cube! This one looks like a Five-by-Five one, way more complicated than the Three-by-Three one you already have. Well, you need to solve again, but hey!... Though one thing comes to mind right now, why did your Dad decide to add in these weights in the gift to make it heavier?

Greg: Dad this is awesome!... But. Quick question
Dad: Yes, son?
Greg: Why did you include these weights?
Greg: Is this some sort of joke for it or

Dad: Thing is Greg, I thought you would have your sword, the plastic one right?
Dad: I knew that there’d be some issue along the way, so I wouldn't want to get your hopes up if that makes sense.
Greg: So you did it to either trick me into thinking it is a sword?
Dad: In a way.
Greg: Well im glad you tricked me. Because I dont have the sword!
Dad: I knew either way it would work out for the best! Ahaha.
Dad: And I'm glad it isnt an issue for you, too.
Greg: I dont see why it would be. Here let me open up another gift


You tear off the present's covering, it takes a bit of strength to do it since you’re doing it in one hand. You accidentally throw it off in the direction of your Dad, who takes a step back from it to avoid getting hit by it. That just makes you feel embarrassed, because you threw it near him. Sorry Dad. Though luckily, he doesn't mind. But hey, now you can open up the gift and find out what’s inside it!


...Its not that good to hold it up for so long. You let one heavy side drop to the ground and it lets out quiet clank. Dad seems a bit worried when it dropped, hopefully you didn't damage anything in the present.

Dad: Whoa, be careful there. You okay?
Greg: Yea im alright dad. Its just a bit heavy
Greg: Why is it so heavy?

Dad: That's for you to find out once you open it, son.
Dad: I'm not gonna spoil the gift for you anyhow!
Greg: Right! Sorry. I shouldnt worry when I havent even opened it
Greg: Hang on gimme a second

"Greg: Open the Red Gift"

After a bit of thinking, you decide to open up the biggest present you can right now, which is the red one. You remember having a bit of a hard time holding this thing up, so there’s probably something interesting in it, or there’s some kind of trick going on... Or something like that. Though, even if that's true, there’s one little issue…

"Greg: Move onto next gift"

You take off the sweater, its way too warm to wear it right now for now anyways. After captchaloging the sweater and putting back on your jacket, you think about the next present to open… You can consult your dad and ask him again but he may want you to choose on your own, there’s a lot of different options… You can either keep on going from biggest to smallest gift or you can try to go from smallest to biggest gift… So many different options…

"Greg: Wear Sweater"

You put on the sweater, putting your coat into your captchalogue for a moment… Wow this sweater feels nice too, it feels really warm in it, even if it's not that bulky. Plus it feels soft too, like it's a blanket. God this is great already!

Dad: Well ...Do you like it?
Dad: You look really happy so you like it right?
Greg: Dad this is a great gift!
Greg: It feels really nice and soft and I just. Wow

Dad: Aha im glad you like it son!
Dad: I was hoping I got the sizing right but
Greg: In all honesty dad
Greg: It feels really nice to me!
Greg: And it fits well. So theres that too

Dad: Ah good good good, Im glad you like it!
Greg: Here lemme put this back and open another

"Greg: Open Box"

You open up the box, having the lid go down next to the pile. Looking in the box it looks like… Wait a minute… is that a purple sweater? Aw man look at this thing! Did dad put time into making it or did he find it? If he made it then this must have taken a long time! You should ask him about it.

Greg: Dad did you make this for me?
Greg: Because if you did then wow this looks really nice!

Dad: I did put some time into it to make it, yea!
Dad: I had to go through a bit of a learning process in order to make it right. Luckily I finished before your birthday but I cut it close!
Greg: How the heck did you learn to make this so well?
Dad: A father does for his son what needs to be done best right?
Greg: Right! Here let me try it on for a moment


This present seems somewhat light, you thought it would be a lot heavier considering the size of it, but it feels really light! It does seem like it would have something light in it though, you think its some sort of clothing box, at least with how the top looks. But there’s no real telling unless you are to open it, isn't there? Plus your Dad is waiting, he seems to be happy too so, take a peek in and see what the present is.

"Greg: Choose a gift!"

You search around the pile, looking for a gift to open. Having your Dad here feels much more fitting and happier. Great to have him around when opening your gifts, you enjoy having someone with you to experience the awesome stuff you get to do. Plus you’re glad that your Dad is interested in celebrating your birthday and getting you these gifts too. You’re really glad that he’s so kind!
Anyways, which to choose, maybe you should pick a random one… Or you can ask your Dad!

Greg: Hey dad. What present should I open first?
Greg: They all seem like theyll be cool so. You choose for me!

Dad: Choose for you? Hmm…
Dad: I didnt really design them to be opened in a specific order, so…
Dad: How about you open the biggest one first? The white one in the center?
Greg: The one beneath the two other boxes?
Greg: Alright then

"Greg: Go open those presents"

You can't contain your excitement, the thoughts of the various gifts rush through your head!


Dad: You brought it over to your room?
Greg: Yea! I was thinking of opening it there but well
Greg: I almost forgot about asking you about it…

Dad: It's fine if we open it in there, dont worry!
Dad: I'm just wondering because the foyer has much more space.
Greg: Yea I know. I should have kept it down there but you know
Greg: Stuff happens?
Greg: Plus im not too sure if it will really change anything besides that. Because the gifts are small right?

Dad: They’re small enough, yes, don't worry son!
Dad: I put heart and thought into those presents, I think you’ll enjoy all of them!
Dad: At least I hope you do.
Greg: Dad knowing the time and thought you put into most of your gifts I think theyll be awesome!
Greg: Should we go open them now? Can we? Please?

Dad: Yes we can son, let's go to your room!

"Greg: Wait for your dad"

You’d wait for your dad to come out but you’re not sure about getting your phone out right now, you don't mind waiting but you want at least something to preoccupy yoursel- Oh, wait there he is, he seems happy as usual, though a bit confused, probably due to you waiting for him!

Dad: Hey Son, what are you doing waiting around for?
Dad: Did you already find all of your presents?
Greg: Yea I think I did
Greg: I was just waiting for you since were going to open the gifts right?

Dad: Yes we were!
Dad: I accidently fell asleep and when I woke up you weren't here, so I went to my room to relax for a bit.
Greg: Ah alright. How did you know I was outside though?
Greg: Was it your so called “parental intuition” or something?

Dad: Well I came out because I thought you would be done, and well, seems as if you are!
Dad: Though you need to answer my one question and one question only!
Greg: Is the question one of your weird trivia questions or
Dad: No its a BETTER question!
Dad: How many presents are there and how many did you find?
Greg: Uhhhhhhhh
Greg: Seven?

Dad: Well I guess thats how many you found then hahah...
Dad: I'm not going to say the amount there are because I need to see the pile.
Greg: Oh the pile is in my room
Dad: It is?

"Greg: Go get your father!"

Since he wasn’t on the chair downstairs and his computer was on the table downstairs, he would probably be in his room, especially considering the fact that when you were talking to IV you didn't hear any jokes or laugh tracks from the living room, or laughing from him. So the place he probably is is in his room. You would go in there but he doesn't like it when you scare him or intrude in his room, he may be doing Art and you could mess it up!

"Greg: You’re forgetting someone!"

Oh god that’s right, thats what's wrong! After all that your father has done for you and getting all these gifts, you’d think that at least he’d be opening gifts with you, right? You can’t just open them alone, you’d feel really awful if you just did that, I mean he probably would treasure you opening them with him! I mean you did open that one gift from before but, he didn't know about it, hopefully… You should probably go find your dad!

"Greg: Open your presents"

After much delay, you decide it’s time to finally open up your presents! You crouch and try to find the first gift to open. There’s so many presents, more than you’re used to for your birthday. You usually only get, like, 2 or 3, so this amount seems like a lot to you, maybe its to commemorate your 15th birthday but that would probably make more sense for your… thirteenth… hang on something’s missing… you can’t put your finger on it, but something is definitely off… Maybe its the fact that there's so many that it feels wrong or- Wait wait wait.


After many attempts and failures, you FINALLY crack the lock. Thinking that it’ll only get harder with larger objects worries the hell out of you... to be honest though it does seem a little fun, even if its tedious. Now that your gifts are all placed, you have a couple options here; you could either open these, check how the game is doing, or explore even more of the house. You haven’t gone to your Dad’s room or your garage yet, but you should do what's interesting to you first… lets see…

"Greg: Attempt to Solve this"

Alright you'll give it your best shot... Nope... Nope another failure... Your finger isn't precise enough to glide alone this pathway like you usually would, you’ll have to carefully slide your way across, and… damn it. So how about… damn it! This is going to take awhile… You could try to get help for this but you want to be able to solve it on your own… What is this loop even? Its like a lock or something or layered?... Jeez...


