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Haeton: ☄*dammit!
Haeton: ☄*sorry it took having me possessed
Haeton: ☄*and my soul in a giant orange bubble for me to realize that.
Haeton: ☄*awesome to know now that i was a shit moirail.
Haeton: ☄*awesome to know that i was a shitstain to one of the only people in my life who ever gave a fuck about me.


Haeton: ☄*seleen.


Haeton: ☄*someone told me that i don't need to be flushed to be a complete person and that
Haeton: ☄*someone already loves me for who i am!
Haeton: ☄*...


Haeton: ☄*fuck's sake being fake IS bad!
Haeton: ☄*...
Haeton: ☄*what positive things can I pull out of my ass here?
Haeton: ☄*i just need to focus on to the people who i have in my lie of a life--yeah!
Haeton: ☄*wh-who told me that?
Haeton: ☄*someone told me that and I don't remember.
Haeton: ☄*but i swear--someone did!


Haeton: ☄*hey hey calm yourself, sulise!
Haeton: ☄*not the end of the fuckin world or anythin!
Haeton: ☄*well YOUR fakey fake game world is endin but uh...ollapa's planet is fine!
Haeton: ☄*findin out you're a figment of someone's imagination ain't all that bad!
Haeton: ☄*the guy looks like a nice kid!

"Haeton: Fail."

Haeton: ☄*or whatever words just---!

"Haeton: Try to calm down."

Haeton: ☄*ookay, easy there, sulise.
Haeton: ☄*just gotta sit tight until leen, rhode, and vihn find a way out of this.
Haeton: ☄*'til then, I just gotta sit tight and painfully watch my body tear up my hands and possibly kill people I care about against my will!
Haeton: ☄*pft haha no problem, no problem at all!


Haeton: ☄*you couldve used cardkind instead of fistkind, you brainwashed meathead!
Haeton: ☄*i mean its not like I can CONTROL MYSELF ANYWAYS!
Haeton: ☄*'least usin cards wouldnt have WRECKED UP MY HANDS!


Haeton: ☄*ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow OW!



Rodard %"Now Haeton, would you be a gentletroll and take care of the rest? "%
Rodard %"Wouldn't be fa%r %f % d%d all the work now would %t?"%
Rodard %"%'m a b%t f%lthy from all of th%s eroded slab dust, anyways."%
Rodard %"The faster we're done here the qu%cker we can move onto much more...complex th%ngs."%


SA: %"We do."%


"Rodard: Take care of the problem."

SA: %"Why yes."%


PA: Now
PA: What aβout the sacrificial slabs?

SA: %"They're still here."%
PA: Well that's a proβlem
PA: You βoth should know exactly what to do when there's a proβlem

"Beitus: Check on your drones."

-- parasiticAntagonist [PA] began commanding scriptedAficionado [SA] --
PA: I do hope you two are at least SOMEWHAT close to the core
SA: %"We are."%
PA: Excellent!

SA: %"But we've ran %nto a b%t of a problem."%
PA: WHAT proβlem???
SA: %"As %nstructed, we have gone to derse"%
PA: And?
SA: %"The tasks you've g%ven us were to el%m%nate all poss%ble ways they could god t%er v%a moons."%
PA: AND????
SA: %"So the f%rst task would be to go %nto the%r rooms and make sure they have been murdered as you have wanted the agents to do"%
SA: AND????
SA: %"They're m%ss%ng."%
PA: What do you mean they're missing?
PA: WHAT'S missing?
SA: %"The%r bod%es."%
SA: %"The%r bod%es were m%ss%ng, so we can't conf%rm or deny the%r deaths."%
PA: Did they god tier?
SA: %"That wouldn't be poss%ble, g%ven the t%me that has passed."%
PA: Well I knew I should have gone over there and killed them myself!
PA: That is what happens when you send mindless drones to do a virus's job!

SA: %"*ahem*"%
PA: You two ARE drones, βut never did I call you two mindless!
PA: I wouldn't have infected you two if I didn't see some use in your powers


Nurse Gecko: Just use the specified areas for shelter and don't set this place afire
Nurse Gecko: Also, please don't eat all of our food supply for Pete's sake.


Nurse Gecko: I don't think this is the blight that was held long ago in our prophecies!
Nurse Gecko: our power is still strong despite it all, and nothing it lost to darkness...not yet!
Nurse Gecko: I will message Milton to see if he's being affected by this as well!
Nurse Gecko: This may be a new evil that is among us.
Nurse Gecko: In the mean time...everyone get into the bunker and light a candle.
Nurse Gecko: But do be careful, we have enough material in here to keep us warm and safe.


Nurse Gecko: We have to keep moving forward!
Nurse Gecko: The entrance is sealed and the bunker should have enough food and supplies to accommodate us until help arrives!
Nurse Gecko: I just have to call Samuel on his messaging device that he conveniently forgot.
???? Lizard: His name wasn't Samuel! It was Edison!
??? Lizard: No! His name was Nikola!
Pam: I swear I thought he said his name was Thomas!
Pam: And say, didn't he and the sorcerer return power to our planet?
Pam: Pardon my language--and all children present cover your ears but--WHAT THE FUCK!
Nurse Gecko: I don't know!
Nurse Gecko: The power to our planet was supposed to protect us!
Nurse Gecko: There should have been a gleaming glare of light to keep the blight from coming back!
???? Lizard: HE DAMNED US ALL!
Nurse Gecko: Everyone calm down!
Nurse Gecko: It wasn't his fault!

Easter Egg Lizard List


Pretentious lizard: Not me.
Pretentious lizard: My ex got infected and I lost her.
Pretentious lizard: So I'm perfectly okay with our world ending. B-0
Nurse Gecko: O---kay...


Pam: I left little Johnny out there for dead!!!
Pam: He's only 9 years old, Florence!
Pam: He's only lived his little lizard life for 9 damn years!!
Pam: What kind of mother abandons their only child!
Pam: He was supposed to receive his student award today for perfect attendance!
Nurse Gecko: Get ahold of yourself, Pam.
Pam: How can I when everyone's losing someone they love to this plague!

"Nurse Gecko: Seal the Bunker."

Nurse Gecko: Alright, that should do it for the door!
Nurse Gecko: Is everyone here uninfected by the blight?
Everyone: Yes.
Nurse Gecko: Double check! I want to see everyone's hands legs and entire being before we go any further!
Nurse Gecko: We need to all stay safe so we can call for help and warn our friend when he comes back to the planet.
Nurse Gecko: Then we can go on forward into the core bunker.

"Ollapa: Get up."

Ollapa: Alright sθ-
Ollapa: Nθbθdy talk tθ me fθr the next hθur thank yθu.
Ollapa: There is a nice cθrner θver there with my name θn it.

Alleph: Anαiαd, wαs αll of thαt fuss reαlly necessαry?
Anaiad: --you bet ur precious butt-touchin privileges it was loverboy ;)-}->
Alleph: Ugh, Beitus αnd his big mouth.


Ollapa: Yθu cθnfused me!
Ollapa: I blurted it θut because I panicked!

Anaiad: --;)-}->
Ollapa: That was tθtally uncalled fθr and tθtally unfair, Anaiad!
Anaiad: --nuh uh bro u did this to urself-}->
Ollapa: Nθ θne was suppθsed tθ knθw abθut my jθurnal either!
Ollapa: I want tθ gθ hide in a hθle! :(

Anaiad: --my work here is done then!-}->
Anaiad: --wasnt interested in the game much until our lives were threatened and stuff but uh-}->
Anaiad: --a new leg and arm plus some powers sounds nice too-}->

Ellata: that was brutal.
Ellata: but even though you look mortIfIed beyond measure, I am happy for you Ollapa!
Ellata: I hope the both of you can support and care for eachother In your new relatIonshIp

Anaiad: --oh believe me im sure theyll have no problem with that-}->

"Anaiad: Commence roasting."

Anaiad: --I mean really ollie this isnt news to me anyways-}->
Anaiad: --its not like I didn't read your diary when you snoozed off at night..-}->
Anaiad: --you always would doze off before I did anyways-}->
Anaiad: --sure all of your card baloney was boring and sometimes youd complain about me but uh--the Alleph bits were the juiciest-}->
Anaiad: --its an awkward downwards spiral of "man why am i getting so clammy nowadays especially when Alleph comes over" to "his hand brushed against mine when we were playing chutes and ladders"-}->
Anaiad: --A+ Comedy Gold Material-}->
Anaiad: --dont even get me started on the shitty highgoose he tried writing!-}->

Alleph: Hαikus.
Anaiad: --I dont even know half the words he used on the page--made it even more hilarious-}->
Anaiad: --but yeah, whatever-}->
Anaiad: --back to the real question: where did your robo-hand go?-}->

Ollapa: ...
Anaiad: --haha look whos gettin all clammy again!-}->
Anaiad: --aww come on ollie cant you lend a girl a hand?-}->
Anaiad: --a brand spankin new nonclanky nonrobo hand?-}->
Anaiad: --its not like you have yours all over your "bouyfrond" right now-}->

Ollapa: !!!
Anaiad: --hahaha!-}->
Alleph: He god tiered αnd you get your own set of αrms αnd legs αppαrently.
Alleph: Now would you pleαse get off my bouyfrond?

Anaiad: --HE ADMITS IT HA! -}->
Anaiad: --anyways all i needed was that answer boys-}->

Ollapa: ...
Anaiad: --oh ollie you just liked him so much you couldnt wait to tell everyone right?-}->


Anaiad: --YOURE DATIN ALLEPH??? --}->
Alleph: Even when they αren't conjoined the both of them still mαnαge to αwkwαrdly muddle things up.
Alleph: Don't mαke α big deαl αbout it, Anαiαd.

Anaiad: --Oh Im gonna--}->
Ollapa: DθN'T
Anaiad: --IM GONNA--}->
Ollapa: STθP
Anaiad: --OH ITS HAPPENIN--}->
Ollapa: Nθ!!
Anaiad: --YES!!!--}->


Ollapa: I'M DATING ALLEPH! Anaiad: --ollie's robo hand is missi--}->
Ollapa: WHAT! Anaiad: --WHAT!-}->
Ollapa: WHAT!! Anaiad: --WHAT!!-}->
Ollapa: WHAT!!
Anaiad: --WHAT!!-}->


Anaiad: --...right now...--}->
Ollapa: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alleph: ...??
Anaiad: --why is it that...--}->


Anaiad: --actually...-}->
Anaiad: --it has something to do with ollie-}->
Anaiad: --and don't play dumb with me im sure you're pretty aware about too, alleph-}->
Anaiad: --youd have to be a complete bonehead not to know!-}->

Ollapa: !!!
Alleph: !!!
Anaiad: --so im going to ask the both of you...-}->


Alleph: Whαt?
Anaiad: --seems that I gotta question-}->
Ollapa: Abθut?
Anaiad: --ever since we all reunited-}->
Anaiad: --theres obviously somethin thats like really off-}->

Alleph: Well I don't know Anαiαd, whαt could possibly be off?
Alleph: The fαct thαt my ideαl self wαnts to murder us αll in this gαme αnd then steαl my body αs α prize?
Alleph: Or is it the fαct thαt Cyrill's thoughtsonα just flipped α tαble thαt seemingly cαme out of nowhere?

Anaiad: --hahaha that stuffs sure crazy but uh-}->


Ollapa: :)
Alleph: :}
Anaiad: --so hey guys-}->


Alleph: It mαkes me wish I could do something αbout it.
Ollapa: Well fθr what it's wθrth...
Ollapa: I think yθu're dθing enθugh.

"Ollapa: Try to shrug off your disappointment."

Alleph: Chin up , Ollαpα.
Vihnie: ((AAAAAAAGGGGH!!!))
Alleph: Αt leαst you tried.
Ollapa: Well it dθesn't help θur situatiθn, really.
Ollapa: Beitus can cθme and attack us at any mθment.
Ollapa: Just being able tθ anticipate things wθuld have cθme in handy.
Ollapa: It wθuld have made θur lives a hundred times easier.

Alleph: Well, from whαt I've leαrned, things αren't αlwαys necessαrily eαsy.
Alleph: I meαn if αll else fαils αnd if we die horrible deαths or become mindless infected drones, future!Teslαα over there cαn jump αnd try αgαin.

Ollapa: That dθesn't sθund like a bright future, but I suppθse that's true.
Alleph: Don't mope αround over something thαt wαsn't in your control.
Alleph: It's not helping αnyone.
Alleph: Or αt leαst it isn't helping me.


Actaea: ...sure.


Vihnie: ((I hOnestly can't believe that didn't wOrk))
Ollapa: :(
Vihnie: ((URGHHH!!!))
Vihnie: ((What gives!))
Vihnie: ((If Actaea can't fix yOu then this is gOnna be harder than I thOught!))
Vihnie: ((HOw are we suppOsed tO get tO the next planet then?))
Vihnie: ((If Beitus is On skaia we have a LONG WAY TO GO!!!))

Alleph: We cαn just wαnder αround then until we find thαt secret thing on the floor αnd we cαn get to Eros αnd the portαl.
Vihnie: ((That is a hOrrible plan!))
Vihnie: ((HOrrible!))
Vihnie: ((It'll take us tOO much time!!))

Actaea: V(|)hn(|)e, dearest friend, (|)t's alr(|)ght!
Actaea: Just lower your vo(|)ce and maybe just ch(|)ll for a second!


Ollapa: ...
Ollapa: I...see nθthing.
Ollapa: Beitus must've really messed me up.

"Ollapa: Try again."

Vihnie: ((Well?))
Vihnie: ((NOw that actaea has juiced yOu up On hOpe---))
Vihnie: ((See anything?))

"Cyrill: Take your new friend on an adventure."

Cyrill: let's go!!
Rodard: <>"Gahhh!!"<>


Cyrill: hey
Cyrill: there's no ωay you could've seen ωhat a huge liar he ωas.
Cyrill: i mean, i don't understand hoω ollapa and anaiad can't see hoω big of a pooperfish alleph is.
Cyrill: so it's not your fault.
Cyrill: you can hang out ωith me and ωe can figure out hoω to bring my friends back.
Cyrill: the virus turned all the ghosts into pixel dust and i'm the only one left to do anything about it!
Cyrill: tωo heads are better than one, right?
Cyrill: at least noω ωe have a friend here ωe can depend on!

Rodard: <>"Oh goodness, I just realized something!"<>
Rodard: <>"If i'm in a bubble, that means Haeton must be in one as well!"<>
Rodard: <>"We have to go looking for him!"<>
Rodard: <>"Or can..."<>
Rodard: <>"I can't really go with you in my condition, even though I'd love to come with you!"<>

Cyrill: haha ωhat are you talking about, of course you can!
Cyrill: ωe're friends noω--and that means i'm not leaving you behind!


Rodard: <>"This is why I'm locked up...because he wants me to see all of this...even if I don't want to!"<>
Rodard: <>"It'd be too easy if I were to be unconscious of what I was doing."<>
Rodard: <>"He's absolutely evil..."<>
Rodard: <>"...and I'm a fool for not seeing through it all."<>


Rodard: <>"The Virus is actually Alleph's ideal-self counterpart."<>
Rodard: <>"To add to this twist: his counterpart used to be my moirail."<>
Rodard: <>"Or well--pretended to be for his own personal gain."<>
Rodard: <>"Along with erasing our memories on how we truly died--how he used his new powers to make everyone fall apart and perish--"<>
Rodard: <>"Everything about him was was a lie, even my friendship with him."<>
Rodard: <>"Currently my woken body is being mind-controlled by him, and the worst part is that I can see and hear everything that I'm doing."<>
Rodard: <>"I mean every now and then I get this painful, jabbing sensation in my eye that lets me."<>
Rodard: <>"I can see myself on the other side--and the horrible things that are happening."<>
Rodard: <>"Goodness, I could've killed you!"<>
Rodard: <>"Almost!"<>
Rodard: <>"I threw a enormous tree at you and Vihnie!"<>

Cyrill: ωhat!?
Rodard: <>"I'm afraid of the things Lu--Beitus going to make me do to you all."<>
Cyrill: beitus?
Rodard: <>"What the Virus is now calling themselves, yes--"<>


Rodard: <>"What powers?"<>
Cyrill: ...oh.
Cyrill: ...
Cyrill: ......
Cyrill: so you don't...have...?
Cyrill: ...electricity.
Cyrill: no ωonder.

Rodard: <>"He didn't like his powers very much, did he?"<>
Cyrill: yeah...
Cyrill: he didn't...

Rodard: <>"A sort of strange irony, this whole debacle."<>
Rodard: <>"Cyrill, while you may think these ideal versions of yourselves may be good--some of it is not."<>
Rodard: <>"Even though we're just data--the traits we were embedded with are very real in this game."<>
Rodard: <>"And while I suppose having Morson's powers would have helped me fight in a pinch--it wouldn't have helped in this situation."<>
Rodard: <>"Alleph's counterpart has caused quite a disaster on the other side."<>

Cyrill: ωhat do you mean?


Rodard: <>"Every player in your session unknowingly created an ideal self made out of data."<>
Rodard: <>"Er well, the game actually did the physical creating when you entered."<>

Cyrill: so you're...the kind of person morson ωants to be?
Rodard: <>"I suppose that is the gist of the explanation, yes!"<>
Rodard: <>"Everything I am I owe to Morson!"<>

Cyrill: ωell that makes no sense.
Cyrill: both of you are just as as dorky as one another!
Cyrill: except you remind me of him when he ωas happier and not obsessed with getting rid of his poωers!


Rodard: <>"That sounds about right."<>
Cyrill: ωhat sounds right?
Rodard: <>"Oh it's just that she's--um..."
Rodard: <>"Anyways-"


Cyrill: now if i could just get you out of this bubble...
Rodard: <>"I honestly doubt that."<>
Cyrill: that isn't very optimistic, rodard!
Rodard: <>"Well for what it's worth, I tried getting myself out before I got knocked out by Vihnie."<>
Rodard: <>"Nothing seems to be working!"<>
Rodard: <>"Not even throwing a typewriter at it!"<>
Rodard: <>"As long as my body is infected on the other side, I'm prisoner here."<>
Rodard: <>" least now I'm a prisoner with no injuries and much better eyesight."<>

Cyrill: you're very ωelcome! ^ω^
Rodard: <>"Your god tier's powers are essentially a more permanent version of Vihnie's."<>
Cyrill: ωho's vihnie?
Rodard: <>"It's...quite a long story."<>
Cyrill: are you okay?
Rodard: <>"Things have gone so terribly wrong in the current timeline."<>
Rodard: <>"So not really."<>
Rodard: <>"I'd introduce myself as Morson's ancestor...but from what I've been gathering...that's not really what I am. "<>

Cyrill: then ωhat are you?
Rodard: <>"Well hmm..."<>
Rodard: <>"How can I explain this to you in a way that isn't confusing?"<>
Rodard: <>"I suppose this whole "data" nonsense is already as perplexing as it is already so..."<>

Cyrill: ????
Rodard: <>"Do you have an ideal self?"<>
Rodard: <>"Do you ever wish you could be a different or better person?"<>

Cyrill: ...all the time!
Cyrill: i ωish i could be strong and not be afraid to tell people hoω it is!
Cyrill: like self-confident, but like super caring!


Rodard: <>"Wowzers!"<>
Rodard: <>"These will do just fine, Cyrill, thank you!"<>
Rodard: <>"Better than fine actually!"<>
Rodard: <>"Those scrapes were beginning to sting a little, I'll admit."<>

Cyrill: yeah!!
Rodard: <>"Everything is certainly clear now!"<>
Rodard: <>"This place we're in looks rather--how can I put it?"<>
Rodard: <>"Desolate? Forsaken? Deserted?"<>
Rodard: <>"You shouldn't be in this sort of place by yourself!"<>

Cyrill: ...
Rodard: <>"But this is fantastic, seeing you clear as day now--thank you very much!"<>
Rodard: <>"And these glasses are a permanently concrete object--right?"<>

Cyrill: i made them out of a pinecone!
Rodard: <>"I have no idea how that's possible...but that was very resourceful!"<>


Rodard: <>"!!!"<>
Cyrill: these might not be exactly like your original pair but ωhatever ωorks!
Cyrill: and your scrapes are all gone noω too--that's ωeird!
Cyrill: i guess that ωorked better than i expected!


Cyrill: hold still please!
Rodard: <>"I--beg your pardon?"<>


Cyrill: i have no idea ωhat you're talking about or ωho you are.
Cyrill: but sorry i mistook you for morson, you're definitely not him!
Cyrill: you smell like candles and paper and morson smells like grease and grass!
Cyrill: that and the morson i knoω doesn't need glasses...not that i knoω of anyωays!
Cyrill: and you sound a lot different too!
Cyrill: but still, you seem really nice and i hope ωe can be friends!

Rodard: <>"I suppose you don't know me after all."<>
Rodard: <>"Pardon my ramblings then."<>
Rodard: <>"I suppose having a keen sense of smell must be an Omicro thing!"<>
Rodard: <>"We are friends--I mean I am with the other you."<>
Rodard: <>"But that doesn't mean my friendship with you is exclusive to just one Cyrill, that simply wouldn't be fair."
Rodard: <>"My friendship with you and your friends extends across all timelines."<>

Cyrill: aωω OωO!!!
Rodard: <>" so bothersome though--I wish I could see a bit better here."<>
Rodard: <>"Being trapped and crossing the game aimlessly through this bubble is only that much worse when everything is a blur."<>

Cyrill: oh that's easy, i can make you some!
Rodard: <>"That's rather kind of you, Cyrill, but if it's too much of a hassle you really don't have to!"<>


Rodard: <>"Cyrill?"<>
Rodard: <>"Is that you?"<>
Rodard: <>"It sure sounds like you."<>

Cyrill: not the cyrill from your timeline, sorry.
Cyrill: hoω long have you been in your timeline...?
Cyrill: you must be some older fancy-looking morson or something or um...
Cyrill: someone else...maybe?

Rodard: <>"You don't...know me?"<>
Cyrill: no...?
Rodard: <>"I'm Rodard."<>
Cyrill: ωho?
Rodard: <>"Oh thank heavens, you're not the Cyrill from the Infected timeline."<>
Rodard: <>" I was afraid you were!"<>
Rodard: <>"Even so, it doesn't matter which timeline incarnation of you it is"<>
Rodard: <>"I'm just glad to see a familiar face."<>
Rodard: <>"Er well...sort of!"<>
Rodard: <>"You're a blurry blob to me right now because I gave my glasses to...someone that means a lot to me."<>
Rodard: <>"It's going to be harder for me to hurt her if I can't see that well!"<>


Cyrill: on another note, i could use some tea if you have it on you too
Cyrill: i mean, i knoω i can make them myself, but maybe you're carrying some foods i haven't thought up of!
Cyrill: yeah ok i'm a ghost and i don't technically need to eat--but can you imagine living in a ωorld ωithout all of the different kinds of mac and cheese?
Cyrill: that ωould be a sad, sad ωorld let me tell you!


Cyrill: --NO ωait a second--!
Cyrill: look kind of older...?
Cyrill: are you from a neω timeline?
Cyrill: is it the older fancy-clothes timeline?
Cyrill: have ωe been in the game that long already?
Cyrill: i mean if ωe have time to make fancy neω outfits, obviously ωe've been in the game for a ωhile!
Cyrill: you've alωays said you've hated fancy stuff, so ωhat's the deal?
Cyrill: maybe ellata forced you to ωear it!
Cyrill: she alωays ωanted to have a garden tea party thing...but you'd never even agree to ωear a button-down!
Cyrill: older!you must be a lot more agreeable if you're ωearing a tie and slacks!
Cyrill: and ωhy do you look so beat up...hoω did you die?
Cyrill: did alleph make fun of you and then rip off your horns and stab you or something?
Cyrill: that's an ugly ωay to die, but knoωing ellata--alleph's ghost might shoω up soon too.
Cyrill: she's not gonna let him get aωay ωith that!


Beitus: Shut up, Rodard

"Beitus: Take the "gift"."

Beitus: What the fuck is this?
Beitus: Potpourri?

Rodard: %"Your ashes"%
Rodard: %"Lutark's be more spec%f%c"%
Beitus: Ah yes, Lutark's ashes...
Beitus: This is such a βittersweet thing, my former form all piled up in pixelated dust

Rodard: %"%, for one, can't bel%eve V%hn%e took the t%me to sweep that up and put %t %n a jar"%
Rodard: %"%t's pathet%cally sad"%
Rodard: %"%t means nothing, really."%
Rodard: %"%t's what's leftover of that tr%ck to ruse Seleen %nto %nfus%ng the portal with her l%fe powers."%
Beitus: I mean it was a "puppet" copy Nohmyt made for me βut it does mean something to me
Beitus: Forget the confetti, as tempting as the idea sounds--I want to keep this as is
Beitus: and I know just where to put it

Rodard: %"Next to the g%ant statue of yoursel--"%


Rodard: %"You're r%ght, Be%tus, %'m sorry for d%srespect%ng you."%
Rodard: %"Here, % know what'll make the perfect confett%!"%
Beitus: What?


Beitus: For Hell's sake, the more and more I talk to "minion" you, the more you βegin to sound exactly like your girlfriend
Beitus: Always with the βiting, snide remarks!

Rodard: %">:\"%
Beitus: Whatever, go write a βook or something!!
Beitus: See if I care!!!
Beitus: I'm going to rest up a little βit more βefore we get our plan in action

Rodard: %"Rest%ng sounds l%ke an exhaust%ng job."%
Beitus: UGH!!!
Beitus: You should βe celeβrating my conquering of skaia, not sassing me around!


Beitus: I heard...
Rodard: %"Honestly, % shouldn't have forgotten how steadfast V%hn%e gets when she's angry."%
Rodard: %"Wh%ch %s qu%te adm%rable...%n a way."%
Beitus: βelieve me, she's still very much hurt
Beitus: And it's not like you'll feel anything
Beitus: The real you is taking all the punches for "minion" you
Beitus: Vihnie doesn't know that
Beitus: βut It's not like I care enough to reveal that to her
Beitus: Anyways, we have a lot of work to do

Rodard: %"Mhmm a lot of work, you say, as me and Haeton both s%t absolutely noth%ng."%
Beitus: Rodard, do you expect me to place an elaβorate plan into action after conquering AN ENTIRE PLANET?
Beitus: Give me some time to catch a βreath
Rodard: %"We don't need to breathe, we're data."%


Beitus: AND WHAT ABOUT? You want to βe my interior decorator?
Rodard: %"Hey now, % merely stated you should be a b%t more creat%ve w%th your des%gn cho%ces, don't reduce me to be%ng an %nter%or decorator."%
Rodard: %"%'m already a m%n%on aren't %?"%
Rodard: %"That would be an awful downgrade."%
Beitus: Awful downgrade, pft
Beitus: Mayβe giving you a sort of independent thought was a mistake
Beitus: Mayβe I should've made you a drooling apeβeast like Haeton
Beitus: Though it wouldn't hurt Vihnie as much

Rodard: %"Hurt V%hn%e? That's qu%te laughable."%
Rodard: %"More l%ke hurt me."%
Rodard: %"She had no problem punch%ng me %n the face."%

"Beitus: Consult your minions."

Beitus: Lovely, isn't it?
Beitus: I never had this much control over anything in the faβricated joke of my existence βefore!
Beitus: This βeats βeing a Seer!

Rodard: %"Everyth%ng %s orange and edgy."%
Beitus: Yes...and your point?

Rodard: %"That %s my po%nt."%
Rodard: %"The g%ant statue of yourself in the throne room %s a l%ttle cl%ché, don't you th%nk?"%


Ollapa: I dθn't knθw.
Morson: WHAT
Morson: What do you mean you DON'T KNOW

Ollapa: The answer is eluding me.
Ollapa: I thθught I knew but I guess it just sθrt θf went--pθθf!
Ollapa: And when I went intθ the dream bubbles it lθθked like Beitus did sθmething tθ my pθwers.

Vihnie: ((That sOunds familiar--there's a chunk Of memOry missing frOm us tOO))
Vihnie: ((NOne Of us remember hOw we died))

Actaea: You don't th(|)nk that Be(|)tus--
Seleen: Honestly, there's no other explanation–★☾
Ollapa: An Ellata that was gθdtiered frθm different timeline tried tθ heal me in the dream bubbles but I dθn't think she helped me much while everything was glitching...
Ollapa: So unfortunately because of that-as θf nθw I just dθ nθt knθw!

Ellata: I'm sorry my other self couldn't have helped you, ollapa. :(
Ollapa: It's θkay, at least yθu tried!
Morson: AHHH!

Ollapa: Sθrry, the Seer θf Vθid is nθt available.
Morson: WHAT
Ollapa: Please leave a message after the tθne.
Alleph: You're right, it isn't funny.
Alleph: It's hilαrious.


Vihnie: ((Alright, alright!))
Vihnie: ((EnOugh just--everyOne needs tO quit fighting eachOther and start fighting the bad guy))
Vihnie: ((YOu can't pOint fingers and blame peOple fOr what's happening nOw))
Vihnie: ((By nOt wOrking tOgether nOw, we're Only gOing tO be weaker when the time cOmes to fight!))
Vihnie: ((Lu-Beitus stabbed us in the back))
Vihnie: ((And yOu all prObably didn't knOw that yOur wishes created us))
Vihnie: ((Just as much as all Of us didn't knOw we were data))
Vihnie: ((...))
Vihnie: ((TOtal shOcker fOr me, Actaea and Seleen thOugh...))
Vihnie: ((I guess it's kind Of cOmfOrting thOugh, knOwing that nOw))
Vihnie: ((NOt that I didn't have a reasOn befOre tO fight, but nOw I have even mOre tO prOtect))
Vihnie: ((We're all data--but we still have feelings, yOu knOw))
Vihnie: ((Artificial feelings, but still))
Vihnie: ((We've been ghOsts fOr what felt like sO lOng we had just cOme tO terms tO living like that, I mean it's nOt like we cOuld've dOne anything abOut it))
Vihnie: ((And even as data we can't dO anything abOut it nOw))
Vihnie: ((But I feel like it's my duty need tO make sure yOu guys get back hOme, I at least Owe yOu all that))

Seleen: I'm sort of glad too, actually–★☾
Seleen: All of my existence I've just wanted to know what I was like before this game, and now I know--that I was a part of it all along–★☾
Seleen: And that who I am is something that someone wished for–★☾

Actaea: And (|)t's been such a knot (|)n my head (|)n try(|)ng to f(|)nd a way out of be(|)ng ghosts--to al(|)ve aga(|)n--only to f(|)nd out that we were data.
Actaea: Does make me a l(|)ttle b(|)t sad, but (|)t's a problem solved (|) suppose!
Actaea: Not (|)n a way (|) (|)mag(|)ned, but st(|)ll.
Actaea: Just because we're data doesn't mean we're self(|)sh enough to abandon you s(|)x.
Actaea: Data or not, we have to make ourselves useful for someth(|)ng!

Vihnie: ((What Lutark turned intO is affecting us as much as it is yOu guys))
Actaea: Two of our fr(|)ends are (|)nfected and are be(|)ng controlled by h(|)m, both of wh(|)ch are god t(|)ered.
Seleen: Which, particularly doesn't sound very hopeful but um...hmm –★☾
Vihnie: ((We're gOing tO get yOu all Out Of this alive))
Morson: I feel guilty
Cyrill: ...?
Morson: I mean, I feel bad...if anything
Morson: I just was trying to steer the timeline in a way so that every bad thing I've experienced wouldn't happen

Actaea: You've never could of pred(|)cted our ex(|)stence.
Ollapa: If anything it's my fault.
Ollapa: I shθuld've seen sθmething.
Ollapa: ...I'm sθrry, Mθrsθn.
Ollapa: I did a hθrrid jθb as a seer, I failed yθu and Nix.

Anaiad: -told ya your dumb cards are a bunch of horsebeast shit-x}->
Ollapa: Anaiad, it had nθthing tθ dθ with...*sigh*
Ellata: so what now?
Cyrill: ωe go to the end and ωe fight...
Cyrill: isn't that ωhat Beitus said?
Vihnie: ((COrrectamundO))
Vihnie: ((HOwever, we prObably need yOu guys tO gOd tier maybe))
Vihnie: ((The mOre Of us, the better))

Ollapa: I'm fairly certain that the denizens wθn't have any issue helping us.
Ollapa: Nix tθld me that they're pretty set θn having this game end.
Ollapa: They dθn't like Nθhmyt, and I'm pretty sure they dθn't like Beitus either.

Actaea: But me and Seleen tr(|)ed f(|)ght(|)ng aga(|)nst Be(|)tus w(|)th no ava(|)l!
Actaea: You heard them!
Actaea: As a v(|)rus they're the most powerful be(|)ng (|)n th(|)s game!

Ollapa: There...has tθ be anθther way.
Anaiad: -lmao if you think im going up against burnt spiky alleph 2.0 you need to go take a nap-x}->
Ollapa: Nθ anaiad, yθu're super impθrtant but I'm nθt taking abθut yθu.
Anaiad: -then who?-x}->
Anaiad: -punk Cyrill?-x}->

Ollapa: Well, Vihnie's alsθ gθing tθ be a big help but--
Ollapa: While lθθking thrθugh the caves I stumbled acrθss sθmething very impθrtant.
Ollapa: A sθrt θf mixed fusiθn θf game prθphecy and figures I saw in Alleph's psychθlθgy bθθk.
Ollapa: And the riddle Eelsprite kept repeating tθ Alleph.
Ollapa: The θne whθ leads an assembly in line, must raise the crθwn that embθdies all nine.

Alleph: Yes, Ollαpα, I've heαrd my lusus spout thαt nonsense αll too often thαt it's ingrαined in my thinkpαn.
Alleph: What αbout?

Ollapa: θh erm it's simple really.
Ollapa: The crθwn is the answer tθ all θf θur prθblems.
Ollapa: Because the crθwn hθlds a hidden pθtential θf all god tiers!

Morson: Cool great, where do we find this crown?
Ollapa: Umm...


Ellata: ugh, at thIs rate we mIght as well gIve up and start learnIng bInary code.
Cyrill: ...hey ellata, guess ωho found the ωagon!?
Cyrill: can i sit in it this time?

Ellata: :I
Ellata: now's not a good tIme for that, cyrIll.

Cyrill: okie dokie!
Cyrill: maybe later then!


Alleph: You know, thαt fαll didn't kill you-
Alleph: But it sure did fill your heαd with shit!
Alleph: Mαybe α sword shoved through your thinkpαn WILL FIX THAT!

Ellata: would you two quIt arguIng?
Ellata: gosh.
Ellata: the both of you are gettIng on my nerves!

Ellata: we got Into a messed up sItuatIon and the both of you decIde to fIght lIke cat and dogfIend Instead of focusIng on the bIgger problem here.
Ellata: and that's the vIrus, whIch admIttedly Is kInda your fault, Alleph.

Alleph: Hey!
Morson: See Alleph?~
Ellata: --as I was sayIng--we dIdn't know thIs would happen, not even future!morson would know thIs would hap-
Morson: Ellata agrees too, so it IS all your fault!~
Alleph: Pleαse, like αnyone would ever listen so someone whose nαme is one letter αwαy from MORON!
Ellata: --It's not a contest to see who's data person Is better or stronger or cooler, It's about comIng together and joInIng powers as teammates In order to get out of thIs alIve.
Morson: Well Allep--~


Morson: Do you, Alleph?~
Alleph: ......
Morson: Is that why you're attacking me?
Morson: Because making fun of me is easier to digest than your own thoughts personified condemning you for all of the things you hate about yourself!?~


Alleph: Hαhαhα!
Alleph: If this guy is αbout αs much αs α pushover αs Ollαpα described him, then I cαn't wαit to meet him!
Alleph: I need α good lαugh!

Vihnie: ((Wtf did he just say))
Morson: And what about your counterpart, Alleph?~
Morson: Let's not forget that they're an EGOTISTIC PARASITE THAT RUINED EVERYTHING~
Morson: And that he came from you, Alleph~
Morson: You created him!~
Morson: Can't you agree that something's terribly and immensely wrong with that person you created?~
Morson: Back there he called you weak and pathetic!~
Morson: I'm surprised at the fact that what he said didn't make you at least a bit angry!
Morson: Because if I were you, I'd be hecking pissed off!
Morson: Unless you agree with him!~


Alleph: Thαt you've αlwαys wαnted to be α giαnt loser.


Alleph: A gentle, compαssionαte writer, you sαy?
Alleph: Is thαt whαt reαlly mαkes up his ideal self?
Alleph: Why Teslαα didn't tell me.

Morson: Tell you what?


Anaiad: -hahaha yeah gimme a minute to stretch it off and I'll be good-x}->
Anaiad: -that was the best ride of my life!-x}->

Ollapa: Anaiad, that wasn't a ride.
Ollapa: We fell dθwn a hθle!

Anaiad: -we should do that again!-x}->
Morson: Well the wagon's fine, that's for sure!~
Morson: It smacked into my back on its way down and then rolled away somewhere unscathed~

Alleph: Seems thαt everyone thαt's lαnded is perfectly fine αnd well, sαve for α few scrαpes αnd bruises.
Alleph: Pity though, I wαs hoping you or red cαpe over there would crαck your skulls open.
Alleph: Two of you is where I drαw the line.

Ollapa: Alleph!
Alleph: You're right, Ollαpα, I'm sorry.
Ollapa: :)
Alleph: There αre obviously three Teslαα's if you include his dαtα counterpαrt!
Ollapa: :|
Alleph: I wonder if he's αny more tolerαble thαn Teslαα is.
Ollapa: Well frθm what I've gathered frθm talking tθ θur new friends, Rθdard is actually very kind.
Ollapa: He is a gentle, cθmpassiθnate persθn and he is alsθ a writer.


Vihnie: ((SO uh...))
Vihnie: ((Besides Our situatiOn being cOmpetlely fucked in the ass...))
Vihnie: ((Is everyOne alright?))

"Vihnie: Get up."

Vihnie: ((Ow))



"[S] Blight."

<iframe width="700" height="530" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

"Evil to Hero" by Guylee


Cyrill: morson...?


Cyrill:...ωhat happened to you?


Cyrill: ωhat happened?
Cyrill: ωhat did they do to you?


Cyrill: no...
Cyrill: oh no...




Cyrill: I have to protect ωhat I have left of the people I care about!


Cyrill: i knoω i promised morson i'd never put this celestial cloak back on
Cyrill: but if that virus is back...


Cyrill: ωhat is that!!!???
Cyrill: I don't remember that being around here before!


Cyrill: giant orange bubble!?

"Cyrill: Change back."

Cyrill: being me though, that's more comfortable than anything in the ωorld.
Cyrill: and that's ωhat makes me happy at the end of the day.
Cyrill: UωU
Cyrill: i'll just have to let my mind ωander some more.
Cyrill: then maybe, ωith enough faith in myself...the ansωer ωill come to me like a--


Cyrill: on an side note, alleph's clothes are so...stiffy.
Cyrill: hoω does the guy move around like this?
Cyrill: is that ωhy he alωays looks like he's marching?
Cyrill: hoω can you ever take a nap in this outfit?