This is... seriously ridiculous. Each path is really close to each other, and your finger might just slip, and you’ll have to start this all over again. It'll take a long time to just get through the first little bit that you wont even get to the loop... The board even feels a bit weird as you hold it too… You’ll try to do this but this looks tough.

"Greg: Place the Present Pile!"

Okay, now that you’re in your room and you’ve got your gifts, time to place the pile! It seems like it’s locked by your Pathway Modus and… oh… oh dear. That is one big pathway. You didn’t even consider that the pathway would get harder with the more presents you stacked. Hell there even seems to be a Loop here? You’ve never seen a loop in a pathway before, its usually just a straight forward thing!

"Greg: Head to Your Room"

"Greg: Captchalogue Present Pile"

You take your stack of gifts. And as you were saying... You can’t wait to get all of these presents back in your room and open them up! You cant imagine the different possible gifts that can be given, the ideas that rush through your head just make it all seem so cool! You should go upstairs now.


You REALLY dont like that guy… it’s just something about them. Maybe it’s because you two are polar opposites in the way you act, maybe it’s just because they’re a total piece of... For whatever reason they are just a real thorn in your side for some reason... Anyhow, because your friends will be messaging you more often, you should take your phone with you. Plus, if IV ever decides to ruin your day again, you can respond to him. Might as well take the charger too, just in case.

"Greg: Respond to IV..."

-( impairedValidation[IV] began pestering programmedEnigma [PE] )-

IV: ey Greg
IV: Yo
IV: dude
IV: Hey dude Respond
IV: dude
IV: Dude where The hell are ya
IV: hey

PE: What.
PE: Youve sent like. Ten messages in twenty seconds. Calm down.

IV: lmao Sorry, RL told Me its your Nice birthday or something.
IV: so, Happy birthday dude
IV: ya Get any Good Shit?

PE: I got the new game thats come out today. Havent opened anything else.
IV: oh Shit nice, is It that gamma Game or something? idk Lol.
PE: Yes. It is.
IV: fuck Dude Nice. i got It Too. looks Like Most of us got this Game, eh?
IV: we Should all play together, That Would be Cool As fuck.

PE: I try to do single player first. You should know this.
IV: should i? Lol
PE: Sssure.
PE: Hang on my dad’s calling me I need to go now.

IV: alright Bud. do what Ya need. have Fun being alone Or some Shit k? Lmao
PE: Yep.
PE: See you.

-( programmedEnigma [PE] has stopped pestering impairedValidation[IV] at 11:11 AM )-

"Greg: Check Who’s Messaging"

Going to your phone, you find out it’s none other than... gggguhhhh... IV.. They’re… kind of a friend of RL, and they message you all the time. Knowing them, if you neglect to respond to them, they’ll just keep spamming and spamming and spamming until you remove them. Or something like that. You should-- no, NEED to respond to them before they blow up your phone with enough spam to flood a river.

"Greg: Deposit into the Present Pile"

You stack the last present atop the pile, and take a second to admire how it’s grown. There are a LOT of presents here, you just can’t wait to open all of these wonderful multicolored gi-- GOD THERE IT GOES AGAIN. Whoever’s trying to message you sure is persistent… hm… Well, you should go and at least check who it is...


You suppose you could head downstairs after all of that, you could deposit your last gift, maybe take the whole pile up to your room too and all that but... there goes your phone. It’s making the familiar ringing sound when you get a text message... You should check that, but first, the pile.

"Greg: Leave the Bathroom"


You store the Stool you used to see the bathroom mirror in the cupboard, and… you… guess that works? It was there before but... It’s not neat or anything, but hey, nothing's perfect. You shouldn’t try to fix the stool though, you should go explore a bit more.

"Greg: Inspect the Sink Cupboard"

You look inside the cupboard, only to find what you’d expect: towels. There’s nothing else in there, nor is there any reason for the toilet to be clogged. On top of that, no gifts. To be honest, you think you’ve gotten all the gifts in your house. But you should do something about all of this empty space in here...

"Greg: Inspect toilet for Gifts?"

Before actually doing this, you realize that this probably wouldn’t work. That, and putting your hand into a toilet seems kind of… well, gross. You don’t think even your Dad could do something like that. Plus, why would he put a gift in the toilet? Thats stupid. Yeah, even though that would probably be the reason it’s clogged, you don’t think there are any gifts in there. Plus it would probably be better to put it in the bottom cupboard instead… Hm...

"Greg: Examine Hair "

There! Looking good as new, well, as good as "new" as hair can be. You feel revitalized too, maybe the new hair just makes you feel different and all that now that its no longer just a mess on your head... or maybe its because you actually look somewhat better like this! Its nice to fix yourself up and look a bit different too, feels better as well. Now then, what to do after all of this... You could just wait around here for the download to finish, or you could pass the time by exploring more... Decisions to be made...


This will probably take a moment, you just need to straighten it out a bit and get it all right. God what a mess, your hair looks like something straight out of a stock photo one may find when looking up "bedhead" on the internet, what a mess what a mess!... But after a bit of time and patience and brushing to make it look right...


There you go! Now you have something to stand on and look at yourself in the mirror and Guh your hair looks bad, terrible even! You still have your bed-head hair right now? How did you not know to fix it up, its a mess! You should have at least have seen it in your peripheral vision but nope... Better question is why didn't your father tell you about it? Well, he was probably tired too but... Gah you need to fix this!

"Greg: Look in Mirror"

All you can see from down here is the very top of your hair, which is already enough to worry you. You hope it isn't as unkempt as you think it is. You try to jump and hop up to it in order to see yourself but you're only able to see snippets of it as you try to see your hair... You should probably get something to get a better view.

"Greg: Examine Toilet"

This Toilet worked a few days ago, but now it seems like its either jammed or the water has backed up for some reason, this has been bugging you for a while... Ah well, you cant really do anything about it besides keeping on trying to flush it, but to no avail as no water comes out and no water comes in to re-fill it. Shame.

"Greg: Jump into the Tub!"

...You jump into the tub for a closer investigation, and come to the stunning realization that... it's exactly what you thought it was: a god dang bathtub! This is stupid and silly and everything is wrong about this mental image of your situation, including you yourself! Guh. You decide to look elsewhere in the room for anything.

"Greg: Look at Tub"

You take a look at the tub. It's... well, it's a tub, there's no denying that. Its made of porcelain and all that, nothing out of the ordinary. You're not sure why you felt compelled to look at it at all, and this honestly feels like a waste of time...

"Greg: Examine Room"

You take a look at the room, your bathroom to be exact. You can still see outside that its raining hard, maybe even a bit harder than it was when you were outside... It doesnt look like there's any gifts here right now, but you can still try to do some stuff, and who knows, maybe they're hidden away?


"Greg: Captchalogue Present"

Due to recently freeing up some of your inventory space, you captchalogue the purple box with ease, having it take up your third card. The note on top of the box seemed to have it stated that its for you and all that. Anyway, now it's probably best to head over to the room you just opened to see if it has any cool gifts inside!


Huh! How did this get out of your sight? You could have sworn you looked over the top floor foyer before going downstairs but well, guess you didn't pay close enough attention, huh. You should probably just take the gift, you arent just going to be an idiot and throw it down to the pile like some mad man.

"Greg: Head out of your Room"

You get out of your room and head over to the first door in your sight, you know you havent been here yet today so there may be a gift in here! Right? You swing open the door and- Wait a minute hang on, hold the phone, whats that on the table over there? Something looks important over here...


Bam, throw it in the trash. You dont need it anymore, you put the note somewhere else though since that's the only other important thing from it besides the game. Now then, since your computer is installing the game, you should probably look around the last few rooms for any other gifts, if there are any.

"Greg: Captchalogue Manual"

You might as well take this for later, if you need to wait for anything you could read the manual by yourself in your spare time, or if you run into confusion. Plus it would be best to have it since you're going to be playing the game after it finishes installing. As you captchalougue it you notice the small bunch up of box and wrap, like a sore thumb in the room, not fitting at all! One moment.

"Greg: Examine Manual"

You look over the manual, or at least what you skim through. Apparently it talks about the "risks of playing," featuring little illustrations of meteors, massive... skyscrapers you think, and cool looking landscapes. If this is an RPG then it'll be cool to see stuff like that in the story. The writing of the manual seems somewhat like it was made in the early 90's, featuring words that fit for the time, maybe its as a joke? You'd think about it but its just an odd bit of a bit of a bad sense of humor from the developers, but, what do you know?


Well this is going to take a long time. You might as well do something while this game is loading… but what do you want to do? There are some rooms in the house you didnt check in yet, like your garage or even your dad’s room. Hell, you haven’t even been to the bathroom yet. You also have that manual, but it’s up to you what you want to do. What to do what to do...

"Greg: Insert disk"

Inserting the disk, it immediately opens up a command prompt. No start-up screen, not even a dialogue box asking if you want to run the game. Well, it saves you the hassle of doing all of that, but… it seems that it’s being… really slow… ...Jeez for a 45 GB game straight from the disk you’d expect it to go by faster but, guess not huh?

"Greg: Open case"

Now that you’re done, it’s time to, once again, play away! Inspecting the case, it seems that there’s also a manual that comes with the game, but you probably don’t need to read it; most manuals are useless. The only thing you need is the disk to the game. Luckily there was no apparent anti-piracy stuff, but it would probably relate to the weird text on the box. Either way, time to install!

"Greg: Reply to MT"

MT: whoa greg have you heard the news?
MT: nah nevermind its not too important
PE: Huh? What news?
PE: Is this just local news or
MT: yea just some weird local stuff, nothing interesting though
PE: What happened? Im curious now
MT: someone just got injured by some falling boulder or something. he had to get sent to the hospital, just some weird local stuff
MT: anyways, did you get the gift man?
PE: Oh yea I did! Thank you SO much for it man I cant repay you enough. Even if I needed to repay you
MT: hah man you’ll love it, ive heard that people who play it say its awe inspiring
MT: heard one person say life changing too but they were obviously a little off.
PE: GOTY Material right?
PE: Even if the box is kinda bland.
MT: yea, imma go do something for now, install it and i’ll come back in a bit kk?
PE: Alright. Seeya
-( mislaidTorquewrench [MT] has stopped pestering programmedEnigma [PE] at 11:03 AM )-

"Greg: Reply to RL"

RL: ...Greeeeeggggg
RL: Helllooooo?
PE: Hey whats up sorry for taking so long
RL: Everyhtings okay mostly, stuffs doing normal.
RL: I just was wodnering where you went
PE: I had to get my sword thingy out of the chest remember?
PE: Even if I couldn't USE it but. Whatever
RL: Ohhhhh okay good :)
RL: I was just cruious since you just left without coming back and soooo…
PE: Yea yea I know. I should have came back and said something
PE: We’re fine though right?
RL: Yea! Im gonna go do something real quikc. I heard someone call for meeee
RL: See ya! :D
PE: Bye
-( risingLuminosity [RL] has stopped pestering programmedEnigma [PE] at 11:00 AM )-

That was simple, you thought there'd be something else but guess not. You should probably talk to MT now.


You get on your computer... Oops, apparently your friends have been messaging you this entire time. You probably weren’t keeping them waiting for that long; you just got done talking to OD and they weren’t messaging you then… You think. Alright, Time to respond to them.


HE GOT IT FOR YOU. THE ONE THING YOU WANTED. Sburb Gamma. The game you have a poster of, the game you and your friends have been excited for ever since its reveal! Here it is, in your hands, ready to be played! You knew you would get it eventually but to get it on release day is awesome! You shouldn't focus on anything else besides playing it, this is number one priority, baby!

"Greg: Just open it already!"

Okay, fine! Instead of pondering what it could be, you straight up open it and OH MY GOD NO WAY.

"Greg: Open present"

Before opening it, you realize how incredibly light this box is. As if whatever its content is was taken out before, like, there seems to be no bubble wrap, none of those Styrofoam peanut things. You wonder if MT made this for you, or if maybe he bought it at a store and then sent it. You wonder what could possibly be in this box, what mysteries it holds what--

"Greg: Take out Present"

You take out your present and… that… looks incredibly simple. Usually a box like this is some sort of like, crescent square shape to get out, but for some reason it’s a straight line. Maybe it just has some simple box contents or whatever, but its probably something simple like a toy or something. You shouldn’t think about this too much, though. The Fetch Modus is probably just being dumb again anyways.

"Greg: Head to your Room"

You arrive in your room, you should probably get out your special gift from MT now.


...Well that didn’t go well at all. Sad thing is, they’re usually like this, which upsets you a lot sometimes. When they’re not like this, though, they’re honestly the best person to talk to. You worry for them a lot... You should probably go somewhere else while your phone is charging.

"Greg: Reply"

You decide to reply to your friend. You shouldn’t keep them waiting now, right? Right.

-( obscureDiscernment[OD] began pestering programmedEnigma [PE] )-

OD: hey greg.
OD: greg...
OD: please respond. cmon. i wanna talk a bit.
PE: Sorry. I was out doing something. Whats up?
OD: just wanted to talk for a moment. happy birthday by the way. :)
OD: hows it going.
PE: Its going fine really. Everythings been calm and happy for the most part. Im still sorry for taking so long to respond
OD: its alright. just having to deal with something right now and i needed someone to talk to.
OD: and cool. glad to hear you are doing good.
PE: Is everything alright?
OD: well.
OD: besides the fact everything is kind of hectic. im cool. everything else is alright.
PE: Any uh. Other details you can give about it or
OD: not anything i can talk about right now. i just wanted to talk so i can say happy birthday to you. hope its all fun.
PE: Alright. Also uh...
PE: I dont know what you’re doing but. If youre doing anything serious please be careful
OD: yea i should be fine.
OD: trust me. this isn't anything life threatening.
PE: Alright. Just be as careful as you can if this is something bad
OD: yea got you.
OD: see ya in a bit. :)

-( obscureDiscernment[OD] has stopped pestering programmedEnigma [PE] at 10:59 AM )-


And right as it turn on, a ton of messages pop up! You probably missed a TON of messages, maybe. They don’t really like to talk that much to your suprise, which is strange because they get along well with RL. It's probably best for you to respond before they arent able to talk anymore. It may be a birthday message or something similar to that too!

"Greg: Charge your phone already!"

Why didn’t you remember this right away? You have and got the charger and forgot to use it, stupid. You take it out and plug it right in. This only takes a few seconds to do, why didn't remember to do it you idiot. The screen flashes on, and your phone is booting up. Props to the charger making this fast charging thing possible!


Oh, this is MT’s gift! How thoughtful of him! Instead of just throwing it with the others, you think you should keep this one. You decide you’re gonna open it and talk to him about it. The card mentioned his happy birthday wishes and his hopes for the future, as well as his thoughts on the little get-together-party-thing you and him had. Kind words and all that aside, you’ll send him a message about it-- oh wait your phone is still dead… drat.

"Greg: Add the parcel to the present stack?"

Taking a look at it, it’s much different from the other presents here. You take some time to investigate it instead of just dropping it in. Unlike all your other presents, it has a card on it, labeled specifically to you.On the bottom of the card there is the sender's name too. You decide to read the card.


It seems that your dad woke up, and just left the blanket right there. You were kind of hoping he was still asleep, but oh well, he probably needed to do something important and maybe birthday related. You should probably do over and drop off your present in the big ol’ stack over there.

"Greg: Leave umbrella outside and head in"

You should leave the umbrella out here before heading inside. Bringing the umbrella inside would most likely cause a mess of water and soak into the carpet. It’s just way too wet to bring inside, so you’ll leave it right there by the door. Plus if it did lose all of its wetness out here it's probably better, the rain was meant for the outside ground.

"Greg: Remember to take the package!"

True! You captchalogue the package and close up the mailbox. To be honest, you might be rushing yourself with the whole “umbrella giving out” thing, so it’s probably best to chill out for a second. I mean the umbrella is made to stand up to weather like this, the only thing that could break it is a heavy gust in the opposite direction.
But for now, you have the package and everything, time to head back inside.

"Greg: Follow the Car"

Yeah, now that you mention it, where was that car going? You look around to find if there was a direction it was headed, but it’s out of sight now. You must’ve been too busy taking in this unusual weather to actually notice where it went. Aw well, it might not be that important. In fact, he might be going to pick up the new game that’s coming out!
You couldn’t even follow that car if you knew where it went, you’re too slow for that. Your umbrella is still taking a betting so it's probably best to get back inside, quick!


You also notice that a leaf from your evergreen has fallen. It's pretty odd for it to happen right now and you should think about it... But, now is probably not the time to think of such an event; your umbrella is getting soaked and battered! It can only take so much downpour especially in this kind of weather! You should probably head back in soon.