Cyrill: haha...
Cyrill: yeah, i don't think changing into my friends helped.
Cyrill: idea-ωise i'm still at a loss.
Cyrill: but besides that, my impersonations are top-notch!
Cyrill: i can't believe i turned into Alleph!
Cyrill: still, ωhat he said--I said ωas true.
Cyrill: both of them, i mean.
Cyrill: i can't stress myself out but i also have to remember i have an important duty to fulfill!


Cyrill: RELAX???
Cyrill: Sure! and hoω about ωe get our hair done ωhile ωe're at it?
Cyrill: Do you think that this is a fucking SPA, teslaa???
Cyrill: She can't just have fun all ωilly nilly! she has to put her foot doωn and think!!
Cyrill: Noω!!!
Cyrill: Or else ωe're be pathetic piles of poωder for the rest of the time ωe're in this game!


Cyrill: *ahem* Cy, you need to stop being a baby and put your big troll pants on
Cyrill: you just gotta sit doωn and do it!
Cyrill: --you are very vital to our mission of getting our friends back!
Cyrill: just relax and you'll figure something out



Cyrill: ...i ωish he ωrote it doωn.
Cyrill: being a ghost makes time meaningless--and it doesn't help that my attention span isn't that great.
Cyrill: maybe I need to get into a different frame of mind.


Cyrill: can't let my hopes get doωn though, gotta remember ωhat morson said!
Cyrill: ...something about not giving up and that I ωas bravest!
Cyrill: y-yeah!


Cyrill: i'm sorry alleph...ellata...
Cyrill: i dont knoω if you tωo can hear me but...i am trying my best.
Cyrill: and if i don't end up finding a ωay to break the tωo of you out.
Cyrill: i hope you can forgive me for running aωay from you all and hiding.

"Cyrill: Stop."

Cyrill: ...go ωeb go?
Cyrill: i'm not the amazing spider-troll.
Cyrill: even petehr parker couldn't fix this mess.
Cyrill: no magic words are going to suddenly make everything be hunky dory again.
Cyrill: fixing isn't my poωer, i don't understand ωhat morson is talking about.
Cyrill: if i can't fix a digitalized tree...ωhat makes me think i can fix my digital dust friends?


Cyrill: reparo!
Cyrill: shazam!
Cyrill: go ωeb go!


Cyrill: hhhhhngabra cadabra!!
Cyrill: alakazam!!


Beitus: I hope you HAVE A nice trip βack


Beitus: Until then...


Alleph: No one gαve you permission to tαke over the gαme like this!
Alleph: Nohmyt sαid--

Beitus: Nohmyt said if you win you'll leave, he never mentioned what would happen if you lose now, did he?
Alleph: ...thαt scheming lizαrdbeαst...
Beitus: You AREN'T the one with the power here or the one with the AUTHORITY to MAKE decisions
Beitus: I AM
Beitus: Βut I'll tell you WHAT, when I wake up on good ol' ALTERNIA, I'll take OLLAPA'S lifeless βody and keep it
Beitus: I'll put it up AS A trophy to show my victory over you fools
Beitus: I'm sure it'll look GREAT rotting over A FIREPLACE!
Beitus: βetter enjoy the LAST few CHANCES of hope you'll HAVE in this GAME!


Morson: I'll find another timeline, I'll prevent all of this from ever happening!
Beitus: Yes, ditch your friends...very ΒRAVE of you Morson
Beitus: Not possiβle, though, to TIMETRAVEL to a session that took PLACE βefore your own even STARTED
Beitus: Βut sure, throw excuses to run AWAY from the SCARY ΒAD guy

Morson: Don't think for one second that I could ever be afraid of you!
Beitus: HAH, well you SHOULD βe!
Beitus: Pft, and don't lie to me morson, I know you're ALL AFRAID.
Beitus: AND you...WELL don't get me STARTED
Beitus: You're ALL sorts of messed up on the inside
Beitus: Must βe frustrating seeing your friends DIE over and over AGAIN!!

Cyrill: ...ωhat happens...if you ωin...?
Beitus: I'll exit the game on my own...take over ALLEPH'S βody--and then wake up!
Beitus: And then I'll ACTUALLY live...AS A person!
Beitus: Crazy, right?
Beitus: AND you ALL can rot in the DREAM βuββles AS ghosts ALONG with THAT horriβle monster on the other side.
Beitus: Fun times!

Alleph: Hey you cαn't just decide whαt hαppens to my body!
Alleph: Being α personα creαted by my αspirαtions doesn't count!
Alleph: My body belongs to me αnd me only!

Beitus: YEAH you only with the exception of ollapa's βutt touching privileges
Beitus: We GET IT


Beitus: We're going to START at the very βeginning
Beitus: You'll go through the PLANETS, quests, WHATEVER, and then at the end you can FACE off AGAINST me
Beitus: I AM your FINAL βoss, LADIES, gentletrolls and esteemed guests
Beitus: Of course, I'll βe MAKING a few...ADJUSTMENTS to MAKE sure the GAME doesn't go very smoothly for you
Beitus: We wouldn't WANT to MAKE things...too EASY
Beitus: βut I'm sure with the power of friendship, and βelieving in yourself or some sort of other βULLSHIT THAT you'll MAKE it through
Beitus: AND if you don't...THAT'S okay!
Beitus: THAT just means I win!


Actaea: Lutark snap out of (|)t!
Actaea: We can help you!
Actaea: Let me heal you!

Beitus: You throw THAT NAME AROUND like it's going to βring him βACK
Beitus: PATHETIC how you're still DESPERATELY holding onto THAT lie of a person
Beitus: There's nothing to HEAL, βuttercup!
Beitus: "LUTARK" was ABOUT as REAL as the IDEA that we were trolls!
Beitus: I AM a virus now!
Beitus: I AM βeitus!

Anaiad: -...doesnt that have six letters in it?-x}->
Beitus: Shut up


Beitus: His DEATH WAS just too SAD to WATCH, just PITIABLE...
Beitus: WASN'T REALLY A FAIR fight either βut it needed to be done...
Beitus: You ripping HAETON a new one, however, that WAS exciting!
Beitus: Thrilling!
Beitus: I've never seen someone's neck βend THAT WAY βefore!

Vihnie: ((I never---))
Beitus: You never...?
Beitus: For goodness SAKE, Vihnie, you lot shouldn't even trust your own memory AT this point!
Beitus: RODARD got his horns SNAPPED in HALF AND then WHAT--??
Beitus: Fuzzy right?
Beitus: Of course you don't rememβer that HAPPENING!
Beitus: I MADE you forget!
Beitus: You're welcome
Beitus: Could ALWAYS...βring those memories βACK though
Beitus: βut DO you REALLY WANT them βACK?
Beitus: I MEAN, you were never very good AT receiving βAD news
Beitus: Just look at how torn up your HANDS are
Beitus: WANNA go at it with a couple of more trees βefore I return them?
Beitus: Plenty of them here to go AROUND!

Vihnie: ((Fuck yOu!))
Beitus: Not THAT it MATTERS how much PAIN you're going through, ALL of it is ALL ARTIFICIAL ANYWAYS


Beitus: Now then
Beitus: Let's get down to βusiness

Vihnie: ((Great!))
Vihnie: ((I hOpe yOu like the taste Of yOur Own blOOd))

Beitus: AU CONTRAIRE, Vihnie, I'm not here to fight you...AT LEAST not yet
Beitus: I've ALWAYS HATED quick DEATHS, or AT LEAST doing them myself
Beitus: Which is why I let everyone MASSACRE EACH other on derse...AND in our session
Beitus: I love WATCHING other people die though, with the exception of rodard






Unum: Do keep running this experiment for us, Kanohmyt
Unum: What our copy of this game has something rather...
Unum: Interesting
Nohmyt: :)


Unum: The beings behind this game do not like us Nohmyt, I can sense them.
Unum: They're rather annoyed, the monsters
Unum: Had our planet not come up with a way to stop them from interfering, surely we'd suffer their wrath
Nohmyt: The horrorterrors?
Unum: They are included in the group of massive beings who dislike us, yes
Unum: And as you've noticed, the enormous beings within the game have their own consciousness...they sense their illegitimacy and they're helping the players in winning
Unum: They don't like us either, Nohmyt
Nohmyt: But we don't care, now do we?
Unum: We do not
Unum: However, our planet mustn't stop gathering information
Unum: Even if it is our End


Unum: Because we all share the same frame of mind, the goal of the game would be unsuccessful...
Unum: The game chooses a species in which the end result would be fruitful, and despite being the most intelligent and advanced species in this universe...we simply do not fit that criteria.
Unum: We do not have the capacity to facilitate a new universe because it is impossible for our species to generate time and space players, both essential to a new universe
Nohmyt: To simply put it: it is because we are a collective, a hivemind
Nohmyt: All of us are the same, save for how we choose to dress ourselves and the names we take and scramble from our first being we pose as
Nohmyt: Even then, all of us are connected by the first syllable
Nohmyt: The game wants something more...primitive
Unum: Primitive in our eyes, at least
Unum: We cannot grasp the concept of...personal growth
Unum: Or empathy for that matter
Unum: Out of all aspects, Mind is our strongest
Nohmyt: Though it is interesting to see it happen, between these subjects
Nohmyt: Violence is more of a norm to them!
Nohmyt: Compared to our reasons for killing and harming for necessity
Nohmyt: They aren't like us, I'd say in many ways they are opposites
Nohmyt: But in evaluating them, my prediction is that when the actual game begins, they'll choose different test subjects
Nohmyt: More of a variety, per say, and more numbers...if that is the goal of the game...
Nohmyt: To create a new universe

"Nohmyt: Have a chat with your leader."

Nohmyt: You are looking well
Unum: We are an egg
Nohmyt: It was a joke
Unum: We know...
Unum: We are still trying to...understand these "jokes" other species have
Nohmyt: We've never been good at humor
Nohmyt: Despite learning...most everything
Unum: Most
Unum: We've been watching everything through your eyes Nohmyt
Nohmyt: I know
Nohmyt: It has been awhile since I last came back and reported, I do hope whatever you've seen was valuable to all of us...
Unum: Knowledge is infinite, not matter how small a small factoid may be
Unum: There are benefits to being interconnected like this as a species
Unum: We are all one, despite the many bodies we produce
Unum: With Death you return...we soak up the knowledge you've learned, and the cycle begins anew, we grow stronger
Unum: We invade the planets of others not like the pure the savagery and emotional fulfillment of a puppet queen, but because we are here for the simple thirst for knowledge
Unum: Languages, social norms, geography, battle strategies--all of it...we know
Unum: And sadly this planet of ours won't be here for much longer
Nohmyt: I'm well aware
Nohmyt: Thank you, for bestowing this duty upon me
Nohmyt: I am honored to have been chosen to gather information on the very thing that will bring our end
Unum: We did not understand at first, as to why this game never chose us
Unum: But it is clear to us now
Unum: As clear is it is to you


Unum: Kanohmyt
Nohmyt: Hello
Unum: We've been expecting you


But then again, we've never once disagreed...


For goodness sake everyone

I know the information I've gathered is a ton but please keep our thoughts hushed...
You're giving me a headache

I suppose that's a consequence of not having been connected in a long time...

Unum wouldn't want a headache when I visit them now would they?
No they wouldn't

Good that we're all on the same page




"[I] Nomhyt: Head towards your destination."

If you don't like eating sand...

I suggest keeping your mouth shut

"[I] Nohmyt: Keep Walking."

Couldn't you wait for me to come back, eager guest of mine?

I suppose you can tag along with me if you wish
It shouldn't be too far of a walk...

A sandstorm is brewing
They're all too common here on his planet

What? Dangerous? I need goggles?

There's no need for goggles when you can give yourself a third, transparent eyelid.
We've adapted

You on the other hand--well...


Did he nod off somewhere?

Is he cooking himself a four course meal consisting of only various salads?

Where'd he go?


Did he come back yet?

What could possibly be taking him so long that's more important than whatever he's doing to the game?


Well then, you suppose all of that was worth the click.

But despite the amount of buttons and obscure keys you push in the keyboard, your attempts to get the game to resume seem fruitless.

It is obvious you cannot get the game rolling once again, and you need help.

And by help, you mean the scaly alien who's running this whole deathtrap.
Where's Nohmyt?

"[I] Recovered files: 4/4."


...would make life so awfully empty.


Being able to turn into the person we want to be whenever we wished...


We cannot magically transform into the person we imagine in our heads on a whim.

Nor can we fabricate them and ask them:
How can I be more like you?


List of Fantroll Cameos

Your ideal self, in a sense, is your own version of a perfect self.

Which in many cases isn't the answer to the problems.
The truth is that one must change themselves.

The curious paradox is that when you accept myself just are you are, only then can one change.


The Self Image one has of themselves could be an ideal image.
A person they wish they could be but can't for whatever reasons they find in themselves. In many cases, the way we see ourselves and how we would like to see ourselves do not quite match up.

In fact, we could imagine that this sense of self is a completely different person.

Say a troll of a higher caste isn't performing or isn't as strong as they are supposed to be, their self image would obviously reflect upon their desires to be stronger.

Or if a psiioniic or other powered troll is fed up with his powers, perhaps his Ideal self is one who is normal.

"[I] Alleph Flip to chapter 1:"

"Trolls, like many creatures with an elevated process of thinking, develop different ideas of the self: Who you are and who you think you are.

Or as I'd like to describe this phenomena: The Self Image."

Many trolls wish or already see themselves as a person vastly different than what they are. The Self Image in a troll is both a good and a bad thing. Unconsciously, one can work to become like the person they see themselves to be. Other times they can be disillusioned by this self and let it harm their way of living.

"[I] Alleph: Open the book."

The Self and You
by Troll!Carl Rogers

"[I] Recovered files: 3/4."


Nix: You must die.


Ollapa: Ahh what!!!
Ollapa: Wait, yθur vθlume--!!!
Nix: ...TO GOD TIER...
Ollapa: STθP--!!!


Ollapa: That's anθther questiθn, yθu said yθu were gθing tθ help me gθd tier...
Ollapa: Are yθu suppθsed tθ empθwer me with sθme sθrt θf magical ray θf light?

Nix: Hah.
Ollapa: Dθ I sit here θn this rθund slab θf rθck and yθu mumble sθme sθrt θf enchanted set θf spells and I becθme a Seer?
Nix: Hah hah.
Ollapa: Is there a mystical pθtiθn I have tθ find ingredients fθr?
Nix: I'm afraid not.
Ollapa: Then hθw??


Nix: Ollapa.
Ollapa: !?
Nix: This game originally was supposed to be an infinite loop of creation and destruction.
Nix: But now...things are different.
Nix: I don't have any power in this game anymore...not in this poor excuse for a copy.
Nix: And none of us denizens like it, we hate it.
Nix: We want this to end.
Nix: This is why we want you to end this game and leave.
Nix: Because this isn't and never was our purpose.

Ollapa: θk.
Nix: In a way, Morson is ignorant.
Nix: I told your other self this mistake, but...
Nix: It is always important to remember that there will always be two sides of a coin.

Ollapa: What?
Nix: There will always be light and dark.
Ollapa: Why is that a mistake Mθrsθn is making?
Nix: Because he is ignorant to think that he can go through a session perfectly without any troubles.
Nix: Everyone is flawed, all in different ways.
Nix: And from our flaws, we create problems.
Nix: Something will plague this session, just as it has the previous ones.
Nix: Something evil, darker than the shadows of this cave.
Nix: And when things go awry you must remember, and you must tell Morson that he mustn't run.

Ollapa: But he'll die!
Nix: He's been running from his problems instead of fixing them!
Nix: I have said this before and I'll say it again.
Nix: There will always be light and dark.

Ollapa: I dθn't understand!
Ollapa: Hθw are yθu suppθsed tθ fix things when they gθ wrong!
Ollapa: Hθw cθuld yθu expect him tθ fix Alleph?
Ollapa: θr bring back everyθne whθ's died??
Ollapa: Sθmetimes...yθu have tθ accept when it's θver!

Nix: Ignorant child, you are wrong.
Nix: Evil wins when you stop looking.

Ollapa: Stθp lθθking fθr...?
Nix: Well, you are going to become a Seer soon.
Nix: You'll know what I'm talking about.


Nix: It's very important that you stay on track.
Ollapa: Mhmm...


Nix: It's nice to finally meet you, Seer-to-be.
Ollapa: Seer-tθ-be?
Nix: That is your title.
Ollapa: Hθw dθ yθu knθw Mθrsθn?
Ollapa: Sθmething abθut yθu tells me yθu didn't exactly squirm θut tθ meet him.

Nix: You are correct.
Nix: Me and him have spoken in a previous timeline.
Nix: Sad that it failed.

Ollapa: I've heard.
Ollapa: Alleph--

Nix: Alleph has done some terrible things, but then again...he always has.
Nix: I'm surprised he's found friends.
Nix: I know how it works on your planet, and if anything you're the superior ones in his life.
Nix: Superior in the way you both can tolerate his pretentious and selfish nature...
Nix: The both of you have changed him the better, be proud of that fact.

Ollapa: Was he really that bad θf a persθn?
Nix: More than you know...or know currently.
Ollapa: Currently?
Nix: I've worked out a deal with Morson to help you god tier.
Nix: I am going to warn you Ollapa, that becoming a seer is a double edged sword.
Nix: You'll come across some things you don't want to see, but you're going to have to.
Nix: All of the secrets, all of the things everyone in this session has bottled up inside of them will be out in the open.
Nix: Their past, their pain, their innermost will see it all.
Nix: No matter what, you must not let all of this information overwhelm you.
Nix: Nor should you abuse it and let it stray you off your path.
Nix: You path is to win this game, and help end it.

Ollapa: Sθ like a spy?
Ollapa: θr an θracle...I'm gθing tθ becθme an θracle?

Nix: An oracle to things secret, not to things set in the future.
Ollapa: Sθ...I'll be able tθ see anyθne's secrets?
Nix: Yes.
Ollapa: ...even Alleph's?
Nix: I know what you're thinking, child.
Nix: Don't forget what I said about not getting distracted
Nix: Especially with emotions; you'll have plenty of time for that later.

"[I] Ollapa: Look Up."

Ollapa: Θh-h-huh yθu're--*gulp*
Ollapa: Giant.

Nix: You thought I was a part of the cave's structure
Nix: How humorous.

Ollapa: Cθuld yθu perhaps speak up a bit mθre?
Ollapa: A...bit lθwer.
Nix: How about now?
Ollapa: Perfect.
Nix: Forgive my volume.
Nix: The last thing I wanted to do as of now was talk too loudly.
Nix: The stalactites in this cave are rather fragile.
Nix: have a seat.


Ollapa: Yθu're sθ...quiet?
Ollapa: I cθuld barely hear yθu, nθ θffense.
Ollapa: Where are yθu?
Ollapa: Are yθu really small?
Ollapa: Are yθu this slab θf rθck?

Nix: Up here.

"[I] Ollapa: Call out to Nix?"

Ollapa: Nix?
Ollapa: ...
Ollapa: ...
Ollapa: Nθ respθnse.
Ollapa: Well uh...
Ollapa: Mθrsθn tθld me tθ find yθu.
Ollapa: I suppθse I'm rather reliable...cθmpared tθ Alleph θr Anaiad.
Ollapa: They'd prθbably never listen tθ him, bθth fθr different reasθns I guess.
Ollapa: But either way, we cθuld use yθur help.
Ollapa: I'm nθt exactly sure hθw I'm impθrtant, really.
Ollapa: He said yθu can help me help him...
Ollapa: Θr sθ tθ speak...

Nix: He needs you.
Ollapa: ???
Nix: He needs you because you're important.

"[I] Ollapa: Go over the instructions once more."


1. Go through the caves northwest of your location

2. Be sure to bring a flashlight, keep going straight until you see an opening with light

3. Take the fourth tunnel, it has a picture of an odd monstrous creature on it, you'll know which one...

I mean I'd draw it but I suck at drawing lmao not like cyrill

(A terrible attempt at drawing the creature is scribbled in the middle of the page)

Wow that sucked nevermind just...use your best judgement.

4. Yeah you'll probably need a flashlight again...sorry

Also about the stairs...should've warned you...about like...walking up them and stuff...

Sheesh, I'm an asshole for making a newly robo-limbed troll go up stairs, sorry. But I am counting on you, Ollapa!

5. Keep going in that direction and go up the stairs to a clearing in the cave

6. Find Nix


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"[I] Recovered files: 2/?."


Lutark: My thanks to you, Haeton, %s %n the form of f%nd%ng your death amus%ng enough to watch!


Lutark: %'m look%ng l%ke my b%ggest secret now huh?
Lutark: %'m go%ng to look l%ke a v%rus?
Nohmyt: Something along those lines
Nohmyt: But while we're in the dream bubbles, I'll change you back
Lutark: G%ve me the opt%on to change back and forth
Lutark: % don't want anyone gett%ng susp%c%ous wh%le %'m gone, and % can't be too careful
Nohmyt: There's still a matter of getting you to the other side...
Lutark: %'ll probably need to get to the%r Derse f%rst, w%ll that be an %ssue?
Nohmyt: We'll see how I feel about your involvement in the descendant's session
Nohmyt: Are you sure about keeping that new form of yours?
Nohmyt: You may be unstable for awhile, it's not supposed to be part of the game
Nohmyt: Just programming you into a virus like this may cause some hiccups in the game itself...
Nohmyt: You must be careful
Lutark: W%ll do
Lutark: Th%s form %s the real me, after all...
Lutark: %'m not some second rate product of some coward's %mag%nat%on!
Lutark: % should thank the blue brute for th%s spend%d g%ft
Lutark: but then aga%n...
Lutark: %'m not very part%al to k%ndness


Lutark: They'll remember %t as some sort of bad f%ght and that'll keep everyone from talk%ng to one another
Lutark: At least not for that port%on of our adventure here
Lutark: But % don't know, maybe % should scramble up the%r memor%es just to be safe, pretend everyone has an odd case of select%ve amnes%a?
Lutark: %t'll all play out n%cely...
Lutark: And then after w%ll let me take a sess%on %nto my own hands, r%ght?
Nohmyt: We'll see
Nohmyt: So how are you so certain that she's going to kill everyone off?
Lutark: % know she'll k%ll Seleen for do%ng a shotty job at be%ng a palemate
Lutark: And %f she doesn't k%ll Actaea %'ll do %t myself
Lutark: But anyways, % do hope what has happened here conv%nces you that my %nvolvement %n a sess%on %s fasc%nat%ng enough
Lutark: Say, what's happen%ng to my body %sn't--
Nohmyt: Interestingly enough, that isn't my fault
Lutark: What caused th%s?
Nohmyt: The Sage
Lutark: Haeton?
Nohmyt: His powers allow everyone to become void, to become invisible...
Nohmyt: Or to metaphorically become become secrets
Nohmyt: Not that his powers are of any threat to you anyways
Nohmyt: His powers just happened to alter your appearance when you touched him


Lutark: Let V%hn%e k%ll everyone %n her rampage
Lutark: She never had any control over her emot%ons %n the f%rst place
Lutark: %n fact %'d even say th%s event w%ll probably eat her up more than %ts going to do to Haeton
Lutark: When we're all ghosts %'ll make sure they won't remember any of th%s happen%ng though
Lutark: Rodard won't remember be%ng k%lled by Haeton
Lutark: Haeton won't remember k%lling Rodard
Lutark: V%hn%e won't remember k%lling everyone else...


Lutark:Well, th%s played out better than % expected
Nohmyt: What you've done with your powers was...interesting...
Lutark: Please don't tell me th%s %s the end of %t
Lutark: Th%s %s just the t%p of the %ceberg!
Lutark: % can do more than th%s, you know!
Lutark: All of th%s r%ght now %s merely wr%gger's play.
Nohmyt: It isn't the end
Nohmyt: The more you use your powers the more powerful you'll become, and you'll be able to do more than just influence your friends
Nohmyt: The question is...what are you to do now?


Lutark: well that's new


Lutark: ...

"[I] Haeton: Leave."

Lutark: sounds cliché, but REALISTIC enough to work.
Lutark: haeton's REPUTATION is ALREADY soiled in everyone's eyes, and he'd be stupid enough to pull a stunt like THAT
Lutark: as for you, DEAREST soon as I leave, you're going to remember breaking up with me
Lutark: I have no use for you anymore
Lutark: you broke up with me because you're fed up with my pranks and jokes and you've grown beyond that, and that's all you're going to remember
Actaea: Yes.
Lutark: and then you're going to tell me not to talk to you anymore because you're THAT fed up, and then treat me coldly
Lutark: I dont need you meddling in my PLANS
Actaea: Ok.
Lutark: and I certainly don't need your little pebble-sized THINKPAN to be finding me out
Lutark: but we sure did have some fun didn't we?
Lutark: or at least you did
Lutark: sorry but i've got to stop lying, doll
Lutark: being with you was about as twice as nauseating as having to put on this persona for everyone
Lutark: i hope you can understand that


Lutark: well...that worked
Lutark: not that I doubted nohmyt
Lutark: he is a lizardbeast of his word
Lutark: biologically speaking all of them are, but let's not get off-topic here
Lutark: now, haeton,
I want you to forget you had this talk with actaea, and forget realizing that you're...what was it...not capable of returning flushed feelings?
Lutark: that's real fucking sad, but I empathize
Lutark: still, I use that to move forward and not wallow in petty things like "quadrants"
Lutark: wallowing in emotions and feeling sorry for yourself is pathetic
and I also want you to forget that you and vihnie decided breaking up was for the best
Lutark: you're going to be angry, like you just overheard that rodard stole vihnie from you, and you're going to have your violent revenge
Haeton: ☄*Yes
Lutark: now go


Lutark: and you're both going to shut your mouths AND PAY ATTENTION!!
Actaea: --!!!!!


Lutark: you're going to STAY here
Haeton: ☄*I'm...going to stay here
Actaea: Lutark?


Haeton: ☄*I think I'll be fine on my own
Haeton: ☄*gonna leave now
Haeton: ☄*before I lose my lunch

Lutark: hAhA, no you Aren't, hAeton!


Actaea: Lulu dear, how are you!
Actaea: (|) was just help(|)ng Haeton g--

Haeton: ☄*get stronger, so that I can beat up more imps
Actaea: ....?
Actaea: That wasn't--

Haeton: ☄*the hope helped, thanks Rhodos
Haeton: ☄*I appreciate it

Actaea: :|
Actaea: Lulu why don't you run along and f(|)nd Rodard?
Actaea: (|) have to help Haeton w(|)th a quest

Haeton: ☄*urgh...yeah
Lutark: of course!


Actaea: Hope can only carry you so much, Haeton.
Actaea:|)ngs are rocky because you're try(|)ng to be someth(|)ng you're not.
Actaea: You just can't feel flushed, and that's just not who you are.

Haeton: ☄*but that's not normal
Actaea: No.
Actaea: That's just you.
Actaea: But you, you care about Seleen.

Haeton: ☄*yeah
Haeton: ☄*someone's got to get her out of trouble.
Haeton: ☄*she's all over the place.
Haeton: ☄*and when I'm up and angry she knows how to pull me down too.

Actaea: Then hold onto that.
Haeton: ☄*hold onto my palemate?
Actaea: Yes.
Actaea: Really Haeton, you've been beat(|)ng yourself up over someth(|)ng you shouldn't even be worr(|)ed about.
Actaea: That's just who you are!
Actaea: So you can't feel flushed--b(|)g deal!
Actaea: Focus on you and who you have (|)n your l(|)fe r(|)ght now.
Actaea: Because that's what you have(|)n your l(|)fe r(|)ght now, r(|)ght?

Haeton: ☄*yeah...
Actaea: And hey, why l(|)ve with the drama sh(|)t?
Actaea: Maybe, (|)f you can just tell V(|)hn(|)e about all of th(|)s she can beg(|)n to forg(|)ve you and you guys can be fr(|)ends!

Haeton: ☄*forgive...?
Actaea: Yeah!
Actaea: (|) know her and she's go(|)ng to feel a lot better about how you treated her (|)f you just expla(|)n th(|)s to her!
Actaea: And (|)f you want (|)'ll go w(|)th you!

Haeton: ☄*...really?
Actaea: Yeah!
Actaea: Everyone who wants to make th(|)ngs r(|)ght aga(|)n deserves a second chance!

Haeton: ☄* you really think everyone will forgive me?
Lutark: hiyA everyone!


Actaea: You must be pretty desperate to come and ask for help
Haeton: ☄*yeah because usually i dont need it
Actaea: No.
Actaea: (|)t's because you're so ho(|)ty to(|)ty that you don't th(|)nk you need (|)t.
Actaea: Ask(|)ng for help (|)s normal.

Haeton: ☄*just...give me some hope here.
Haeton: ☄*i don't know what else to do.

Actaea: Ok.
Haeton: ☄*really?
Actaea: Yeah, yeah.
Haeton: ☄*thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you than--!
Actaea: Whoa there, buster, one thank you's enough.
Haeton: ☄*sorry
Actaea: Can (|) just g(|)ve you some adv(|)ce before (|) ju(|)ce you up w(|)th hope?
Haeton: ☄*sure...???


Haeton: ☄*i don't get why i can't...
Actaea: You can't...?
Haeton: ☄*you know!
Haeton: ☄*the fluffy feelings you get apparently, when you like somebody?
Haeton: ☄*i don't feel that.
Haeton: ☄*i don't think i can feel that.
Haeton: ☄*i thought maybe havin a relationship would give 'em to me
Haeton: ☄*and then i just ended up bein bossy and pushy
Haeton: ☄*because i was forcin it.

Actaea: ...?
haeton: ☄*and i'll admit i'm an ass, and that i did wrong
haeton: ☄*but i dont wanna mess up again
haeton: ☄*it's happenin with seleen too, maybe...i don't know
haeton: ☄*i dont even think i can be friends with vihnie at this point
haeton: ☄*after how i treated her, and even if we agreed it was for the best
haeton: ☄*but i dont want that to happen to seleen
haeton: ☄*even if she's a little bonkers
haeton: ☄*i do care about her, and she's special to me
haeton: ☄*she's the only person i can count on at this point
haeton: ☄*the only person who doesn't think im awful
haeton: ☄*...i want to be a better person
haeton: ☄*please, actaea
haeton: ☄*you have to believe me
haeton: ☄*it sounds stupid but i'm not kidding around!

"[I] Recovered files: 1/?."

Haeton: ☄*please rhodos I need help
Haeton: ☄*I need to know--

Actaea: You already know.
Haeton: ☄*that I'm a giant jerk?
Haeton: ☄*yeah but-

Actaea: See?
Haeton: ☄*no that's...
Haeton: ☄*ARGH, actaea, just help me!!

Actaea: Hmm...
Actaea: You're using f(|)rst names...
Actaea: You must be ser(|)ous about th(|)s.
Actaea: How can the W(|)tch of Hope be of serv(|)ce?

Haeton: ☄*oh my fuckin--
Haeton: ☄*just cause' i called you by your first name you're gonna take me seriou--

Actaea: The W(|)tch of Hope (|)s growing (|)mpat|)ent~♩
Haeton: ☄*get my words together or somethin
Haeton: ☄*it's not like i talk about my probs every day


Lutark: don't Act 1ike you dont know


Lutark: 1et me meet our counterpArts, And 1et me run my very own session of this gAme!
Nohmyt: That's a hefty favor you're asking of me...
Lutark: but Aren't you bored too?
Lutark: you've run mu1tip1e sessions by now
Lutark: I know thAt too!
Lutark: tricksters, And overpowered mAges, And 1et's not forget...the cowArd1y, crybAby chief of heArt...
Lutark: A11eph is weAk, he isn't As strong As you hoped he cou1d be!

Nohmyt: And?
Lutark: I'm 1iterA11y everything he wAnted to be but cou1dn't!
Lutark: wou1dn't it be fun to 1et me tAke over the show for A 1itt1e bit?

Nohmyt: And what threat would a seer pose to--
Lutark: thAt's why I need A 1itt1e he1p
Nohmyt: I'm not sure if this game would allow data to just simply gain enough force to break into a timeline of a session
Lutark: there is...something...thAt cAn sneAk into A computer progrAm rAther eAsi1y
Lutark: given the right circumstAnces

Nohmyt: And what sort of thing would that be?
Lutark: oh p1eAse, Nohmyt


Lutark: :}
Nohmyt: But more you're bored
Nohmyt: So, what are you going to do with this information?
Nohmyt: Tell your friends?
Lutark: whAt friends?
Nohmyt: Oh I'm sorry, that wasn't the right word
Nohmyt: Tell your pawns?
Lutark: HAH
Lutark: you're funny

Nohmyt: And you're interesting, more interesting than Alleph
Lutark: I'm not going to te11 them
Nohmyt: And why not?
Lutark: becAuse it'd be more usefu1 to me if they didn't know
Lutark: 1ike how they don't know i've been using them this who1e time

Nohmyt: so what now?
Lutark: we11 you sAid it: i'm rAther bored
Lutark: ki11ing imps is unexciting
Lutark: the who1e session is getting rAther du11...

Nohmyt: And?
Lutark: I wAnt to do something more exciting
Nohmyt: What do you have in mind?


Lutark: eAvesdropping 1ike A1wAys, nohmyt!
Lutark: how quAint!
Lutark: how does it fee1 knowing thAt this "test session" is ruined A11 becAuse of me?
Lutark: I know this gAme spAt us out
Lutark: I know thAt I'm the product of someone e1se's wishes, someone's subconscious
Lutark: And so is everyone e1se in this session
Lutark: I know I'm dAtA, I know we don't reA11y exist
Lutark: And--

Nohmyt: And I know about you, "Lutark"
Nohmyt: The "Lutark" your friends know really isn't who you are.
Nohmyt: You think Rodard is about the most idiotic person you've ever met in your existence
Nohmyt: You barely tolerate him
Nohmyt: But then you barely tolerate any of them
Nohmyt: You've lied to them, you used Actaea to gain knowledge about the game session and advance yourself
Nohmyt: You pretended you liked her just so you can get information out of her
Nohmyt: Most people would find that rather...cruel


Nohmyt: Go on...
Lutark: ???
Nohmyt: Go on
Nohmyt: And tell me what else have you've found out
Lutark: !!!


Lutark: the 1And of tokens And spirits, c1ever!!
Lutark: very c1ever!!
Lutark: it's some sort of sick metAphor for whAt i Am
Lutark: i'm About As two fAced As the very coins i'm sitting on
Lutark: it wAs something A11eph wAnted to be but cou1dn't
Lutark: he wAnted to turn his putrid, mutAnt friends into the Authorities
Lutark: but he cou1d never 1ie to himse1f thAt he wAs so very desperAte for something As petty And weAk As "compAnionship"
Lutark: my existence is A shAm
Lutark: my motivAtion to continue onwArd in this session is gone
Lutark: And...And---


Lutark: i'm AmAzed At how much of your triviA1 sAcchArine bu11shit i cAn stAnd
Lutark: 1ucky enough for me, i hAve pAtience
Lutark: b1owing up wou1d just b1ow my cover
Lutark: And i cAn't hAve thAt hAppen
Lutark: even though i'm About As powerfu1 As i'm going to get
Lutark: And there's no need to keep up this 1ie Anymore...
Lutark: but why even te11 the truth?
Lutark: it serves no benefit to me
Lutark: might As we11 keep up the "peAce 1oving jokester friend" personA
Lutark: As Annoying As thAt thought sounds...
Lutark: how irritAting
Lutark: to hAve wAsted A11 of my efforts mAnipu1Ating my "friends" into he1ping me become god tier 1eAve them behind!
Lutark: And then hAving your powers reveA1 to you thAt everything...
Lutark: wAs for nothing!


Lutark: b1Abbering idiot


Rodard: <>"It's not a date!"<>
Lutark: sure it isn't
Rodard: <>"This is cooperating to reach a common goal so we can get out of here"<>
Rodard: <>"With a bit of hate-banter sprinkled in but whatever"<>

Lutark: huh reA11y, thAt's odd
Lutark: dunno where the hAte comments Are gonnA go since you don't reA11y fee1 thAt wAy About her Anymore

Rodard: <>"Alright."<>
Lutark: go get her, nerd!!!
Rodard: <>"I--just---"<>
Rodard: <>Bye lu."<>

Lutark: hAhAhA
Lutark: Goodbye!


Rodard: <>"No."<>
Lutark: 1mAo then I'11 be okAy!
Lutark: there's not much for me to do here AnywAys except mAybe count how mAny tokens there Are on my p1Anet
Lutark: or sit in A whoopie cushion pi1e And mAke myse1f 1Augh
Lutark: I'm A seer of heArt, I reA11y cAn't do much!
Lutark: Un1ess you wAnt me to give you Advice on quAdrAnts---pft

Rodard: <>"I'm...good..."<>
Lutark: so go out there And do your SpArk thing!
Lutark: I'm sure there's A sidequest or two I hAven't finished yet!

Rodard: <>"Alright."<>
Lutark: oh by the wAy!
Lutark: you shou1d reA11y 1ose the outfit if you're gonnA go frog hunting
Lutark: or At 1eAst the hood

Rodard: <>"Why?"<>
Lutark: for stArters
Lutark: vihnie's probAb1y gonnA 1Augh At you
Lutark: And second
Lutark: i meAn...

Rodard: <>"What?"<>
Lutark: i meAn...if you wAnt to 1ook cute for your dAte...


Rodard: <>"Are you sure you're going to be okay by yourself, Lu?"<>
Lutark: cApitA1 Y to the EAH
Rodard: <>"Are you sure?"<>
Lutark: yeAh?
Rodard: <>"Positive?"<>
Lutark: r-mAn, 1ook, wou1d your BFF ever 1ie to you?


Nohmyt didn't say anything about not touching anything...

With mildly reluctant but also curious motion of the mouse, you click the obvious choice.





It takes you a minute but you suddenly realize that Nohmyt isn't here.


Isn't he supposed to be moderating or something?

Maybe he had to use the little lizard's room?

What a splendid time to pause Nohmyt.

You sit there trying to process what just happened, it's a lot to wrap your head around.
Maybe you do need a pause.





Beitus: Dont you like this Alleph?
Beitus: Don't you LOVE the person floating right βefore you?
Beitus: The person that you could never βe?
Beitus: Someone who's not afraid to kill?
Beitus: Someone who fools his "βEST FUCKING FRIEND" into thinking he's someone he's not, someone who can βe just as ruthless as the queen you so DESPERATELY worshipped.
Beitus: Something you could never do βECAUSE you're so WEAK and you CARE too much about your friends.
Beitus: The game never made you chief βecause you LACKED HEART
Beitus: It made you chief of heart βecause you had TOO MUCH OF IT
Beitus: And to counter, it made ME
Beitus: You WISHED you could βe someone who could easily pull off the impression of βeing a friend
Beitus: Someone who is merciless, powerful
Beitus: Someone who was given the HEART aspect, not βecause he had a soul, but βECAUSE HE WAS βORN WITHOUT ONE AT ALL

Actaea: ...Lutark...
Beitus: WAS just A PATHETIC FACADE you fell for
Beitus: ALL of the crying, ALL of the TEARS WASTED ALL over someone you thought you knew!
Beitus: There's a lot of things I can do now as a virus
Beitus: Faking my death, for one
Beitus: Mind control is new
Beitus: It started out as βeing aβle to "influence" others but I got stronger
Beitus: Rodard having his horns snapped in half?
Beitus: That was me
Beitus: The whole thing was HILARIOUS
Beitus: The LAUGHTER I got from HAVING HAETON to NEARLY kill him ALMOST MADE me forget we don't REALLY HAVE feelings
Beitus: It proβaβly saddens you, Alleph
Beitus: Me being βetter than you in every conceivable way
Beitus: This whole revelation may βe a βit hard to swallow, βut it doesn't matter to me that I'm just data anymore!
Beitus: As a matter of fact, he epiphany made me stronger
Beitus: Thanks to your wishes...


Beitus: Oh, Vihnie
Beitus: I never viewed this world with rectangular, rosy-colored glasses
Beitus: That was never in my programming, that was not who I was supposed to βe.
Beitus: βut the fact that I fooled everyone for so DAMN long...
Beitus: MEANS THAT I lived up to everything ALLEPH WANTED to βe
Beitus: Everything and more



Vihnie: ((No...))

Seleen: Five...–★☾
Vihnie: ((There's...six Of us))
Beitus: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!


Beitus: So LADIES, let me propose AN IDEA
Beitus: Something preposterous, something AWFUL...
Beitus: Mayβe perhaps the reason why your memories are so βlurred
Beitus: AND why you can't seem to GRASP the truth, is MAYBE βECAUSE you never REALLY understood the purpose of this GAME
Beitus: It WAS never AβOUT getting through the puzzles and the planets and the DAMN quests
Beitus: your "DESCENDANTS" learned a lot about themselves didn't they?
Beitus: they all came into this GAME wishing they could change into SOMEONE ELSE.

Vihnie: ((What are yOu talking abOut?))
Beitus: Cyrill, wanted to be strong, wanted to βe more of a leader and not a helpless DOORMAT
Beitus: Morson, wanted to βe "normal"
Beitus: Ellata, wanted to βe simple-minded so she could stay out of trouβle
Beitus: Ollapa, wanted to have guts and be tough and assertive like Alleph
Beitus: Anaiad...what did you want Anaiad?
Beitus: You never really talked aβout your problem...but I'd say you have trouβle figuring out what to do with yourself on your own, don't you?
Beitus: Especially since now that you're split from Ollapa, you really have no sense of self
Beitus: Doesn't that...all sound familiar???

Actaea: What are you say(|)ng?
Actaea: That our descendants want to be l(|)ke us?

Beitus: And what you are Actaea, is everything Ellata ever wanted to βe
Beitus: You, and every single other damned ancestor
Beitus: ARE DATA


Vihnie: ((YOu're a mOnster!))
Beitus: And you're ANNOYING
Beitus: You know your powers are extraordinary Vihnie, shame you didn't get INFECTED like I HAD PLANNED
Beitus: βut then of course, I didn't touch you
Beitus: Or at LEAST I βelieve that's how my powers work
Beitus: Nohmyt never GAVE me a "how-to virus tutorial"
Beitus: βut Rodard and Haeton here, they let their guard down
Beitus: Now that I think about it, they never REALLY HAD their GUARD up ANYWAYS

Vihnie: ((I was with rOdard the whOle time I got back, and yOu never laid a hand On him!))
Seleen: Same thing with Haeton, I was with him the whole time!–★☾
Beitus: Really now?
Beitus: ARE you sure?
Beitus: ARE you REALLY sure?


Beitus: Hahahahahahaha
Beitus: In a way, yes.

Alleph: WHAT
Beitus: You βetter βelieve it, WEAKLING
Beitus: I AM you, but not the A WAY you'd think
Beitus: Not in the WAY ANYONE would think unless they were a seer
Beitus: THAT'S why I messed up DANDILION puff's sight over there
Beitus: Prying into my PLANS, he could've EASILY told Morson who I WAS AND then everything would HAVE been ruined
Beitus: Not that he could've stopped me, ANYWAYS

Ollapa: >:(
Actaea: And Lutark?
Seleen: Why did you have to do that to him!–★☾
Actaea: He d(|)d nothing wrong!
Beitus: Again, I'd like to remind you all that seers see everything
Beitus: I couldn't take that risk


Beitus: WASN'T ASKING you, Morson, βut sure OKAY!
Beitus: ZAP me ALL you WANT it's not going to MAKE a difference
Beitus: AS much as I HATE ALLEPH
Beitus: I suddenly SYMPATHIZE with the feeling on how DISTASTEFUL TESLAAS are

Morson: Who are you!?
Morson: You're not...

Beitus: Alleph?

"Morson: Shut them up."


Vihnie: ((That has nOthing tO dO with--))
Beitus: Like you'd know.
Beitus: Or to better PHRASE it: like you'd remember
Beitus: AND you, ACTAEA?
Beitus: Is your memory fuzzy too?

Actaea: ...
Beitus: What aβout you, Seleen?
Beitus: What was life like on your little PLANET βefore this GAME?

Seleen: ...–★☾
Beitus: SHAME
Beitus: Though none of you can remember?
Beitus: Not even Rodard or Haeton
Beitus: Which βrings us βack to my first question


Beitus: Surpise everyone, I βet you thought THAT PORTAL MEANT you'd get off EASY
Beitus: Even RODARD thought SACRIFICING himself WAS going to MAKE A difference...well it DIDN'T
Beitus: AND I would've MADE him A mindless dummy like HAETON
Beitus: βut, you know, HAVING him TALK hurts more, doesn't it?

Vihnie: ((Fuck you!))
Beitus: ALWAYS with the LANGUAGE...
Beitus: βut ANYWAYS, now THAT I'm here and the PORTAL'S been ripped βACK open

Vihnie: ((NOt interested in letting that happen))
Beitus: Oh and WHAT ARE you going to do?
Beitus: MIRAGE us?
Beitus: THAT didn't even βuy you 5 minutes, THANKS to your βEAU of course
Beitus: Without him, we would've βeen stuck in that mess forever!
Beitus: Turns out SPARKS ARE useful!

Morson: Who are you?
Morson: What do you want?

Beitus: What do I want, Morson?
Beitus: Everything I WANT I ALREADY HAVE!
Beitus: I'm FEARED, HAVE AUTHORITY, HAVE A new sense of purpose...

Actaea: Why are you do(|)ng th(|)s to all of us?
Beitus: How about I ASK YOU AN EVEN βIGGER ONE?


Beitus: Why would you WANT to LEAVE...


Vihnie: ((HOw'd yOu, hOw'd yOu all--))
Actaea: We heard a bunch of crash(|)ng no(|)ses and we all wanted to check up on you!
Ollapa: And I saw sθmething was gθing θn!
Ollapa: Albeit my powers still a tad blurred but--

Ellata: morson showed up so that's cool too!
Ellata: he's passed out though--
Ellata: not really sure what happened...

Cyrill: is he okay?
Morson: He's fine
Alleph: I'm not!
Alleph: Not sure if I'm reαdy to deαl with Teslαα²

Morson: S-Shut--nevermind~ϟ
Morson: Not gonna waste my energy to tell Alleph to shut up~ϟ
Morson: It's not really worth it~ϟ

Cyrill: morson, you're aωake!
Morson: Barely...~ϟ
Morson: A wagon isn't exactly the best mode of transport going through a forest~ϟ
Morson: I think I sprained my neck...~ϟ
Morson: Who's idea was this again?~ϟ

Anaiad: -lmao mine-}x->
Morson: And you didn't ever bother to put a cushion under my head?
Anaiad: -Alleph didn't want to wake you up-}-x->
Morson: -___-
Alleph: >:}
Actaea: Thank goodness we all dec(|)ded to check up on you two!
Actaea: We've all managed to (|)ntroduce ourselves to our descendants and we had a flower crown party!
Actaea: Up unt(|)l we heard crash(|)ng no(|)ses.
Actaea: We were all sorta worr(|)ied so we all just got on up and--

Vihnie: ((Okay everyOne I'm excited tO see yOu all tOO but please quit blabbering fOr One secOnd!))
Vihnie: ((I dOn't have time tO explain but))
Vihnie: ((We need tO get Out Of here!))
Vihnie: ((NOW!!))

"Vihnie: Look down."

Vihnie: ((!!!))
Vihnie: ((Actaea?))

Actaea: Hey!!
Actaea: :)!


Vihnie: ((I mean I'm still hurt, Cyrill, and I'm scared but yOu knOw))
Cyrill: ...
Vihnie: ((GOtta fake it til ya make it))
Cyrill: okay...
Cyrill: isn't it healthy to about your feelings?
Cyrill: bottling it up isn't--
Vihnie: ((Feelings Schmeelings, that isn't gOing tO make us safe right nOw))
Vihnie: ((Our cOnversatiOn was enOugh))
Vihnie: ((We need tO cOme up with a plan tO prOtect everyOne))
Vihnie: ((And get back befOre that mOnster and my pOssessed friends catch up with us))
Cyrill: you mean the virus?
Vihnie: ((Virus and his band Of infected gOOns))
Vihnie: ((LOOk, I have nO idea why I didn't get infected, but yOu have tO prOmise me tO stay far away frOm them, understand?))
Cyrill: ok
Vihnie: ((We can't take chances, we dOn't knOw what they're capable Of))
Vihnie: ((And I dOn't want tO find Out))
Vihnie: ((That's why I'm nOt fighting, we need tO--))

Actaea: V(|)hn(|)e!?


Cyrill: aω yay!
Cyrill: does that mean you're feeling better noω?
Vihnie: ((Hahaha!))
Vihnie: ((Hahahahahahahaha--!))
Vihnie: ((-No))


Cyrill: vihnie...
Cyrill: that means you punched--
Vihnie: ((That wasn't him, cyrill))
Vihnie: ((NOt anymOre))
Vihnie: ((The rOdard I knOw wOuldn't try tO kill yOu with a tree))
Vihnie: ((Or kill anything fOr that matter))
Cyrill: true.
Vihnie: ((I mean, unless he HAD tO but even then he sucked at fighting))
Vihnie: ((But that's getting Off tOpic here--))
Vihnie: ((Anyways, I'm glad yOu fOund me when yOu did))
Vihnie: ((I needed tO cOme back tO reality))


Cyrill: ωhat ωas that?
Vihnie: ((ROdard))
Cyrill: WHAT!?
Vihnie: ((Sh sh shhh, nOt sO lOud))
Vihnie: ((We need tO get them Off Our trail as much as pOssible))
Vihnie: ((I have tO put up sOme mirages))
Vihnie: ((Even thOugh that's prObably nOt gOing tO be enOugh tO distract them nOw, I need tO buy us sOme time))

"Rodard: Get rekt."

Vihnie: ((Cyrill, let's gO!!))
Cyrill: ok!!!


Rodard: %"Well?"%
Vihnie: ((Well what?))
Rodard: %"Aren't you go%ng to burst %nto tears?"%
Rodard: %"Say someth%ng cl%ché l%ke "% can't f%ght you" and then cry helplessly?%
Vihnie: ((SOrry pal))
Vihnie: ((YOu missed the waterwOrks by a cOuple Of minutes))
Vihnie: ((That tree almOst hit cyrill, and nOw I'm pretty fucking angry))

Rodard: %"P%ty."%
Vihnie: ((And if yOu thOught I was gOing tO cry Over yOu nOw))
Vihnie: ((YOu prObably dOn't knOw me as well as yOur shrunken pOssessed thinkpan thinks yOu dO))

Rodard: %"..."%
Vihnie: ((But yOu knOw what?))
Vihnie: ((YOu at least gOt One thing right))

Rodard: %"Oh, and what th%ng would that be?"%
Vihnie: ((I'm nOt distressed))


Rodard: %"D%d you m%ss me?"%


??????: %"Hello, Doll."%


??????: %"Well..."%
??????: %"And here Be%tus thought you'd be too d%stressed to actually throw a punch."%

Vihnie: ((That vOice...))
??????: %"But % bel%eve % know you far better than that."%
Vihnie: ((!!!))


Vihnie: ((ALRIGHT))
Vihnie: ((WHO DID THAT))
Vihnie: ((I AM))
Vihnie: ((SERIOUSLY))
Vihnie: ((NOT))
Vihnie: ((IN THE MOOD))
Vihnie: ((FOR BULLSH---))




Cyrill: i'm sure there's--
Vihnie: ((WATCH OUT!))


Cyrill: vihnie...
Cyrill: don't feel like you're alone in this!
Cyrill: i mean noω that you're here ωith your friends, ωe can be strong together!
Cyrill: you have me!
Cyrill: and my friends are here for you too!
Cyrill: there has to be a ωay!
Cyrill: the bad guy can't beat all nine of us!
Vihnie: ...
Cyrill: i don't think rodard ωould give up on you if he ωas in your shoes!
Cyrill: so ωe can't give up on him or your friends just yet!


Vihnie: ((Still wOndering why I didn't get infected))
Vihnie: ((I held him, I hugged him...))
Vihnie: ((Isn't that hOw it's suppOsed tO wOrk?))
Vihnie: ((...Is sOmething wrOng with me?))
Cyrill: your hand--
Vihnie: ((Yeah I...might've smashed up a cOuple Of trees))
Vihnie: ((Made a cOmplete disaster Of this place, didn't I?))
Vihnie: ((ThOught taking my anger Out On sOmething wOuld make me feel better but--))
Vihnie: ((NOt really))
Vihnie: ((WhO's planet is this?))
Cyrill: ellata's.
Vihnie: ((Please tell ellata I'm sOrry))


Vihnie: ((I'm nOt strOng enOugh tO save my friends!))
Vihnie: ((I thOught I cOuld be but--))
Vihnie: ((I hate this!!))
Vihnie: ((I hate feeling sO USELESS!!))
Cyrill: !!!
Vihnie: ((I'm sOrry yOu had tO meet me like this, cyrill))
Vihnie: ((I didn't mean tO yell I'm just--))
Vihnie: ((I'm a mess...everything's a mess!))
Cyrill: ...
Vihnie: ((ROdard believes in me finding a way tO save him when I cOuldn't get all Of us Out Of this game, what makes him think I can save everyOne?))
Vihnie: ((Why did I ever think I cOuld be a leader, when I cOuldn't even get thrOugh the game?))
Cyrill: ...
Vihnie: ((I wish he didn't dO that tO me yOu knOw, I wish he gave me a chance tO fix him...))
Vihnie: ((Or at least say gOOdbye))
Vihnie: ((I dOn't have any ideas On hOw tO get anyOne back to nOrmal))
Vihnie: ((I dOn't even knOw if I can prOtect seleen Or actaea, Or yOu guys))
Vihnie: ((Lutark gOt vapOrized intO a pile Of dust, and haetOn and rOdard are prObably infected...if that monster didn't decide tO destrOy them tOO))
Vihnie: ((We were lucky enOugh tO make it Out))

"Cyrill: Go over to the stranger."

Cyrill: hey---
Vihnie: ((dOn't cOme any clOser))
Cyrill: vihnie, you're vihnie?
Cyrill: rodard told me a lot about you!!
Cyrill: aren't you supposed to be a ghost?
Cyrill: ωhat are you doing here?
Cyrill: ωhere's rodard and your friends?
Vihnie: ((ROdard...!!))
Vihnie: ((*sniffle* I....can't))
Cyrill: oh no!
Cyrill: are you okay?
Vihnie: ((I'm nOt strong enough...))

"Cyrill: Go deeper into the forest to inspect the noise."

Cyrill: holey cannoli, ωhat the heck happened to all these trees?
Vihnie: *sniffle*
Cyrill: ...?



Cyrill: too much floωers, i think!
Cyrill: but it's okay, maybe ωe can make floωer bracelets or something!
Cyrill: or since anaiad ωanted a new outfit, maybe ωe can use you to decorate!
??????: *sniffle*

"Cyrill: Pick one last flower."

Cyrill: okie dokie mr. floωer, you're the last one!
Cyrill: i think i might as ωell head back.
Cyrill: that's enough floωers for one day!



Alleph: Hhhhh--
Alleph: W-whαt the fffuck--
Alleph: Whαt the hhell--


"Ollapa: Do the thing you need to do."


Alleph: Whαt "thing"!?
Alleph: There's something ELSE you hαven't told me yet?
Alleph: Ollαpα, I sweαr...
Alleph: If you're going to drop αnother bomb on me--
Alleph: Αnd if this bomb of informαtion hαppens to be worse thαn whαt you've told me before
Alleph: I don't think I'll be αble to forgiv--


Ollapa: I knθw yθu're sθrry, yθu need tθ stθp already!
Ollapa: Alleph, yθu're θne θf the strθngest peθple I've knθwn.
Ollapa: And yθu care abθut me and Anaiad, and yθu prθbably have that same capability tθ care abθut everyθne else sθmewhere in there.
Ollapa: And yθu're determined θnce yθu set yθur mind θn sθmething.
Ollapa: And I've always liked that abθut yθu.

Alleph: W-
Alleph: W-Well you've chαnged α ton too!
Alleph: Worried the hell out of me when the two of you were sliced.
Alleph: Worried me even more to be αpαrt from you two.
Alleph: But now I see I probαbly hαd nothing to worry αbout in the first plαce.
Alleph: You're rαther cunning on your own, Ollαpα.

Ollapa: Am I really?
Alleph: Yes, reαlly.
Ollapa: I'm sθrry I lied tθ yθu, Alleph, but I had tθ prθtect you.
Alleph: I understαnd thαt now.
Ollapa: There's nθ need fθr secrets anymθre thθugh.
Ollapa: Which means there's θne mθre thing I need tθ dθ.


Ollapa: I dθn't knθw.
Ollapa: But it dθesn't lθθk gθθd.
Ollapa: I mean it helps that we have the ancestθrs here with us.
Ollapa: But the fact that the virus is cθntrθlling twθ θf them is bad.
Ollapa: Especially because they're Gθd tiered.
Ollapa: It's nθt gθing tθ be easy.
Ollapa: If wθrst cθmes tθ wθrst, this timeline may becθme dθθmed.
Ollapa: But that dθesn't mean we can't try.

Alleph: ...
Alleph: So before we go bαck out.
Alleph: I would just like to sαy thαt I'm sorry for being so--


Ollapa: What matters is that yθur θther self made up fθr it.
Ollapa: Yθu made up fθr it, and yθu realized yθur mistakes.
Ollapa: Yθu realized yθu were wrθng.
Ollapa: And then yθu gθt wiped θut by a virus intθ nθthing...but that's--

Alleph: Whαt is this virus hαve to do with αny of us αnywαys?
Alleph: I thought you sαid Nohmyt wαs using this gαme αs α wαy for us to turn αgαinst eαch other or something.
Alleph: Whαt does it wαnt, αnd who is it?
Alleph: It cαn't be αnyone of us.
Alleph: Αll of us αre right here, unless it's α time shenαnigαn thing.
Alleph: Still trying to stomαch the ideα of two teslααs--how infuriαting!
Alleph: Αnd the ideα thαt I hαve αnother body floαting αround on α purple moon.
Alleph: Thαt I switch consciousness with while I sleep...
Alleph: It's αbsolutely bizαrre.

Ollapa: I wish I cθuld knθw mθre abθut what's gθing θn.
Ollapa: But the virus did sθmething tθ my pθwers sθ I can't see what they're up tθ.
Ollapa: Θr what mθtive they have fθr terrθrizing us.
Ollapa: Even thθugh Ellata healed me, my pθwers are still fuzzy.
Ollapa: I hθnestly dθn't knθw why Nθhmyt wθuld suddenly change things arθund like this either.

Alleph: Whαt αre we going to do?


Alleph: That mαkes us even...
Alleph: If you cαn even cαll it even.
Alleph: I've been lying to the two of you ever since I met you.
Alleph: Giving you α fαlse sense of hope, sαying thαt the both of you were going to be expert αrchers αnd work under Her Mαjesty...
Alleph: Just so thαt you wouldn't be worried αbout being cull--

Ollapa: I knθw.
Alleph: I know you know.
Alleph: But I think thαt everything thαt hαs hαppened so fαr is fαir.
Alleph: Of course lying doesn't reαlly meαsure up to whαt I did
Alleph: Or αnother version of me murdering everyone...
Alleph: I don't believe deserve the respect I get from the both of you.
Alleph: Nor do I understαnd how you continue to tolerαte my unkindness αnd dishonesty
Alleph: Despite hαving the power to know everything thαt I hαve been keeping from you.

Ollapa: That wasn't yθu, they were θther versiθns θf yθu.
Ollapa: Alleph, yθu're nθt evil.


Alleph: You lied to me
Ollapa: I--
Alleph: No.


Actaea: But that doesn't mean someone else can't get through to her.


Seleen: So what are we going to do about Vihnie?–★☾
Seleen: Shouldn't we run after her and at least try consoling her once again?–★☾

Actaea: Somet(|)mes we need to let our fr(|)ends just have the(|)r space.
Actaea: Th(|)s whole th(|)ng has been hurt(|)ng us all.
Actaea: But she couldn't have gone far, and (|) know for now that we're safe here.
Actaea: She needs t(|)me to sort out what happened.
Actaea: And we need t(|)me to process everyth(|)ng too.
Actaea: Eventually all of us need to come up w(|)th a plan to deal w(|)th that monster on the other s(|)de.
Actaea: Unt(|)l then, there (|)sn't anyth(|)ng we can say to her r(|)ght now...



Actaea: That's not true, Seleen.
Actaea: You've had a b(|)ll(|)on phases but you've always had that sense of wonder for someth(|)ng new.
Actaea: And that, (|) know (|)s you.

Seleen: But what if that's not good enough for everyone?–★☾
Actaea: You know, who you are should be good enough for yourself.
Actaea: Not other people.
Actaea: And (|)f (|)t makes you feel any better, (|) th(|)nk you're rather lovely.
Actaea: Don't let th(|)s mess make you believe otherw(|)se, none of th(|)s was your fault.

"Actaea: Give up."

Actaea: Oh goodness, (|) feel absolutely awful.
Seleen: Why?–★☾
Actaea: Because (|) don't bel(|)eve there's anyth(|)ng (|) can poss(|)bly say or do to make her feel any better.
Actaea: So much for be(|)ng the Hope player.

Seleen: Well, nonsense–★☾
Seleen: At least you were trying–★☾
Seleen: Apart from trying to decipher what Vihnie was saying in between sobs, I wasn't really doing much–★☾
Seleen: I can't...I don't even have the nerve or the mind to even be remotely of any help–★☾
Seleen: But I wish I could–★☾
Seleen: I wish I could be daring and say what was on my mind–★☾
Seleen: How can I help other people feel alright with themselves when I can't even decide if I'm alright with myself?–★☾
Seleen: Maybe that's why Haeton got infected, perhaps I wasn't a very good moirail--–★☾
Seleen: I wasn't paying attention--–★☾
Seleen: And I can't focus on anything but myself because don't have a sense of identity–★☾

"Vihnie: Run."

Seleen: Vihnie, wait!–★☾
Seleen: Come back!–★☾
Seleen: We haven't even properly introduced ourselves to our descendants!–★☾
Seleen: Don't you want to see them?–★☾
Seleen: Maybe that'll make you feel better?–★☾

Actaea: We just need to talk about th(|)s, we can get through th(|)s!
Actaea: Please don't run!


Anaiad: -get it?-}x->
Anaiad: -more like Morson two!-}x->
Anaiad: -As in two of him?-}x->
Anaiad: -Eh? Eh?-}x->


Ellata: where's regular morson?
Ellata: I mean not that I don't lIke tImelIney morson, I'm just wonderIng whats happenIng and all.

Cyrill: ah don't ωorry, timeline Morson is fetching regular morson.
Cyrill: he sad said something about taking aωhile.
Cyrill: ωhats going on with the sky?

Ellata: I have no Idea, It could be that vIrus ollapa was talkIng about?
Anaiad: -pfft Nohmyts not that smart after all-}x->
Anaiad: -if he was more careful about where he went on his computer he wouldn't have a virus in the first place-}x->

Ellata: It's...not that kInd of vIrus, anaIad.
Ellata: and I thInk nohmyt wanted the vIrus to be In the game In the fIrst place.

Anaiad: -what kinda weirdo wants a virus?-}x->
Anaiad: -lol maybe he accidentally clicked the "congrats u won" pop up-}x->
Anaiad: -man like i love winning stuff except if its a fuckin virus-}x->
Anaiad: -take ur fuckin virus back i dont want it-}x->
Anaiad: -anyways-}x->
Anaiad: -hi cyrill nice to finally meet you in a way where I can shake ur hand and not have to worry about being killed and stuff-}x->
Anaiad: -u know bc me and Ollie were conjoined and shit-}x->
Anaiad: -sorry about being a recluse and stuff and not hanging out earlier!-}x->

Cyrill: ωhat?
Cyrill: don't apologize anaiad, you ωere just trying to survive!
Cyrill: our planet sucks when you're a mutant!

Anaiad: -yeah it DOES suck, wow-}x->
Anaiad: -super duper glad to make new friends though!-}x->
Anaiad: -Allephs been acting all up and weird since he woke up-}x->
Anaiad: -need a break from babysittin his whiny ass lmao-}x->
Anaiad: -anyways, maybe I should make a new outfit?-}x->
Anaiad: -Ollies got some new clothes and I should probably update my stuff too-}x->

Ellata: we should!
Ellata: I have a sewIng kIt In my sylladex!

Anaiad: -naww, lets alchemize this thing!-}x->
Anaiad: -didnt arrow those imps for nothing, ya know!-}x->

Ellata: oh that remInds me, I made flower crowns!
Cyrill: really?
Anaiad: -hO SHIT-}x->
Anaiad: -im always down for some crowns-}x->
Anaiad: -gimme-}x->

Ellata: yup one for everyone, except me though hehe.
Ellata: mIne got destroyed.

Cyrill: oh no!!
Cyrill: don't ωorry Ellata, i'll go find some neω flowers for your crown.
Cyrill: ωe can't have you feeling left out!

Anaiad: -yeah see Ellata you got your bestest friendo Civil to help you out-}x->
Cyrill: oh um hee hee, actually my name's--
Anaiad: -oh DUH-}x->
Anaiad: -thats right you have Morson two!-}x->

"Cyrill: Reunite with your best friend."

Cyrill: ellaaaata!!!
Ellata: cyrIll!!!
Cyrill: yaaaay friend!!!!!
Ellata: how dId you get here?
Cyrill: portal!
Ellata: yaaaaay!! Cyrill: yaaaaay!!

"Morson: Calm down."

Morson: You shouldn't be sorry for something you couldn't have fixed~ϟ
Morson: And it's not your fault that you're this...ghost thing now too~ϟ
Morson: You're not exactly 100% yourself either, Platypop~ϟ
Morson: It's nohmyt's fault, and it's this game~ϟ
Morson: But you were there to watch over me, all that matters, even after everything you never left~ϟ
Morson: And I am so lucky to have you~ϟ
Morson: As much as we all hate this game, each planet was designed according to who we are, and we needed an outlet.
Morson: Now with this quest, we have a chance to set things right
Morson: We'd be more of a help with your powers in check
Morson: All we have to do now Morson, is turn the generator into Manual mode and give it all you've got
Morson: Let me know when you're ready and we'll start
Morson: Let's not waste any more time then~ϟ
Morson: I'm sick of being a walking timebomb~ϟ
Morson: I've never been more ready for anything in my whole entire life~ϟ


Platypussprite: Please calm down, Morson.
Platypusprite: He isn't lying.
Morson: ...~ϟ
Platypusprite: I was going to tell you as soon as you took a shot at fixing the generator.
Morson: ...why?~ϟ
Platypusprite: But I was wrong from keeping it from you from the start.
Platypusprite: I'm sorry, Morson.
Platypusprite: I'm just so different now that I'm a sprite and I just forgot, but I shouldn't have forgotten, or have gotten lost in the game.
Platypusprite: Nohmyt messed us all up, all lusii.
Platypusprite: It'so so different being a sprite.
Platypusprite: How I wanted to tell you as soon as I figured that I could finally talk to you.
Platypusprite: But I got lost just being able to spend time with you again.
Platypusprite: You haven't been this happy and energetic in a long time, and I was happy.
Platypusprite: And sometimes Nohmyt wants us to keep things from you and that's beyond our control.
Platypusprite: I'm so sorry.


Morson: BULLZZSHIT!!!!~ϟ
Morson: LIAR!!!~ϟ
Morson: How the FZUCK are they genetic?~ϟ
Morson: We were frienzzds with ellata and cy and none of this zappy bullshit ever came into my life unzztil the accident!!~ϟ
Morson: Calm down
Morson: Right after you zzshut---ϟ


Morson: All we had was a spark
Morson: But that lightning strike changed everything
Morson: It overcharged our body with electricity
Morson: I might've been that accident that made us forget that we really had this power all along
Morson: Or maybe it was because we were so obsessed and lost in trying to find a cure
Morson: But the truth was that
Morson: All along, what we really needed to do...was to let it all out


Morson: Everything in your hive was always unplugged
Morson: Always, and that was because he didn't know how to tell you
Morson: I mean he couldn't have told you anyways he's a lusus
Morson: It's not like he could've flat out told you, he can't speak like you and I can


Morson: It was hard for Platypop to tell us
Morson: Since he couldn't exactly speak our language...
Morson: But just remembering this could've saved us years of headache and heartache.


Morson: This game gets to you if you don't have someone watching over your back!
Morson: Nohmyt somehow, always finds some way to mess with us
Morson: Being a timetraveler in this game isn't fun, Morson
Morson: It hurts, having to see your friends die over and over again
Morson: And the worst part is the guilt of having to leave a doomed timeline behind
Morson: No matter how painful they look or how much they cry
Morson: We have to go, and we have to try again
Morson: Wow ouch?~ϟ
Morson: Abandoning your friends is kind of a jerk move~ϟ
Morson: That's why I'm here, so that all of them...all of us can get out
Morson: I need to show you how to power up that generator correctly so that timeline doesn't repeat itself!
Morson: We don't need that again, on top of this session being infected with a virus
Morson: Things don't need to get more complicated than they already are
Morson: Oh Wow a virus?~ϟ
Morson: What's next?~ϟ
Morson: An evil clown?~ϟ
Morson: Just, ugh...I'll explain things after you finish this quest
Morson: If you don't do this right, you might turn into a walking timebomb!
Morson: Oh, like I'm not already a timebomb~ϟ
Morson: I'm sorry but like I'm having a hard time believing in some magical fairy time version of myself that says everything is going to be ok~ϟ
Morson: When I spent like 4 sweeps trying to get back to normal!~ϟ
Morson: What happens to me when I do this right?~ϟ
Morson: How can I trust you that doing this won't kill me?~ϟ
Morson: Geez no, you're not going to die
Morson: Don't be so drastic
Morson: Then what?~ϟ
Morson: Is this--zapping a whole entire planet-- going to be good for me?~ϟ
Morson: Am I...going to be normal again?~ϟ
Morson: ...
Morson: There's something you should know about that
Morson: About that idea of being "normal"


Morson: So much that you may not even recognize who you are anymore


Morson: All of us end up hurting people we care about in ways I don't want to describe
Morson: This game hurts us in ways you can't possibly imagine

"Morson: Remember Session Surge."

Morson: You collect a couple of frogs, link your planets up together, finish up major quests and then finally travel to Skaia to defeat a boss or something
Morson: Or at least that's what's supposed to happen
Morson: And you'd think you'd get it perfect after going through each timeline more than a hundred times...
Morson: I mean it sounds all so simple but--
Morson: I was so close--the last timeline but--
Morson: But what???Ï
Morson: ...

"Morson: Greet yourself."

Morson: Erm, what am I supposed to say?
Morson: Hi?
Morson: Not exactly the right time to say that, given that our very lives may be in danger but--
Morson: What the fuck~Ï
Morson: I know
Morson: What the ffffuck~Ï
Morson: I know
Morson: What in the actual flying ffffuck!~Ï
Morson: --are you nohmyt?~Ï
Morson: I--no.
Morson: No meaning no I'm not Nohmyt
Morson: Not as in the know as in to be aware of, I mean no as in--
Morson: You get what I'm saying
Morson: There were too many "no's" in those sentences if you ask me
Morson: What the fuck then?~Ï
Morson: What the fuck are you?~Ï
Morson: I'm you
Morson: From a different timeline
Morson: And awhile back I would've said "I'm here to make sure things don't go to shit" but it seems like things are apparently going to shit anyways

Geckoâª: (The sorcerer brings bad news?)
Gecko: He looks kind of familiar...
Nurse Gecko: (Shush!)

Morson: Yeah I see that, there's random ripp-y glitching shit in the sky~Ï
Morson: How did you grow out...your wings?~Ï
Morson: I god tiered
Morson: You get wings?~Ï
Morson: And a lot of other things
Morson: "Other things" being timetravel?~Ï
Morson: For us, yes
Morson: We don't exactly get the same powers for every player
Morson: It's different for everyone
Morson: So what?~Ï
Morson: You're the Sorcerer everyone's talking about?~Ï
Morson: The geckos here seem to be pretty excited by your outfit~Ï
Morson: As for the story, I think it's kind of irrelevant?
Morson: Though I think it's funny that they think I'm their messiah or something
Morson: We are kinda in a way but--

Nurse Gecko: We worship you.
Geckoâª: (Don't be rude, Florence)
Nurse Gecko: (It was a slip of the tongue--)

Morson: O-okay...
Morson: So what your timeline?~Ï
Morson: Where's everyone in your timeline?~Ï
Morson: ...dead
Morson: They're all dead
Morson: ...~Ï
Morson: And I've been traveling timeline after timeline in order to try and fix things
Morson: And sometimes we're so close to getting out


Morson: Technically Mage
Morson: But I guess that works too
Morson :)


Nurse Gecko: The Sorcerer!!!


Nurse Gecko: !!!
Geckoâª: !!!
Gecko: !!!

Morson: Why are you all looking up at the sky?~Ï
Geckoâª: It is him!!!
Gecko: Yes!!!
Nurse Gecko: He has returned to grant us salvation and fix our dying planet!

Morson: Who?~Ï


Morson: Me~Ï
Morson: You guys want me to put my hands on that thing and zap it?~Ï
Morson: Right?~Ï

Nurse Gecko: !!!
Geckoâª: !!!
Gecko: !!!

Morson: Hello??~Ï
Morson: Hey you guys!!~Ï
Morson: This is a very serious question!~Ï
Morson: If I don't do this right I could have the power re-bound~Ï
Morson: and I might hurt people and maybe possibly die?~Ï
Morson: HELLO???~Ï


Morson: Well In terms of all of the cogs and parts, everything seems to be in order~Ï
Morson: I mean I'm guessing it's just all old and slow and that's why it's making that horrid racket~Ï
Morson: The wiring probably needs to be replaced~Ï
Morson: And this junk needs to go~Ï
Morson: As well as the imps~Ï
Morson: Now it's just that whatever's powering the thing needs a major boost~Ï
Morson: It looks like the powers running low, and the battery runs on a charge~Ï
Morson: So unless you guys have a spare giant battery we're probably going to need a massive amount of power~Ï
Morson: But I'm not really sure where we're supposed to get that much electricit--~Ï

Nurse Gecko: :D
Geckoâª: :D
Gecko: :D

"Morson: Open the power box."

Morson: What the fuck~Ï
Morson: Guys, there's so much shit in here~Ï
Morson: Like I'm not even talking about short circuited wires, I mean~Ï
Morson: Right now wires are the least of my problems~Ï

Nurse Gecko: We haven't had anyone look inside since the time of the Sorcerer!!!!!
Morson: Well that explains everything~Ï
Morson: The gears in this thing have been winding round and round with all of this random garbage~Ï
Morson: And it's been making the machine grind itself away~Ï

Geckoâª: What?
Morson: How can you live like this?~Ï
Geckoâª: We live far away from it, that's what!!!!!
Nurse Gecko: That way we hear less of the grinding noise!!!!!

Morson: It literally takes fifteen seconds to pull all of this shit out of the cogs~Ï
Morson: I mean I can tell there's a lot of work to do but you know, it would've lessened the noise~Ï
Morson: No one bothered to do all?~Ï

Nurse Gecko: I got my degree at Gecko State Nursing school, not Gecko State Engineer School.
Geckoâª: Wouldn't have mattered, the imps would've come back and shoved more stuff in there.

Morson: It's...that's...then why didn't you--~Ï
Morson: Nevermind -_-~Ï


Alleph: It's fine.
Alleph: I'll listen if it'll mαke you feel better.
Alleph: I meαn you've αlwαys listened to me, right?
Alleph: Heh.

Ollapa: It's nθt the listening part I'm wθrried abθut thθugh.
Ollapa: Dθ yθu trust me?

Alleph: I've known you αll of my life, Ollαpα
Alleph: Superstitions αnd tαrot cαrds αside...
Alleph: I think I cαn count on you to be honest with me.


Alleph: I meαn--αfter he fixes them.
Alleph: Cαn't hαve you wαlking αround hurting, you know.
Alleph: But you know, now thαt I think αbout it
Alleph: Mαybe slicing both hαnds off wouldn't be α good idea if you need mαintenαnce lαter.
Alleph: Mαybe I'll slice his foot off or something.

Ollapa: It's--hah.
Ollapa: I'm nθt in that sθrt θf pain right nθw, Alleph.
Ollapa: There's a lθt θf things I need tθ get θff my chest.
Ollapa: That and the situatiθn's changed sθ much in the game I figure it's imperative tθ tell yθu nθw.
Ollapa: And
Ollapa: And if we're gθing tθ have a friendship θr anything else I figure I be hθnest.

Alleph: ...αnything...else?
Ollapa: We have tθ speak in private thθugh, if that's θkay with yθu.


Alleph: Oh goodness.
Alleph: I...mαde her cry.
Alleph: I didn't meαn t--

Ollapa: She wasn't crying because θf what yθu said.
Ollapa: She lθst a friend θn her way here.
Ollapa: And that friend happens tθ lθθk like yθu.
Ollapa: It really wasn't yθur fault.

Alleph: Who is she αnywαys?
Alleph: She's not Rhodos.
Alleph: She doesn't sound like her.
Alleph: Or look like her for thαt mαtter
Alleph: I meαn she sort of looks like her but more proper.

Ollapa: She is technically a Rhθdθs, but nθt Ellata.
Ollapa: She's Ellata's ancestθr.

Alleph: Încestor?
Alleph: Thαt's α...

Ollapa: It's nθt a lθad θf crap.
Alleph: ...
Alleph: Whαt in the ever-loving hell is going on, Sulise?
Alleph: I meαn first I get weird visions in my sleep αbout being in purple pαjαmαs αnd now--

Ollapa: I think it's time I tell yθu, Alleph.
Ollapa: Everything.

Alleph: Whαt αre you tαlking αbout?
Ollapa: I mean there's a lθt I want tθ talk abθut with yθu.
Ollapa: A lθt θf hθrrible things have happened tθ me since we're last spθken.