"{S} Greg: Ponder"

<embed src="" quality="high" bgcolor="#ffffff" width="650" height="450" <="" embed="">
(Music again by Master of Toast on Soundcloud)

You look to the sky, rain pouring down violently. The wind howls at the thunder crashing in dusk of morning… truly a sight to behold. No matter how beautiful this may be, however, you can’t understand why this is happening, there were no plans for this weather; it’s almost surreal. It never usually rains, let alone showers like this. The pure fact that this is happening makes you think that something, if anything is amuck... either that you are overthinking the situation. Even your reflection in the puddle below seems to portray a feeling of doubt.

Thinking back on your life as it has passed, everything seems and feels like it's gone right, but whenever something went wrong it affected you and your family devastatingly. Knowing these signs of conflicts and issues early should be top priority, so this is truly the most off-setting and interesting of all days, no predictions for it, nothing.

“Today is not yesterday: we ourselves change; how can our Works and Thoughts, if they are always to be the fittest, continue always the same?”... You forgot the rest of the quote after this, but you think it was from Thomas Carlyle. You think.

This is truly a bizarre day... you can’t imagine it getting any more so.


You get ready to captchalog-- WOAH HEY, SLOW DOWN! Jeez, they must've been going at least twice the speed limit, cars here aren't nearly that fast. They must've been in a huge hurry or rush for some reason... You hope it's a good reason. It's not really something to make a fuss on, as you can't do anything about it, though it does make you wonder... why is it raining so hard today? There weren't any signs, no weather reports, and here it is, pouring like you're in the middle of a tropical storm...

"Greg: Open up Mailbox"

You open the mailbox with the little key your Dad gave you, and surely enough, a little blue package is waiting inside. As well as some form of ads or magazines, but that's about it. There's only one gift in there, however, but you don't care; it could be something amazing! You should probably captchalogue it just in case. It could get soaked with how much rain there is!

"Greg: Examine Flag Thingy"

Anyone in their right mind should know what this flag is for. It's standing up when you're sending mail out, and down when you're... well, not using it, but thats really the extent of it. The point is there's nothing really special about it! You do remember having some mail taken away by leaving it up, but that was a long time ago... Whatever, you know what it's used for! Now, you should probably open it up.

"Greg: Examine Mailbox"

The mailbox? It's...definitely a mailbox, nothing interesting about it. It stores mail. Well there is a little locking mechanism on the side, but that's the extent of it. Oh, there's also the red flag thing.


You remember this swing; you put it on with your Dad a few years ago. You, your Mom, and your Dad would always look at that tree and wonder what to do with it. A very long time ago, your Dad and you finally decided to put up a little swing, and everyone was pretty happy! You don't use it like you did when you were little, but you'll occasionally sit on it and take a minute to relax. To be honest, you're surprised it's still up there, the ropes show signs of age but they'll be fine...

You should probably get to the mailbox now, it's only getting colder out here.

"Greg: Continue down the Path"

You continue walking down the path and catch sight of the tree. Ahh, this old tree. You remember when it was... well, not really a sapling but, much smaller than it is now. The tree itself has grown quite a lot from when you were younger and first saw it, it's almost twice the size it was when you first saw it! Plus there's also the little swing on it too, how quaint.

"Greg: Examine Bird Bath"

Ahh this bird bath, you remember it from when you were little!... There wasn't a crack in the top of it back then, that's why you remember it from when you were little. You and your Mother were playing around and you ended up knocking it over trying to climb it. It didn't hit you, but the edge did chip and fall off. Your Dad was worried for you, but then again, who wouldn't be? You almost got hurt and it did break a little, he had the right to be worried. Sadly, it doesn't really work anymore after that, though it does bring back some memories... You'd be best to move on.


You step out into the downpour of heavy rain, your umbrella keeping you dry from the harsh drops of water. Your shoes, however, aren't safe from getting wet, but that's fine. The way the rain is splashing with the nice morning air is very soothing to say the least... You should probably head to that mailbox, looking at things along the way.

"Greg: Examine Porch"

You examine the rest of the porch to find your front yard table. You and your father used to eat out here all the time, you still do to an extent though. When MT came over, you ate out here with him too, and that was pretty nice. You two talked about all sorts of things like what to do over winter break, what games you've been playing... man, that was fun... Anyways, into the rain!

"Greg: Get out your Umbrella first!"

Of course you get out your umbrella, you wouldn't have brought it along if you didn't need it. Jeez, it looks like its really pouring out here. the rain is audibly slamming onto the ground at extremely high speeds… But you have an umbrella, so you’ll alright! Before going straight to the mailbox, you should probably check around a bit.


You head outside and take a breath of the rainy weather. Yup, smells like rain. The rain crashes on the grass beside you, every drop that has taken hundreds of feet to hit the ground impacting with a ton of force! You’re grateful that you have this nice porch with a covering, otherwise you would be soaked! Plus if you were without the umbrella too, you wouldn’t be able to go out there without being bombarded by the rain, which would make you soaked and honestly, you hate being soaked. Being soaked in clothing makes you feel all icky and wet. Speaking of, you should probably equip your umbrella, after that though, what should you do?

"Greg: Go outside"

Sunny days aren't needed where you're going! You have an umbrella!


You place the gift in the pile, and realizing how big of a pile it’s become. You can’t wait to open all of these, it’s so exciting! But you’re not done yet, no, you still have to go outside to retrieve what’s in the mail. You wonder what’s in there; is it bills? Letters? A gift? Its probably bills but thats besides the point! The suspense is only increasing with the more you wait, so what’re you waiting for? A sunny day?

"Greg: Put the blanket on Dad"

You place the blanket on your Dad, hopefully that will warm him up! Even though he doesn’t seem to budge or do anything to you putting this on him, you feel happy. You love your Dad no matter his habits or how busy he is, and you're glad that you do too. Now to free up some inventory space you should probably put your present down on the pile, or in it.

"Greg: Walk over to Dad"

You walk over to your dad and you're kind of surprised he's still asleep at this point, must have been super tired... Heck he looks like he's in a sort of deep sleep too! But, thats besides the point, the temperature is lower in here than it was in the other room so you probably should put this on him ASAP!



You equip the blanket like a cape, kind of. You still need to hold it because you cant just tie it up, but it looks kinda like a cape. It's incredibly warm, so it'll be perfect for your Dad!... Though because its like a cape, you cant really pick up anything else, so you should probably leave now and give this blanket to your Dad. Plus you really need to check if there's any new presents in the mail!

"Greg: NOW take the gift"

Now that you have an empty inventory space, you can take your present! Problem solving in progress! However, now there's a blanket on your head... Well you could just leave it here but then you'd be leaving dad without a blanket and probably shivering to death! Well, you think so atleast... Ah, an idea strikes you!


You take the blanket out of your inventory, It flops on your head, hindering your vision ever-so-slightly, nothing too major... Except for the fact that you now look like a hooded dork under this. Seriously you look so cheesy you could pass for a bad fanmade sith lord! Anyways...

"Greg: Attempt to carry it along"

Yeah, this thing is just way too heavy. So, what else could you do? Your whole inventory is full so... You'll have to think a bit about what to do here... You could probably remove something from your inventory and captchalogue the present instead!

"Greg: Carry the gift"

Ah right! You pick up the gift and wow this is REALLY goddamn heavy. You're going to have to put some extra work into carrying this thing... but seriously, what's even in there; a ton of iron? Well, not exactly that, but whatever it is, you're going to have and currently are having trouble carrying it...

"Greg: Examine Gift on Case"

Oh right! You examine the gift on top of the case, pretty long to say the least. You'd captchalogue it but you have one issue; you have no more space!... Though there is one way to fix this.

"Greg: Inspect Games"

You kneel down and inspect your collection of Wii games. You don't play your Wii excessively or anything, but you used to always play these things. The memories of these games are timeless, you still remember playing through them, coming up with strategies using your brain to complete challenges and beat various levels. You love those types of games, they're fun and challenging too!

You notice an SD on your Super Smash Brothers Brawl case. You were recently playing this with MT, but since Brawl by itself kinda sucks, you downloaded Project M to screw around on. You're glad there's some people out there who can make boring or infuriating games fun... Anyways, you should get back to what you were doing.


Whatever, you'll take the time to fix that later. It's not like you'll never solve it again, I mean if you really needed to you could disassemble it and reform it into its normal configuration!... Now then, what to do next...

"Greg: Pick up Rubik's Cube"

Oh no, it's all messed up... it was perfect the last time you checked it, AND all six sides were flawless! But now only the red side is aligned and everything else is messed up... Your dad must have messed with it, and it took such a long time to make it perfect anyways! This sucks, now you'll need to solve it again... it's really messed up though this time. You hope he had fun messing with it, because you need to fix that issue now.