Alleph: ...
Alleph: Is this becαuse of your robotic αrm αnd leg?
Alleph: Did Teslαα screw something up?
Alleph: Are you in pαin?
Alleph: Becαuse I will slice his hαnds off.
Alleph: For you, I meαn--


Actaea: No no (|)t's okay, l(|)ttle lampr(|).
Actaea: (|)t's not your fault.
Actaea: (|) should get back and check to see (|)f my best fr(|)end and her matespr(|)t made (|)t through the portal yet.
Actaea: (|) don't know what's tak(|)ng them so long.
Actaea: (|)t was n(|)ce meet(|)ng the both of you.
Actaea: Sorry, so sorry (|) have to go l(|)ke th(|)s.
Actaea: Maybe when (|)'m back (|)'ll feel a b(|)t more ch(|)pper.
Actaea: So sorry.


Actaea: You're Lutark's...
Actaea: We lost h(|)m on the other s(|)de because of...
Actaea: (|) mean he was nosey know.
Actaea: (|) was be(|)ng a g(|)ant jerk to h(|)m and (|) never even got to say sorry...
Actaea: (|)'ve moved on but...that doesn't mean (|) had to brush h(|)m off so coldly...
Actaea: He was st(|)ll my fr(|)end...
Actaea: (|) regret be(|)ng so cold to h(|)m
Actaea: (|) just kept hold(|)ng that grudge aga(|)nst h(|)m and (|)...j-just...

Alleph: Oh no.
Alleph: You're not Ellαtα...I...I'm sorry...
Alleph: It wαs α mistαke...
Alleph: I thought you were someone else!
Alleph: I didn't meαn to insult you...pleαse don't...
Alleph: I didn't meαn it...I'm...
Alleph: Don't cry...


Alleph: Are you αlright?
Actaea: ...


Actaea: Oh...
Actaea: You must be...
Actaea: ...


Alleph: H...he's...n-not...m-m...
Alleph: n-not m-m-m...
Alleph: H-h...n..
Alleph: H....
Alleph: Hhh!!!
Alleph: ...!!!

Actaea: (|)s he ok?
Actaea: He sounds l(|)ke he's chok(|)ng.


Actaea: Ah, (|)'m sorry.
Actaea: No need to be so rude!
Actaea: (|) was just look(|)ng at h(|)m, no harm done.
Actaea: (|)t's not l(|)ke (|) was gonna smooch h(|)m or anyth(|)ng
Actaea: You have noth(|)ng to worry about!
Actaea: My heart belongs to someone else!
Actaea: (|)t's just so very (|)nterest(|)ng see(|)ng the d(|)fference between h(|)m and one of my assoc(|)ates!
Actaea: (|) mean g(|)ven that they're related and all!
Actaea: Your boyfr(|)end seems l(|)ke such a sweet soul.


Alleph: Don't you DARE touch him, Rhodos!!!
Alleph: Why don't you go off into the forest αnd do something useless?
Alleph: Besides, you know, existing?

"Actaea: Examine subject."

Actaea: Well oh my stars!
Actaea: Look at you, you g(|)ant cut(|)e patoot!
Actaea: My goodness, you are noth(|)ng l(|)ke Haeton, are you?

Ollapa: Nθt that I know of, nθ.
Actaea: How can a wavy head of ha(|)r seem so pure and gentle?
Actaea: You are l(|)ke a happy, glow(|)ng sunflower!

Ollapa: Really?
Actaea: That (|)s exactly what you are!
Ollapa: :)!!




Beitus: You're going to HAVE more uses THAN just βeing A key!!
Beitus: SPARKS ARE A powerful CLASS
Beitus: You're just too much of A DAMN wimp to use the true POTENTIAL of your powers.
Beitus: Luckily I don't seem to HAVE THAT problem.
Beitus: I'm not going to WASTE it on TRIVIAL and stupid things like REWINDING SKETCHβOOKS!!!!

Rodard: <>"Why...are you doing this to us!?"<>
Beitus: Why?
Beitus: Why, why ANSWER A question with something you could never possibly UNDERSTAND?
Beitus: You couldn't even βegin to SCRATCH the SURFACE on what this GAME REALLY is.
Beitus: The truth about WHAT it's for!!
Beitus: Nohmyt was impressed with me, and he struck me a great deal to MAKE this session EXCITING.
Beitus: AND NOW


Beitus: We need to get down to βusiness!

Rodard: <>"AAAAAAAGGGHHH!"<>


Beitus: So fucking SIMPLE

Rodard: <>"So knew--"<>
Beitus: ThAT the Soul would use the rips in the game to MAKE A PORTAL?
Beitus: The SAME rips that ARE being CREATED βy my very presence in this GAME???
Beitus: Yes!
Beitus: Did I know you'd push Vihnie AWAY and not join them?
Beitus: Wouldn't matter
Beitus: Either WAY, I would HAVE controlled you to reopen the PORTAL for me
Beitus: But I HAVE to ADMIT, THAT WAS quite A noble SACRIFICE
Beitus: Too βAD it WAS MADE in VAIN
Beitus: I APPLAUD your heroism, though
Beitus: The whole EXCHANGE WAS PROBABLY very touching
Beitus: βut enough TALKING


Rodard: <>"..."<>
Beitus: Did you not think I'd OβLITERATE your βest friend for A REASON?
Beitus: You're ALL strong together, you would've put up a fight
Beitus: A pointless one in FACT, βut WHATEVER
Beitus: Either WAY it would HAVE been ANNOYING
Beitus: THAT'S not WHAT I needed you all to do for me
Beitus: No fighting, oh no
Beitus: I needed to SCARE you ALL off so that you'd run, and then have the Soul MAKE A WAY out

Rodard: <>"No..."<>
Beitus: YES!


Rodard: <>"Well guess what?"<>
Rodard: <>" You're too late!"<>
Rodard: <>"My friends escaped, so you're trapped here with me and Haeton!"<>

Beitus: TRAPPED?
Beitus: AU CONTRAIRE, I think I HAPPEN to HAVE the very key to getting out right in front of me!!

Rodard: What are you talking about?
Beitus: Well if you CAN rewind things in time then you can FAST FORWARD them, CAN'T you?
Beitus: Is THAT not how your powers work, SPARK?


Beitus: Well
Beitus: THAT'S A relief
Beitus: Sure the candles and βooks were EASY to go through but THAT MAZE PLANET WAS βeginning to piss me off!!
Beitus: And I promised a certain geek in a SWEATER vest I'd keep my temper in check
Beitus: My form's A lot more STAβLE now and I AIM to keep it THAT WAY
Beitus: You know, your girlfriend's determination is ASTOUNDING?
Beitus: How does she do THAT REALLY?

Rodard: <>"YOU!!!"<>
Beitus: Yes of course, ME, who else?
Beitus: Expecting a troll!FAIRY god mother?
Beitus: Not in this story, prince CHARMING




Seleen: Where's rodardâââ¾!?


Seleen: Thank goodn--âââ¾
Seleen: The portal's being rewoundâââ¾!!!???
Seleen: Noâââ¾!!!
Seleen: But wait...where's--âââ¾!!!???


Seleen: Vihnie!âââ¾


Rodard: <>"I believe in you."<>


Rodard: <>"You all need to figure out a way to stop this and to bring Lutark and Haeton back."<>
Rodard: <>"And me."<>
Rodard: <>"I'll stay here and rewind the portal shut so that thing doesn't follow you."<>
Rodard: <>"I know you're going to hate me for this because you're stubborn."<>
Rodard: <>"And...I'm stubborn too."<>
Rodard: <>"But as far as we know it's too late for me."<>
Rodard: <>"I can't let that thing get to you too."<>
Rodard: <>"I'm sorry again, and I hope you can forgive me."<>
Rodard: <>"Don't give up on yourself."<>
Rodard: <>"I know you'll find the solution!"<>
Rodard: <>"Whatever happens just know that..."<>
Rodard: <>"I'm so glad we're not so cold to one another anymore."<>
Rodard: <>"I had missed you so much."<>
Rodard: <>"Don't ever forget that..."<>
Rodard: <>"You are the world to me."<>


Rodard: <>"But I can't endanger anyone on the other side."<>
Rodard: <>"If anything, this is what that monster wants."<>
Rodard: <>"For you to either stay with me or bring me to the other side so I can wreak havoc on our descendents or who knows what."<>
Rodard: <>"But they can't have both of us."<>
Rodard: <>"Imagine what he could do if he was controlling your powers. "<>
Rodard: <>"And if it's true that you can't be infected well...I simply cannot have you be turned into dust."<>
Rodard: <>"Please, Vihnie, I know this is hard to hear but listen to me."<>
Rodard: <>"You need to be strong, like you always are."<>
Rodard: <>"And you need to find a way to fix this."<>
Rodard: <>"There has to be a way!"<>
Rodard: <>"There's always a way."<>
Rodard: <>"I'm sorry I had to do this to you, but you wouldn't have left me alone on your own."<>
Rodard: <>"I know you."<>


Rodard: <>"Vihnie."<>
Rodard: <>"I've paused everything except for the parts of you that will let you hear me."<>
Rodard: <>"...I'm sorry."<>
Rodard: <>" I've never wanted to use my powers like this on anyone, ever, especially you."<>
Rodard: <>"I'm sorry."<>
Rodard: <>"I'm sorry, I'm so so terribly sorry."<>

"Rodard: Pause."

Rodard: <>"I'm sorry about this."<>


Vihnie: ((ROdard answer me!!))
Vihnie: ((Say sOmething!))
Vihnie: ((Please))
Vihnie: ((Please cOme with us please!))
Vihnie: ((I'm nOt leaving withOut yOu!))
Vihnie: ((Just cOme with me and we'll wOrry abOut it as sOOn as we're--))


Vihnie: ((ROdard, just shut up))
Vihnie: ((Please dOn't dO this))
Vihnie: ((Maybe Actaea can fix yOu))
Vihnie: ((I mean her pOwers didn't wOrk with HaetOn but we can at least try?))
Vihnie: ((Please dOn't stay behind!))
Vihnie: ((Please dOn't, please!))
Vihnie: ((I dOn't want yOu tO end up like HaetOn Or like Lutark...t-that's even wOrse!))
Vihnie: ((Everything hurts and I hate it!))
Vihnie: ((I hate feeling sO helpless!))
Vihnie: ((I can't lOse yOu after we've just patched things up!))
Vihnie: ((Can't we just fOrget abOut it until we're On the Other side?))

Rodard: <>"..."<>


Vihnie: ((N-NO yOu...aren't!))
Vihnie: ((COme, On let's gO!))

Rodard: <>"Vihnie I can't risk it!"<>
Rodard: <>"If I gO what if it starts kicking in and I end up like HaetOn?"<>
Rodard: <>"The Only way everyOne will be safe is it yOu gO withOut me!"<>

Vihnie: ((I'M NOT LEAVING YOU!))
Rodard: <>"Vihnie..."<>
Vihnie: ((Fuck ROdard, this can't be happening...))
Vihnie: (((This can't be happening tO yOu at a time like this..))
Vihnie: ((HOw did this happen???))
Vihnie: ((YOu've held my hand why...why am I nOt infected tOO?))

Rodard: <>"I dOn't knOw."<>
Rodard: <>"I don't know, okay?"<>
Rodard: <>"..."<>
Rodard: <>"Just...just go."<>


Rodard: <>"I'm...infected."<>


Vihnie: ((...!!!!!!!!!!))


Vihnie: ((ROdard, what in the hell's gOtten intO y--))

"Actaea and Seleen: Jump in."

Vihnie: ((WhOa, that wOrked!))
Vihnie: ((That actually wOrked!!))
Vihnie: ((Ok rOdard, let's gO!

Rodard: <>"Vihnie..."<>
Rodard: <>" hand."<>

Vihnie: ((Oh my gOsh, yOu silly, yOur hand isn't gOing tO stOp yOu frOm jumping in))
Vihnie: ((Want me tO carry yOu Over?))

Rodard: <>"..."<>
Vihnie: ((Haha I'm just kidding))
Vihnie: ((But aren't yOu at least sOrt Of excited?))
Vihnie: ((After whO knOws hOw lOng we're gOnna be alive again!))
Vihnie: ((Maybe we can gO back hOme with Cyrill and MOrsOn and everyOne))
Vihnie: ((Everything is gOing tO be Ok sOOn, just trust me))

Rodard: <>"..."<>
Vihnie: ((Here I'll just take yOur hand and--))
Rodard: <>"Don't!"<>


Actaea: Oh yay!
Vihnie: ((HOw dO we knOw it wOrked?))
Actaea: There's only one way to f(|)nd out!
Actaea: Who's go(|)ng (|)n f(|)rst?

Vihnie: ((It dOesn't really matter tO me))
Actaea: Yay okay, then (|)'ll go!
Seleen: And I'll...go after youâââ¾
Seleen: If that's alright with youâââ¾

Actaea: Haha, you don't need to ask, s(|)lly, how about we go (|)n together?
Seleen: O-okayâââ¾


Seleen: Well the game alone might not, but maybe I canâââ¾
Seleen: Honestly, I'm getting tired of not being able to do anything to helpâââ¾
Seleen: I just want Haeton back to normalâââ¾
Seleen: --and Lutark not in a jarâââ¾
Seleen: If that hole's not going to let us through then I'll juice it up with a life hoop, just like our original planâââ¾
Seleen: Then it'll bring us back AND take us to the other sideâââ¾

"Vihnie: Stick your arm in the portal."

Vihnie: ((Oh nO...))
Vihnie: ((Why isn't it wOrking?))
Vihnie: ((My hand just went thrOugh like a--))

Actaea: Ghost?
Vihnie: ((Oh wOw, majOr duh))
Actaea: (|) don't even know (|)f that's a leg(|)t(|)mate portal V(|)hn(|)e.
Vihnie: ((Well))
Vihnie: ((It lOOks like a pOrtal tO me, and it's suspiciOusly cOnvenient cOnsidering the circumstances but whatever))
Vihnie: ((Fuck it, let's use this thing))
Vihnie: ((Anything's better than that thing whO's chasing us at this pOint))
Vihnie: ((Even thOugh we can't gO thrOugh it because we're ghOsts)))

Actaea: The game (|)sn't go(|)ng to grant us l(|)fe because we put our hand through a portal.
Actaea: (|)t's not go(|)ng to be that easy.


Seleen: It's ripping...âââ¾
Rodard: <>"What is that?"<>
Vihnie: ((HOly shit is that alleph? and anaiad?))
Rodard: <>"Oh...goodness...there's Ellata."<>
Rodard: <>"It's someone's planet on our descendant's session."<>

Vihnie: ((What if we...))
Vihnie: ((GO thrOugh that?))


Seleen: VIHNIE!âââ¾
Vihnie: ((Yes seleen? ))
Seleen: I know you're comforting Rodard but!âââ¾
Seleen: That thing!âââ¾

Vihnie: ((???))
Rodard: <>"???"<>
Seleen: There's something odd happening behind the two of you!âââ¾
Actaea: Whatever (|)t (|)s, (|)t looks we(|)rd.


Vihnie: ((After this mess is Over we can gO watch that mOvie))
Vihnie: ((And yOu can jOke arOund with Lutark))
Vihnie: ((We're gOing tO kick that thing's ass and we're gOing tO be Ok))
Vihnie: ((Everything is gOing tO gO back tO nOrmal, I prOmise yOu))

Seleen: Vihnie erm...âââ¾
Rodard: <>"Oh my glasses are getting watery I' sorry."<>
Vihnie: ((Here I'll hOld them, it's Okay rOdard))
Seleen: Vihn-âââ¾
Vihnie: ((We'll get thrOugh this tOgether))
Seleen: Vi-âââ¾
Vihnie: ((We've gOt Our gOdtier pOwers tO back us--))


Vihnie: ((We need tO try tO get Over tO Our descendants sessiOn...))
Vihnie: ((We need their help...))
Vihnie: ((LOOk, Actaea, finding a sOlutiOn seems impractical but we can't lOse anyOne else))
Vihnie: ((I wOn't allOw it!))
Vihnie: ((We need Our descendants help and we need tO get HaetOn back tO nOrmal frOm being infected
Vihnie: ((And Lutark tOO))
Vihnie: ((I'm sure that sOunds impOssible given that he's...yOu knOw...
Vihnie: ((But I'm sure they'll help us, One Of them has tO have sOmething that can fix this))

Rodard: <>"At this point trying anything is...better than nothing..."<>
Rodard: <>"I...I can't process anything anymore."<>
Rodard: <>"I just want things to back to the way they were."<>

Vihnie: ((We'll fix this rOdard, I'm sO sOrry))
Vihnie: ((I'm here for yOu, we're all here fOr yOu))

Rodard: <>":(!!"<>


Actaea: Vihnie, are you out of your M(|)ND????
Actaea: Last t(|)me we tried that (|)t d(|)dn't work!!
Actaea: Nohmyt got r(|)d of our sess(|)on, there's nowhere to be "al(|)ve" (|)n!
Actaea: (|) know (|)t's a shock that we lost Lutark but we can't just start do(|)ng po(|)ntless things l(|)ke th(|)s!
Actaea: (|)t just wasted Seleen's powers, and just wasted t(|)me (|)n general!

Vihnie: ((It's nOt pOintless!))
Vihnie: ((It's called trying!))
Vihnie: ((...we need tO try))


Actaea: Long enough for what?
Actaea: Cry(|)ng?
Actaea: Process(|)ng the fact that Lutark (|)s gone?

Vihnie: ((No))
Actaea: Rodard (|)s barely say(|)ng a word and that's not normal!
Actaea: For goodness sakes, V(|)hn(|)e, he lost h(|)s mo(|)ra(|)l!

Vihnie: ((I know, Okay!))
Vihnie: ((YOu think I dOn't care!?))
Vihnie: ((I'm nOt being insensitive, actaea, all of us want tO cry!))
Vihnie: ((Seleen lost haeton tOO, he transformed intO a monster and that thing is cOntrOlling him!))
Vihnie: ((All Of us are shaken up!))
Vihnie: ((But we can't just...stOp and let Our emOtiOns get in the way Of us frOm gOing sOmewhere safe))

Actaea: There's nowhere "safe" V(|)hn(|)e, we're (|)n a dead player area!
Actaea: We're go(|)ng to be runn(|)ng around (|)n c(|)rcles!
Actaea: (|)'m the hope player, (|) know when to call (|)t qu(|)ts!
Actaea: We can't leave!

Vihnie: ((Yeah, we can!))
Vihnie: ((There's a way!))

Seleen: Vihnie, what are you planning?âââ¾
Vihnie: ((Seleen, if the Only thing yOu can make is life-pOwer infusing hoops then that's what we're gOnna use))
Seleen: You don't mean...âââ¾
Vihnie: ((Yes I dO))
Vihnie: ((I mean we're going tO make a pOrtal again and we're gOing be alive and get Out Of here))
Vihnie: ((If we cOmbine Our powers and give it anOther shOt then maybe it'll wOrk this time))

"Vihnie: ..."

Vihnie: ((Here rOdard...))
Vihnie: ((I swept up what...was left Of lutark befOre I warped lands between that thing and us...))
Vihnie: ((...))

Rodard: <>"Vihnie...I--"<>
Rodard: <>"T-Thank you."<>

Vihnie: ((I'm sOrry rOdard.))
Rodard: <>"..It's...not your fault"<>
Rodard: <>"..."<>
Rodard: <>"I just... "<>
Rodard: <>"...lost friend."<>
Rodard: <>"..."<>

Vihnie: ((We all lOst a friend...))
Vihnie: ((...))

Actaea: ...
Seleen: ...âââ¾
Rodard: <>"..."<>
Vihnie: ((We have tO get Out Of here))
Vihnie: ((HOld OntO him, Rodard, captchalOgue him if yOu must))
Vihnie: ((That asshole whO did this isn't gOing tO give us time tO cry))
Vihnie: ((Navigating thrOugh different lands and fOrests shOuld keep that mOnster busy lOng enOugh))






Beitus: Now that THAT'S TAKEN care of, here's how things ARE going to go
Beitus: You ALL CAN either join HAETON here or run and join him EVENTUALLY
Beitus: None of your powers CAN AFFECT me or him
Beitus: Heck, Not enough to DEFEAT us ANYWAYS
Beitus: I MEAN
Beitus: I would've MADE AN ARMY of a million HAETONS but it seems there's only one sole copy of everyone here.
Beitus: THAT'S DUMβ, but I suppose I'll work with WHAT I HAVE!
Beitus: So run while you CAN
Beitus: ALL of you will βecome infected EVENTUALLY!
Beitus: There's nowhere you CAN run to!

"Beitus: DELETE."

Beitus: βye βye
Rodard: <>"NOOOOO!!!"<>
Seleen: NO NO NO!!!âââ¾
Actaea: LUTARK!!!!!!!!!!!

"Beitus: Snatch up the annoyance."

Lutark: AGH!
Rodard: <>"LUTARK!!!"<>
Beitus: HAVEN'T your friends told you βefore to keep your eyes out of PLACES that don't βelong, you sniveling little flower child?
Lutark: hgh...h...
Beitus: You know, seers are so useless
Beitus: Haeton is βrute force, and that's going to come in HANDY LATER when I get βack on the other side...
Beitus: but really a Seer of HEART?
Beitus: WHAT CAN they do ALONE that's even remotely SCARY?
Beitus: Give me A long talk AβOUT feelings?
Beitus: Hold me, I'm SHAKING
Beitus: Now WHAT AM I going to do with you, Lutark?

Vihnie: ((Let him go!))
Vihnie: ((YOu...yOu're respOnsible fOr what happened On Derse and tO HaetOn, aren't yOu?))

Beitus: Oh well, you're right!
Beitus: That was me.
Beitus: AND I have to AGREE with you vihnie...
Beitus: Even before the whole START of STRATEGIZING this thing I too...HAVE thought of letting ol' Lutark go.
Beitus: Seer of heart powers ARE of no use to me.
Beitus: Plus he did just SAY "no" to joining us...
Beitus: So...

"Lutark: Look into Haeton's soul."

Lutark: H-oh...j-jeez..
Lutark: I-I...
Lutark: I c-cAn't be1ieve it...
Lutarks: guys...
Lutark: h-he's....h-he's--



Lutark: well, I hAven't tried!
Lutark: mAybe if I 1ook into him for A bit I can see whAt's going on--

Rodard: <>"No Lutark, stay back!"<>


Vihnie: ((He looks like those agents I killed on derse))
Haeton: JO%N US...
Lutark: yikes, like hell we will!
Lutark: no fucking thAnk you!

Vihnie: ((What happened to him?))
Seleen: We don't know!âââ¾
Seleen: I left his side for a couple of seconds to spend some time with Actaea and now this!âââ¾

Lutark: And I went to tAlk to him And he just grow1ed And 1Ashed out At me!
Seleen: My Soul powers aren't doing us any good, but then that's my fault for wasting it on making that one thing awhile back...âââ¾
Actaea: And ne(|)ther are m(|)ne!
Actaea: Nothing can touch h(|)m!

"Vihnie: Hand Rodard back his jacket and exit the blanket fort."

Vihnie: ((What's gOing On actaea...why are yOu all--))
Seleen: OH DEAR, OH DEAR, OH DEAR...!!!âââ¾
Rodard: <>"That's...not really helping us understand what's going on."<>
Vihnie: ((Oh fuck...))


Rodard: <>"Ok ok, I'll stop."<>
Rodard: <>"Here, I'll get the projector started."<>

Vihnie: ((...))
Rodard: <>"Oh goodness, are you still flustered?"<>
Vihnie: ((...mhm))
Rodard: <>"Well alright, I'll just hold your hand if that's okay with you."<>
Vihnie: ((Yes))
Rodard: <>"I won't say a word."<>
Rodard: <>"Even though I do like to comment on the symbolic meanings in movies."<>
Rodard: <>"This one has a whole song dedicated to the symbolic meaning of mirrors and reflections but I suppose I can save that for another time."<>
Rodard: <>"We should just enjoy this lovely movie together."<>

Vihnie: ((I missed yOu))
Rodard: <>"I missed you t--"<>
Actaea: HELP!
Actaea: V(|)HN(|)E!
Actaea: RODARD!
Actaea: L(|)ke EV(|)L WRONG!


Vihnie: ((Oh...hhh t-that was sO sweet))
Rodard: <>":)"<>
Rodard: <>"Hahaha your face is all blue"<>

Vihnie: ((Ahhh...nO it's nOt...shut up yOu...))


Vihnie: ((Thats what I was thinking tOO))
Rodard: <>"Does that worry you, love?"<>
Rodard: <>"We can go ask everyone else if their memory's fuzzy if it's bothering you."<>
Rodard: <>"Maybe it isn't just us."<>

Vihnie: ((No, no it's okay))
Rodard: <>"You sure?"<>
Vihnie: ((Yes))
Vihnie: ((You know, maybe we dOn't need tO remember?))
Vihnie: ((Just as lOng as we're here fOr each Other, that's gOOd enOugh fOr me))

Rodard: <>":)"<>
Rodard: <>"Me too, and if we are to spend eternity here in this game"<>
Rodard: <>"I'm glad it's going to be together."<>


Vihnie: ((My hands might have slipped and I snagged a cOuple, sOrry))
Vihnie: ((This was when befOre mOrsOn wOke up))
Vihnie: ((I mean I wasn't sure hOw lOng I was gOing tO be there sO I just tOOk them as prOOf))
Vihnie: ((NO One was gOing tO believe me withOut prOOf))

Rodard: <>"I would've believed you."<>
Vihnie: ((I knOw yOu wOuld've ^Ï^))
Rodard: <>"These are adorable."<>
Vihnie: ((Yeah I knOw!))
Vihnie: ((I wanted tO shOw Actaea when I gOt back))
Vihnie: ((I like these pictures))

Rodard: <>"Don't you think Morson or Lutark's descendant will be angry?"<>
Vihnie: ((NOt really, nO?))
Vihnie: ((When they get back tO their planet they'll have their real cOpies))
Vihnie: ((It's kind Of bittersweet...phOtOgraphs I mean))
Vihnie: ((DOes anyOne have any On hand Or...?))
Vihnie: ((I mean Of us, Of any Of us?))

Rodard: <>"I don't know."<>
Rodard: <>"...I don't remember."<>

Vihnie: ((What abOut back On Our planet?))
Vihnie: ((Am I the Only One having a hard time remembering what everything was like befOre this game?))

Rodard: <>"I'm not sure...I don't remember much about our planet either."<>
Rodard: <>"We've must've been in here for so long we can't remember what it was like before all of this."<>


Vihnie: ((I wish we cOuld've hung arOund Our descendants sessiOns lOnger))
Rodard: <>"I know."<>
Rodard: <>"Well...I was blabbering on again and Cyrill fell asleep before I left heheh"<>

Vihnie: ((Oh pft, rOdard, I'm sure yOu didn't talk her tO sleep.))
Rodard: <>"You're right, she woke up from her nap."<>
Rodard: <>"I'm not hung up on it, but I just find it so funny that I always get interrupted somehow when I'm explaining something."

Vihnie: ((I'm sure Cyrill wOuld've lOved hearing abOut yOur stOries))
Vihnie: ((She drew yOu a picture befOre yOu left, which was super nice))
Vihnie: ((Kinda wish I had even a third Of her art skills tO be hOnest))

Rodard: <>"You know, I suppose I could've visited Actaea's descendant as well, but she was asleep."<>
Vihnie: ((What abOut HaetOn's descendent?))
Rodard: <>"Well I would've but the thing is that he wasn't in his recuperacoon when I checked."<>
Vihnie: ((That's weird))
Rodard: <>"God tiered?"<>
Vihnie: ((Maybe!))
Vihnie: ((Well just sO yOu knOw, I snagged a picture befOre I left derse))

Rodard: <>"Wow wait what?"<>

"Cyrill: Show your friend the drawing."

Cyrill: don't forget to look at my draÏing at our "culprit" before you leave!
Cyrill: if i had time i Ïould've draÏn everything proportionately but i didnt knoÏ Ïhen you Ïere gonna Ïake up...

Morson: Oh yikes, you weren't joking
Morson: This thing is scarier than Alleph

Cyrill: OÏO
Morson: "the b stands for big fucking jer--AHAHA"
Cyrill: ^Ï^


Cyrill: im sure Ïe Ïill.
Cyrill: but you should probably Ïake up noÏ.
Cyrill: you're Ïasting time here.
Cyrill: it Ïas nice though.
Cyrill: to have a friend after Ïhat that virus did to everyone.
Cyrill: i'm at peace knoÏing i'm not completely alone.

Morson: I am really missing everyone too, no one deserved this
Morson: I know they can't be gone forever
Morson: I wish I could stay here and help you too

Cyrill: you just go do your thing!
Cyrill: leave the fixing stuff to me!
Cyrill: morson just...
Cyrill: stay safe, i mean just long enough to help them through this game.
Cyrill: dont die easy just for me.
Cyrill: put up a good fight, like you alÏays do!
Cyrill: i'll be ok.

Morson: I know.
Morson: But I'm also not going to forget about you, Cy
Morson: You'll find a way to bring our friends back, I just know it
Morson: I believe in you
Morson: :)


Cyrill: but i'm a ghost!
Cyrill: i'm also...too shaken up to do any fighting of any kind right noω.
Cyrill: you need to push me...the other me and make her realize that she's strong!
Cyrill: but even then, ωe're not really sure if my poωers can defeat this virus.
Cyrill: even if i ωas immune to the corruption, that doesn't mean I can be the thing that stop them.

Morson: We just need to think this out...maybe if I talk to ollapa
Cyrill: ok.
Morson: Maybe he can look into it and see exactly why you weren't affected by it
Morson: I mean I know it's because of your power, cyrill but why is it so...special?

Cyrill: ωell, monks can do anything...
Cyrill: i mean monks can be anything.
Cyrill: anything except be alive in my case anyωays...
Cyrill: or bring our friends back.

Morson: Hey now, cy, you'll bring them back
Morson: We'll all figure out something!


Cyrill: so ωhat are you going to do?
Morson: I have no idea, what can we do?
Cyrill: you alωays figure something out
Morson: Do you have any idea how many timelines I've been through?
Morson: I don't know if this one will make it or not

Cyrill: one of them has to!
Cyrill: maybe this one's the one!

Morson: How do we know for sure?
Cyrill: this one has a virus!
Morson: If anything this timeline was doomed as soon as Ollapa found out about that
Cyrill: but ωhat if it's a sign?
CYrill: maybe this giant bad guy is just a big sign that this is it.

Morson: So you're saying that through all of this havoc, this virus is just the last thing we have to face?
Cyrill: yeah!
Morson: That...I dont know about that
Morson: I mean, a ton of horrible things happened in other timelines, you could've also said "this is it" for any of them too

Cyrill: don't they have you, morson?
Cyrill: you've been through the hiccups and the mistakes and you should it doωn perfect.
Cyrill:you just need to lead them!

Morson: Cyrill, you should know by now that I was never supposed to be the leader
Cyrill: ...
Cyrill: ωell...
Cyrill: that leader never really stepped up did she?
Cyrill: or...has any of those timelines?

Morson: Nope
Morson: That's what i'm trying to do now, I'm going to convince her to be the leader

Cyrill: it'll be kinda hard.
Cyrill: i mean after all of this...this disaster
Cyrill: i dont feel very leaderly...and i never did feel that ωay ωhen ωe ωere on alternia
Cyrill: you sure you can't get alleph to lead us?

Morson: Nope
Morson: That's...not how the game works, Cyrill
Morson: I mean yeah Alleph needs to learn to stop being a fucking asshole and be a leader (if he's seriously considering that as an occupation) but he needs to learn to have friends first
Morson: Everyone's challenge is different for a reason

Cyrill: but i'm stubborn and i get hurt a lot...and i knoω that's a bad thing!
Cyrill: i'm not confident or clever enough or strong enough, not like alleph!
Cyrill: but you and ellata, need to help me figure out hoω to believe I am at least!
Cyrill: i mean, if you're 100% set on making this your plan.

Morson: But you are strong
Morson: And you are clever--

"Cyrill: Quickly sketch the big bad."

Morson: Anything else you can tell me about the virus?
Morson: Or at least some sort of description

Cyrill: ugly.
Cyrill: evil.
Cyrill: like a totally pompous butthead that craωled out of the depths of hell's darkness sludge and then fused with a computer virus.

Morson: That's...quite the description
Cyrill: i have a big imagination.
Morson: I know :)
Cyrill: still, i think doodling them out ωould be better.
Cyrill: ^ω^

Morson: But were they like...Alleph level butthead?
Morson: I'm trying to figure out who they are and it's just so hard because I've never heard of anything like this happening in any sort of timeline
Morson: Or if this whole "deal with nohmyt let's be a virus" thing possible in the first place

Cyrill: beats me, but this thing ωas on a completely different level.
Cyrill: i mean, i ωould float around the bubbles and see the different timeline selves of everyone.
Cyrill: everyone seemed happy...from ωhat i saω all of us had friends.
Cyrill: i don't knoω hoω something so horrible could come out from someone being so angry.
Cyrill: but then there ωas our I don't knoω.
Cyrill: i do think it could be alleph, but then alleph doesn't hide anything from anyone?
Cyrill: they said they ωere tired of hiding the fact that they ωere angry, and it ωasn't because of friendship.
Cyrill: alleph's ωhole issue in this is overcoming his problems with friendship.
Cyrill: unless the virus was lying or denying something?
Cyrill: bad guys lie right?
Cyrill: i mean except for nohmyt but he just dances around the truth.
Cyrill: and that's keeping info aωay from you
Cyrill: and i don't necessary knoω if that's better or ωorse.
Cyrill: i don't knoω, morson.
Cyrill: all i knoω is that this virus is bad neωs.
Cyrill: even draωing them is giving me the heebie-jeebies.


Alleph: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Alleph: Ugh.
Alleph: It's just...nice to see you αgαin.
Alleph: Now quit mαking α big deαl out of everything I sαy!

Ollapa: But I'm not, if anything you're the one who's--
Alleph: Shut your mouth now.
Alleph: Go hug Înαiαd or something I don't cαre.

Ollapa: ...Dθ yθu want a hug?


Ollapa: I made your heart flutter?
Ollapa: That...sθunds different if taken θut θf cθntext...

Alleph: Don't tαke things out of context, Sulise!
Alleph: HA with your horrid cαrds αnd superstitions αnd whαtnot...

Ollapa: Sure.

"Lionsprite: Drop the child and leave."

Ollapa: Are yθu feeling θkay, Alleph?
Alleph: No.
Alleph: Whαt kind of person would feel "okαy" in this gαme?

Ollapa: Sθrry.
Alleph: The only person I've seen be even remotely okαy αs of fαr is your twin.
Alleph: But then αgαin everything is fucking okαy with her.

Ollapa: Are...yθu...yθu cursed.
Alleph: Big deαl.
Ollapa: Yθu never curse.
Alleph: Oh well.
Ollapa: Did I dθ sθmething wrθng?
Alleph: No.
Alleph: Îs of fαr, you've done everything right.

Ollapa: Thanks...?
Alleph: Bαck on topics thαt αctuαlly mαtter...
Alleph: Înαiαd's fαrther up αheαd with Rhodos.
Alleph: I αssumed you were with her but I suppose wαs wrong to αssume.
Alleph: Where were you?

Ollapa: Taking care θf sθmething impθrtant.
Alleph: Okay well, you spooked me.
Alleph: Funny how light your footsteps αre despite your robotic leg.

Ollapa: Y-yeah...
Alleph: You cαn αlwαys tell when Înαiαd's coming αround becαuse she crαnks αround so much.
Alleph: Doesn't surprise me though since the both of you αre so different.
Alleph: I'm presuming thαt's whαt the gloves αnd shoes αre for though.
Alleph: I suppose it's better though...for steαlth or something.
Alleph: Still, you surprised me.

Ollapa: I'm...aware, sθrry abθut that.
Alleph: No it's αlright, it's not like you scαred to me deαth or αnything.
Alleph: It wαs α surprise light enough to mαke my heαrt flutter is αll.


Ollapa: Hellθ!
Alleph: Oh...
Alleph: w-well...perfect timing, Sulise.
Alleph: Now you cαn cαll off your poor excuse for α lionbeαst.
Alleph: He hαsn't let me go since we got here, and frαnkly I wαs αbout to get reαdy to stαb someone.

Lionsprite: Hello, child.
Lionsprite: Did you come through those strange ripped portals in the game as well?
Ollapa: Yes, I did.
Ollapa: A large pθrtal ripped θpen θn Derse.
Ollapa: And while it did save me the time θf traveling here, it seems that this game is getting mθre unstable by the minute.
Ollapa: I assume yθu and everyθne else went thrθugh a pθrtal just like it, yes?
Lionsprite: You assume correct.

Alleph: Pft, whαt's with the new clothes?
Ollapa: They're mθre cθmfθrtable tθ wear.
Alleph: ...whαtever.
Ollapa: Dθes it lθθk bad?
Alleph: You look...nice I guess.
Ollapa: :)
Lionsprite: Well, since your fish friend here doesn't like being held by me, I shall go forth and examine the portals.

Alleph: Finαlly!
Lionsprite: Perhaps there is something I can figure out by looking around.
Lionsprite: Also this sanctuary is very peculiar if you ask me, that should be looked into as well...
Ollapa: θk.

Alleph: ...


Anaiad: -whoaaa coolio its a lizardbeast!-}x->
Anaiad: -you look different from the ones on my planet!-}x->
Anaiad: -can you shit-shape like that evil alien guy?-}x->

Consort: No...?
Ellata: you mean shIft shape?
Anaiad: -oh pft haha I fucked up-x->
Anaiad: -sorry sorry-x->

Consort: I cannot shift shape, but I can run on water!
Anaiad: -that still p cool, dude-}x->
Consort: Thank you, Enthusiast.
Anaiad: -LMAO this guy is a riot-}x->
Ellata: he's actually rather nIce, anaIad.
Ellata: he let me talk to hIm about stuff.

Anaiad: -whoa yeah i can dig nice lizard dudes-}x->
Anaiad: -not like that guy who put us here like...-}x->
Anaiad: -fuck nomilk-}x->

Ellata: nohmyt.
Anaiad: -yeah fuck him too-}x->


Anaiad: -...-}x->
Anaiad: -were you crying?-}x->

Ellata: I'm ok's ok!
Anaiad: -well hell no it aint -}x->
Anaiad: -this game is really shitty but it's ok friend well get through this-}x->
Anaiad: -even alleph had a breakdown, this game is the P-I-T-S!-}x->
Anaiad: -he even took his jacket off and thats p uncanny for him to do!-}x->
Anaiad: -It's like trying to rip off his arm or something so it was p serious-}x->

Ellata: Is he okay?
Anaiad: -I guess so?-}x->
Anaiad: -weird though because he's been kinda quiet on the way over here but idek-}x->
Anaiad: -I'll arrow anyone who messes up anyone else cause none of us deserve this shit-}x->
Anaiad: -shame you can't really arrow a game tho-}x->
Anaiad: -but anyways besides that it's going to be ok!-}x->

Ellata: ok.


Lionsprite: You heard her.
Ellata: anaIad?
Ellata: alleph?
Ellata: ah no, gIve me a mInute!
Ellata: a need a moment to collect myself.