"Greg: Captchalogue the Umbrella"

You go over to the familiar blue umbrella and captchalogue it. You'll take it out when you need to go... outside... ...Hang on a moment there's an issue with this situation here. There's something off about the stuff on the shelf... Ah, The Rubik's Cube seems a bit off.

"Greg: Turn Around and Take Charging Cord"

Here's your much needed charging cord for your phone! You needed this to pester your friends without being at your computer, and now that you found it you can finally do that. You take the cord and it automatically connects with your phone and makes it only take up one card. Perfect! That leaves one card still open for you, which can be used for the Umbrella.


Well, no. No it doesn't. He can like this stuff, but you sure as heck don't! Turn that stuff off! Its wasting power anyways... To be fair, you probably would enjoy it more if you actually watched it and cared, but you have other stuff you'd prefer doing than watching this show, and THIS show in particular. You'd sit down and watch it occasionally with your dad, but it was either just to eat while watching something or when you had legitimately nothing else to do.

Thinking about all of this, that reminds you!


You approach the TV... One of your dad's cheesy shows is on, Two and a Half Men. You don't really understand why he watches them so much but hey if it makes him happy, then it makes you happy... Right?

"Greg: Take Blanket on Couch"

You go take the red blanket on the couch. Looks soft enough and seems like it insulates heat and all stuff, blah blah, it's a blanket fair and simple! It'll make your Dad happy... Speaking of your Dad, you notice a certain TV screen in the corner of the room.

"Greg: Examine Table"

Ahhh this table. You remember the story as if it was yesterday... because it was, for like, an hour or more. Your friend MT came over for Thanksgiving break and you decided to start this game. Alas, they had to go before your birthday due to parental reasons... Though you remember the game, its a homebrew. You two were starting to fight a corrupt NPC that you've known for a long time, mind controlled by the big bad of the game! It was so cool and it was looking like it was going to be a hard fight!... but then they needed to leave sadly, which sucks a lot.

"Greg: Examine Box"

You take a look at the opened box on the left, this is your big box of DnD Stuff... Mostly. It has some books in it too, various items for DnD, all that sort of jazz... Maybe you should have stored your sword in here at first but, that probably doesn't matter now, no fretting over it. Plus you'll probably go get a second specibus tomorrow if your dad wants to help.

"Greg: Examine Living Room"

You are now inside of the Living Room! You can see your back yard, still very dark and rainy, regardless if it's morning or not. A crumby recording of your Dad's favorite TV show is paused on, well, the TV. On the main table of the room you can see a Dungeons and Dragons Game that you hosted a day or two ago with a friend. The bookcase on the right of the room shows your primary point, the Umbrella!... and a gift on top too.

What do you do?


"Greg: Take out all presents, again."

You take out all of your presents, making a small pile in the center of the room in front of your dad. Since its pretty cold right now, you should probably get a blanket for your dad... Considering the actions you just made, the fact that you took out all your presents out after captchaloguing them seems like you just wasted some time... huh.

Anyways, its time to head over to the Living Room and get that umbrella; you need to get your gifts from outside anyhow.

"Greg: Captchalogue Presents"

Captchaloguing the presents, you put them into a single card, not counting the green present. You currently have both gifts in one spot, which is currently a pile o' presents. You'll add to this pile when you combine more and more gifts, but getting it out will be bit harder... or a lot; in a worst-case scenario.

"Greg: Put down Present"

You put the present down on top of the other present, and your father is still asleep. By the looks of it, he's out cold. You could probably make a bit of a ruckus without waking him up, but you should try not to. After all it would be rude to do that, you don't want to be a rude kid.


You walk over to where the other gift is located. Seems as if your father fell asleep while waiting for you, which was to be expected. He not only seemed tired earlier, but he probably woke up early to make that breakfast for you. He deserves the rest.

"Greg: Take Present"

You decide to simply pick up the present for now; you DO have arms for a reason right? You have a small solution to consolidate inventory space and make this task of carrying your gifts a bit simpler.

"Greg: Free up some Cards"

You free up some cards for more space by dropping your pen. To be honest, you probably never even needed that pen in the first place. Now that you have space, you can take more than just this one present.

"Greg: Take Present...?"

You get ready to captchalogue the present... before remembering the limited inventory space you had and what happened before when you captchalogued willy nilly. You dont want to have something fly out like before, you know better than to do that! You'll refrain from taking the present for now... Though there's probably a way to make space for it.


Entering into the Foyer, the blue present from before mocks you with its present presence. Like a moth drawn to a light source somewhere, you want to take that present and keep it, find all the others, and open them all together!... Well, what would be the pain in taking it now?

"Greg: Start heading to Living Room"

Thats enough shenanagins in the Kitchen for now, the Living Room has the required stuff you need like the Umbrella and the Charger for your phone. It would also be good to find other presents around the area, considering that you've found one in every room, for now.

"Greg: Throw away Apple"

You toss away the apple into the trash can, that'll the last time you'll see the foul sour menace of the green apple.

"Greg: Bite the Apple"

You take a chomp into the apple an- The sourness overtakes your tastebuds and oh GOD does it taste sour. This is why you dont eat sour food, it just doesnt appeal to you at all. The taste, the puckering, everything about it just doesnt work at all, its... its just bad! Simply put, bad. Why did you even think this was a good idea in the first place? Stupid apples, having to change color and be sour.

"Greg: Before Leaving, Try to Finish the Apple"

Are you sure about that? I mean you had a small bite before and it was pretty sour. It'd be kinda odd to try to take another bite of it... Though, you did get a slight good taste from it when you had the bite before, either that or the other food cleared up space... Well, better try another bite to make sure.


A valiant fight was put on by both sides, bravo... Either this sword doesn't do anything since its not equipped...or, that is a seriously sturdy broom. Attacking it did nothing, but that might just be because it's a broom and not a living thing. At least you practiced hitting with it, and your anger about your dumb weapon choice is gone... Except for the fact that this sword ISNT your weapon but... whatever.

You put your sword away and think its probably about time to start heading into the living room to get that Umbrella.

"{S} Greg: STRIFE!"

<embed src="" quality="high" bgcolor="#ffffff" width="650" height="450" <="" embed="">

(Song by Master of Toast on Soundcloud)

"Greg: Turn off the Tap!"

Before engaging in the battle against this broom, you turn off the tap water that you forgot to turn off. Wasting water now adays seems to make people complain, weird. Now that that's off, let's see if you can bypass this weapon restriction and beat the devil out of this broom.


You go over to the sink and rinse your dishes... Before remembering the issue of today, the fact that your "new weapon" isnt even a weapon!... Though, what rule is there to say that you NEED to use it as your weapon? You can just use whatever else you have to use instead of the weapon! And luckily you have your "Sword" with you! Time to practice on this broom.

"Greg: Eat your Breakfast"

You happily eat your breakfast, leaving only the green apple on the plate. Sour foods are utterly disgusting, and make your teeth hurt; why would you eat it? You don't think your Dad would mind you leaving it there, I mean he should already know about you not liking sour foods... At least you HOPE he already knows.

"Greg: Get Breakfast"

You head over to the table and grab the breakfast; a perfect breakfast for a (nearly) perfect day... Except for the green apple, that isn't the perfect thing here.

"Greg: Wash your Hands"

Gotta make sure your hands are washed before enjoying a nice breakfast. Atleast you hope its nice anyways, smells good enough.


Why not take this box instead? It makes more sense than to go all the way back to the foyer get the box from the counter top. Besides, bigger boxes usually mean bigger gifts! Atleast thats what you think. I mean bigger boxes has more space for stuff and all that.

"Greg: Allocate card to Modus"

You take the free card on the table and add it to your modus. Another free slot open for you to captchalogue even more things! This means you could take the package from the room outside!... Orrr...

"Greg: Walk over to Corner"

Walking over to the corner of the room, you notice a card on the countertop. Perfect! This is persumably a gift of some sort, most likely for picking up more gifts... hopefully. Either that or this poor fella was left here, never to be used.


You enter the kitchen, the smell of breakfast and decayed cigarette smoke filling your nostrils. What do you do next?

"Greg: Head into Kitchen"


...You really don't want to. Considering the fact that captchaloging more stuff means throwing even more stuff around, that would be tedious at best. Its probably a good idea to leave it in this room for now. Besides, you'll just open up all your gifts in this room, since you left the heavy box over by Dad. Maybe you'll find something useful instead.

"Greg: Head over to Kitchen"

On your way to the kitchen you see a small blue gift on the table next to the door! Oh how cute; a little tiny blue gift! Something must be inside it specifically for you, right? You should probably take it, shouldn't you?...