Anaiad: -dont care i'm comin over!-}x->


Alleph: GAAAH!
Alleph: Why didn't you stαy outside with ÎuntieGoαtRαttle αnd Ellαtα's lusus?

Lionsprite: Anaiad informed me on how distressed you were before you woke up, Alleph.
Lionsprite: Sorry, but I shall carry you until you feel better.
Lionsprite: After all, Anaiad has always told me I give the best hugs.

Alleph: Do I look like α GRUB TO YOU, YOU OVERGROWN--
Alleph: I'm fine!
Alleph: Now put me down, Roαry!

Lionsprite: It appears that this game is tearing holes from one planet to another...
Lionsprite: The portals that were created are illegitimate...yet they work.
Lionsprite: We were supposed to go through Ollapa's planet before coming here...was this just a random coincidence?
Lionsprite: But for what purpose do these portals serve...?

Alleph: Shut up Roαry, no one cαres!
Anaiad: -eyy look it's elated!-}x->
Anaiad: -hiii elated look im here with whinyfish mcalphiegrump!-}x->


Consort: You may not realize it now, my dear...
Consort: But your friends haven't moved on without you.
Consort: They still care about you and they miss you.
Consort: And they most certainly will forgive you, because it was just an accident.
Consort: And because they love you, all of you.
Consort: Even the parts of you don't necessarily think are great.
Consort: They're just a couple of planets away and you'll be with them soon.
Consort: There's challenges coming up ahead and they're going to need you.
Consort: Have a little more faith in yourself.
Consort: After all, you are their Hope.


Consort: Those in need won't always ask.
Consort: Just like the one who flew off to Derse.
Consort: He needed you to support him, and that is what you did.
Consort: He confided in you about his uncertainty, and you were there for him.

Ellata: ...
Consort: You gave him faith, and he's growing.
Consort: He's seeing himself as something stronger than he was before.
Consort: All because you listened and spoke to him as a friend truly and honestly.
Consort: And that, child.
Consort: Is such a great gift to have.
Consort: No one in this game is useless.


Ellata: ...
Ellata: I mean I know my frIends care about me but I just can't help feelIng...
Ellata: all three of us haven't spent any time together after the accIdent, lIke really together and It's partially my fault.
Ellata: I've never told anyone about It actually, It's just been eatIng away at me.
Ellata: that I knew there was going to be a storm and I was so young and foolish that I thought It'd be okay to stay outsIde.
Ellata: morson's powers and the reason our frIendshIp Is so broken now Is all because of me.
Ellata: and maybe I've been selfIsh for not tellIng anyone, because I don't want to lose my frIends, because they're the only ones I have.
Ellata: and I don't want to be left behInd.
Ellata: If I wasn't so Interested In random useless facts lIke kItes and hIstory and puzzles and thIngs then maybe I wouldn't be much of a problem at all!
Ellata: No one would thInk I was a bother me If I wasn't so complIcated.
Ellata: I wouldn't have made such a mess for myself If I was.

Consort: But everyone plays a role in this game, Referee.
Ellata: would you stop calling me that?
Ellata: I'm not a referee I'm just horrIble and complIcated...

Consort: In some ways, you will be a referee.
Consort: But when things go awry you will give your friends a second chance.
Consort: They will need you, because you are there as their voice to keep them going.
Consort: To change and to grow and to give them something to believe in.

Ellata: but how do I know I'm going to do all of that?
Ellata: I'm not god tIer!
Ellata: I've been standIng around here makIng flower crowns and twIddlIng my fIngers for a long tIme and I just...
Ellata: I mean I am gettIng through thIs game but, what If they don't need my help.
Ellata: what If I'm just standIng In everyone's way?


Consort: What do you want to be, Referee?
Ellata: I want to be simple!
Consort: How simple?
Ellata: as sImple and as carefee as possIble!
Consort: So a simple life and mind?
Ellata: probably, yes.
Consort: What if you could only hold one thought or idea in your mind, and only focus on that?
Ellata: that's not...what I meant...
Consort: Exactly.
Consort: Everyone has wishes, correct?

Ellata: who wouldn't?
Consort: But then why did you sound so frustrated when I proposed the idea of having a one-track mind?
Consort: If you're going to be simple, you might as well make everything simple, even your head.
Consort: So why say no?

Ellata: It's because...lIke learning about hIstory!
Ellata: I also lIke plants and taking care of them, and learning about dance and ballet
Ellata: maybe I'm not good at It, but It's fun!

Consort: And if you suddenly gave that all up?
Ellata: ...
Ellata: ...
Ellata: I would be a whole dIfferent person.
Ellata: but maybe...that would be for the better.
Ellata: If I was a whole dIfferent person.

Consort: But you wouldn't be you.
Consort: Don't you like who you are?

Ellata: ...


??????: Hello Referee.
Ellata: what?
Ellata: oh, It's a lIzardbeast!
Ellata: you're not a chamorpehon, are you?

??????: I watch over this place, as it is my duty.
??????: I am but a humble consort, Referee.

Ellata: I'm not a referee, lIzard sIr.
Ellata: I don't understand what you're tryIng to say.

??????: You have talked to the Dreamer, yes?
Ellata: dont we all have some sort of dream self though?
Ellata: what are you talkIng about?

??????: The one who lives and breathes in her dreams rather than living in reality.
Ellata: you mean cyrIll?
??????: She is very important.
??????: Everyone is important, even you.

Ellata: I don't know about that eIther.
Ellata: so what Is thIs place?

??????: A sort of sanctuary I suppose.
Ellata: good, I could use some sanctuary rIght about now.
Ellata: sorry If I sound rude and frustrated, I'm not necessarIly In the best of moods.






Ellata: I'm goIng to clear my head.
Ellata: and I most certaInly DON'T need your help!


Ellata: so you're sayIng because I lIke hIstory and stuff that I'm just bORING????
Ellata: and I have bad posture, and I suck at dancIng!?
Ellata: and that my frIends thInk I'm just "there" because of what I lIke and tHAT'S IT???
Monkeysprite: Well...
Ellata: just stop!
Monkeysprite: But--
Ellata: everyone has theIr own problems Auntkey.
Ellata: my Interests aren't the problem, but I sure do have one gIant furry problem floaIing rIght behInd me!
Monkeysprite: I'm--
Ellata: don't talk to me untIl you have somethIng nIce to say.


Monkeysprite: What are you to do now, my child?
Ellata: I don't even know, I'm just tIred of doIng nothIng!
Ellata: what am I supposed to do for the rest of thIs game?
Monkeysprite: Do nothing.
Ellata: jeez, thanks for the words of encouragement.
Ellata: I know Ollapa means well, and that we mIght be In danger but what am I doIng?
Monkeysprite: Waiting around for everyone else to join up?
Ellata: yeah but when am I supposed to do somethIng of relevance???
Ellata: I've been swIpIng away at vInes, beatIng up Imps, and makIng flower crowns, and talkIng and that's pretty much It!!!
Ellata: don't you thInk that's borIng????
Monkeysprite: Alleph and Anaiad have also pretty much been walking around and being chased by imps
Monkeysprite: And Cyrill has been collecting frogs probably.
Ellata: yeah but alleph's powers sound pretty Important
Ellata: and from what I've heard about anaIad, she's pretty helpful.
Ellata: cyrIll has tImelIne morson to help her and I'm just here???
Ellata: what about me?
Monkeysprite: You are a flower child, my dear, and your head is full of flowering thoughts and ideas and wishes!
Monkeysprite: Your interests are varied and intellectual and you walk funny!
Monkeysprite: Just sit back and let your friends do everything and when you'll meet up you'll--


Ellata: you know, after you waIt a long tIme for everyone you can get kInda bored.
Monkeysprite: EEE EEE!
Ellata: sInce ollapa's got hIs powers back I'm sure he'll be able to fInd me If I get lost.
Monkeysprite: That's what seers do!
Monkeysprite: At least the void ones anyways EEE EEE EEE!
Ellata: and what would the other ones do?
Monkeysprite: A seer of mind would kinda be like a mind reader, kinda!
Monkeysprite: It's complicated!
Monkeysprite: Sooo many aspects...
Monkeysprite: Also stop walking funny, stand up straight!
Ellata: you've always hated my posture...
Monkeysprite: You'd have better posture if you danced more instead of poured that little flowery head of yours into those books!
Ellata: well, I lIke learnIng about hIstory!
Monkeysprite: EEE!
Ellata: I envy them you know, the alternIans of back then.
Ellata: they only had to focus on one Idea at a tIme and everythIng was so sImple.
Monkeysprite: They too, probably had bad posture.
Ellata: but they dIdn't have to obsess over InformatIon.
Monkeysprite: They weren't as advanced, though.
Monkeysprite: Which means you have no excuse.
Ellata: that wasn't...
Ellata: ugh never mInd. :/

"Alleph: Turn around."

Lionsprite: Ah yes, I do believe that there is a sign.
Lionsprite: A sign that the very nature of this game is changing.
Lionsprite: A sign that something beneath its complicated works and coding that maybe something of a darker force is rising up.
Lionsprite: Perhaps that this is a sign that the beginning of the e--

Alleph: Shut up, Roαry. Anaiad: -shut up roary-}x->


Alleph: So now thαt I'm αll rested up, αny leαds on thαt portαl?
Anaiad: -eh...-}x->
Alleph: Did you get distrαct--
Anaiad: -I got distracted!-}x->
Alleph: Ok.
Anaiad: -well sorry alleph-}x->
Anaiad: -if it makes you feel better theres that thing over there maybe-}x->

Alleph: Whαt "thing"?
Goatsnakesprite: That thing, you flustered violet fishface!


Alleph: Well hα.
Alleph: For your information, it wαs αbsolutely nothing out of the ordinαry!
Alleph: My heαd wαs up in knots αnd just hαving α nice nαp cleαred up everything!

Anaiad: -well whatever dude, I was just worried about you is all-}x->
Alleph: Yes, you were...weren't you?
Alleph: Well no need to worry αbout me, I'm ok now!
Alleph: Thαnk you.

Anaiad: -pfft duh thats what friends are for, you nerd-}x->
Anaiad: -now please tell me you're done with that shitty book-}x->

Alleph: The book?
Alleph: Yeαh, αctuαlly!
Alleph: The book doesn't mαtter αnymore.
Alleph: It never should hαve mαttered in the first plαce becαuse everything thαt is in it αnd that wαs once in it wαs αnd αlwαys will be irrelevαnt!
Alleph: It hαs αbsolutely no meαning in our lives, αnyone's lives, or this gαme.

Anaiad: -yeah, stick it to the MAN, Alleph!-}x->
Anaiad: -rock on!-}x->

"Alleph: Get up."

Alleph: I'm sorry.
Anaiad: -whoa, apologizing?-}x->
Anaiad: -I think thats one of the few times in my life ive ever heard you say "sorry"-}x->
Anaiad: -damn-}x->
Anaiad: -what sort of things were you thinking about in your sleep?-}x->
Anaiad: -mustve been something pretty amazing!-}x->


Anaiad: -look I found my lusus!-}x->
Anaiad: -or lusii I guess...-}x->
Anaiad: -nohmyt cut them in half and whatnot pfft-}x->
Anaiad: -just like me and ollie!-}x->
Anaiad: -but poor uncle roary got stuck on my planet for some reason lol-}x->
Anaiad: -hes been spewing cryptic things allll day!-}x->
Anaiad: -haha poor ol' uncle roary!-}x->
Anaiad: -don't worry, well get back to everyone else in no time!-}x->

Lionsprite: Time is but an illusion.
Anaiad: -hahahaha sure it is you big fluffy weirdo!-}x->
Goatsnakesprite: Haha yeaaah shut the fuck up maaaaan.
Anaiad: -alleph, you look like you crawled out of the garbage-}x->

"Anaiad: Wake him up."

Anaiad: -hey alleph, wakey wakey!-}x->
Anaiad: -come on, you can't be asleep!-}x->
Anaiad: -I have some good news for you!-}x->


Alleph: You're αbsolutely horrible.
Alleph: I do hope you know thαt.

Ollapa: :)


Ollapa: Yθu just need tθ realize that we care abθut yθu tθθ.
Alleph: ...


Alleph: I don't think αll of this...this gαme I meα heαlthy for me.
Alleph: It's officiαl, I hαte nαps.

Ollapa: Sθrry, Alleph, perhaps I was tθθ harsh θn yθu.
Ollapa: I'm just--

Alleph: No no, mαybe I needed this?
Alleph: This is the first time in αwhile I've ever felt αshαmed of myself.
Alleph: Înd I'm not pαrticulαrly fond of the feeling!

Ollapa: ...
Ollapa: Cθme here.


Alleph: Stop...
Ollapa: I would much rather have you pretend to be a giant jerk that's actually a friend than the other way around.
Ollapa: Yθu dθ give a damn abθut us Alleph, yθu're just denying it.

Alleph: I'll think αbout it...
Alleph: I just wαnt out of this gαme, you know.


Ollapa: That guy θn the flθθr was gθing tθ kill yθu, fθr starters.
Ollapa: Secθndly, there's a virus in the game...that killed ghθsts frθm an alternate timeline versiθns θf this game.
Ollapa: Well technically he erased their data, since they were already all dead.

Alleph: ...
Ollapa: I met up with an alternate versiθn θf yθu, and he seemed tθ be a lθt happier having accepted friendship.
Ollapa: Yθu need tθ get yθurself tθgether because if yθu dθn't get yθur head θut θf yθur...we wθn't get anywhere!
Ollapa: Yθu need tθ mθve fθrward!

Alleph: Now I'm confused, whαt is my brαin mish mαshing up reαlly?
Alleph: Πdreαm? Πnightmαre?
Alleph: I'm even more confused thαn I wαs before I fell αsleep.
Alleph: I'm αlso...

Ollapa: Alsθ?
Alleph: scαred mαybe.
Ollapa: What are yθu scared θf?
Alleph: Letting this gαme tαke over me, αnd becoming worthless αnd weαk.
Alleph: I thought I'd hαve the strength to get us αll out of here but now I'm just so confused αnd αfrαid thαt mαybe we won't get out of here αt αll.

Ollapa: Well first θff, there's...a key difference between being a leader and just being bθssy.
Ollapa: Leaders wθrk with everyθne, and that means being respectful and understanding.
Ollapa: It's knθwing where tθ draw the line between being cθmmanding asshat and being a friend.
Ollapa: And balancing bθth maybe.
Ollapa: And peθple with pθwer sθmetimes let it get tθ their heads...and then the peθple whθ want tθ wθrk with them may feel neglected θr pushed arθund.

Alleph: Do you think Înαiαd αnd Ollαpα αre going to leαve me?
Alleph: I meαn once this gαme is over?

Ollapa: They care abθut yθu a whθle lθt.
Ollapa: Sθ nθ.

Alleph: But I wαnt to be α leαder!
Alleph: I don't wαnt to be weαk αnd pushed αround.

Ollapa: Having friends dθesn't make yθu weak!
Ollapa: Hθw many times dθ I have tθ drill this tθ intθ yθur head?
Ollapa: If anything, it gives yθu sθmeθne tθ lean θn when things get bad.
Ollapa: And dθn't say yθu dθn't have any because everyθne has sθmeθne θr will have sθmeθne eventually.
Ollapa: Yθu need tθ realize this and stθp yelling at Anaiad.


Ollapa: Well..yθu can't just change Anaiad!
Ollapa: That's whθ she is!
Ollapa: She's a persθn, nθt sθme sθrt θf puppet yθu pull by the strings!
Ollapa: She's tired θf hiding behind a mask, can't yθu respect that in sθme sense that she's free nθw?
Ollapa: She never liked being bθssed arθund by yθu anyways, she wasn't herself.

Alleph: ...
Ollapa: *sigh* Why dθn't yθu treat her like a friend?
Alleph: ...
Alleph: Friendship is weαk.

Ollapa: θh, enθugh with that crap, Alleph!
Ollapa: Yθu dθn't really mean that!

Alleph: Yes I do!
Ollapa: Basing yθur sense θf pθwer θn hθw much yθu can bθss peθple arθund is weak!
Alleph: Shut up.
Ollapa: Lθθk.
Ollapa: Why dθn't yθu try being my friend?

Alleph: Whαt, being friends with my self-conscience?
Alleph: Or being friends with Ollαpα?
Alleph: This is confusing, αnd I don't know!
Alleph: I don't like tαlking αbout my problems to people.

Ollapa: Yθu like avθiding prθblems.
Alleph: Shut up.
Alleph: Cαn I wαke up now?
Alleph: I don't like αny of this.

Ollapa: Alleph, I care abθut yθu, and sθ dθes Anaiad.
Alleph: Whoα there, fαiry boy, don't sαy "I", you're mαking it sound like Ollαpα's tαlking to me.
Ollapa: There's a lθt θf bad stuff gθing θn in this game, Alleph.
Alleph: Like?



Alleph: So why αm I dressed in mαgentα?
Alleph: Înd reαlly, whαt's with the deαd body?

Ollapa: I didn't kill them, if that's what yθu were wθndering.
Alleph: Yeαh, becαuse if you did I'd be slightly impressed.
Ollapa: Slightly?
Alleph: Whαtever, Sulise...don't be α smαrt αss.
Alleph: It's not like you cαn reαd my mind.

Ollapa: Nθt exactly, but if that's what yθu want tθ call it, I'm perfectly θk with that.
Alleph: So let me guess, you're some sort of imαginαry projection my mind mαde up to help me figure out my problems?
Alleph: Like α conscience?

Ollapa: ....sure.
Alleph: Well?
Alleph: Whαt αm I supposed to do, mαgicαl conscience thαt looks like one of my αcquαintαnces?

Ollapa: Yθu're in charge θf yθur θwn mind, sθ why dθn't yθu start by telling me what yθur real prθblem is?
Alleph: I don't know!
Ollapa: Yes yθu dθ?
Alleph: ...I've lost αll αuthoritαtive power over my subordinαtes?
Ollapa: There we gθ.
Alleph: So how αm I supposed to get it bαck, Înαiαd listening to me αnd αll?
Ollapa: Yθu cannθt.
Alleph: WHY?
Ollapa: Because nθw Anaiad and I-Îllapa are twθ different peθple and yθu need tθ get tθ knθw them.
Alleph: ...but Înαiαd is...she's too wild!
Alleph: Înd I don't know αbout Ollαpα, but I don't think I hαve to worry αbout him αs much.
Alleph: He's αlwαys been the more pleαsαnt out of the two!


Ollapa: :)!!


Ollapa: Yθu...must here because yθu're stressed θut that Anaiad isn't listening tθ yθu!
Alleph: Înd how in the hell would you know thαt?
Ollapa: ...fairy trθll!gθdmθther?
Alleph: Wow.
Alleph: Suddenly now I'm wishing thαt I didn't go to sleep.


Ollapa: (Yθu...wθke up?)
Alleph: Pft, whαts with the wings, Sulise?
Alleph: Îre you my fαiry troll!godmother?

Ollapa: I suppθse in sθme ways nθw...
Ollapa: Yes I am much like a magical fairy trθll!gθdmθther...

Alleph: Is this some sort of illusion or did I stress myself out thαt much thαt I'm now creαting some sort of sαfe hαppy plαce in my mind?
Alleph: ...Înd for some metαphoricαl reαson my hαppy plαce includes α deαd creαture lying on the floor?

Ollapa: (Wθw he really thinks he's making all θf this up in his mind)
Alleph: Whαt?
Ollapa: Sure, yθur safe happy place!


Ollapa: All θf these agents were infected with sθme sθrt θf mind cθntrθl bug.
Ollapa: As were the dersites, whθ massacred θne anθther...hθw unbelievably hθrrid.

Alleph: ???
Ollapa: It leaves the questiθn whether θr nθt their infectiθn is cθntagiθus.
Ollapa: θr is Beitus the θnly θne whθ can infect and θr mind cθntrθl?
Ollapa: I wθuld test it but then that wθuld leave me vulnerable tθ--

Alleph: Whαt in the hell?

"Alleph: Sleep."

"Alleph: Grab your coat."

Alleph: I'll...nαp...


Alleph: You know whαt?
Alleph: I'll nαp!
Alleph: There's α solid ideα I cαn get behind...

"Alleph: Get up."

Alleph: This book doesn't hαve αny αnswers.
Alleph: To αnything!
Alleph: ÎGGH!
Alleph: Why cαn't I get ÎNYONE to tαke me seriously αnymore?
Alleph: This is giving me α heαdαche!!!
Alleph: Mαybe if I just close my eyes...the αnswer will probαbly come to me!
Alleph: Overthinking strαins the mind!


Alleph: I'm α complete wreck.


HF: ollapa dIdn't seem to want to leave alleph though, he lIkes hIm.
AT: him?
HF: heehee I'm not sure about that eIther!
HF: but just as long as anaIad Is there as a balance and posItIve Influence to Alleph...
HF: we shouldn't worry about hIm beIng a complete wreck!


AT: Ïell he's a giant uptight bossy-pants and noÏ that ollapa and anaiad are apart...
AT: he probably isn't dealing very Ïell!
AT: their Ïhole friendship is built upon alleph protecting and caring for them as their boss...but noÏ that they're apart...
AT: they can do Ïhatever they Ïant!
AT: and act hoÏever they Ïant to!


HF: mIne Is fIndIng the exIt by clearIng out the clutter,
HF: whIch I guess Is sort of funny, because my mInd's cluttered all the tIme wIth Ideas and thoughts...but I want to make It sImpler.

AT: is it supposed to be like that?
HF: what?
AT: your planet...Is it supposed to be all mind-y and challeng-y based on Ïho you are?
HF: I don't know.
HF: I mean I couldn't talk to ollapa about It very much because he started feelIng funny.
HF: then he took a nap.

AT: and then he just left for prospit?
HF: pretty much!
HF: I do hope he comes back though, the crown I made for hIm Is specIal!
HF: you know how he and I both apprecIate trollIan hIstory?

AT: not really, but yes go on!
HF: I made hIm a cool crown thIng out of branches basIcally.
HF: It's what they used to wear waaay back when, I mean the gladIators that Is.

AT: ooo
AT: i Ïant to see him wear it heehee!
AT: and anaiad too, Ïe'll be a floÏer croÏn gang hahaha.

HF: yeah!
HF: I'm glad you're so excIted about makIng frIends wIth ollapa and anaIad!
HF: I thInk It's nIce that they fInally talk to someone else besIdes alleph.

AT: Ïell there's no such thing as too much friends!
AT: i'm not sure hoÏ alleph is going to deal Ïith this, though.

HF: what do you mean?


AT: but ωhat if ωe ask really nicely?
AT: like "hey nohmyt the sky's been doing ωeird things, and it'd be nice if you could install an antivirus or something to get rid of the problem."

HF: cyrIll, nohmyt slIced ollapa and anaIad In half.
AT: but they're not dead?
HF: no, but we've all dIed In some sort of tragIc way In another tImelIne!
HF: I thInk If nohmyt really dIdn't want a vIrus In the game he would've taken care of It by now!
HF: hasn't future!morson told you about the tImelIne where he came from?
HF: the thIngs thIs game put us through?

AT: kinda...not really so much?
AT: he said it ωas bad...
AT: ...ωas it that bad?

HF: you should ask hIm yourself when he wakes up!
HF: ollapa told hIm to sleep, huh?

AT: yeaaah...
AT: i'm being productive though!
AT: collecting frogs!
AT: my planet is just this empty ωasteland ωith paint-filled craters!
AT: so it isn't so hard!
AT: ωhat are you doing to pass the time?

HF: well, I made flower crowns for everyone!
AT: o my gosh, no ωay!
HF: well...mostly everyone, I don't know If alleph Is goIng to apprecIate my handIwork!
AT: ωell sucks to be him because i'm sure they're very very lovely!
AT: i missed talking to you!

HF: me too!
HF: your planet sounds about as bIzarre as mIne!
HF: mInus all the staIrs and junk.
HF: so what Is your planet's quest?

AT: my quest?
HF: yeah!
AT: i didn't knoω ωe had one!
AT: isn't collecting frogs my quest?

HF: I guess?
HF: ollapa told me all space players collect frogs as some sort of quest.
HF: but In nohmyt's game It's for an entIrely dIfferent purpose, sInce we're not creatIng a new unIverse and stuff!

AT: ωhy ωould ωe need to make a neω universe?
AT: i like our universe.

HF: the orIgInal game Is so full of power that It can probably crush universes If It needed to!
AT: ωhat?
HF: but don't worry, nohmyt's game Is just an experIment.
HF: he wouldn't destroy the unIverse he's In!
HF: that's just rIdIculous!

AT: i hope your quest isn't as huge as mine is.
AT: all of this sounds really stressful.

HF: It Isn't!

"Cyrill: Troll Ellata."

achromaticTerminate [AT] began trolling hypofolormancy [HF]

AT: hiya ellata!
AT: hoω's it going???

HF: ahhh It's goIng...ok I guess?
HF: we were supposed to waIt for alleph and anaIad to show up and I'm just passIng the tIme.
HF: ollapa had to go somewhere, he went to prospIt!

AT: so he's sleeping?
HF: no, he flew to prospIt.
HF: hIs dreamself combIned wIth hIs real self already so he has to physIcally flew over there and back.
HF: god tIer stuff sure is hard to explaIn!

AT: aωω, i ωas hoping he fell asleep!
AT: maybe he could've met rodard!

HF: who's rodard?
AT: oh he's morson's ancestor, but i'll tell you about him later!
AT: he is so nice!
AT: he's like an older, dorkier, talkative version of morson!
AT: anyωays, rodard said he ωould go back to his friends once i ωoke up, ωhich sucks.
AT: i ωish ωe could've all met but ghosts aren't supposed to be on prospit apparently!

HF: yeah the game's glItchIng up, whIch would probably be why he ended up there!
HF: ollapa says It's because there's a vIrus In the game.

AT: virus?
HF: It sounds really bad, the sky's been flIckerIng thIs weIrd orange color.
AT: oh mine flickered too!
AT: ωe should talk to nohmyt about it!

HF: no, cyrIll!
HF: nohmyt's the bad guy!


Beitus: WHAT?
Beitus: You think you're going to βe the only one joining TEAM β?
Beitus: That'd be A WASTE!
Beitus: You won't be aβle to fix ANYTHING once my infection is done with you!


Haeton: â*i just want my friends to be happy, I want to be happy!
Haeton: â*i've died, I'm done!
Haeton: â*i've been an aggressive bully and I want to fix things!
Haeton: â*please.
Haeton: â*whoever you are, just go away!

"Haeton: ??????."

Haeton: â*GET OUT....OF MY HEAD!
Beitus: Hello Haeton

Haeton: â*WHO ARE YOU?
Beitus: I know you're full of ANGER
Beitus: Which is exactly why I decided to use you as my PAWN
Beitus: It'll βe fun!
Beitus: Don't you WANT revenge?

Haeton: â*NO!
Haeton: â*revenge has only made th%ngs worse!

"Rodard: Take her hand."

Rodard: <>"Let's stop with this sad talk and do something fun together."<>
Vihnie: ((Like what?))
Rodard: <>"Anything, anything just as long as I'm with you."<>
Rodard: <>"Anyways, I don't think you're going to believe me when I tell you about the adventure I had."<>

Vihnie: ((Well either way i like...listening tO yOur stories))
Vihnie: ((I missed yOur stOries))

Rodard: <>":)"<>
Vihnie: ((;Ï;))


Rodard: <>"You never really did push me away, you know."<>
Vihnie: ((But i'm a huge jerk!))
Rodard: <>"No you're not."<>
Rodard: <>"You have every reason to think so after what happened to me, but honestly it doesn't matter to me anymore."<>
Rodard: <>"I just...wanted to respect your decision if you didn't want anything to do with me."<>

Vihnie: ((Why wOuld yOu ever think I wOuld I want that?))
Rodard: <>"Probably the same reasons why you thought I would hate you."<>
Vihnie: ((O...))
Vihnie: ((Still what i did was wrong))

Rodard: <>"You were just hurting."<>
Rodard: <>"Both of us were."<>
Rodard: <>"We misunderstood a lot of things, but what matters is that we took the time to talk to clear things up."<>
Rodard: <>"Now we can stop being silly and continue where we left off."<>


Vihnie: ((The Only thing i'm gOOd at is being a disappOintment tO myself i guess))
Vihnie: ((And being sO cruel that i end up scaring peOple i care abOut away))

Rodard: <>"Goodness, Vihnie, what you did to cope with what happened was a tad jarring but..."<>
Rodard: <>"Does it sound like I'm angry with you?"<>

Vihnie: ((I dOn't knOw!))


Vihnie: ((I heard mOstly everything...i think))
Rodard: <>"Vihnie, I wanted to talk to you about it."<>
Rodard: <>"Just not like this."<>
Rodard: <>"I'm so sorry..."<>

Vihnie: ((NO, it's Okay it's...this isn't sOmething tO apOlOgize fOr, ROdard))
Vihnie: ((It's time I faced the music anyways))
Vihnie: ((I know we haven't talked in awhile))
Vihnie: (((Hell no words in this world can express how sorry I am))
Vihnie: ((It's unfair how kind yOu are tO me, really it is))
Vihnie: ((I'm sOrry))
Vihnie: ((I'm sO sOrry I kept blOwing up at yOu tO push yOu away, it was cruel))
Vihnie: ((And it wasn't right Of me, I kept blaming myself and pushing yOu away because I thOught it was fOr the best))
Vihnie: ((I always end up being selfish sOmehOw even thOugh i think i'm helping))

Rodard: <>"..."<>

"Rodard: Turn around."

Rodard: <>"..."<>
Rodard: <>"Vihnie."<>

Vihnie: ((...))

"Rodard: Open your eyes."

Rodard: <>"Why does everyone keep leaving in the middle of our conversations?"<>
Vihnie: ((Well, if it makes yOu feel any better))
Vihnie: ((I'm here))


Rodard: <>"Just no more fighting..."<>
Rodard: <>"I just--"<>


Rodard: <>"I don't want to be on bad terms with anyone...and if she doesn't want to get back together..."<>
Rodard: <>"I get it, I understand."<>


Rodard: <>"But we're dead, what can happen to us?"<>
Rodard: <>"I know the idea of spending an eternity here forever may sound horrid, but I don't want to spend it avoiding her."<>


Rodard: <>"It's complicated because she believes what happened to me was all of her fault, when that was never the case!"<>
Rodard: <>"There was a miscommunication, and Haeton got mad and we got into a bad fight."<>
Rodard: <>"I mean my horns are half gone but--"<>
Rodard: <>"It was so long ago and I can understand why she's scared and trying to push me away."<>


Rodard: <>"I can't just walk up to Vihnie with gifts and say sorry."<>
Rodard: <>"I wish it'd be that simple but it's so complicated."<>
Rodard: <>"Because we were both never at fault for what happened..."<>
Rodard: <>"But yet we still blame ourselves."<>


Lutark: chocolAte?.
Rodard: <>"Lutark--"<>
Lutark: flowers????
Rodard: <>"...I think Vihnie likes red tulips"<>
Lutark: What?
Lutark: She likes tulips?
Lutark: What's wrong with these?
Lutark: Don't you think they're beautiful????

Rodard: <>"I don't know."<>
Rodard: <>"Nevermind the flowers."<>
Rodard: <>"Listen Lu, I just think it's best that I talk."<>
Rodard: <>"I'm going to apologize the best I can."<>

Lutark: then speAk from the heArt!
Lutark: write her poems!
Lutark: is thAt why you were 1ooking through those pApers?
Lutark: for poems????

Rodard: <>"No, I was just cleaning up my things."<>
Rodard: <>"And doesn't work like that, Lutark."<>

"Rodard: Pick up your papers."

Lutark: so
Lutark: seleen and ActAeA Are chAtting up A storm
Lutark: which is odd becAuse she's not exActly the tAlkAtive type, or At leAst how she is right now
Lutark: remember her 7 other "phAses" she went through?
Lutark: thAt's the on1y thing thAt hAsn't chAnged throughout her vArious outfits And personAs...
Lutark: se1een's A1wAys hAd A f1ushed crush on her, but thAt doesn't bother me

Rodard: <>"You...need to stop doing that."<>
Rodard: <>"Your powers are going to get you in trouble one day!"<>
Rodard: <>"Haven't you heard of 'curiosity killed the cat?'"<>

Lutark: there's nothing to ki11, dude!
Lutark: we're A1reAdy deAd, nothing cAn touch us

Rodard: <>"Well sometimes it's just best to figure out what a person has on their mind by talking to them"<>
Lutark: but RodArd, if I don't know whAt our friends Are fee1ing, then how Am I supposed to he1p them?
Lutark: besides, i don't give A dAmn About whAt's gonnA hAppen between them, cAuse i've got better things to do now!
Lutark: 1ike he1ping my best bro pA1 get his gir1 bAck!
Lutark: and hA eAsy for you to sAy!
Lutark: figure out whAt A person hAs in their mind And you don't hAve the guts to tA1k to vihnie!
Lutark: un1ess of course, you hAve A p1An?

Rodard: <>"Vihnie isn't 'mine'"<>
Rodard: <>"She's a person with feelings I need to respect."<>
Rodard: <>"Besides I...don't have a plan."<>

Lutark: whAAAAt, impossib1e
Lutark: i hAve some ideAs!

Rodard: <>"But I don't really need--"<>


Lutark: heyA R-mAn!
Rodard: <>"H-HELL!!!"<>
Rodard: <>"W-Why do you always do that?"<>

Lutark: Because it's hi1Arious?
Lutark: sorry not sorry



Morson: -___- ~Ï

"Morson: Sit down and get your computer out."

Morson: I need to apologize to someone very important to me~â«
Morson: And I need to fix my computer~â«
Morson: Or she'll think I'm not sorry~â«

Nurse Gecko: ...
Nurse Gecko: Your singing is very off-key.


Morson: I just got hit with a frying pan and you're asking me to fix your generators?~Ï
Morson: Didn't you just tell me to take it easy?~Ï

Nurse Gecko: What if its destiny?
Nurse Gecko: You can be our second sorcerer of static!

Morson: I'm not sure about destiny or being a sorcerer, but I suppose I can give it a look and see what's wrong with it~Ï
Morson: But just in case I screw up you guys have any candles?~Ï

Nurse Gecko: Many to last us years!
Morson: I don't know what "years" are but I hope that's a long time in case I can't fix them after all~Ï
Nurse Gecko: Let's go then!
Morson: Hang on, I need to do something quick first~Ï


Nurse Gecko: If only he'd return to fix our power generators...the shadow creature may be gone but that doesn't mean we're going to go on without light.
Nurse Gecko: They're so old they're failing on us!

Morson: Is that where that unbearable noise is coming from???~Ï
Nurse Gecko: Yes!
Nurse Gecko: I suppose we can run on candlelight again, but we may just set this whole planet on fire!
Nurse Gecko: Again, exaggerating.
Nurse Gecko: Not that it was ever made out of books or paper or anything, it's just that we're so clumsy!
Nurse Gecko: What kind of senseless boobhead would have a whole planet made out of books and candles?

Morson: I don't know, it sounds kind of poetic?~Ï
Morson: I mean the idea of it~Ï

Nurse Gecko: You think so?
Morson: I'm no writing expert but it kinda does?~Ï
Morson: Cyrill always said I should pick up writing again, but I never was really any good at it~Ï
Morson: I suppose you can't always be what you wanna be~Ï

Nurse Gecko: Hey I have an idea!
Nurse Gecko: Why don't you fix our generators?


Nurse Gecko: Until that blessed hero came from the sky and he banished the fiend into the unknown...never to be seen again.
Nurse Gecko: And he saw our suffering and gave us light, light that's fizzling out now but that's not important to the story.
Nurse Gecko: Anyways, he was our hero.


Nurse Gecko: A mirror.
Nurse Gecko: A cursed mirror made from material that we've never seen on our planet, and then one day someone (no one remembers who) accidentally tapped into its seal and broke it.
Nurse Gecko: We spent what felt like an eternity in darkness and in servitude.

"Nurse Gecko: Tell your Story."

Nurse Gecko: Long ago, before this little planet of ours had any electricity...
Nurse Gecko: We lit our way through candles.
Nurse Gecko: And while that sounded like a very simplistic way of lighting our planet.
Nurse Gecko: It was the very hard on all of us.
Nurse Gecko: Because the βlight had eaten up our sun.

Morson: The βlight?~Ï
Nurse Gecko: Yes.
Nurse Gecko: Our klutziness as a species and inability to see in the dark made us very vulnerable and we had no choice but to comply with the its wants and needs.
Nurse Gecko: Many children and jewels were fed to this monster, and it never ceased asking for more.

Morson: Where did the the βlight come from?~Ï

"Morson: Find Platypusprite."

Nurse Gecko: Don't move too fast, you might fall over!
Nurse Gecko: Now you keep that temper in check or you'll fry everyone else like you did with the other doctors.

Morson: Oh gosh I'm..~Ï
Morson: I'm so sorry!~Ï

Nurse Gecko: No worries!
Nurse Gecko: I was exaggerating of course, no one's died!

Morson: ;-;~Ï
Nurse Gecko: Actually you happen to possess some miraculous powers there.
Nurse Gecko: Just like the great sorcerer from way back then...the same one that brought electricity to our planet.

Morson: Um...
Nurse Gecko: I hope I don't sound embarrassing or anything but he was a revered hero among our people.
Nurse: Oh dear, may I just...tell you the whole story??

Morson: I kind of...wanted to talk to a friend~Ï
Nurse Gecko: It won't take too long I promise!


Morson: I feel like I just got hit by an elephantbeast~Ï
Nurse Gecko: Splendid!
Nurse Gecko: Not to worry, there's nothing a cold ice pack and band aids can't fix!

Morson: Really?~Ï
Morson: Cause I don't think they're helping~Ï

Nurse Gecko: Would you like a sugary confectionary to ease the pain?
Morson: Where am I? ~Ï
Nurse Gecko: The Hospital, one of our officers hit you real real hard on the head!
Morson: Okay...~Ï
Nurse Gecko: Now before you get up, can you remember who you are?
Morson: I'm Morson Teslaa and I want to go back to my own planet.~Ï
Nurse Gecko: Wonderful!
Nurse Gecko: Your fowl-like caretaker is waiting for you in the lobby.

Morson: I'm so confused right now, did I wake up or am I still asleep?~Ï
Nurse Gecko: Disorientation and confusion are normal after being hit in the head with a frying pan.
Morson: What~Ï

"Morson: Wake the fuck up."

Nurse Gecko: He has awoken!!
Nurse Gecko: How do you feel buckaroo?