...And considering how heavy it is, you really DONT want to carry it. It drops on the ground with a heavy thud. Dad seems a little bit worried when you drop it, but he goes back to relaxing just a bit later. Probably was worried about whatever is inside the package, must be something good!

Considering the fact that you entirely came down here to get food, its probably best to go get the dang food. The gift can wait for a bit!... Plus you need to find a charger.

"Greg: Take key"

You captchalogue the key, causing the item from the very left of your captchalogue deck to jump out from it. Luckily for you, you are able to catch it no problem. The box does seem to shake a bit however when you catch it, feels like its a bit heavy too now that you carry it again...


Your Dad rummages through his pocket for a bit until he takes out a small key that's used to open your mailbox. Guess there's a gift in there for you too.

Dad: I know your friends like to send some gifts to you and somehow it always arrives on time. I think its best to go out there and check, hm?
Greg: Yea! Ill check it out after I get my breakfast from the kitchen
Dad: Great. I'll be waiting in here alright?
Dad: Also, word of warning, its kind of rainy right now; you should take an umbrella or something.
Greg: Of course of course.
Dad: Alright son. The Umbrella is in the Living room if you need it.


Dad: But for now I think we should wait till after your birthday. I need to relax for a bit; take a nap or something. It's been a long week and I got up early to make your breakfast.
Greg: Thats fine dad. We can go tomorrow or the day after that
Dad: Dont form any plan too solid there Greg! You'll never know what might happen...
Dad: Just like your mother, Greg... One day she was here and the next day just... just...
Greg: Dad dont say that! Everythings alright and it has been a long time... But I still understand what youre feeling
Dad: Yea... Here, go look around the house for a bit. Food is in the kitchen and is already prepared. Im sure you'll enjoy it!
Greg: Alright Dad thanks. Is there anything I should know about? Any hints?
Dad: Well there's one hint I can give...


Dad: I want you to know, son, that if you werent here and with me today, I would be in a much worse shape than I am right now. I would have become depressed and maybe even would have offed myself if you werent around.
Dad: You're one of the smartest people I know, and you are one of the best kids that a father can have! If anything happens to you, it affects both of us. But we'll always come out on top as always right?
Greg: ...Yea! Father and Son right?
Dad: Father and Son! No matter what comes between us, I'll always be your Dad and you'll always be my Son.
Greg: Thank you Dad... but to be honest im still kinda down
Dad: Dont say that, you're smiling and happy arent you?
Greg: Im just testing you dad
Dad: Haha! Yea you are, there you go!
Greg: Even though something stupid kinda happened earlier. I think im all good right now
Dad: Something stupid? What this time?
Greg: Nothing too important really. Hopefully not too important
Greg: Though we may need to go get another strife specibus thingy soon... or something
Dad: I thought I left a gift for you with one?
Greg: ...Yeaaaa uhh. I used it. On my uh... hat rack. I thought it would be a sword... or a staff... or... something
Dad: Agh, Greg you're killing me here. You had it all planned out and everything!
Greg: I was too excited that I got one! You understand right?
Dad: Yeah, I understand; don't worry. I guess it wouldn't matter too much. Those things are kinda cheap, so we could get another one if you want. Dont worry Greg.


Your Dad walks over to you, takes his cigarette out, and starts to smile. It appears there wasn't a problem after all. That's your Dad, his intimidating appearance gets you offguard sometimes.

Dad: Greg... Happy Birthday. I'm sorry about that, I'm not quite awake yet...everything okay?
Greg: ...Im not sure how to feel right now... I mean the computer being hacked
Dad: Don't worry about the computer, Greg; I was kinda hoping your curiosity got the best of you. To see that you're clever enough to hack onto my makes me proud.
Dad: Thats why I hide presents, to give you a bit of a challange, y'know?
Greg: Yeah. I guess. Im just not sure if its neccessary or anything
Dad: You kidding? I like having to test my intellect against yours. I mean, sitting down and opening these presents normally would be boring, right?
Greg: Youre right. Although if you dont mind me asking. why did you come out? Did you hear me when I was typing or
Dad: I heard a crash! Like something slammed on the ground... Greg did you hurt yourself?
Greg: Oh no no no. Im perfectly fine Dad. Dont worry.
Dad: Greg, you always say that when something happened. I want to legitimately know if you were hurt or not.
Greg: Dad please. Im fine!


Stepping aside for your Dad, he glances at the Laptop and closes it, before looking over at you. His foggy glasses make him look more intimidating than usual, making you feel more guilty about "hacking" into his laptop. Hopefully this doesn't cause an issue, but the way he's looking at you... it's worrying.

"Greg: Turn around"

Yep. There's your Dad. As usual, he's smoking; it's been a habit he adopted after your mother died years ago. He started it after taking a few too many depression hits but he tries to be moderate about it... He looks sort of agitated with your attempted "hacking", however.

"Greg: Pester friends while Waiting"

As you check your phone and try to turn it on, it shows that the battery has gone empty. Drat. Now you've got to find your charger, and you don't remember where you put it... So looks like you'll be disconneced for a bit from your friends. It's a shame really, they're probably waiting for you, but then this stuff happens...

The stench of Cigarrette smoke fills your nostrils, and blocks out the enriching smell of breakfast. Which means...

"Greg: Wait"

Better wait for it to speed along, it always hurries up at the last few files so it should be a bit quick. Files always do that for some reason, they wait until there's only a bit left and then they jump for it, analyzing themselves and easily being input into the machine... Hang on, the smell from the Kitchen seems to have intensified as you wait... Its probably the hunger getting to you or maybe its just a breeze of some kind, or maybe just both. But for now you need to focus on this Installation.


...What the- Dangit! It has to update now? Juicy secrets could have been yours and you could have easily found the locations of a few gifts if he has them stashed away in hidden areas. Updating what anyways? Is there any specifics to this at all?! Dang laptop, probably doesn't even need an update, its already perfectly fine last time you checked it.

"Greg: Input the Code"

You type in "HappyBirthdaySon"... Bingo! The password is cracked, you are let into the Laptop! Hahah! Dad your cleverness is cleaved through! Well maybe cleverness in the fact that you threw red herrings and were forced to think a bit out of the box, but clever trick! Only one thing to do now, access the files and find any juicy secrets...

"Greg: Ponder the Possible Passcodes"

What could it be? Is there a certain trick? Maybe this all relates to a certain aspect of today... There is a riddle here that needs to be solved and you wont stop till it is solved! The background must be a key detail, your father didnt have it until now, a knight looking on into a storm... "StormWarrior"? No! Perhaps the paintbrush is a sort of hint? "PaintbrushMan"? No No! There must be a smaller meaning to this besides something in the background, something from today, it MUST be from today... ...Wait a minute, considering the timing of him putting the password and the fact that today is your birthday... Maybe this can work if you're thinking right.

"Greg: Try... "Robbie Rotten"?"

This... This may be something that can work, at least theoretically. Maybe he just chose a name and a word at the end to make the characters name, it has a small chance to work... Atleast until you think about it anyways. That wouldn't make sense in the slightest considering that he's never seen Lazy Town, or even knows of it. Plus why Rotten? If anything your dad would probably put a different word like "Vigorous" or "Mythological" or some other word that would make your brain tick.

"Greg: Try "Et tu, Brute Force?""

This may be a bit long to consider how complex it can get, though Brute Force may be the best way to solve this. Maybe the two men in the background are simply brutes who are signaling the coming of the storm in the top left, a messaging system or a warning sign, this may work...

Drat! Another failed password! There has to be a pattern here...

"Greg: Try "hunter2""

A pretty basic password, It may work for the most part, simple and short and easy to solve. I mean there does seem to be a guy in the background that looks like a hunter somewhat, plus there's two of them, this should be simple...

Probably why he didnt choose it, its TOO simple,


Seems as though your father has decided to finally put a password on his laptop. Odd, does he not trust you? Either that or maybe he put it on to keep you from accessing a certain Gift-Bearing Document, of course! This will allow you to find all your presents in a snap! Even if there is one that is hidden somewhere EXTRA sneaky... If he even does that. Only issue is that its password protected now... Maybe you can crack the code though.

"Greg: Open Laptop"

Peering open the Laptop and turning it on, you consider where a document for your gifts would be, maybe on the Desktop screen or hidden in the Documents or- Wait a minute, something's different here... This is quite a development!

"Greg: Head around the room a bit"

You head around the room, deciding to take a bit of a routine examination and going in a Clockwise fashion. Looking towards the table in the corner of the room, you notice your fathers Laptop. Odd for him to leave it out here in plain view; he probably forgot it for a bit... Though, that does allow you to check the laptop, for fun y'know? After all he may have some hints for where your birthday gifts are!


Taking a moment to wait and rest, it lets your Gritpoints regenerate after you get your spirits up. Even though that was a stupid idea, you didn't get hurt majorly, at least... Hopefully the noise you made didn't rouse Dad to come out and start to worry, that'd be even worse. You hate to make your Dad feel worried for you especially when it didn't hurt too much... Except for this ringing feeling, it'll probably fade away.

"Greg: Do a Sick Jump, bro"

Taking a second or two to prepare your jump you LEAP into the air like a chameleon stretching from a branch! And then promptly slam your face into the downstairs table, why did you leap? You should have just jumped but no, you leaped. You fall onto your bottom and take a major hit to your Gritpoints, Acting as a sort of superficial shield for your Vitality... Still, what a terribly thought out idea and execution.


Taking note of the surroundings and the number of stairs left, this is the perfect spot to pull off a bit of a trick, you'll jump off of the stairs and do a sick landing!... Probably. If you are able to do this right it'll be SO Sick, you'll feel so great too, it'll probably cheer you up and make you feel like a Badass!

"Greg: Head Downstairs"

You start to walk downstairs, following the scent of the Eggs and Sausage... Until you stop, looking at the few steps left. Something sparks in your head and makes you think for a moment...

"Greg: Captchalogue Phone"

You Captchalogue your phone, intending to use it later. As you do so you get notified by your specibus, apparently its full on space, no more available cards... Glad you got that modification so you didn't just throw it all out, though now you better be careful, considering you have no space. The next thing you captchalogue will probably send your gift flying, and you dont want to damage gifts when they're still in the box!

As you look at your captchalogue, a smell hits your nose like a baseball resting in a catchers mitt, a smell of eggs and sausage. The best breakfast for any young man such as yourself! A fine young lad who will grow up to be an expert in... something. You're not exactly sure yet.


Entering the main room you're able to admire the pieces of artwork that your father has created and framed, at least the ones he's proud of anyhow. He likes to paint landscapes and things that arent necessarily people, he sucks at drawing people. The art was made from before your mother passed on actually, which is probably why he likes the paintings so much, maybe they're a sort of mental portal back to that time. A memento that allows him to retrace his thoughts to before such a tragic event... Or maybe its just because they're really pretty, probably the latter now that you think about it.

You look to the side and see on the table your phone! Perfect!... Aswell as a Thanksgiving decoration, "Be Thankful". Cant really be thankful when thanksgiving has passed already. And you cant really be thankful considering you didn't get your weapon and you didn't get a good wake up call, but, bottle your emotions and stay calm.

"Greg: Get out of Room"

Hopefully there's not just like some Leftovers or anything... or Hot dogs... or Leftover hot dogs. Who would want to have hot dogs for breakfast?

"Greg: Chill out"

You bottle up your emotions, well, mentally of course, re-captchaloguing the weapon and setting it aside. Even though you just messed up your chance at a real weapon... life will go on. Plus, there isnt really anything saying you wont get a new weapon, probably will just find a way to "borrow" a specibus from someplace and use that, who knows?

Throughout all of this you have the feeling of hunger hit like a steam boat hitting a rock. You should go out of your room and get some food since you're hungry, and angry. Hangry.


Throughout ALL of your planning and thinking of your future weapon, you forgot about the ONE thing you've been saving up for! This stupid fake sword is fake but it would have atleast let you have a Sword kind! But noooo, now you gotta have a stupid "Extendable Hat Rack" Kind! The only good thing you have going for you right now is the fact that the "Extendable Hat Rack" atleast is able to HIT something, but this fake sword actually LOOKS cool in comparison, and it has SOME sharpness from the plastic! But, now you cant take it back, you'd have to get an entirely new Specibus in order to use the sword, Gah what a start to a day...

You probably should relax for now, getting angry means you're probably going to stay angry, which you dont want on your birthday. Especially now that you have an actual "weapon".

"Greg: Captchalogue the item"

You captchalogue the base of the item and- NO... No no no... You deny the fact that what you just picked up is indeed a Fake sword... It cant possibly be it, but it is! You put it in there and only now do you remember it? How did you forget? You feel so stupid, like a kid who forgot how to ride a bike! Like a man who forgot how to walk!

"Greg: Stop staring at the chest and Open it"

You pop open the trunk of stuff. As you look around you cant see anything relating to a swo- Wait a minute. Hang on a second. Hold the phone... You see something that looks like the base of a sword... Please dont be...

"Greg: Go to Chest"

Is it possible that you forgot about an available sword? Through all of your planning and thinking maybe something slipped over your mind. If it did you are going to be SO mad... But you're sure that its a false flag, your friend may have just had a dream that you threw it away, or maybe they are remembering wrong or something similar... Though... Just maybe...

"Greg: Respond to other Friend"

-( risingLuminosity [RL] began pestering programmedEnigma [PE] )-

RL: Greg. :O its your birthday right.
RL: Happy birtdhay! I nearly forgot to message you but happy birthday!

PE: Uh... Thanks?
PE: You doing okay?

RL: YEP! I just hope its all nice and warm where you are
RL: And I also hope you get lots of cool gfits! :P

PE: Oh cool. Why you message me though?
PE: You got some sorta happy birthday gift or kind words orrr

RL: wha? OH! Nah not right now I do. Sry. But I did hear from MT that you are looking for a sword thing.
RL: Or, WERE Looking for a sword thingy.

PE: Yea...
PE: All I got was this stupid "Extendable Hat Rack" Kind. What sort of weapon class is this? This cant keep me safe from a burglar at night!

RL: Lmao it could be worse, could be like... Blender kind.
RL: ANYWAYS. I gotta ask for one little thing... Didnt you have like, a fake sword?
RL: I remember you owning one when I came to visit for halloween :)

PE: ...I dont think I did. Even if I did I probably threw it away after a while due to it being a fake sword and all of that...
PE: I mean I'll look around for a bit. But im not gonna believe it until I see it... I really hope I dont see it. I'll feel so bad
PE: Gimme a moment

RL: Okay!!! :D


As you continue to talk to your friend you hear a familiar message sound as another friend comes online to talk to you. Probably best to take a bit of time and respond to them, even if you're feeling rather peeved.

"Greg: Talk to Friend"

PE: Ugh dude. This really is an issue
MT: hm?
MT: what happened?

PE: I didnt get the thing I wanted!
PE: I got some weird like. "Extendable Hat Rack" Kind? What type of weapon is that?

MT: well, i guess the thing you put into the card was your hat rack right?
PE: Yea? I mean I guess thats true
MT: so it would make the most sense if it was to be hat rack kind.
MT: and because it was well, an extendable hat rack, that means that you have a new "extendable hat rack" kind to use.
MT: im sorry for you but, i dont think theres any way to change it.

PE: ...I guess if I can find a way I can add a spike or something to it. Make this useless "weapon" actually something useful
PE: But even then what even qualifies as "Extendable Hat Rack" kind? Is any hat rack extendable?

MT: i am not sure dude, i dont know how these work.
MT: who knows, maybe this is a blessing of some kind?

PE: Blessing? How can an "Extendable Hat Rack" as a weapon be some sort of blessing? Its more like a curse! I cant even use something like a regular hat rack. It probably wouldent count as anything and it would just leave it out! I tried to undo it by throwing a pen at it but it just went right through!
PE: I just wanted to get a sword. Or a cool staff. Or anything really! Not a stupid extendable hat rack!...
PE: Its just... Why that?

MT: iunno man, maybe you were just not thinking about it enough when you threw it in or something.
PE: ...Yea I guess you're right. When I threw it in I was thinking of two things
MT: well, i dont blame you for that lol.


On your way to your computer, you find the mechanical pen you threw at your specibus lies on the floor; No cracks, no broken pieces of plastic, nothing... Instead of leaving it on the floor like a piece of trash, you captchalogue it. Who knows, hopefully, some day, it'll become useful.

"Greg: Whap yourself in the head with the new "Weapon""

...What?? Who would do that? Even though it wouldn't hurt much, hitting yourself right now won't solve anything; only make yourself feel stupider, and the last thing you want to do right now is feel more like a fool. Plus, you aren't a masochist, so there is no real point.

"Greg: Attempt to Assign the Pen"

While inspecting your brand new... "weapon"... you get an idea. Walking over to the pen on your desk, you captchalogue it-- PSYCHE! You throw the pen at the Specibus in an infuriated motion. However, the pen just phases through it as if though it wasn't there. What a waste of a perfectly amazing idea.