Beitus: The seer's powers ARE still FRAGMENTED, the sylph was glitching ALONG with the other ghosts AND THAT hindered her ABILITY
Beitus: I'm surprised ALLEPH WAS AβLE to get him to WAKE up though
Beitus: That dandelion puff won't piece together my PLAN out so EASILY or find out WHAT I AM EXACTLY
Beitus: This PLAN'S A lot more UNANTICIPATED, AND there will βe nothing the Seer or the MAGE CAN do to stop me


Nohmyt: B?
Nohmyt: Hehehe
Beitus: HILARIOUS, yes
Beitus: β like βeitus
Beitus: Why must you always find everything so DAMN AMUSING
Beitus: AN IQ higher THAN 1000 yet the EMOTIONAL MATURITY of a 2 sweep old

Nohmyt: Oh please, like you don't throw angry outbursts like one
Beitus: They're not outβursts, it's me being fed up with your REFUSAL to COOPERATE!
Nohmyt: And here I thought I wouldn't have an issue with whining about your petty wants and needs
Nohmyt: I thought you would be levelheaded, I see now that I was wrong
Beitus: Well I've CHANGED, suck it up
Nohmyt: Very well
Nohmyt: If it makes you feel better, that "monster" will only be limited to the dream area, and I'll put another wall like this one around that area too
Nohmyt: I don't want you messing with the data I'm collecting anymore
Nohmyt: I believe your fear of that thing making you powerless should be enough motivation for you to back off
Nohmyt: If you slip up again, I'll have to strip you of your powers
Beitus: Fine
Beitus: ANYWAYS I don't need to go βACK there, not ANYMORE

Nohmyt: Wasn't Ollapa a problem though?
Nohmyt: Wasn't he healed?

"Beitus: Try to break out."

Beitus: AGGGGH

Nohmyt: A containment box
Nohmyt: So you can pay attention
Beitus: While we're on the topic of βeing TRAPPED...WHAT WAS THAT thing in the DREAM world?
Beitus: I'm dying to know!
Beitus: WAS THAT A PROGRAM you sent over like this stupid βox??
Beitus: I thought you SAID I could do WHATEVER I WANTED to do!

Nohmyt: I said make it interesting
NOhmyt: You destroyed very important data that I needed for analyzing
Beitus: ANALYZING the ghosts?
Beitus: Too SAD too βAD
Beitus: Funny how horrid we feel when we don't know WHAT the hell is going on!

Nohmyt: I could say the same thing for you
Nohmyt: That opponent in the dream area made you afraid
Beitus: No, it didn't!
Beitus: GAAAH!

Nohmyt: You continue to place your hands on the cage
Nohmyt: And you've should've learned by now that it should cause pain
Nohmyt: Why don't you stop?
Beitus: βecause I CAN'T "feel", you should know THAT βetter THAN ANYONE!
Beitus: Now why don't you ANSWER me?

Nohmyt: No
Nohmyt: You're afraid because you don't know what it is
Nohmyt: And if that alone frightens you, I'd rather have you not know
Beitus: WHAT????

Nohmyt: My role in this game is to be its moderator
Nohmyt: I'm not going to explain things to you
Nohmyt: Oh, and how are things going?
Nohmyt: You know...since you horribly failed on Derse?


Nohmyt: Hmm, I'm surprised that you didn't expect me to pull you aside
Beitus: You CAN'T just βox me AWAY like this!!
Beitus: I WAS in the middle of something IMPORTANT!!

Nohmyt: Wreaking havoc and being deceptive, I'm well aware
Nohmyt: Just look at what you've done with the dream area
Beitus: So WHAT?
Beitus: The fools residing in the DREAMS MEAN nothing to me!


Beitus: NOHMYT!!!!!
Beitus: LET ME OUT!!
Beitus: NOWWWW

"Alleph: Turn to the next page."

Alleph: ...

"Alleph: Turn to Page 26."

Understanding your acquaintances:

In order to fully understand your acquaintances, you must consider what drives them and what you may be doing that could cause them to change or withdraw from you completely.

Every troll has been categorized into 9 different personality types that are further divided into two subtypes, and their desires and fears are listed under each type.

For example, Personality Type 8 (The Challenger) has a basic fear of being controlled or hurt by others. Which is why, despite the bossy and arrogant attitudes they sometimes put on, they are deeply afraid of being hurt by those they trust especially. Examples include being dumped by friends, moirails, or matesprits.

You should encourage these individuals by letting them take charge and listen to their commands.

A full description and analysis of all 9 personality types can be found on the following pages.

"Alleph: Turn to Chapter 4."

The Seadweller's guide to psychoanalyzing and maintaining control over your subordinates

Chapter 4: Defiance:

In any case of resistance between you and your lower blooded friends, you must first understand the cause. Many reasons to this negative sort of behavior may have to do with: change (see page 26), conflict, or distaste of your character.


Anaiad: -you me n ollie-}x->
Anaiad: -but youre right!-}x->
Anaiad: -i should make puppet versions of everyone!-}x->

Alleph: NO!!!
Alleph: Just...go try αsking something thαt isnt αn imp where the portαl is.
Alleph: I'm busy trying to figure out something rαther importαnt right now.

Anaiad: -hmm i know you alleph and when you have ur nose ina book that means you're not happy with something-}x->
Anaiad: -ur just not used to me without ollie, huh?-}x->
Anaiad: -dont worry we're gonna meet up with him soon!-}x->
Anaiad: -but fyi i aint shutting up u turd-}x->

Alleph: Thαt's not why I'm reαding, but thαnks for your concern?
Alleph: Just go do something useful.

Anaiad: -mmkay...don't hurt yourself while i'm gone-}x->


Anaiad: - i love helping my friends out and being there for them-}x->
Anaiad: -maybe deep deep down im not such a bad person after all!-}x->
Anaiad: -if only i could get my head outta that dumb book and pay attention maybe id have more fun in my life-}x->

Alleph: How mαny of those did you mαke?


Alleph: Conscience.
Anaiad: -yess ur conscious-}x->
Alleph: No, conscious meαns thαt I'm fully αwαre αnd αwαke, conscience is defined αs the little voice in your heαd thαt tells you good from bαd.
Anaiad: -ya-}x->
Anaiad: -ur conscious!-}x->

Alleph: If thαt hαnd puppet were αctuαlly my conscience, I would probαbly be questioning the integrity αnd function of this gαme.
Alleph: More so thαn I αm now αnywαys.
Alleph: Plus, I try to refrαin from such lowly lαnguαge most of the time.

Anaiad: -lowlyyy fuckin languaaage!-}x->
Alleph: Now you're just mocking me.
Anaiad: -im alleph lampri and im a super sensitive pal full of laughs and fun times but just dont know it yet-}x->
Alleph: I αm not!


Anaiad: -stop it now this is ur conscious speeaakinggg-}x->


Anaiad: -alleph...-}x->
Anaiad: should stop fucking reading-}x->



Cyrill: ...thank you.



Cyrill: and i'm sorry for using my powers to hide from everyone.
Cyrill: and i thought being alone ωould make me feel better but it didn't.
Cyrill: i missed you so much, i miss everyone...
Cyrill: but me turning into a space blob isnt your fault.
Cyrill: it isn't.
Cyrill: i ωas just being really silly and i did this to myself.
Cyrill: everything's so horrible and i felt so bad that i killed all of our friends ωith my oωn tωo hands in our timeline and--
Cyrill: i couldn't bring myself to face everyone after ωhat alleph made me do.
Cyrill: i didn't even knoω if you all could begin to accept my apologies.
Cyrill: i thought hiding ωould...keep everyone from remembering the monster I had become.
Cyrill: and noω everyone's gone, i can't even say sorry...
Cyrill: hoω is anyone going to forgive me?

Morson: I forgive you



Morson: And I'm sorry, for not being there for everyone
Morson: I'm guilty of a lot of things too, but the biggest one is not coming here sooner, and I'm so sorry
Morson: I'm sorry for being such a shitty excuse for a friend


Morson: Don't you dare say that
Morson: Some things are out of our control, and this game has never been kind to any of us
Morson: But what's important is that we don't turn our back on the people we care about
Morson: You never stopped fighting
Morson: You held back long enough to give me and Ollapa a chance to run
Morson: If you think that we didn't notice, we did
Morson: And you fought against the virus, and you gave us all a chance to fight back
Morson: If anything, you're the most helpful one here







"Morson: Follow the trail."





"Morson: Go to sleep."


Cyrill: ωho ωas that?
Morson: ...Ollapa is telling me to talk to someone in the dream world
Morson: He says its urgent

Cyrill: oh...
Cyrill: but ωhat about frog hunting?

Morson: Hmm
Morson: Why don't you get started without me?

Cyrill: okay
Morson: I'll just nap on your couch
Cyrill: i ωon't ωander off too far!
Morson: Don't get yourself in danger, please
Cyrill: i ωon't!
Morson: And here, take your messaging device just in case
Cyrill: ...are you okay?
Morson: Yeah I'm fine
Morson: Don't worry about me
Morson: I'll meet up with you soon

"Ollapa: Troll AT."

luminousCompetitor [LC] began trolling achromaticTerminate [AT]

LC: Cyrill, is Mθrsθn there?
LC: I need tθ speak tθ him immediately.

AT: This is him
LC: I knθw, yθu were trying tθ get intθ cθntact with Ellata tθ see if I was θk.
LC: Mθrsθn, I gθt my pθwers back...things have changed a lθt in this timeline.

AT: Define "a lot"?
AT: And your powers were gone??

LC: I'm mθstly back in actiθn.
LC: There's a virus nθw, and their malevθlence wiped θut the dream area almθst in its entirety.

AT: That's--HOW??
LC: I have nθ idea, but they're full θf pθwer beyθnd the game's capacity.
LC: They're unstable, and an alternate timeline Ellata healed me but my pθwers are still patchy.

AT: What are we supposed to do now?
AT: Shit, this is a lot to take in!!
AT: I thought we were okay this time!
AT: Why didn't you tell me sooner??

LC: Because the Virus tempθrarily tθθk away my seer pθwers, and I didn't get them back until Ellata patched me up in the dream wθrld.
LC: I said the dream area was nearly wiped θut by the Virus.
LC: But there's still a chance yθu can talk tθ the persθn whθ had a clθse encθunter with the them!

AT: You want me to go to sleep now?
AT: I don't know how you can expect me to do that Ollapa!
AT: This isn't a time to be dozing off when we have to be wary of what can go wrong!

LC: Wary is my specialty, remember?
LC: I can sθrt θf sense the virus's presence in θur session even if he's θut θf my sight
LC: He's nθt in the game currently I think.

AT: But are you ok?
AT: What happened in the dream area before everything went?

LC: I...wθuld rather nθt talk abθut it.
LC: I'm still rather hurt abθut what happened.

AT: Oh...
AT: I'm sorry, Ollapa

LC: It's θk.
LC: Anyways, yθu're the θnly θne capable θf talking tθ them right nθw θther than me.
LC: I dθn't believe I'll be able tθ gθ back tθ sleep since I wθke up awhile agθ.
LC: And I dθn't feel well enθugh tθ gθ back, nθt at this mθment.
LC: Knθwing full well that almθst everyθne is gθne.

AT: Maybe there's a way to fix this?
LC: I dθn't knθw.
LC: I wθuld have tθ be a Seer θf Hθpe tθ knθw that.

AT: But what can you see?
LC: Everything kept hidden.
LC: Except the virus's identity θr exact mθtives and anything in regards tθ their plans, which isn't very helpful at all.
LC: The virus alsθ did a number θn Derse, and maybe I can get sθme clues θnce I figure θut what the best sθrt θf actiθn wθuld be right nθw.
LC: Yθur dream selves are stll alive, thθugh, which is gθθd.

AT: ...Ok
AT: Just keep a close watch and have Cyrill wake me up if anything goes wrong

LC: θh θne mθre thing befθre yθu gθ Mθrsθn.
AT: Yes?
LC: Alleph said he was sθrry fθr everything, frθm yθur timeline.
LC: And he said he was the biggest ignθramus in the whθle universe.

AT: I forgive him...and I wish I could've told him
AT: He was so terrible in my session and I was so busy jumping through timelines...
AT: And I was so angry at him...
AT: I never had the chance to talk to him

LC: Please if yθu can, ask the last persθn there if they can tell him.
LC: But that's θnly if they can...sθmehθw fix things...

AT: Ollapa...are you okay?
LC: Nθ Mθrsθn, if there's anything I want mθre right nθw...
LC: Is fθr that virus tθ pay fθr what they did and then disappear fθrever.
LC: Please gθ nθw.

luminousCompetitor [LC] left the conversation

"Ollapa: Troll HF."

luminousCompetitor [LC] began trolling hypoFloromancy [HF]

LC: Ellata, I've wθken up.
LC: Sorry I cθuldn't tell yθu sθθner, but I had tθ take a quick trip!

HF: to where?
HF: you had me worrIed ollapa, I came back to an abandoned blanket and I thought you were kIdnapped!

LC: Nθ, I'm alright.
LC: I just needed tθ take care θf sθmething sθmeθne fθrgθt abθut.
LC: Sθmething bad was gθing tθ happen but they miscalculated.
LC: They fθrgθt that I've gθd tiered.
LC: We're θkay nθw.

HF: okay now?
HF: I thought we were okay before.

LC: Well yes, there's a lθt θf things that need explaining, but first and fθremθst...we're all in grave danger.
LC: There's a virus.

HF: In the game?
HF: lIke how so, some bad programmIng?

LC: It's hard tθ explain.
LC: They're sentient...they have a mind θf their θwn.

HF: what do they want?
LC: They dθn't want me tθ find θut their plans, and when yθur alternate timeline self healed me in my was fragmented.
LC: My pθwers are back but I can't seem tθ find anything θn the virus's mθtives, plans, θr identity.
LC: I'm still rather useless in terms θf trying tθ stθp whatever it is that they're trying tθ dθ!
LC: The ancestθrs θutside θf θur sessiθn are alsθ θut θf my reach, but they cθuld be a great help tθ us.
LC: That's prθbably why the virus didn't want me digging intθ infθrmatiθn abθut them.

HF: what are we supposed to do?
HF: future!morson Is gonna freak out.

LC: Nθ, we can figure this θut.
LC: I need tθ talk tθ him anyways.
LC: There's sθmeθne he can talk tθ that had a clθse encθunter with the virus.

HF: there Is?
HF: who?

LC: There's nθ time tθ explain, I need tθ tell him tθ dream.
LC: Maybe he can find θut mθre abθut θur current situatiθn.
LC: I'll be back θn LθVAS shθrtly.

HF: ok, stay safe!


What of the remaining one?


One two three...
Poorly counted
Hearts and Diamonds and Spades...

And what of the remaining one?


Morson: Vihnie!!~ϟ

"Nohmyt: End Program."

I believe you've overstayed your welcome


Morson: Why is your jacket glowing?~ϟ
Vihnie: ((Yeah, Okay pal, I think the 'thank yOu's' enOugh, nO need fOr cOmpliments))
Morson: But it wasn't--~ϟ
Vihnie: ((ThOugh I am gOing tO admit that my jacket's pretty great))
Morson: No I mean it's literally glowing~ϟ
Vihnie: ((Huh?))


Vihnie: ((Well I'll gO and make a quick sweep tO see what's up))
Vihnie: ((Have nO idea what cOuld be wrOng with the queen but I dOn't think it'll be much Of a prOblem!))

Morson: Is this usual...these guys coming to kill us?~ϟ
Vihnie: ((NO))
Morson: So what are they supposed to do?~ϟ
Vihnie: ((They usually leave yOu alOne?))
Vihnie: ((Until like the last phase Of the game befOre yOu finish but they dOn't bOther yOu On Derse usually))
Vihnie: ((I wOuldn't knOw thOugh, I wish I cOuld ask Seleen Or Lutark))

Morson: Or Rodard~ϟ
Vihnie: ((Or Rodard))
Vihnie: ((But NOhmyt cOuld just be messing with derse in this timeline tOO, its weird...he's weird!))
Vihnie: ((Staying alive is tOp priOrity, if anything right nOw))

Morson: Thanks for the help I guess?~ϟ
Vihnie: ((DOn't sweat it, kid))
Vihnie: ((Just dOn't fuck things up and yOu'll be Ok))


Morson: Did she just--~ϟ
Vihnie: ((Respawn? Regenerate? Heal?))
Morson: Yeah~ϟ
Vihnie: ((YOu're lucky she was a life player like Seleen))
Morson: And Life players do that?~ϟ
Vihnie: ((Only Once, yOu're alsO lucky they didn't kill her twice))
Morson: What about Alleph?~ϟ
Morson: Is he--~ϟ

Vihnie: ((He's nOt dead))
Vihnie: ((I gOt there in time, I'm quick))

Morson: I've noticed~ϟ
Vihnie: ((Yeah, I get shit dOne))
Vihnie: ((But hOnesty, I think yOu guys shOuld be Okay fOr nOw))

Morson: But aren't they going to come after us for killing them?~ϟ


Morson: !?!?!?!?!?!?~ϟ


Morson: ??????~ϟ



Morson: I'm too late~ϟ


Morson: ...Oh no~ϟ


Morson: ...




"Morson: Go save Anaiad."


Vihnie: ((Hmm that's Odd))
Morson: What the fact that you KILLED HIM?~ϟ
Vihnie: ((NO, yOu drama llama-beast)))
Vihnie: ((I tried talking tO a dersite befOre and I phased thrOugh them like a ghOst))
Vihnie: ((I'm surprised my paint knife was able tO actually pierce sOmething this time))

Morson: Oh~ϟ
Vihnie: ((Ha, and tO think that yOu wanted me tO head back tO my friends))
Vihnie: ((YOu wOuld've been the One On the flOOr dead by nOw))

Morson: -_-~ϟ
Vihnie: ((We shOuld check everyone else's tOwer tOO, if the agent was there tO kill yOu whO knOws if the Other three agents are gOing after yOur friends tOO))
Morson: Other THREE?~ϟ
Vihnie: ((Shut up and get mOving befOre it's tOO late))
Vihnie: ((I'll take Alleph's tOwer, yOu check On yOur Other friend!))




"Vihnie: Do something."


Morson: N-NEVER MIND!~ϟ



Morson: Whoa okay~ϟ
Morson: Why should we run?~ϟ
Morson: He doesn't look very menacing~ϟ


Vihnie: ((RUN!!!!!))


Morson: Who's...that...~ϟ
Vihnie: ((A derse agent...I'm nOt sure if he's here On business Or--))
Morson: His feet...are covered in blood~ϟ
Vihnie: ((Oh nO...))



Morson: But what's the point of having all of this cool stuff when we're focusing on the game~ϟ
Vihnie: ((DOn't lOOk at me, I have nO idea--))


Morson: I'm never going to find my photo album at this rate ~ϟ
Morson: Why are there so many CDs and records in this room?~ϟ

Vihnie: ((Because yOu wanted a lOt of CDs and recOrds?))
Morson: Yeah but not this much...I liked to dream but~ϟ
Vihnie: ((Exactly, yOu liked tO dream))
Morson: Wow~ϟ
Vihnie: ((YOu alsO have a walk-in closet))
Morson: Full of what, clothes?~ϟ
Vihnie: ((Hundreds Of instruments))
Morson: What the hell, really?~ϟ
Vihnie: ((Yeah))
Vihnie: ((TOO bad yOu guys have tO fOcus On the game thOugh))


Vihnie: ((As if!!))
Morson: Geez okay!~ϟ
Vihnie: ((Let's just say that things...stuff...happened))
Vihnie: ((YOu keep yOur crummy bOOk Of lOve songs tO yOurself and I'll keep my life tO myself))

Morson: Was Rodard a big part of your life?~ϟ
Vihnie: ((Fuck Off!))
Morson: Well whatever your reason is for being flustered I'm not gonna ask anymore~ϟ
Morson: In the mean time, do you wanna see what Cyrill looks like?~ϟ

Vihnie: ((Sure let's do that))


Vihnie: ((He's a giant nerd that likes pOetry and writing stOries))
Vihnie: ((WhO can alsO...always find sOme sOrt Of reasOn tO smile))

Morson: I'm sorry...didn't catch the last bit?~ϟ
Vihnie: ((Next tOpic!))
Morson: Why are you so quick to change the subject?~ϟ
Morson: ...Did something happen between you and him?~ϟ


Morson: So are you just keep doodling on my sheet music or are you gonna--~ϟ
Vihnie: ((GO back?))
Morson: Yeah?~ϟ
Vihnie: ((I'm waiting fOr yOu tO wake up))
Vihnie: ((It's nice tO wait fOr yOur guests tO leave))

Morson: But that doesn't make any sense~ϟ
Morson: this is MY respiteblock, you're the guest~ϟ

Vihnie: ((WOw, telling me tO scram))
Vihnie: ((HOw rude))

Morson: Fine, what do you suppose we talk about?~ϟ
Morson: The weather?~ϟ

Vihnie: ((Yes, the weathertrOll says 100% chance Of blue skies with numbers On them))
Vihnie: ((Ain't that exciting?))

Morson: -__- ~ϟ
Vihnie: ((We shOuld talk abOut something nOt bOring))
Morson: Ok~ϟ
Morson: What's Rodard like?~ϟ

Vihnie: ((Um...well..))


Seleen: He can finally have a sense of composure--★☾


Seleen: I'm really proud of how he's beginning to put everything behind him--★☾


Seleen: Maybe my words finally pierced that stubborn skull of his--★☾
Seleen: And he's trying to find the words to say sorry--★☾


Seleen: Erm...hello Actaea--★☾
Actaea: Hey Seleen!
Actaea: (|) was go(|)ng to go look for you!

Seleen: You were!?--★☾
Seleen: Oh well, here I am...I suppose!--★☾

Actaea: Where's Haeton?
Actaea: You guys are so pale (|)t's l(|)ke you're joined at the h(|)p!
Actaea: (|)t's odd to see you two apart.

Lutark: oh he didn't disappeAr!
Lutark: i see him riiiight over there fAr AwAy!

Seleen: Ohh well, he told me to leave him alone to think--★☾
Seleen: Gotta respect someone's space, you know--★☾

Actaea: Wow, someone could learn a th(|)ng from you, Seleen.
Actaea: (|)t's really n(|)ce that you're giving h(|)m room to th(|)nk.
Lutark: :{
Seleen: I think he's finally warming up though--★☾
Seleen: To forgiving everyone--★☾

"Rodard: Go clean up your things."

Lutark: so um...since rodArd and vihnie Are probAbly gonnA be getting bAck together AgAin...
Lutark: why don't me And you try And redo our--

Actaea: The day (|) go out w(|)th you again (|)s the day everyone's eyes are yellow aga(|)n.
Lutark: Ah but but we're deAd!
Lutark: thAt's never gonnA hAppen silly!

Actaea: Yeah.
Actaea: Just l(|)ke our relat(|)onsh(|)p.
Actaea: S(|)lly! >:)


Actaea: Look, V(|)hn(|)e feels so gu(|)lty for everyth(|)ng that's happened between the two of you with your horns.
Actaea: She's been pushing you away because she's afra(|)d of hurt(|)ng you aga(|)n.
Acatea: But you both broke up for a s(|)lly reason (|)n the end and you can't just--leave (|)t like th(|)s.
Actaea: She st(|)ll thinks about you a lot, you know.

Rodard: <>":)"<>
Lutark: i wAs sAying the sAme thing!
Lutark: except with pAstA

Actaea: Have fa(|)th (|)n yourself Rodard, and when she comes back just be honest.
Actaea: And (|)f you ever feel your knees a-shaking you come stra(|)ght to me.
Actaea: (|)'ll make you so hopeful that you'll have enough courage to talk to her a m(|)llion t(|)mes.

Rodard: <>"Thank you both."<>
Rodard: <>"F-for the support I mean."<>
Rodard: <>"Ok well, I need to clean up my typewriter."<>
Rodard: <>"Then I need to plan what I'm going to s-say so..."<>
Rodard: <>"Wish me luck."<>


Lutark: do you know how pAinful it is to wAtch you guys not be with eAchother?
Lutark: it's like eAting mAcAroni without the cheese!
Lutark: so you end up with some sAd bowl of mAc and nothing and you're there wishing
Lutark: dAmn, this mac looks so fucking sAd, it needs some cheese

Rodard: <>"Pardon, am I the pasta in this metaphor or am I the cheese?"<>
Lutark: well I dunno dude, youre both looking like p sAd noodles either way
Rodard: <>"Oh..."<>


Actaea: OH shut the hell up, you asshole!
Rodard: <>"NO!"<>
Rodard: <>"I'm feeling blood rush to my face!"<>
Rodard: <>"That is most certainly not what occurred during my trip away from here!"<>
Rodard: <>" And stop speaking of such lewd and awful things about Vihnie, that's absolutely disrespectful"<>
Rodard: <>"I told you already that I haven't seen her!<>
Rosard: <>"Not since she scolded me about wasting valuable time with a descendant, anyways."<>
Rodard: <>"I do...wish to talk to her though."<>
Rodard: <>"I have a lot of things on my mind."<>
Rodard: <>"I've recently had an adventure on my own"<>
Rodard: <>"The whole experience has given me a lot of time to think...and I just want to make things right between us"<>

Actaea: Then do (|)t Rodard.
Actaea: (|) think (|)t's about t(|)me you two formally talked.
Actaea: Whenever she gets back (|)'ll leave the two of you alone to chat.

Lutark: i won't
Actaea: :/


Rodard: <>"Okay okay you can stop hugging me so...tightly."<>
Rodard: <>"Goodness..."<>
Lutark: don't sneAk off 1ike thAt okAy 1 missed you
Rodard: <>"How long was I even gone?"<>
Lutark: it fe1t 1ike forever.
Actaea: Well (|)'m glad th(|)s (|)s all settled!
Actaea: And speaking of, V(|)hn(|)e...wasn't w(|)th you on your short d(|)sappearance...was she?
Rodard: <>"No."<>
Actaea: (|) need someone to theor(|)ze w(|)th, (|) suppose (|) could ask Seleen though!
Lutark: pfft i betchA they were mackin' some serious 1ip hahaha.
Lutark: hmm but his fAce is a11 clean though.
Lutark: Vihnie's cheAp 1ipstick should've left some mArks on his face!
Lutark: did she kiss you somewhere else...rodArd? ;}
Lutark: hAhA!

"Lutark: Turn around."

Lutark: !!!!!!
Lutark: RODARD!!!!

Rodard: <>"Hello, Lu!"<>


Lutark: no but that's just it, i cAn't!
Lutark: i cAn't see their souls Anymore!
Lutark: it's like they've stopped existing Altogether and i'm scAred!
Lutark: i'm really scAred ActAeA And i don't know whAt i'm supposed to do!

Actaea: How about you try turn(|)ng around?
Lutark: turning whAt?

"Actaea: Reluctantly turn around."

Lutark: hiyA ActAeA!
Actaea: Oh well, who are you? :/.
Lutark: Aww come on your memory's not thAt bad!
Lutark: you must know me, lutArk?

Actaea: Lutark?
Actaea: What Lutark?

Lutark: could you stop being bitter for just A minute pleAse?
Lutark: i mAde myself A rule
Lutark: About being considerAte And not tA1king to you for At leAst whAt fe1t 1ike A sweep
Lutark: becAuse we broke up And I wAnnA respect your spAce

Actaea: Good job, you should follow that rule.
Actaea: (|)'m busy th(|)nk(|)ng, now go away.

Lutark: but this is An urgent situAtion so I hAd to mAke An exception
Actaea: Sod off.
Lutark: hAhA okAy with the p1Ant puns, funny!
Lutark: okAy so...hAve you seen vihnie And/or rodArd?

Actaea: :|
Lutark: Awww come on ActAeA
Lutark: whAt...stomAtA?
Lutark: pffftt get it?
Lutark: stomAtA? CAuse it sounds 1ike "whAt's the mAtter?"
Lutark: And cAuse stomAtA's A pArt of A plAnt?
Lutark: And you 1ike plAnts?

Actaea: (|)f (|) still had pup(|)ls you'd see me rolling my eyes r(|)ght now.
Lutark: well vihnie And rodArd hAve gone missing.
Lurark: i cAme here to get some Answers since i've Already Asked hAeton and seleen And you're my lAst person to Ask!
Lutark: i wouldn't be bothering you if i wAsnt stArting to get worried out of my mind here

Actaea: Ahah oh yeah because you're usually bother(|)ng Rodard, got (|)t.
Lutark: well...
Actaea: Lutark, why are you worried?
Actaea: Where the hell would V(|)hnie and Rodard go?
Actaea: You can't leave th(|)s place, we've tr(|)ed, remember?
Actaea: If your th(|)nkpan weren't so dense, you'd probably be smart and use your seer powers to get the(|)r locat(|)on.


Actaea: Oh, screw me.


Actaea: Now that (|)'m looking at th(|)s aga(|)n, (|)'m not even sure (|)f (|) was head(|)ng down the r(|)ght path.
Actaea: Maybe (|)t's cause (|) kept erasing my (|)deas and got frustrated halfway through th(|)s.
Actaea: There's so much more to our descendants than that (|) can come up with (|)n my head!
Actaea: Th(|)s (|)s all theoret(|)cal, and maybe (|)'m way off...
Actaea: Maybe (|) should've talked to someone about (|)t, (|) could've collected more data.
Actaea: (|)t's hard to make a good guess when you haven't actually met them (|)n person...

Lutark: heyy beAutiful~


Actaea: Hmm...




Ollapa: :(!!

"Ollapa: Wake up in the present."

Ollapa: ...



Alleph: Now WAKE UP!


Alleph: And αgαin...I'm sorry too, Ollαpα.
Alleph: I'll miss you, I hope you know thαt.
Alleph: Don't forget αbout whαt I tαlked αbout.

Ollapa: Alleph wait--


Ollapa: θh nθ...
Alleph: He hαs to go, now!
Ellata: but--
Alleph: I think he'll be ok, he cαn god tier the other you in his timeline if he needs to.
Alleph: We cαn't tαke the risk thαt this plαce goes and Ollαpα dissαpeαrs with us!

Ellata: ok!
Alleph: Ollαpα, do me α huge fαvor αnd pleαse tell Morson thαt I'm sorry for everything.
Alleph: Tell him I'm sorry αnd thαt I wαs the biggest ignorαmus in the whole universe.

"Ellata: Heal Ollapa."

Ellata: when I'm done you need to get out of here before the vIrus gets to you.
Ollapa: But what abθut yθu twθ?
Ollapa: And what was that blue figure?
Ollapa: Hθw are yθu going tθ--

Ellata: don't worry about It, we'll take care of It somehow!
Alleph: Just help us win this gαme αnd tαke cαre of thαt virus being!
Alleph: I don't think we'll be αble to stop them together becαuse we're not αs strong here!
Alleph: And they sαid their business wαsn't with us, so you hαve to go wαrn everyone in your session!

Ollapa: I feel as if this place is getting mθre unstable by the secθnd!
Ellata: the vIrus said It's fallIng we may not have much tIme!
Alleph: Are you αlmost done Ellαtα?
Ellata: that vIrus really messed Ollapa up!
Ellata: and since I'm glItchIng up, thIs the fastest I can heal!
Ellata: which Isn't very fast at all, I belIeve!




Beitus: WHO'S DO%NG TH%S?
Beitus: W-WHAT ARE YOU!!!!????


Beitus: HRK!!
Alleph: Ellαtα, quickly!
Ellata: way ahead of you!


Beitus: Th%s %s the end of the mellow stroll down th%s sess%on
Beitus: Now THAT I'm here, you ALL CAN PREPARE...
Beitus: For the beg%nn%ng of the en--


Beitus: % MADE A DEAL with nohmyt
Beitus: To MAKE th%s session A lot more %nterest%ng
Beitus: AND of course % AGREED, BECAUSE not only do % HATE you ALL...but BECAUSE % WAS T%RED OF h%d%ng my RAGE!!!!
Beitus: Look AT me now, look at th%s PLACE, just BECAUSE %'m here %t's TEARING %TSELF APART!!
Beitus: %MAGINE %f % HAPPENED to get ANGRY, w%ll th%s PLACE %mplode on %tself????
Beitus: WHO KNOWS!!!!
Beitus: % couldn't give A s%ngle DAMN ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS


Beitus: You WANT me to MAKE A whole speech AβOUT my motives?
Beitus: It's too EARLY for THAT!!
Beitus: Not A PART of this GAME????
Beitus: I AM now!!!!
Beitus: % WASNT supposed to MAKE A stop here but---% d%dnt want ol' seer βoy here to remember th%ngs he shouldnt!
Beitus: Not unt%l %'m done sett%ng the stage

Alleph: The stage for what?
Beitus: HA!
Beitus: L%ke th%s concerns you, ALLEPH, you're DEAD
Beitus: You can't help ANYONE
Beitus: AND you CERTA%NLY AREN'T going to know, not th%s t%mel%ne vers%on of you ANYWAY
Beitus: You're done w%th th%s GAME
Beitus: You're A HEARTLESS killer, ALLEPH!
Beitus: % know AβOUT WHAT you d%d
Beitus: You deserve to rot %n th%s PLACE
Beitus: "Oh now that %'m DEAD % LEARNED soooo much AβOUT fr%endsh%p"
Beitus: You're wrong, ALLEPH, fr%ends MAKE you WEAK.
Beitus: %'m βetter THAN ALL three of you comβ%ned!!

Ellata: well that would explaIn why you're such an asshole.
Beitus: βut anyways, my op%n%ons on fr%endsh%p AREN'T WHAT MADE me A v%rus
Beitus: THAT'D be A useless REASON!!!!

Alleph: You becαme α virus...?
Beitus: Sounds...FAR-fetched, βut %t WAS completely poss%βle!!!!


Alleph: I commαnd you to Let Ellαtα go!
Beitus: AH yes, you "COMMAND" me
Beitus: You're one of the ALLEPH'S THAT god t%ered, how prec%ous!
Beitus: Doesnt work on me though, Ch%ef!
Beitus: %'m completely %mmune to your power
Beitus: You CAN'T tell me what to do!!!!
Beitus: %f % told you how that WAS poss%ble...well...
Beitus: THAT would suck the fun out of th%ngs, now wouldn't %t?

Alleph: Whαt could you possibly wαnt!?
Alleph: You're...not α pαrt of this gαme, αre you?


Beitus: THANKS for LEAD%NG ME r%ght to you two
Beitus: Oh ELLATA help us, help us βoth we're so helpless
Beitus: WEAK!
Beitus: She CAN'T help you now, you see...she's A β%t t%ed up AT the moment
Beitus: βoy, %s th%s PLACE the p%ts!
Beitus: % OVERHEARD your l%ttle convo
Beitus: %'d like to clear up that all of th%s mess %s my FAULT
Beitus: Not sorry AβOUT THAT, though!!
Beitus: So hello FLUFFβALL
Beitus: AND hello ALLEPH!
Beitus: % don't βel%eve we've met yet
Beitus: Well TECHN%CALLY we HAVE %n A WAY
Beitus: βut % CAN'T REALLY EXPLA%N THAT unt%l LATER...

Alleph: Who αre you?
Beitus: D%dn't % just SAY THAT % couldn't tell you?
Beitus: % don't l%ke REPEATING myself

Ollapa: Have we met befθre...really?
Beitus: HAHAHA wow, %t REALLY did work!
Beitus: See, come on tell me WHAT my REAL NAME %s
Beitus: AMUSE me, GREAT seer of vo%d!!
Beitus: Sp%ll ALL of the secrets!!!!

Ollapa: ...I can't.
Beitus: H%LAR%OUS!!!!!!


Beitus: Hehehehehehehehe
Beitus: Well % guess we CAN ALL AGREE now THAT THAT WAS the stup%dest move you could've done ever!!!!

Alleph: !!!!
Ollapa: !!!!


Alleph: ELLATA!


Ollapa: Yθu said--!!
Alleph: Yes, I sαid friends, not "comrαdes".
Alleph: Don't rub it in.
Alleph: Thαt's α lesson my other self from your timeline hαs to leαrn too.
Alleph: I wαs too insecure αbout the two of you leαving I treαted you like subordinαtes insteαd of people.
Alleph: But honestly, it wαs thαt very fαct wαs pushing you αwαy, I wαs holding onto the both of you so tightly αnd bossing you αround thαt you felt thαt I wαs your--

Ollapa: Chief?
Alleph: More like α tyrαnt, I'm no chief...ironicαlly.
Alleph: Chiefs αre leαders αnd I wαs certαinly no leαder.
Alleph: You both need freedom to mαke your own choices, now thαt you're sepαrαted.
Alleph: And I need to trust the two of you to mαke those choices.
Alleph: I wish I didn't hαve to be deαd to hαve reαlized thαt.

Ollapa: :)
Ollapa: Sθ where's Ellata?
Ollapa: I mean the gθd tiered θne, θf cθurse.

Alleph: She should be in her dreαm αreα, but since everything's mish mαshed here she could be αnywhere.


Alleph: It'd be α shαme if she'd gone missing too.
Ollapa: Yθu seem like yθu had a lθt θf time tθ think abθut it thθugh.
Ollapa: I mean what yθu've dθne.

Alleph: Well yes I meαn you cαn't exαctly feel how long you've been deαd since---
Alleph: *sigh* Enough soppy sαd tαlk.
Alleph: Let's get moving before I get worse αnd cαn't use my powers to wαke you up.

Ollapa: But wait!
Ollapa: If yθu're the Alleph frθm that timeline...

Alleph: Yes?
Ollapa: If...yθu were the θnly θne left hθw'd yθu end up here?
Alleph: How do you think?
Ollapa: ...
Alleph: I don't wαnt to get into αny useless detαils
Alleph: The only importαnt thing is thαt I'm here becαuse it ruled out "Just", surprisingly.
Alleph: But...I αm sorry, Ollαpα, for killing everyone.
Alleph: I wαs α fool.

Ollapa: But yθu're better nθw, I mean here and--
Alleph: I kind of wαnt to go bαck αnd slαp myself in the fαce but yes, for the most pαrt I believe I'm ok with being deαd.
Alleph: Becαuse I know we hαve α fighting chαnce with Teslαα out there fixing things up.

Ollapa: But what abθut the glitching?
Alleph: Yes everything wαs ok until the glitching.
Alleph: Nothing's reαlly bαd when you reαlize you'll αlwαys hαve others who cαre αbout you.
Alleph: Like friends.
Alleph: It wαs getting rαther lonely without the two of you.


Alleph: No wαit, you idiot, you're supposed to sαy "Yeαh, you messed up reαlly bαd" αnd then berαte me!
Alleph: You're supposed to tell me I wαs impulsive αnd bαd αnd whαt I did wαs αbsolutely unjustified!!!

Ollapa: Um.
Ollapa: θk.
Ollapa: What yθu did was unjustified.

Alleph: Urgh!
Alleph: I suppose thαt wαs Anαiαd's job mostly...wαsn't it?
Alleph: You're no good αt it!

Ollapa: Sθrry...
Alleph: No, don't αpologize!
Alleph: It's just thαt I hαven't seen her αround in αwhile, I thought looking in her deαd dreαm αreα would've led me to her but nothing.
Alleph: She wαs...αlwαys good αt telling me off!
Alleph: I'm just frustrαted αt myself becαuse I cαn't seem to find her αnywhere!


Alleph: Well, being the genius thαt I αm... I mαy hαve αn ideα.
Alleph: Since Rhodos is α Sylph she cαn pαtch you up αnd then you cαn heαd bαck to your timeline.

Ollapa: θh yes, she's a sylph player!
Ollapa: I fθrgθt.