"Greg: Try out "Extendable Hat Rack""

You try out the new "Weapon"... Well, perhaps you can pretend it's a sword? You can hold it like one anyways, but... it really doesn't fit your imagination of what it would be. Maybe it seems similar to a staff? But, even then it doesn't have the same sort of impact. Guess it's not too terrible just... Mediocre at best, really. What a disappointment.

"Greg: Equip the Hat Rack"

Tossing the rack into the specibus, it flies through the air and lands perfectly into it! And it's a... an... Extendable Hat Rack... Thats it?... All your ideas and visions of a cool weapon instantly dissipate, and the only feeling left is disappointment. Seriously, thats it? You thought it becomes what you wanted it to be!

"Greg: Ponder the decision"

The only way to find out what it'll be is to insert it into the Specibus. The suspense of what it can be gives you goosebumps, and the mere thought of what it'll be only raises your excitement. So, what are you waiting for? Toss it on in!


Taking the hat rack out of the captchalogue, it feels light enough to be used as a sword or a staff, but you're not entirely sure if it will be either one. If its a staff you can hit fast with it, though same if its a sword...

"Greg: Take out Hat Rack"

Back to the matter at hand, you put the hat rack into your Pathway modus without thinking about using it instead. In order to take it out, you need to complete the short little minigame. Due to the simplicity of the object you capchalogued, it only takes a second to solve.


After thinking for a short second, you decide it's time to finally wear the coat, and to your surprise, it fits like a glove! Yes! This will definitely make you and your dad happier, considering how cold it's been. Before you know it, it'll be winter time, and it will be so cold you'll have to wear the coat all the time!

"Greg: Captchalogue Hat Rack"

You take the hat rack off of your door, causing the coat on the rack to fall on your head. You got this coat as a gift from a previous birthday, however it was always too big. You promised your father that you would eventually wear it, but you're not sure if now is that time...


Taking a look around your room, nothing really catches your attention that could be a sword. You have a lava lamp, or a pen... but those will probably turn into Lamp-kind or Pen-kind. The only thing that looks anything similar to what you want is the coat hanger on your door, What else could it be anyways?

"Greg: Talk to MT"

PE: DUDE! I got it!
MT: got what?
PE: I got a Strife Specibus!
MT: whaaaaaattt oh man sick, you've finally got one along with me and OD!
MT: atleast I think OD has one.
PE: Dude. Ok so. I have an idea or two of what I should use
PE: I was gonna either do a staff or a sword or something of the like
PE: I dont know if I have either of them though :<
MT: a sword would be cool, dont you have a sword though?
PE: Not that I know. So... No?
PE: Maybe I can find something that looks like a sword and use that?

MT: yea, I mean even if it doesnt look like a sword, it should count as one.
MT: these things always understand what to give you, even if you're not thinking about it.

PE: Got it. I think i'll go find something to use right now :)


Opening the box, you find a Blank Strife Specibus! Yes! You've always wanted one of these, but your father probably felt that you weren't old enough for one, until now, that is. You've planned for years for this very moment, and you already know what you want as a weapon; something cool and medieval related. But first, why not tell your friend about this?

"Greg: Take out Box"

Picking up the box, you inspect it. It appears that it's older than you'd thought... he probably put this under your bed a long time ago, which only makes you feel stupid that you forgot it. I mean you could have just turned around in your chair and it would have been right there! Whatever though, a gifts a gift.

You feel as if you shouldn't open it but... aw hell, why not. It looks old anyways.


Ah-HA! Just as you expected! It's typical of your dad to hide a present under your bed, but how he got it under there without you noticing at all is stunning. Though its odd that he left all the trash under there, he usually picks that stuff up.

"Greg: Check the Bed"

Your father has gotten a lot better at hiding your presents over the years, so finding them might be a bit difficult. Your gut tells you there's one hidden around here though...

"Greg: Respond to message"

You begin to talk with one of your best chums

-( mislaidTorquewrench [MT] began pestering programmedEnigma [PE] )-

MT: heyyyyy, happy birthday! sorry for not being able to chat much recently, been up to family stuff. how about you?
PE: Oh hey! Thanks for remembering man. Lifes been fine mostly
PE: Except for my dream last night. Something weird involving a shadow guy
PE: Think its anything special?
MT: nahhhh probably nothing, dreams dont do that. hey btw dont your dad do things with your presents on your bday?
MT: like, he places it around your house?
PE: Yea! I only found one right now but I havent opened it yet. I'll take a look around
MT: kk, im chilling for now so if you wanna message me go ahead.
PE: Thanks

"Greg: Head out of your room"

You head to the door and get ready to go outside, however before you can do that, you receive a message from a friend! You’re not sure if it's a birthday message or a normal conversational message but it's probably best to respond to it. After all, it would be unfriendly to not respond to it!

"Greg: Change clothing"

Why would a person on their own birthday only wear Pajamas? Obviously someone who doesn't like hanging out with people. You dress yourself in your top notch casual birthday attire, which bears a striking resemblance to the clothes you wear in your nightmares. You shouldn’t rest on that fact, it seems pointless as this is your favorite clothing, just a coincidence.

"????: Introduce yourself"

Your name is Greg Samson, given to you by your mother when you were born… she… isn't here now, but you don't like to dwell on bad thoughts. You are turning 15 today and you couldn't be more excited for it! Especially since its a free day, technically free week! You enjoy games where you need to think a bit outside the box. You also like figuring out how things tick, either through disassembling them or finding what makes it work. You DON'T like, however, when you are not allowed to learn about it! It feels like you get blocked off from knowing what does and doesn't work, it just irritates the hell out of you. Another thing that really grinds your gears is when everything is forced to be one way or the other, though you like following a set of rules. Another thing you do not enjoy is the idea and thoughts of the unknown and the undead. Such things unnerve you to a massive amount, the idea of the once living returning from the dead... Terrifying... Though you dont want to dwell on it. Thinking back a bit to the good details about life, you live in a nice suburban household, you go to highschool regularly, you would be going today but it's winter break. All in all, life is pretty much the best it could be, you wish you could change some things about it but that's besides the point.

"????: Captchalogue the three-dimensional solid object"

You use your Pathway modus to store away the box, but what is the pathway modus and what does it do?... Basically it's like a minigame where you need to trace your finger along a path. It does get harder with the larger or more complex item though… Even though the thought of explaining this captchalogue further is entertaining, there is one thing to get out of the way.

"????: Think deeply about what's in the Box"

Could it be that the contents of this hollow rectangular prism made of cardboard is the secret to your dreams? Could it be the key to your purpose in life and your ultimate destiny? Is there any knowledge that can be contained in this elongated cube that you don't know? Is there any point to this line of thinking? Maybe you should chill out a bit and just captchalogue it for now.

"????: Examine Box on Dresser"

Speaking of mystery, what even is this box? It wasn't here yesterday, and it doesn't look wrapped well enough to be a gift… What could it be?

"????: Look at Calendar"

And what a good coincidence that the game would release on the best day of your life, the day where you GOT your life, your Birthday! You’re happy that it released today, everyone will know the secrets behind this gaming mystery… If it can even be called a mystery. Maybe you will be one of the first to solve a mystery of it too, like why it was delayed for so long, why some people call it dangerous, and why the heck it's called Sburb, I mean rural and city folk can play it too right? Anyways...

"????: Look at Poster"

You’re not sure why everyone is hyped up about this game, no one even knows what it's about, not even the advertisers. You too are aboard this anonymous hype train to nowhere, but it will end today, for today is the day you receive the game. The one biggest mystery about this game is what genre is it? Is it an RPG? A strategy game? A dating simulator?... Probably not that last one, the advertisers call it the best game ever, so it's probably… A FPS by Game Graphic Network’s standards, so at least it will look good… You hope.

"????: Examine Room"

You get out of bed and take a look at your room; posters of your favorite games and interests adorn the walls, as does one of the new games that are going to come out soon. Your computer sits in the corner, which is where you also sit most of the time, and in the other corner sits your chest of stuff... You've had that chest since you were a child and it holds a place in your heart like how it holds stuff in it. Your coat is hanging on the hat rack adorning the door. You wear it when the weather is cold or just when you feel like it... Or at least it would if it actually fit, but sadly your father got the size too big and you've been trying to fit ever since. Speaking of stuff on walls, the poster to the right is the game that going to come out today!


You are woken up by yet another nightmare... Guh, you swear you're on the brink of INSOMNIA at this point. This stuff is getting more and more common as days go by, and it's irritating the heck out of you. However, today is the beginning a new day, it's best to forget about this odd moment.



"{S} Nullstuck"

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