Alleph: Of course you forgot, you ninny.
Alleph: Whαtever or whoever did this to the deαd plαyer αreα obviously doesn't wαnt you pαrt of the picture.
Alleph: Thαt αnd I wouldn't hαve to be explαining whαt's going on right now.
Alleph: Since you're supposed to know everything we don't know.
Alleph: The culprit probαbly got to your god tiered self in your timeline αnd mαde your thinkpαn αll wonky!

Ollapa: Yθu're right!
Ollapa: I think I was lθθking fθr sθmething and pθwers stθpped wθrking.

Alleph: Whαtever you were looking for probαbly is close the αnswer αs to why αll of this wαs hαppening.
Alleph: We need to get to the bottom of this so you cαn heαd bαck αnd help everyone.
Alleph: I'll αdmit I messed up bαd in my timeline but I'm trying to redeem myself.
Alleph: So I'll help you to the best of my αbility!

Ollapa: Yθu...messed up?
Alleph: I'm the Αlleph from thαt timeline...
Alleph: The one who killed everyone, except Teslαα...who timetrαveled αwαy.
Alleph: I'm...I'm sorry.
Alleph: It'll be hαrd to forgive me, so I'm just gonnα hαve to work αt it...won't I?
Ollapa: ...
Ollapa: I fθrgive yθu, Alleph.

Alleph: Oh.


Ollapa: Eep!
Ollapa: My eyes!

Alleph: Yes, your eyes αre αbout αs glitchy αs this plαce.
Alleph: You look αbsolutely horrid!
Alleph: For some reαson it's been getting reαlly messed up here.
Alleph: And some of us hαve been disαppeαring for no reαson.

Ollapa: Will I disappear?
Ollapa: I need tθ gθ back tθ my session, and well--

Alleph: I don't know.
Alleph: It's only been hαppening to us deαd plαyers so fαr, αnd we don't know why!
Alleph: Your body isn't glitching up αs bαd αs mine, sαve for your eyes.
Alleph: It's odd becαuse your other deαd selves were some of the first to disαppeαr...the ones thαt god tiered αnywαys.
Alleph: I hαve no ideα whαt's going on but I don't like it one bit!

Ollapa: I gθd tiered as well!
Ollapa: It's just that my visiθns been blurry and my pθwers seem tθ be put θut θf actiθn!

Alleph: Thαt's odd.
Ollapa: I was hθping that sleep wθuld help, but I guess in here my prθblem is mθre visible than it was when I was awake.
Ollapa: Cθuld yθu perhaps help me Alleph, please?
Ollapa: I feel rather helpless!


Ollapa: Alleph?
Alleph: In the ghostly flesh!
Alleph: I'm guessing you fell αsleep?

Ollapa: Wait...hθw is it that I dθn't lθθk well?
Ollapa: I have a headache but it's nθt like--

Alleph: Ugh, just...
Alleph: It's better if you look yourself.
Alleph: Get up.
Alleph: Tαke α look in thαt mirror over there.


Alleph: Finαlly, you're up.
Alleph: You don't look so good, Sulise.
Alleph: But then αgαin, neither do I.
Alleph: I cαn't possibly know whαt hαppened to you in your timeline.
Alleph: But nonetheless, seeing you is comforting to sαy the leαst.
Alleph: I meαn αfter everything thαt's been going on αround here.
Alleph: You αlright?

"Be Ollapa half an hour in the past."

??????: Hey!
??????: Wαke up!
??????: Come on you blue-blooded buffoon, you need to wαke up!
??????: Don't you dαre mαke me kick you!

"Cyrill: Look out the Window."

Cyrill: ωhat's up?
Morson: Something's wrong...something's really wrong
Morson: Shit

Cyrill: my land's...glitching up?
Morson: Yeah, that's...
Morson: Not supposed to happen
Morson: At all
Morson: You need to tell Ellata right now to wake Ollapa up!
Morson: This may be an emergency!


Morson: What the hell!?!?!?!?
Cyrill: !?!?!?


Cyrill: i'm not really sure hoω i'm supposed to give it my all.
Cyrill: maybe it ωon't be enough?
Cyrill: i've been trying to stay positive throughout the beginning of this thing, morson.
Cyrill: and i've been trying to stay positive for you and ellata especially but it's hard.
Cyrill: i'm not helpful!
Cyrill: or responsible for that matter!
Cyrill: i'm disorganized!
Cyrill: but gosh i ωish i could pull my oωn ωeight and be helpful.
Cyrill: i ωish i could tell you this instead of having to bottle it up like i usually do.
Cyrill: but i don't ωant to make you upset or ωorried about me.
Cyrill: you're already here from another timeline and are probably ωorried about a million other things and me being a self-doubting pest shouldn't be one of them.
Cyrill: if i had a even a shred of responsibility and direction to lead like you do then maybe i ωouldn't be so unpleasant--


Morson: Anyways, getting back on topic
Morson: Ollapa can't be down and out, my powers as a mage aren't precise enough to gage what's gonna happen in the session
Morson: Hopefully Ellata got your message and replies soon
Morson: Something bad can happen and if we don't have him on watch it'll get harder to keep this timeline on track
Morson: And let's not forget that the frogs need to be collected and we have to go back to everyone's planets and finish quests...
Morson: We need him to ensure everyone's safety, and everyone needs to give it their all!

Cyrill: ...ok
Cyrill: ...


Cyrill: just don't keep any more secrets from me, ok?
Cyrill: haha i mean it's not like you are, you're one of my best friends after all!
Cyrill: i trust you.

Morson: M-mhmm~ ϟ


Cyrill: no
Cyrill: i'm sure you had your reasons for lying to me
Cyrill: even though it ωasn't technically lying?
Cyrill: you never said you ωere this timeline's morson.
Cyrill: and you had to tell me that eventually, right?
Cyrill: it's not something you could've hidden forever.

Morson: Oh that's...a relief
Morson: But I guess I should do the respectful thing and give you this scarf back
Morson: After all, this should be for your Morson, not me
Morson: It wasn't mine to begin with and--

Cyrill: no keep it on, that ωay i can tell the difference betωeen you two ωhen ωe meet up!
Cyrill: ωhich, by the ωay, i can't imagine how that'll go.

Morson: But it wasn't meant for me, Cyrill, it's ok
Cyrill: oh my gosh yes it ωas!
Cyrill: because you ωere a big help to me.

"Cyrill: Go upstairs and check your messages."

[Cyrill and Morson read Ellata's messages from earlier on]

Cyrill: ah ellata ωas trying to talk to me!
Cyrill: i feel bad, i haven't talked to her in forever!

Morson: Ollapa's sleeping
Morson: That's kind of inconvenient
Morson: Can you ask her what she meant by Ollapa's powers being "back"?
Morson: She didn't...really clarify what was wrong :/

Cyrill: he god tiered already?!
Cyrill: ωas that because you told him hoω to?

Morson: Yes, but you have to keep that a secret from Alleph
Morson: Alleph can't god tier now because I don't trust him with his powers
Morson: At least not while he's arrogant and unconcerned with everyone's well being

Cyrill: is that ωhy ωe failed in your timeline?
Morson: In one way, yes
Morson: But it's nothing we should worry about
Morson: Anaiad and Ollapa can help him realize he's going about treating people the wrong way.
Morson: It's all taken care of

Cyrill: hokie pokie, you're the boss.
Morson: Cy, I have a question
Cyrill: yes?
Morson: Are you...
Morson: Mad at me for lying to you about who I am?
Morson: I mean lying about not being from this timeline.


Chihuahuasprite: Honey, Ellata's been messaging you, but the sound's been turned down really low.
Chihuahuasprite: Are you busy?
Cyrill: no!

Morson: Oops
Morson: I turned the volume low so you could get some sleep without the computer pinging all the time

Cyrill: ωell then hoω are ωe supposed to hear ellata then? -ω-
Morson: Honest mistake?
Morson: I forgot to turn it back up
Morson: Anyways, we better go check that out
Morson: It's probably been going off for the past couple of minutes

Cyrill: okay.

"Mage: Be interrupted. "


Morson: I've been through enough timelines to get information on the things that tip the session to go bad and I'm pretty sure I know how to get out
Morson: That's why I came here to fix this game, because I want you all to get out of here
Morson: And for us to get out I need you to trust me, Cy
Morson: Do you trust me?


Cyrill: if you're from a different timeline...ωhy are you here?
Cyrill: ωhat happened to the "other timeline" everyone else?

Morson: ......
Morson: Cyrill it's such a long story, let's just say things go so wrong
Morson: So so very wrong and it hard to try and stop
Morson: I can't even begin to tell you how horrible things go because I don't want to make you upset
Morson: You shouldn't worry about what's happened
Morson: You should focus on what needs to happen here and now in this timeline

Cyrill: and you knoω ωhat needs to happen?
Morson: Yes


Morson: Cy don't apologize, please
Morson: It's...I was scared of telling you--but it's not that bad that you know I guess...
Morson: I just--never got any information that you would've found out in this I was surprised
Morson: If anything, I should be sorry for making a mess

Cyrill: my rooms already a mess morson, one cheesy stain isn't going to make it any ωorse--or better.
Morson: Still, we could at least try to clean it up
Chihuahuasprite: I'll take care of that, I'll go soap up the rest of that mess upstairs!
Morson: Thank you
Morson: But anyways, that--thing you told me...the guy
Morson: "ancestor"?
Morson: That's...
Morson: I've never heard of ancestors through any sort of timeline at all

Cyrill: but i'm not making it up!
Cyrill: i knoω what i saω!

Morson: Cy, I know that you'd never lie to me
Morson: But ghosts aren't supposed to be on Prospit or Derse
Morson: They're supposed to stay dead and ghostly in a different area
Morson: And I've seen different versions of failed timelines of our dead friends
Morson: It's sad, but when god tiers or dead dream selves sleep they see everyone who's died.
Morson: I've never ran into any so-called "ancestors" at all while I've slept and I'm just worried

Cyrill: but he seemed so nice and he looked kind of like you!
Cyrill: i don't think he'd ever be bad neωs!
Cyrill: plus he mentioned something about the game getting all glitchy i think, ωhich is ωhat alloωed him to stay on prospit!

Morson: Well if he had the kindness to give you a guide I'm sure he couldn't be some sort of enemy that would kill your dream self
Morson: But I need to talk to Ollapa about this, maybe he can clear some info up that I can't specifically get as a Mage
Morson: If we really do have ancestors that are ghosts then maybe we can ask them how their session went

Cyrill: but ωhat about you?!
Morson: What about me?

"Cyrill: Explain everything to the timetraveler."

Cyrill: ωell rodard's your ancestor and um...
Cyrill: he talked to me on prospit.
Cyrill: he ωas a ghost, but he ωasn't very spooky.
Cyrill: he told me everything about god tiering and ωrote me a cool guide on the game!
Cyrill: and i told him about you and...he said that you ωere too fast in getting through the game.
Cyrill: so that's ωhy i asked about you being a time traveler...and ωhy you dropped the macaroni on the floor---i'm so sorry...
Cyrill: ωas it supposed to be a secret?


Beitus: Heheheheheheheh


Beitus: Kill ALL of them
Beitus: Oh yes AND you should go to Prosp%t AS well
Beitus: Kill everyone there too
Beitus: There's ANOTHER ANNOYING player on THAT moon THAT HAPPENED to FALL into one of the s%x "SPEC%AL" CLASSES in the GAME
Beitus: %'ll never UNDERSTAND the L%ZARD'S REASON%NG for ASS%GNING CLASSES βASED on some stup%d sh%t l%ke PERSONAL%TY but who CARES!
Beitus: My IQ %sn't over 1000 l%ke Nohmyt's is, % can't ARGUE with h%s methods
Beitus: The only concern % HAVE %s THAT everyone's DREAMSELVES ARE EL%M%NATED %MMED%ATELY
Beitus: THAT WAY the rema%n%ng two "SPEC%AL" CLASSES that d%dn't show up %n the prev%ous sess%on don't become A G%ANT βother to my PLANS.
Beitus: ...
Beitus: No % don't know WHAT the other two CLASSES ARE!!
Beitus: THAT doesn't MEAN % CAN'T find out!
Beitus: Until then, % don't WANT to r%sk %t, %'m no fool!!
Beitus: There's s%x "SPECIAL" CLASSES TOTAL, AND there were four THAT showed up %n the prev%ous sess%on
Beitus: That makes two %n th%s sess%on.
Beitus: %'m not AN %d%ot
Beitus: % know Nohmyt well enough to see he l%kes conduct%ng exper%ments
Beitus: He's not going to PROGRAM s%x CLASSES βack %nto the GAME w%thout see%ng WHAT they're ALL l%ke, that would be A WASTE
Beitus: Now why ARE you ALL st%ll STAND%NG here?
Beitus: GO!!
Beitus: %'ve got things to do!!!!


Beitus: % HAVE A TASK for the four of you, you see there are some...
Beitus: ANNOYANCES sleeping %n those three TALL towers that I would l%ke to be r%d of
Beitus: So %f you ALL could just do your th%ng, %t'll MAKE my job A whole lot EAS%ER


Beitus: Mess-up-the-GAME-ANY-further-my-ASS
Beitus: ...
Beitus: F%ne
Beitus: % don't need some lousy r%ng to help me with my PLANS
Beitus: For now, %'m st%ll FAR more powerful than ANYONE on th%s lousy moon!
Beitus: βut %'ll save the r%ng AS A souven%r of my work here
Beitus: Wh%ch rem%nds me...
Beitus: Oh βoys!


Nohmyt: Well
Nohmyt: I look forward to watching your plans play out...
Nohmyt: Remember what I said about keeping calm...
Nohmyt: If you manage to mess up the game any further I may be forced to take away your new powers
Nohmyt: Farewell...Beitus


Nohmyt: humorous
Nohmyt: Hehehehehe...
Beitus: Why %s THAT?
Nohmyt: You're still sticking to troll sounding nam--
Beitus: oh shut your HOLOGRAPH%C mouth!


Nohmyt: Also before I leave, I'd like to remind you again that your "transformation" has made this session unstable, and your anger is only making it worse
Nohmyt: If you plan to keep yourself "in the dark"
Nohmyt: You should mind your temper...
Nohmyt: That, or you could decrease the amount of stress you're putting on your current "disguise"
??????: oh HA
??????: %'m never go%ng βACK to the person % used to βe
??????: % w%ll HAVE to though...LATER on
??????: βut...don't CALL me by my NAME ANYMORE
??????: So from now on %'m...βe%tus

Nohmyt: Beitus...


Nohmyt: Oh well, I thought you would surely know better!
Nohmyt: The ring only works on carapaces
??????: you're k%dd%ng
Nohmyt: I rarely do
??????: Well then do your DAMN MAG%C
??????: AND MAKE %t work on me!!

Nohmyt: No
Nohmyt: You have to figure that out on your own
??????: WHY??!!??!!??
Nohmyt: You're a virus now, surely you can figure out how do it
??????: Well % could use my powers to f%nd out but you're just A DAMN HOLOGRAM now AREN'T you?
Nohmyt: The exact reason as to why I didn't transport myself into the game, yes
Nohmyt: God tier powers are useless against me as well as your new viral powers...
Nohmyt: No one can get information from me, that's precisely why I did this
Nohmyt: That's twice now that I'm telling you this
Nohmyt: Perhaps you missed the info while you were gloating over your petty accomplishments
??????: urgh....




??????: % got the r%ng AND % HAD A l%ttle fun here
??????: % WAS ALSO test%ng the extent of my powers
??????: % βel%eve th%s %s A pretty FA%R scenar%o
??????: So don't get ANGRY w%th me

Nohmyt: I'm not angry, the only one who seems to be bothered here is you...
Nohmyt: I am not going to criticize or compliment your work, I'm merely observing...
??????: Well you're go%ng to be ECSTAT%C
??????: % HAVE β%g PLANS com%ng AND % WANT your βulgy eyes to βe WATCH%NG every second unfold

Nohmyt: Well don't spoil me on the details
Nohmyt: I'll be watching the show, I am the moderator after all
??????: L%ttle quest%on though...
??????: βefore you go βACK to WATCH%NG everyone else...


??????: Don't you DARE ever CALL me a troll ever AGAIN!!
??????: THAT'S not WHAT % AM ANYMORE!!

Nohmyt: Well, you were never one to begin with exactly...
Nohmyt: But appearances, appearances...
Nohmyt: You don't look like one currently so--
??????: Don't you DARE SAY ANOTHER word ABOUT %t!!
??????: ugh
??????: WHAT could poss%bly MOT%VATE you to PROGRAM A HOLOGRAM for A v%s%t?

Nohmyt: I'm checking up on you
Nohmyt: Seeing as you've redecorated the palace here with the blood of Dersites...
??????: Well duh
??????: Murder %sn't EXACTLY A CLEAN joβ
??????: Or AT LEAST not A very fun one %f you MAKE %t CLEAN

Nohmyt: Didn't you only want the ring?

"??????: Greet your friend."

Nohmyt: If by "fun" you mean the massacre of the Black Queen and her civilians, then yes...
Nohmyt: Though I'm technically here in "spirit"
Nohmyt: This projection lets me interact with the game while being unnoticed
Nohmyt: That would make the game too easy, the Seer could possibly see into secrets and my plans and--
??????: You mean THAT HARMLESS l%ttle DANDELION puff?
??????: D%dn't you see WHAT % d%d to h%m?
??????: He CAN'T even READ h%s lousy CARDS ANYMORE!!
??????: WHATEVER %s a seer w%thout h%s s%ght??!!
??????: He's done!!

Nohmyt: Hmm...
??????: Well sorry but you m%ssed most of the fun, KAHNOHMYT, too βAD so SAD
Nohmyt: Don't address me by my real name
??????: AND why CAN'T %?
??????: WHAT %s %t w%th you CHAMORPHEONS and your lousy N%CKNAMES?

Nohmyt: It's a social expectation among my race, like how you trolls have romantic quadrants...


??????: Well well well!!
??????: Look who dec%ded to show up for the PARTY
??????: A l%ttle LATE ARE we?
??????: You m%ssed out on ALL of the fun


HF: I absolutely belIeve It!


HF: just watch, thIs game Is going to be a pIece of cake! :)


HF: he needs a major day at the park or somethIng when he gets back, serIously.
HF: unwInd and have some fun...I mean all of us do when we get back but--


HF: maybe alleph was overreactIng, maybe nohmyt Isn't as bad as we thought he was.
HF: I don't understand how alleph can be so ugh...
HF: uptIght?
HF: I talked to hIm earlIer and he dIdn't even wIsh me goodbye!


HF: or maybe It's cause we're In thIs game now, I have no Idea.
HF: there's no doubt that we'll make It out somehow though, I have a good feelIng about It!
HF: a couple of Imps here and there aren't bad, once ollapa's powers are back we'll go home In no tIme at all!
HF: I wonder how he dId It though,the god tIer thIng...
HF: Is It really that easy?
HF: to just want to accomplIsh the god tIerIng and do It?

"Ellata: Message Cyrill."

hypoFloromancy [HF] began trolling achromaticTerminate [AT]

HF: cyrIll!
HF: hey so um...ollapa kInda fell asleep
HF: I mean because I told hIm to and well, just tell morson he's sleepIng

achromaticTerminate [AT] has been idle for 17 minutes

HF: huh, maybe you're sleepIng too!
HF: heehee okay, well anyways...
HF: It seems lIke we're progressIng rather well!
HF: I made frIends wIth ollapa, I hope morson doesn't mInd?
HF: I know he doesn't lIke alleph all too well but I'm sure he won't mInd hIm.
HF: whenever you get back or wake up, tell me how everythIng Is goIng for you guys!
HF: I mIss you a whole ton!
HF: I mean I don't mInd the flora on my planet but, no place Is really home wIthout your frIends!
HF: I mean sure, morson wasn't really around wIth us back on alternIa but It's rather dIfferent here.
HF: I mean we...weren't exactly spendIng tIme together as frIends much sInce the kIte thIng but I dunno.
HF: actually a lot of thIngs are dIfferent.


Ellata: you've done a whole lot by yourself, though!
Ellata: and that's a start!
Ellata: I thInk you've gotten farther than anyone else so far In thIs game and you should be really proud of yourself!

Ollapa: Thanks Ellata. :)
Ollapa: I'll gθ take that nap right nθw.

Ellata: and I'll let morson know, don't worry, you'll be ok In no tIme!


Ollapa: Hey Ellata
Ellata: yes?
Ollapa: Dθ yθu know what's bad abθut being a Seer of Vθid?
Ollapa: It's all the secrets yθu see and well, yθu feel a bit selfish.

Ellata: how so?
Ollapa: Well my θwn secrets aren't θut there for everyθne tθ see...
Ollapa: And nothing's a secret tθ me!

Ellata: hmm...
Ellata: you could tell me a secret If It makes you feel better?
Ellata: but honestly If you're not comfortable wIth that I'm okay, secrets aren't a bIg deal!

Ollapa: Nθ, that's nθt a bad idea.
Ollapa: Well it's not exactly a secret but I've...
Ollapa: I've always admired hθw assertive Alleph is.

Ellata: I see.
Ollapa: I was never like that with Anaiad, I always let her dθ the hθbbies she wanted, even if they were dangerθus.
Ollapa: I've always wished that I cθuld have the guts tθ be authθritative!
Ollapa: And that maybe I cθuld dθ my θwn things and call the shθts!
Ollapa: I...I gθt walked θn all the time by anaiad even if she didn't mean it. :(
Ollapa: And maybe fθr θnce in my life I'd like tθ see what it's like tθ be in charge!


Ollapa: Are yθu my friend?
Ellata: I suppose so!
Ellata: that makes me your fIrst frIend on your own, huh?

Ollapa: Yes it dθes!
Ollapa: That makes me very glad!
Ollapa: Is friendship hard?

Ellata: well I dunno ollapa, I think It just depends on the person.
Ellata: but sInce you were frIends wIth alleph, I think you can handle about anyone at thIs poInt.

Ollapa: You thInk sθ?
Ellata: I'm positive!


Ellata: WHAT!?
Ellata: maybe you're just tIred, ollapa
Ellata: maybe you need to sleep there's absolutely no way that could just happen!

Ollapa: Tired?
Ellata: when was the last tIme you got a nIce nap?
Ollapa: ...awhile.
Ellata: well that must be the problem!
Ellata: you should take a small seIsta and I'll stand watch.

Ollapa: θkay...I suppθse that's a gθθd idea.
Ollapa: Maybe I'm sθ tired my visiθn is faltering.

Ellata: yeah!
Ellata: when you wake up you'll be a whole lot better you'll see!
Ellata: I'm hopeful that It's just you being tIred!
Ellata: I told you, you were overdoIng your card thIngy and now you're probably draIned out!

Ollapa: Yθu're right, I' idiθt.
Ollapa: I'm sθrry fθr being bθthersθme.

Ellata: don't apologIze!
Ellata: you were just doing the rIght thing! :)
Ellata: while you nap I'll give tImey-morson the heads up, he needs to know that you're on a nap break.
Ellata: I'll tell cyrIll to relay a message to hIm for me.

Ollapa: Thank yθu fθr being such a gθθd friend Ellata.


Ellata: he what?
Ollapa: ...
Ellata: ...
Ellata: what's wrong?
Ellata: ...
Ellata: are you okay?

Ollapa: Ellata I can't see my cards.
Ollapa: I dθn't knθw what happened but...
Ollapa: I can't read a single θne.
Ollapa: My pθwers are gθne.


Ollapa: What did he say?
Ellata: he saId he's not far off...he thInks.
Ellata: he was kind of rude...?

Ollapa: He usually is but believe me, he...
Ollapa: ...

"Ellata: Troll PA."

hypoFloromancy [HF] began trolling pinnacledArrival [PA]

HF: hey are you guys here yet?
PA: Whαt do you think, Rhodos?
HF: well ollapa's on my planet and says "hellθ"
HF: he's...not feelIng too good.

PA: Well hmm, if you were sliced in hαlf αnd forced to suddenly wαlk on your own lonesome, you'd be pretty dαrn tired too!
PA: Not your fαult though, my αnger's with Nohmyt.
PA: Anywαys, we're doing the best we cαn.
PA: I got here less thαn hαlf αn hour αgo.
PA: I feel like we're close.
PA: But then I don't know αnything αbout this plαce.
PA: We could be miles αwαy from the portαl since we hαve no clue where it is.
PA: Plus it doesn't help thαt we hαve hordes of imps suddenly αttαcking us.
PA: At leαst now I hαve Anαiαd αs bαckup.
PA: How I hαte these wretched little--

HF: okay well let us know when you're over here.
HF: we're going to sIt It out and waIt until Ollapa doesn't feel sIck anymore
PA: If his being sick hαs to do with Teslαα's αmαteur wiring on those new limbs of his I'm going to--
HF: can you chIll out?
HF: ollapa's been wanderIng In caves for hours, who wouldn't feel exhausted?

PA: Fine.
PA: We'll contαct you when we αrrive.
PA: Tell Ollαpα I send my regαrds αnd thαt he should toughen up like the blueblood he is αnd shαke his fαtigue off.

pinnacledArrival [PA] left the conversation.

HF: yeah, It was nice talkIng to you too.


Ollapa: I think I'm gθing crazy.
Ollapa: Dθes this card lθθk θdd tθ yθu?

Ellata: no?
Ellata: It looks like any old regular card you have In your deck.

Ollapa: I can't seem tθ fθcus my cards anymθre.
Ollapa: They're all...
Ollapa: Fuzzy.

Ellata: maybe you need to rest your eyes.
Ellata: you're wearIng yourself out!

Ollapa: But Mθrsθn instructed me tθ keep an eye θn the sessioθn in case anything happens.
Ollapa: And my headache's subsided, but I'm just wθrried abθut--

Ellata: I'm sure a couple of mInutes of restIng won't kIll anyone.
Ellata: besides, he dIdn't say be on guard all the tIme.
Ellata: In the meantIme, I'll ask alleph how far he's off.

Ollapa: θkay, maybe you're right.
Ollapa: Please tell them "hellθ" fθr me if yθu can.


Ellata: huh?
Ellata: I could've sworn that...
Ellata: the sky...changed colors just now.

Ollapa: It did?
Ellata: you don't look so good, ollapa.
Ellata: are you sure you want to keep movIng?

Ollapa: I-I dθn't knθw


Haeton: â*so because i treated my powers like shit our session ended so badly huh
Haeton: â*i dont even know if that makes it better or worse

Seleen: Well Haeton you...made people happy--ââ¾
Seleen: Some people found love, Actaea found clarity, and I started on my quest in finding myself--ââ¾

Haeton: â*you cut your hair
Haeton: â*rhodos is still unfocused
Haeton: â*lamp's even more of an annoying asshole and vihn's still a bitch and so is tess
Haeton: â*oh and lets not forget the fact that we lost the game
Haeton: â*all of that...sounds really happy

Seleen: You look upset--ââ¾
Haeton: â*...
Haeton: â*dont i always look upset?
Haeton: â*youre nice leen but nothin you can say is going to help me fix what ive done to everyone
Haeton: â*i ruined everyones life because i was careless and i cant change that
Haeton: â*no use cryin over spilled milk
Haeton: â*not that im gonna cry or anything

Seleen: Well just so you know, you didn't ruin my life and that should count as something--ââ¾
Haeton: â*sure
Haeton: â*whatever
Haeton: â*lets ball or something
Haeton: â*talking about the past is stupid


Seleen: The feeling was addicting, forgetting about the game and indulging in secrets and things about ourselves we didn't really know at first or understand--ââ¾
Seleen: It would've been a good thing hadn't it been for losing ourselves instead of using it to our advantage--ââ¾
Seleen: We could've used it to find a way out--ââ¾
Seleen: But instead we trapped ourselves in--ââ¾


Seleen: You were eager to accept your role as a Sage of Void and started to experiment with your abilities--ââ¾
Seleen: Everything that was hidden was made available to us but we also became void ourselves--ââ¾
Seleen: Which is why you didn't catch on that Vihnie was getting fed up with you treating her like a prize and not a person--ââ¾
Seleen: The void made us lost and unclear--ââ¾
Seleen: We as a team became even more split off from each other and our goal than ever before--ââ¾
Seleen: Those who weren't strong enough lost focus--ââ¾
Seleen: And those who didn't eventually did--ââ¾


Seleen: But it wasn't YOUR secrets, Haeton--ââ¾
Seleen: That's not how your powers work!--ââ¾
Seleen: Anyways, you should stop dumping everything on yourself--ââ¾
Seleen: You sound like a big whiny grub right now--ââ¾
Seleen: It wasn't your fault, not directly at least--ââ¾
Seleen: It didn't help that we didn't know what your powers would do--ââ¾


Haeton: â*what about you? does it really matter?
Haeton: â*you need to stop bein so indecisive about yourself
Haeton: â*just do what feels right simple as that
Haeton: â*i just want what's best for you

Seleen: But you've done that in our session and you've ruined relationships between friends and people in general!--ââ¾
Haeton: â*well maybe its because honestly im a fucking asshole that does stupid shit before he thinks it out
Haeton: â*thats my problem not yours
Haeton: â*my issues aren't your issues because you're a decent person
Haeton: â*i'm not
Haeton: â*ill never get vihnie back and honestly i dont care
Haeton: â*i shouldnt be flushed with my anger outta control and these SHITTY POWERS showing everyone my secrets!


Seleen: How absolutely rude!--ââ¾
Seleen: This is most definitely not a phase nor is it me faking an identity!--ââ¾
Seleen: This is the real me!--ââ¾

Haeton: â*thats whatcha said with the last one
Haeton: â*the last leen you "were" didn't even use long words
Haeton: â*or read

Seleen: Well can't I suddenly pursue an interest in books and broaden my vocabulary without being attacked?--ââ¾
Haeton: â*uh yeah but i'm wondering if youre okay and not having an identity crisis!
Haeton: â*its not healthy seleen!

Seleen: ...--ââ¾
Seleen: I can't remember anything, Haeton--ââ¾
Seleen: I want to be myself as much as possible and I don't know how if I can!--ââ¾
Seleen: I mean, what am I?--ââ¾

Haeton: â*what are you?
Haeton: â*youre a troll and youre dead
Haeton: â*now quit worrying and get your head back in the game--ended game whatever

Seleen: But as a person, who am I?--ââ¾
Seleen: What meaning do I serve if I can't figure out what sort of life I had in the past?--ââ¾

Haeton: â*does the past matter all that much?
Seleen: Well to YOU it does!--ââ¾
Seleen: Since you seem to be DROWNING in it!--ââ¾


Haeton: â*so uh
Haeton: â*how long is this one gonna last?

Seleen: This what?--ââ¾
Haeton: â*you always go through phases and uh
Haeton: â*i know you gotta respect someone's fashion statements but
Haeton: â*youre tryin on so many different identities, it's getting weird
Haeton: â*like what are you right now, my shrink?
Haeton: â*you should try being yourself and stop acting like a bookgrubby smartass


Haeton: â*did you see that?
Seleen: No--ââ¾
Seleen: I was busy trying to think of another way to keep us busy--ââ¾
Seleen: I'm starting to run out of ideas--ââ¾
Haeton: â*well the sky went fizzy
Seleen: It did?--ââ¾
Haeton: â*YES it did leen
Haeton: â*i saw it with my own two ghostly eyes
Haeton: â*been here long enough to know that aint normal

Seleen: Well Nohmyt has already made substantial changes to this game, I'm sure flickering skies are just an odd side-effect--ââ¾
Haeton: â*whatever...
Seleen: I mean if I recall correctly a couple of things went oddly in our session as well--ââ¾
Haeton: â*i dont remember the flashy orange sky though
Seleen: It's probably no big deal--ââ¾
Haeton: â*fine

"Haeton: Look up."

Haeton: â*what the shit

"Nohmyt: Continue."

"Nohmyt: Return to your monitor."

But ultimately these outcomes what I love about being a moderator

Trial and error
This game can be done again and again
So many timelines and the possibilities are infinite

But this time I'll have a more "interesting" timeline
That was the deal between me and the Virus anyways
He seemed to know exactly what he wanted to do...

And before that, what he wanted to become


Absolutely nothing but to rot in the timeline all on his lonesome regretting every single thing that he had done

The killings were amusing but it didn't last too long
It was too quick

And watching him cry and shed tears isn't interesting at all

Power can do so much to a manipulative, lonely, troll that it prevents them from thinking clearly


And what about session "Alpha"?

Alleph eventually killed everyone off
What was left for him to do?



We should pretend it never happened...

"Nohmyt: Remember the other sessions."

For example, a different sort of power...
One that "accidentally" slips into the hands of a very...lively player and odd situations arise that cannot be explained in a way that makes sense

And I will never go into detail as to what occurred in this session

Because I regret ever programming that unsettling lollipop into the game
It was a huge waste of time


Well what did you expect my room to be like?
Full of jars with organs inside of them?

That's unpleasant and unnecessary
I only do what has to be done

Like decide if a timeline isn't worth watching or documenting
That sounds like a more interesting topic to talk about, doesn't it?

There's so many things one can do with this game
And there's so much power in being a moderator you can introduce any sort of specimen or object in the timeline and watch what happens

"[S] Nohmyt: Look around the room."

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="" width="864" height="628"></object>

This room here is mine while I run this game
It's much like my old room so I have no problem dwelling here

Yes we have a bed full of sand and rocks
And we are stocked up on what we need to eat
Like salad with croutons
And dressing

Isn't it fascinating?
Yes because everything looks very normal

It's surprising isn't it?


Well that's too bad because you don't have the ability to influence this story

Now how about we look around this room?




I wish to share with you some details of my planet

Aren't you curious as to what my race is like?
How we are far much more advanced than Alternians?

Aren't you?


Hmm what? I'm avoiding your questions?

Cant a simple "because I can" be the answer as to why I've put a virus into my own experiment?

Silly humans, always needing a reason for everything...
There just are some things that are not worth explaining at this moment

So for the time being I believe you're stuck with guessing
I suggest start going back to things that you have already seen happen that you might've missed...

Overlooking is perfectly normal

But no, not to Chamorpheons, we're too smart for that
Overlooking anything is very rare

"Nohmyt: Turn the lights on."

Well you must have a lot of questions rattling in your mind right now

Like "What the shit happened" Or

"What is he going to do"

Or exclamations such as

"Screw you Nohmyt! Fuck you, you sociopathic, scaly motherfucker"

Which would be partially incorrect as we Chamorpheons do not have mothers

And if we did we certainly would not engage in that of behavior because we our reproduction involves no fertilization of any sort

"Nohmyt: Apologize."

Oh dear me

It seems like my hands "slipped" and cut off your view a bit too early
I'm quite careless sometimes...

That or it could be that you've seen too much already
You need to keep yourself out of business that doesn't concern you

"But Nohmyt, whatever does that pesky virus think he's doing?"

Like I should know
I was only responsible for his creation, nothing else

I'm not controlling his actions

Like how unstable his presence in the game is
Have you seen what he was doing to the screen?


I am going to have a stern talk with him once he's done doing whatever he's doing

"[S] Infect."

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="" width="700" height="530"></object>

(CW: For flashing images/colors and glitchy effects!)




Cyrill: this might be a silly question but...
Cyrill: are you a time traveler?


Morson: ...Cy, are you sure you're okay?
Morson: You're a lot quieter than usual.
Morson: You can tell me what happened if something's up.
Morson: I know a lot about this game.

Cyrill: ...


Morson: You sure woke up in a panic.
Morson: I heard you yelling from downstairs.
Morson: Was Prospit too much for you or something?

Cyrill: ah morson...
Cyrill: ...Ïell...

Morson: You okay?
Cyrill: uh...
Morson: I don't see how Prospit could ever be bad but oh well.
Morson: It could be kinda overwhelming at first.
Morson: But Derse isn't a fun fair either.
Morson: There's these four idiots that come after you if you're not careful enough.

Cyrill: ...
Morson: Anyways here, Chihuama made us food.
Morson: It's your favorite!

Cyrill: ...


Morson: Looks like you're finally up.
Cyrill: ...!?

"Cyrill: Get out of your recuperacoon."

Cyrill: Ïell it's too late now.
Cyrill: he said he Ïould take off once i Ïoke up.
Cyrill: that's so sad though, he Ïas a really nice person!
Cyrill: maybe the game Ïill glitch up again and i can introduce morson to him.
Cyrill: i'm sure he'd like to meet him!
Cyrill: that and i can say sorry for--

"Cyrill: Wake up."

Cyrill: GAH!
Cyrill: That was so rude of me nononononononono!
Cyrill: Rodard I'm SO SORRY!
Cyrill: AHHHHHH!
Cyrill: NOOOOOO!!!!


Rodard: <>"Oh dear."<>
Cyrill: ...zzzZZ
Rodard: <>"I believe I've lost her."<>
Rodard: <>"I guess she's waking up."<>
Rodard: <>"..."<>
Rodard: <>"I better head back then since I'm done here."<>
Rodard: <>"I bet everyone's been looking for me."<>
Rodard: <>"It was certainly a pleasure talking to you Cyrill."<>
Rodard: <>"Sorry you woke up before we got to say our goodbyes! But I don't mind."<>
Rodard: <>"This was certainly exciting!"<>
Rodard: <>"Farewell!"<>


Cyrill: ...zzz
Rodard: <>"!!!"<>


Rodard: <>"Ah and there I go again!"<>
Rodard: <>"I believe you've had enough of my ramblings."<>
Rodard: <>"I'll be polite and wait until you make your departure, I don't want to worry you if I end up staying here forever."<>
Rodard: <>"You should get ahead on your session."<>
Rodard: <>"But if it doesn't work I'll still be here I suppose, drafting a story."<>
Rodard: <>"I suppose I could play around with the idea of an alternate world, or maybe I could just try and continue my latest piece about an adventure."<>
Rodard: <>"But anyways if I don't end up going back it's nothing to worry about."<>
Rodard: <>"The game's glitching up due to it being a poor copy of the original"<>
Rodard: <>"I should be zapped back once it gets back to normal!"<>


Rodard: <>"But you know all of this is good stuff."<>
Rodard: <>"It'll make a great story idea, a world where everything is flipped and done the other way around."<>
Rodard: <>"Where qualities of one being are flipped in the other world..."<>
Rodard: <>"That of course, will probably come after the novel I'm writing."<>
Rodard: <>"I'm about four-hundred and six pages in and it's a wonderfully planned adventure!"<>
Rodard: <>"I'd give you the details about how it's supposed to end but then that'd spoil the fun."<>
Rodard: <>"On another note, do you think Vihnie will believe me with the drawing you gave me?"<>
Rodard: <>"I mean I certainly have no artistic skill, nor does Lutark."<>
Rodard: <>"Well not in a realistic sort of sense, he's most of an abstract, one-with-the-world sort of guy."<>
Rodard: <>"If only you could meet him!"<>
Rodard: <>"He's like the most pleasant person aside from him getting nosy at times."<>
Rodard: <>"He's learning to not be, though."<>


Rodard: <>"But anyways, I suppose I should be going soon."<>
Rodard: <>"I've been wondering if this pin actually does take me back to my friends if I pull it off..."<>
Rodard: <>"I believe it's what brought me here in the first place."<>
Rodard: <>"I mean, I was typing away and talking to Lutark about...things and well it just sort of showed up out of nowhere around my belongings."<>
Rodard: <>"It's rather odd actually, shouldn't it have been a button for Derse?"
Rodard: <>"It would've made a lot more sense it matched with my moon."<>
Rodard: <>"Perhaps I could've met Morson, not that I'm not happy I got the chance to speak with you, it was rather intriguing and interesting to find out what Vihnie's descendant was like."<>
Rodard: <>"Complete opposite if you ask me, though not saying that the exact opposite qualities of Vihnie are bad..."<>
Rodard: <>"Nor am I stating that Vihnie's qualities are bad either I'm just saying that it's an interesting observation."<>
Rodard: <>"Like does this apply with all of our descendants or does is this just some sort of coincidence?"<>
Rodard: <>"But the way you describe Morson doesn't exactly mirror my traits at all."<>
Rodard: <>"At least I don't think so."<>
Rodard: <>"Morson seems like a nice fellow, with his drum banging and his invention making skills."<>


Rodard: <>"Morson's...on your planet?"<>
Cyrill: yup!
Rodard: <>"Already?"<>
Cyrill: like five minutes in!
Rodard: <>"That's...too fast."<>
Rodard: <>"Either he's quick at figuring things out or there's something else."<>
Rodard: <>"It can't be Nohmyt shape shifting since he's not part of the game."<>
Rodard: <>"... I believe besides his quick movement through the game the only other explanation is..."<>
Rodard: <>"There's a huge possibility that the Morson you're talking to is from another timeline."<>
Rodard: <>"If he is a time player, anyways."<>
Rodard: <>"I'm not sure if classpects correlate with our descendants."<>

Cyrill: is that...bad that he's here?
Rodard: <>"Well yes and no."<>
Rodard: <>"It probably means something was up in his session that made him come over here."<>
Rodard: <>"He should be able to guide you all in the right direction though, it's nothing to worry about."<>


Rodard: <>"I remember going frog collecting with Vihnie..."<>
Rodard: <>"And then I remember being horns I mean."<>
Rodard: <>"I mean there's bits I do remember but not enough to piece together something useful."<>
Rodard: <>"I do know and recognize my teammates and who they were in terms of relationships with them but when it comes to the game I just...I don't know?"<>
Rodard: <>"Maybe we've been dead for so long that my memory's becoming rather blurred."<>

Cyrill: amnesia maybe?
Rodard: <>"A major case of retrograde amnesia, maybe."<>
Rodard: <>"I really wish I could help you with actual first-hand memories of the game but I really can't seem to remember anything."<>

Cyrill: no no you did fine rodard!
Cyrill: you got us a guide and that's going to help us out a Ïhole ton!
Cyrill: plus i got morson helping me on my planet already so Ïe're at a good start!


Cyrill: hoω long did you guys stay in your session?
Cyrill: i mean ωe're not going to be in here for like fifty sωeeps, right?

Rodard: <>"I...don't remember?"<>
Rodard: <>"Well no one was moving maybe half a sweep?"<>
Rodard: <>"It felt like half a sweep, so it wasn't so bad."<>
Rodard: <>"We could've gone through the game faster though."<>
Rodard: <>"Our extra time there was partly due to more than half of the team not doing their part to advance towards the end."<>

Cyrill: do you remember hoω you all died?
Rodard: <>"Ah I don't...seem to recall that either."<>
Rodard: <>"Funny how I can remember all the way to generally get through the game yet my memories of our session are so blurry."<>

Cyrill: ωell then, ωhat DO you remember?
Cyrill: besides hoω this game ωorks i mean.
Cyrill: i'm a little ωorried.

"Rodard: Hand the sketchbook back."

Rodard: <>"I made sure not to erase any drawings, just the face was rewinded back to its original state."<>
Cyrill: it looks so neÏ!
Cyrill: and it smells neÏ too!
Cyrill: that's amazing!

Rodard: <>"Mm but I can't time travel."<>
Rodard: <>"That's the only thing I can't do."<>
Rodard: <>"Everything within range can be reversed and brought forward in time."<>
Rodard: <>"But not myself, believe me I've tried many times."<>
Rodard: <>"I don't ever remember seeing an alternate self in our session."<>
Rodard: <>"So we never got into the whole time thing."<>
Rodard: <>"But I guess that power is sort of useless now that me and my teammates are dead."<>

"Rodard: Rewind the cover."

Cyrill: oooooooo!


Rodard: <>"Now before I begin, I'm going to let you know that I'm not going to harm your sketchbook or make it explode."<>
Rodard: <>"I know how much journals or books mean to a person."<>
Rodard: <>"Since your sketchbook is well loved and worn out, I'm going to touch it up a bit."<>
Rodard: <>"My powers are very forgiving and this process can be undone if needed be or if I mess up, so there isn't much to worry about."<>


Rodard: <>"Say, how about I show you something?"<>
Cyrill: show me Ïhat?
Rodard: <>"My powers."<>
Rodard: <>"Not as amazing as Vihnie's but they're still quite fascinating."<>

Cyrill: Ïhat are you going to do?
Rodard: <>"Something cool."<>
Rodard: <>"Here, give me your sketchbook."<>


Rodard: <>"Well I guess..."<>
Rodard: <>"It wasn't exactly one of the best moments of my life but I'll save you the trouble of telling you the long story."<>
Rodard: <>"Someone got angry with me, VERY angry."<>
Rodard: <>"Even though someone made it clear that he was at fault for being a poor matesprit and left..."<>
Rodard: <>"He blamed it on well...yours truly."<>
Rodard: <>"Which led to him snapping my horns in half."<>

Cyrill: i' sorry.
Rodard: <>"Oh well it's history right now."<>
Rodard: <>"Plus my best friend did me a favor and saw right through the guy."<>
Rodard: <>"The guy who broke my horns feels guilty about the whole thing deep down, so he isn't a ruthless bully."<>
Rodard: <>"He hasn't apologized, but I have."<>
Rodard: <>"And I forgive him."<>

Cyrill: rodard you're so calm about Ïhat happened to you it's...
Rodard: <>"It's all fine."<>
Rodard: <>"The best thing you can do when someone hurts you is try to forgive them."<>
Rodard: <>"Grudges boil your insides and they're a horrible thing."<>
Rodard: <>"You should forgive, better yourself, and move on."<>

Cyrill: that's so nice!
Cyrill: oh if only you could talk to morson.
Cyrill: i think he needs someone to talk to about these things.
Cyrill: you'd be a great influence.

Rodard: <>"Ah, I'm not that great of a person."<>
Rodard: <>"But I'm delighted to hear that you think so."<>


Rodard: <>"So do you like drawing?"<>
Cyrill: yup, it's my passion.
Rodard: <>"What does Morson do?"<>
Rodard: <>"I mean surely he has some sort of hobby or art he engages in, right?"<>
Rodard: <>"I'm just wondering what my descendant is like."<>

Cyrill: morson...
Cyrill: Ïell he used to play instruments, but now he's kind of on his oÏn doing research and stuff.

Rodard: <>"Ah I see, he must be a brilliant mind then."<>
Cyrill: aÏ i guess.
Cyrill: i do miss him though.
Cyrill: i mean Ïhen he locks himself up in his hive he doesn't...get out as much as he used to.

Rodard: <>"He'll come around, I mean now that you have to work together and all."<>
Rodard: <>"He won't be so reclusive."<>

Cyrill: i think so too.
Cyrill: i knoÏ this may be a sudden change in topic but...
Cyrill: hoÏ'd you break them?

Rodard: <>"Pardon?"<>
Cyrill: your horns.
Cyrill: i'm just curious.
Cyrill: i mean you don't have to talk about it if it brings back any bad memories.


Cyrill: ωell i'm draωing you a present!
Cyrill: it's the least I can do to say thank you.

Rodard: <>"That's very kind of you, Cyrill."<>
Cyrill: ωell i'm grateful that you're helping us out.
Cyrill: you didn't have to, you could've been all floaty and stuff
and not cared at all.
Cyrill: but you took the time to do this for all of us and that's super duper nice.
Cyrill: i'm not exactly the ωorld's greatest artist...
Cyrill: but it's better than going back to your friends empty-handed ωithout a token of my gratitude!


Rodard: <>"Annoyingly meticulous?"<>
Cyrill: �hat no, it's really smart!
Cyrill: thank you, rodard.

Rodard: <>"It's no problem at all!"<>
Rodard: <>"They don't call me a writer for nothing!"<>
Rodard: <>"Well teammates don't really call me a writer."<>
Rodard: <>"I just really love the idea of jotting things down with a pen."<>
Rodard: <>"Writing is my second nature."<>

"Rodard: Finish the guide."

Rodard: <>"And done!"<>
Rodard: <>"A detailed guide to how to navigate through the game!"<>
Rodard: <>"My hand may sting from jotting down the information, but I can say that it was all worthwhile."<>
Rodard: <>"Not only are there descriptions to the most basic parts of this game but I've also included some diagrams just in case you may need some visuals."<>

Cyrill: ωoω!
Cyrill: that ωas quick!

Rodard: <>"I know there's a possibility of waking up soon, so I figured to have everything condensed into a booklet instead of you verbally hearing it and possibly losing tidbits of information."<>
Rodard: <>"You can come back here to read it whenever you need it."<>
Rodard: <>"I also took the liberty of organizing it by putting page numbers as well as adding a table of contents."<>

Cyrill: that's so--


Anaiad: -OMG ALLEPH-}x->
Anaiad: -What part of the "friend" deal do you not fucking understand-}x->
Anaiad: -We're not going to ditch you, NOTHINGS CHANGED-}x->
Anaiad: -This just means you do NORMAL friendship things with us-}x->
Anaiad: -OK?-}x->

Alleph: Okαy.


Alleph: Fine.
Alleph: You'll get bαck on Îlterniα αnd you αnd Ollαpα will go your seperαte wαys αnd you'll be normαl.
Alleph: Both so excited αbout hαving your own bodies you'll be scurrying off into the world.
Alleph: I meαn hell, I don't wαnnα be α tour guide, you two cαn whαtever without m--


Anaiad: -just don't be so hoity toity about battles and enjoy life while we're still young-}x->
Alleph: Whαt is thαt supposed to meαn?
Anaiad: -you show us around the world when we get back so we can look at the things we couldn't back when we could've been culled as mutants-}x->
Alleph: Be α guide?
Alleph: Yuck.
Alleph: I will be αn αdmirαl in her mαjesty's αrmy αnd nothing less.
Alleph: You αnd Ollαpα will serve closely to me αnd help Her in the conquest of worlds.
Alleph: Thαt is our future.
Alleph: And in order to αchieve thαt future we must get out of this gαme.

Anaiad: -suuuure?-}x->
Anaiad: -have a little fun for once and stop being a killjoy for like five seconds-}x->
Anaiad: -Its NOT that I don't take getting out of here seriously-}x->
Anaiad: -Believe me-}x->
Anaiad: -I wanna get back to Alternia-}x->
Anaiad: -just calm down for a sec-}x->


Alleph: Comrαde does not meαn friend, it meαns αlly.
Alleph: It meαns thαt when we become αdults we shαll fight side by side in the bαttle of the worlds αlongside her Highness.
Alleph: We'll be winning wαrs αnd bαthing in the blood of our enemies.
Alleph: Thαt sort of stuff.

Anaiad: -dunno alleph that sounds like friendship to me-}x->
Alleph: Friendship is feeble αnd it withers αwαy.
Alleph: Being comrαdes meαns being together in bαttle αnd dying for α greαt purpose.

Anaiad: -but youuu made a promise, remember-}x->
Anaiad: -when we get out us three will be friends, like real REAL friends-}x->

Alleph: We'll be both.
Anaiad: -whatever floats your spaceship, admiral-}x->

"Anaiad: Continue walking."

Anaiad: -so-}x->
Anaiad: -who told ollie how this game works?-}x->

Alleph: His lusus probαbly...thαt sprite thing thαt's SUPPOSED to help us.
Alleph: Thαt thing on my plαnet cαlling itself Unceel is α mindless imposter if you αsk me.
Alleph: I'm glαd I left him behind.

Anaiad: -you never got along with unceel back on Alternia anyways-}x->
Alleph: Well αt leαst he listened...or αt leαst he didn't TALK BACK.
Alleph: Not in bloody rhymes αnd riddles αnywαys.

Anaiad: -hmm well I haven't seen my lusus sprite thing whatever around since I got here-}x->
Anaiad: -maybe Nohmyt was dumb and didn't make me one?-}x->

Alleph: Your lusus wαs...out of the ordinαry, Anαiαd.
Alleph: Just like you αnd Ollie.
Alleph: He probαbly either cut it in hαlf or mαde one for the both of you αnd it's with Ollαpα by mistαke.
Alleph: But honestly, αll thαt mαtters is thαt you're both αlive, who cαres αbout the sprites.

Anaiad: -but are we STILL special, alleph?-}x->
Anaiad: -now ollie and I are cut and half and not joined at the middle?-}x->

Alleph: Yes.
Alleph: Even if Nohmyt decided to gouge your eyes out you'd both still be my comrαdes.

Anaiad: -thats...sweet?-}x->
Anaiad: -but you know what I don't understand, alleph?-}x->

Alleph: Hm?
Anaiad: -comrade means the same thing as friend-}->
Anaiad: why are you so "eww" every time I mention that word?-}x->


Anaiad: -PFFT what the shit was that?-}x->
Anaiad: -hahahahahaha-}x->
Anaiad: Thαnks for the pαstry...I guess.
Anaiad: -haHA HA-}x->

Alleph: I do not sound like that!
Anaiad: -well heh ya have this way of talkin-}x->
Anaiad: -sounds kinda fancy-}x->
Anaiad: -you can try being a little more enthusiastic next time-}x->
Anaiad: -I guess that was a start-}x->

Alleph: *Shrug*
Alleph: Let's just get bαck onto the objective.
Alleph: If you see αny weird symbols we're close.
Alleph: We need to either find your denizen or the portαl first.
Alleph: Or both.


Alleph: Fine.
Alleph: ...
Alleph: Thαnks for the pαstry...I guess.


Anaiad: -how about we start working on your friendship skills for when we get back home?-}x->
Anaiad: -Ya can start by thanking me for the pie-}x->

Alleph: ...
Anaiad: -well????-}x->
Anaiad: -Im waitin-}x->

"Anaiad: Wander into the forest."

Alleph: Are you telling me you hαven't explored this αreα of your plαnet yet?
Alleph: I thought you sαid you were excited to be here or something.

Anaiad: -I was BAKIN-}x->
Anaiad: -cut me some slack, Alleph-}x->
Anaiad: -remember I wanted to settle down in this place?-}x->
Anaiad: -I was relaxin-}x->

Alleph: Relαx?
Alleph: Anαiαd, this gαme is like α bαttlefield.
Alleph: There is no relαxαtion in combαt!

Anaiad: -yeah to you maybe-}x->
Anaiad: -plus remember, robotic arm and leg?-}x->
Anaiad: -kinda hard to limp around at first-}x->
Anaiad: -aside from the that and the imps...everythin else was pretty freakin chill-}x->

Alleph: Well, keep your eyes peeled.
Alleph: This αreα of the forest is getting dαrker, αnd I don't like it one bit.

Anaiad: -we'll be fine-}x->
Anaiad: -you've got your overpriced sword-}x->
Anaiad: -I've got my xbow-}x->

Alleph: Whαt hαppened to the other one?
Alleph: Didn't you αnd Ollαpα hαve two together?

Anaiad: -yeah well now I (as in ME) only have one because I can't handle two weapons with both hands-}x->
Alleph: I cαn tell.
Alleph: You're holding thαt thing αll wrong.

Anaiad: - >:| -}x->
Anaiad: -shut the shit up alleph -}x->


Morson: I'm so sorry, Cy.
Morson: I don't...want to put so much pressure and responsibility on your shoulders but--
Morson: It's not like this whole death thing is forever.
Morson: You'll be stronger.
Morson: Then you will all go back home and everything can go back to the way it was.
Morson: I hope you can forgive me.

"Morson: Clean up and think things out."

Morson: That was really weird.
Morson: I'm not a monster though...
Morson: I'm just...doing what I have to do.
Morson: Traveling through different sessions changed me, sure.
Morson: Everything was horrible.
Morson: Death is normal back on Alternia but...
Morson: Not when it comes to your best friend.
Morson: I mean even if I'm not the Morson from this timeline.
Morson: That doesn't mean I should give up on myself.
Morson: Everyone should live.
Morson: Even if I end up disappearing after they make it out.


Chihuahuasprite: Of course you aren't!
Chihuahuasprite: Who in the world would call you a monster Morson?

Morson: would--
Chihuahuasprite: Woof!
Chihuahuasprite: Ah I should get going, the macaroni's almost ready and I still need to get some lemonade done!
Chihuahuasprite: But whenever you find the time to tell Cyrill the truth, you should.
Chihuahuasprite: There's no rush, but lying to her isn't very healthy.

Morson: ...
Morson: Do you...happen to remember the last forty-five seconds of our conversation?
Chihuahuasprite: Not really, maybe I could use a nap too!
Chihuahuasprite: All this cooking for you silly silly kids must've made me tired!
Chihuahuasprite: I'll let you know if Cy wakes up soon, she should! It's almost been two hours!

Morson: ...


Morson: I AM NOT A MONSTER!!!!!!


Chihuahuasprite: Alleph's powers are nothing compared to Cyrill's and you know it.
Chihuahuasprite: You'll have less of a chance of getting out without the most powerful player in this whole session.
Chihuahuasprite: But how are you going to convince her to die?
Chihuahuasprite: Are you going to kill her in cold blood just like that?
Chihuahuasprite: What will she think of you then?
Chihuahuasprite: She'll be afraid of you, Morson.
Chihuahuasprite: She'll hate you.
Chihuahuasprite: Everyone will hate you because you killed your best friend for your own desperate needs.
Chihuahuasprite: You're no better than Nohmyt.
Chihuahuasprite: You're a monster.


Morson: We need everyone's powers if we're going to get home.
Morson: Ollapa will be able to figure out if there's anything out there Nohmyt has planned for us.
Morson: Anaiad can be there just in case any one of us falls.
Morson: Maybe Alleph if he stop being a jackass for fighting power.
Morson: And...Cyrill maybe I don't know.
Morson: I don't know if we absolutely need her to go god tier I mean...
Morson: Alleph's a powerhouse on his own, if we can get him to cooperate.
Morson: I'm sure we can pull through if--


Chihuahuasprite: Don't you think she'll get mad?
Morson: Mad about what?
Morson: There's nothing to be mad about!

Chihuahuasprite: She can be mad about the fact that you lied to her about who you are.
Morson: I'm not pretending to be someone I'm not.
Morson: I'm still "Morson" no matter what timeline I'm in.
Morson: Albeit I'm god tiered and I have control of my powers now, but that doesn't make me any less of the friend she knows.

Chihuahuasprite: She can't have two Morsons you know, what happens when your other self finds out?
Morson: I--he'll...have to understand.
Morson: But right now Cyrill needs someone to reassure her that she's not alone in this.
Morson: My other self will have to deal with me later.

Chihuahuasprite: Aren't you here because you feel guilty about not being there for her?
Morson: I'm here because I want this timeline to be okay.
Morson: She would've been fine if Alleph hadn't been picking at her emotions.
Morson: He knows damn well how insecure she feels about herself, and he used her to kill everyone.
Morson: Cyrill isn't a mindless bloodthirsty animal who enjoys killing.
Morson: I don't want anyone to die, that's it.

Chihuahuasprite: Everyone has to die in order to ascend to god tier, there's no going around that.
Morson: I know.
Morson: But not everyone has to ascend.
Morson: Just the players who's powers will benefit the session.


Chihuahuasprite: Are you going to tell her?
Morson: Tell her what?
Chihuahuasprite: The truth about who you really are?
Morson: I'm going to.
Chihuahuasprite: When?
Morson: When she wakes up maybe.
Chihuahuasprite: Maybe?
Morson: Well I don't know!
Chihuahuasprite: And what do you think she'll think of you when you do tell her?
Morson: She'll forgive me.

"Reader: Inspect the note."


I've decided to take care of the imps around your house. I'm also trying to figure out what your planet's goal is. We have to collect frogs, I know that for sure. I may need your help when you wake up.

Anyways, I need to tell you something. A lot of things actually.

We can discuss it over macaroni. I have a box in my sylladex, which is kinda funny actually since...nevermind.

I'll be outside somewhere. If I don't get back in the two hours you usually nap...just look for me. I'm fine. Promise. :)


"Ellata: Be the Mage of Time."

Where is he anyways?


Ellata: It....
Ellata: completely slIpped my mInd, I thInk It was just fIndIng answers to fIgurIng out thIs game?

Ollapa: I think we shθuld just take a break and keep gθing.
Ollapa: Alleph and Anaiad are gθing tθ be here sθθn.
Ollapa: Maybe we just need tθ walk arθund.

Ellata: I thInk so too.
Ellata: maybe your headache wIll go away after some adventurIng.


Ollapa: θn the what?


Ellata: you're supposed to fInd InformatIon on the ances--


Ollapa: θh.
Ollapa: Sθrry Ellata!

Ellata: ollapa what's wrong?
Ellata: is everything okay?

Ollapa: Sθrt θf.
Ellata: you were shakIng lIke a leaf!
Ellata: and your cards suddenly dropped.

Ollapa: My head really hurts.
Ollapa: I dθn't knθw.
Ollapa: I wasn't able tθ get anything at all.
Ollapa: I think I wasn't able tθ get anything because I've dθne tθθ much searching befθrehand.
Ollapa: I think I'm tired θut frθm lθθking tθθ much.

Ellata: no vIsIons?
Ellata: nothIng?

Ollapa: NθthIng.
Ollapa: ...
Ollapa: What was I suppθsed tθ be lθθking fθr again?


Ellata: ollapa?
Ellata: hello?



"??????: Grab the boy."

Ollapa: LET Gθ θF ME!
??????: so % w%ll MAKE you stop unt%l % CAN get everyth%ng together
??????: then you CAN snoop ALL you WANT
??????: you'll need %t, % HAVE PLANS for you AND everyone else
??????: %f you thought THAT %d%ot Ch%ef WAS so devastat%ng, you'll be dy%ng to know WHAT % HAVE %n store %n the future
??????: you should be GLAD THAT not turn%ng you %nto A drool%ng PATHET%C husk
??????: Cons%der th%s a g%ft!


Ollapa: What dθ yθu want?
??????: %'m putt%ng A HALT to the %NVEST%GATOR'S...%NVEST%GAT%NG
??????: % CAN'T HAVE you pry%ng %nto my PLANS
??????: so, %'m go%ng to destroy some CARDS of yours so you CAN'T work your MAG%C

Ollapa: That's ridiculθus.
Ollapa: I have a billiθn mθre tarθt decks in my sylladex.
Ollapa: And that dθes nθt stθp me frθm alchemizing new θnes.
Ollapa: Yθu can't stθp me.

??????: yes % CAN
??????: % CAN do ANYTH%NG

Ollapa: What is it that yθu dθn't want me see?
Ollapa: Is there sθmething abθut that the ancestθrs knθw that'll ruin yθur plan?
??????: STAY out of th%ngs THAT don't concern you!
??????: %'m not ANSWER%NG ANYTH%NG, you meddl%ng fuzzball
??????: but % guess you do HAVE A po%nt ABOUT ALCHEM%Z%NG


??????: hehehehehehehehehe
Ollapa: What?
Ollapa: Whθ are yθu?
Ollapa: Nθhmyt?

??????: not PARTICULARLY
??????: you ALREADY know WHAT nohmyt's vo%ce sounds l%ke, don't you?
??????: my vo%ce %sn't AS monotone AS h%s now %s %t?

Ollapa: Well...
??????: shut up
??????: in REGARDS to identifying others...
??????: AREN'T you supposed to be wr%t%ng %n your own blood color?

Ollapa: I am, but writing it in a slightly darker θne distinguishes me frθm Anaiad.
??????: funny, but %t MAKES sense
??????: %'m not wr%t%ng %n my blood color e%ther

Ollapa: What is yθur blθθd cθlθr?
??????: % don't HAVE one.
??????: % thought % d%d, but % don't

Ollapa: That makes nθ sense.
??????: well WHATEVER, % CAME here for A d%fferent REASON



"Ollapa: Find answers."


Ollapa: He never did, and that's why I'm wθrried.
Ollapa: Well since he's in the sessiθn, I suppθse I can lθθk intθ his memθries just in case he's keeping sθmething frθm us.
Ollapa: θr maybe I can dθ sθmething better.
Ollapa: Since ΘUR mθrsθn is with an ancestθr maybe I can get intθ the her head.
Ollapa: Since they've prθgressed thrθugh their sessiθn, I can dig up sθmething that can help us θut.
Ollapa: Future!Mθrsθn θnly knθws sθ much abθut hθw this game wθrks.
Ollapa: And maybe this way we can prevent whatever thing that happened tθ them and get θut!
Ollapa: Give me a mθment.


Ollapa: I happened tθ stumble upθn sθmething really θdd.
Ollapa: Tθ be mθre specific, I saw...θther trθlls.

Ellata: there's others?
Ollapa: Well nθ, they're...I guess yθu can say there were θthers.
Ollapa: They're all dead, hanging arθund an area I'm nθt...tθθ sure θf.
Ollapa: And the strangest part θf it all, is that they lθθk just like us.
Ollapa: Mθrsθn and Cyrill are talking tθ each θther's cθunterparts as we speak.

Ellata: but you saId they were Is It now that they're able to talk to--
Ollapa: The game is glitching, and they dθn't knθw why.
Ollapa: Their ghθsts were able tθ travel tθ θur sessiθn's Prθspit and Derse.
Ollapa: The trθlls say they're θur ancestθrs but, I'm nθt sure.
Ollapa: They've suppθsedly been in the game sθ lθng they've lθst mθst tθ all memθries regarding their lives befθre their time in the sessiθn.
Ollapa: I have tθ talk tθ Future!Mθrsθn abθut this.
Ollapa: He wθuld prθbably knθw sθmething abθut them, given that he's a Mage θf Time.
Ollapa: He is guiding us thrθugh this game, after all.
Ollapa: He wθuld've knθwn that they were cθming.

Ellata: but you saw the glItchIng, would morson have known about It?
Ellata: Is the whole game unstable because of thIs?
Ellata: I mean If future!morson really knew about our ancestors showIng up and whatever...
Ellata: wouldn't he have told you somethIng?


Ellata: that's...good?
Ellata: but dId you fInd anythIng that could lead us closer to gettIng us out of the game?

Ollapa: θther than finding the pθrtals, banding tθgether, and finishing planetary quests...nθt really.
Ollapa: There isn't a clear answer θn whθ the final enemy θr gθal is sθ far.
Ollapa: Perhaps it's because my pθwers are limited because I'm new tθ this.
Ollapa: I cθuldn't pry intθ the Denizen's secrets.
Ollapa: θr Nθhmyt's fθr that matter.
Ollapa: But since he technically isn't playing this game, there's nθthing tθ "pry" intθ in the first place.
Ollapa: Which is a rather smart mθve, because my pθwers are limited tθ what happens in here in the first place.
Ollapa: But...

Ellata: but what?


Ellata: how's the search goIng?
Ollapa: I saw a lθt θf things, bθth gθθd and bad.
Ollapa: θf cθurse the definitiθn θf "vθid" ranges.
Ollapa: Unknθwn infθrmatiθn can be irrelevant as much as it can be useful.

Ellata: what about everyone else?
Ellata: how are they?

Ollapa: Alleph is with Anaiad still.
Ollapa: Mθrsθn passed θut because he accidentally gθt hit by a cθnsθrt with a frying pan, thθugh it was a mistake and they're taking care θf him nθw.
Ollapa: Cyrill is napping and the Future!Mθrsθn is trying tθ make prθgress θn her planet's quest.


Θllapa: The Chief class, frθm what I can gather, is θne whθ distracts with "x"
Ollapa: With just a single suggestiθn they can influence and distract anything with a sθul to dθ what they want.
Ollapa: Hθwever...the target's sθul has tθ be weak enθugh in θrder fθr them tθ dθ this.
Ollapa: After all, θne dθes nθt simply master his θr her gθd tier talents θnce ascending, which happened tθ be Alleph's case.
Ollapa: Though, Cyrill's heart was just insecure enθugh fθr him tθ dθ his wθrk.
Ollapa: That's why he used her tθ wreak havθc upθn the sessiθn.
Ollapa: Chief is a passive class, it is nθt like Alleph had direct cθntrol θver her.
Ollapa: But in suggesting thθse very actiθns, he was θvercθme with all θf the power he's ever wished fθr.

Ellata: I can understand now why you don't want hIm to have powers
Ellata: I don't want hIm to control cyrIll.
Ellata: she's my best friend and she means a whole ton to me!
Ellata: I mean you told me about what happened In the other sessIon.
Ellata: cyrill Isn't some sort of puppet, and alleph shouldn't be such a villaIn eIther.

Ollapa: But Alleph had misused his pθwers.
Ollapa: If he used them in anθther way he wθuld've made a difference.
Ollapa: Instead θf causing sθ much destructiθn.
Ollapa: We shθuldn't wθrry thθugh, I believe I've let Alleph θff that path fθr the mθst part.
Ollapa: Just as lθng as he's with Anaiad, he'll be alright.
Ollapa: I trust her, she is my θther half after all.
Ollapa: Pun cθmpletely intended. :)


Ollapa: He may have tθ in θrder fθr us tθ make it thrθugh the game.
Ollapa: But right nθw he's tθθ...hθw shθuld I say this...

Ellata: full of hImself?
Ollapa: Yes.
Ollapa: His egθ is the fact that he becθmes cθnsumed by strength θf his pθwers.
Ollapa: We can't let Alleph becθme the killer Future!Mθrsθn faced in his sessiθn.
Ollapa: His class is θne θf six that weren't suppθsed tθ be part θf this game in the first place.
Ollapa: A Seer, which is my class, is defined by θne whθ knθws "x", x being the aspect.

Ellata: and alleph?
Ollapa: Alleph's class...was sθmething pθwerful.

"Ollapa: Take a break."

Ellata: why is your face all blue?
Ollapa: Blue?
Ellata: are you okay ollapa?
Ellata: If using your powers Is causing a lot of straIn then you should stop.

Ollapa: Um well...
Ollapa: Dθn't wθrry abθut it.
Ollapa: I'm taking a break right nθw.

Ellata: so you have to keep that outfit on In case alleph shows up...
Ellata: because he shouldn't know that you god tIered...because then he'll ask questIons about It and then he'll god tier?
Ellata: and he shouldn't cause It's a bad thIng?

Ollapa: Sθrt θf.
Ollapa: I'm nθt saying he can't ever gθd tier...just nθt nθw.

"Ollapa: Stop snooping into the flashback."

You are not going to watch their make out session.
Because that would be awkward.
This is awkward.
Very awkward.
You need to stop digging for information.

You might as well take a break again. You've done enough "seeing" as it is.





Rodard: <>"!!!!!"<>


Rodard: <>"I'm sorry for giving you trouble over the person I thought y-you were."<>
Rodard: <>"And I believe offering to hear you v-vent let me realize that there's m-more to you than I thought."
Rodard: <>"But we were p-put in here against our will, and e-even if I had the chance to leave."<>
Rodard: <>"I wouldn't g-go, not without everyone."<>
Rodard: <>"Not even you--"<>


Rodard: <>"You shouldn't say that, Vihnie!"<>
Rodard: <>"I mean I appreciate the sort of compliment you're giving me but..."<>
Rodard: <>"This game isn't some sort of punishment to all of us for being terrible people."<>
Rodard: <>"We both misjudged each other, and I-I'm sorry too."<>


Vihnie: ((And hell, sure))
Vihnie: ((YOu aren't 100% with yOur pOwers yet, sO what))
Vihnie: ((YOu're mOre fOcused than anyOne else, and yOu're always Open tO helping Others))
Vihnie: ((Even yOur kismesis...if yOu can even call me that anymOre))
Vihnie: ((But in all hOnesty))
Vihnie: ((If anyOne deserves tO make it back hOme, it wOuld prObably be yOu, rOdard))


Vihnie: ((YOu knOw, Once upOn a time I thOught yOu were the mOst ObnOxiOus mOrOn in this whOle team))
Vihnie: ((But nOw I knOw that I--treated yOu like shit withOut even thinking))

Rodard: <>"..."<>
Vihnie: ((I'm sOrry fOr everything))
Vihnie: ((YOu're actually One Of the Only sensible peOple in this whOle game))

"Rodard: Turn around."

Rodard: <>"Lutarks..."<>
Rodard: <>"*sigh*"<>
Rodard: <>"I should apologize on his behalf."<>
Rodard: <>"I know he probably won't."<>

Vihnie: ((Yeah, he wOn't))
Rodard: <>"I'm so sorry if he peered into anything personal for laughs, I'll talk to him."<>
Rodard: <>"I'm sure he didn't mean it in that way."<>
Rodard: <>"But you know, we should forget them...we've got one frog to go and we're closer to getting out of this mess."<>
Rodard: <>"I know it's hard right now because our friends aren't doing their best...but that shouldn't stop us from going on ahead."<>
Rodard: <>"When we get back we should try and rally them up, we're really close to finishing this thing, I just know it."<>
Rodard: <>"So don't feel so hopeless, Vihnie."<>
Rodard: <>"It's not like we haven't done anything productive."<>


Vihnie: ((Yeah but it's nOt just haetOn, it's actaea herself and lutark))
Vihnie: ((And I dOn't knOw, I dOn't feel really hOpeful at all tO be hOnest))
Vihnie: ((YOu, me, and seleen are the Only Ones being prOductive))
Vihnie: ((HaetOn's busy being a narcissistic asshOle))
Vihnie: ((Actaea hanging arOund yOur best friend))
Vihnie: ((And yOur best friend is abusing his seer pOwers fOr shits and giggles))
Vihnie: ((Which is kind Of an asshOle mOve, since he went snOOping thrOugh everyOne's sOuls...including mine))
Vihnie: ((The guy cOuld learn a thing Or twO abOut privacy))


Rodard: <>"What can she do again?"<>
Vihnie: ((Manage hOw...hOpeful and mOtivated we are?))
Rodard: <>"Then in that case I don't think there's anything to worry about with her around."<>
Vihnie: ((Pfft, i happen tO knOw that SOME Of us aren't pulling their weight))
Rodard: <>"You mean Haeton?"<>


Rodard: <>"I wish Sparks worked that way."<>
Rodard: <>"Star powers seem...simple enough."<>

Vihnie: ((Let's just say that...if i were as scatterbrained as actaea...)
Vihnie: ((I wOuldn't be able tO use my pOwers cOrrectly))
Vihnie: ((But I guess that's why the game made her the hOpe player and nOt me))

"Rodard: Fast forward two hours."

Rodard: <>"How many more frogs?"<>
Vihnie: ((There shOuld be seven tOtal))
Vihnie: ((SO we need One mOre))
Vihnie: ((After that we can head tO the temple))
Vihnie: ((See, i tOld yOu it'd take half the amOunt Of time nOw that yOu're gOd tiered))

Rodard: <>"Still, kinda wish I could figure out how to time travel"<>
Rodard: <>"How do you do your thing anyways?"<>

Vihnie: ((DO what?))
Rodard: <>"How can you make things...appear like that for so long?"<>
Rodard: <>"Your powers only last based on what you see in your head and well--"
Vihnie: ((Sheer cOncentratiOn and a quiet mind))


Vihnie: ((Hell fucking yeah, the star Of space has dOne it again!))
Vihnie: ((StOpped the dumb rain by making a barrier using her imaginatiOn))
Vihnie: ((What a herO!))

Rodard: <>"Uhhh..."<>
Vihnie: ((Ahahaha, i'm pulling yOur leg))
Vihnie: ((But in all seriOusness rOdard, am i really that scary?))

Rodard: <>"I'm not afraid of your powers."<>
Rodard: <>"They're actually really spectacular, so that comment was a compliment in a way."
Rodard: <>"My class and powers are completely overshadowed by yours, that's probably what I meant."<>

Vihnie: ((LOOk, sparky mctimepants...yOu prObably need tO train mOre))
Vihnie: ((And yOu'll be as cOOl as me))

Rodard: <>"So now what?"<>
Vihnie: ((I make a bOat))
Rodard: <>"Can't we alchemize a boat or something?"<>
Vihnie: ((Well, i need the practice))


Rodard: <>"You know, the things you do on god tier mode scare me sometimes."<>


"Vihnie: Take care of the rain."



Vihnie: ((Here is yOur net, sir)))
Rodard: <>"OOF!"<>
Rodard: <>"Can you not shove it in my face please?"<>

Vihnie: ((Haha))
Rodard: <>"I am perfectly capable of seeing where the net is!"<>
Rodard: <>"Even with the rain that's making my glasses wet."<>
Rodard: <>"Anyways, what are we going to do the weather?"<>

Vihnie: ((Taking care Of it right nOw))


Vihnie: ((There's the lake!))
Rodard: <>"It's murkier than I remembered."<>
Rodard: <>"So do I just stick my hands in there and work my time stuff?"<>

Vihnie: ((And fast fOrward the lake intO a dry wasteland?))
Vihnie: ((POssibly killing the tadpOles Of what may becOme the last fOur frOgs we need?))
Vihnie: ((NO thank yOu))
Vihnie: ((We're gOing tO be extremely smart abOut this))


Rodard: <>"I find it a bit funny actually."<>
Vihnie: ((What?))
Vihnie: ((My venting?))

Rodard: <>"No, the fact that you're getting advice from your kismesis."<>
Rodard: <>"I'm supposed to be 'irritating' and 'antagonistic', not helpful and compassionate."<>

Vihnie: ((Well yOu're the One whO Offered tO give adivce in the first place))
Vihnie: ((I dOn't see why yOu shOuld be pOking fun at it))

Rodard: <>"True."<>


Vihnie: ((Thanks anyways, fOr being my vOice Of reasOn))
Rodard: <>"Hey, it's no big deal."<>
Rodard: <>"We all need to vent, don't we?"<>

Vihnie: ((Just wish I didn't have tO dO it sO Often))
Vihnie: ((But HaetOn never seems tO listen))
Vihnie: ((It's like it gOes in One ear and Out the Other))

Rodard: <>"..."<>
Rodard: <>"It's not exactly my place to tell you what to do with your relationship...but"<>
Rodard: <>"Vihnie, my best advice is to do what makes YOU happy."<>
Rodard: <>"Don't feel bad or change anything about yourself just because what makes you happy doesn't please someone else."<>

Vihnie: ((And there he gOes again))
Vihnie: ((HOnestly, if the rest Of the team had even a SHRED Of the sense yOu have))
Vihnie: ((We wOuld've been dOne with this game hOurs agO))


Vihnie: ((Vihnie thinks ROdard is a tOtal weirdO, and scOffs at the fact that he dOesn't wanna narrate their frOg adventure))
Vihnie: ((She sighs and cOntinues walking, her spectacled friend still nOt narrating...Or singing))
Vihnie: ((She believes that his singing talent far exceeds his narrating ability))

Rodard: <>"Rodard tries to remind Vihnie that he's not confident in singing in front of people."<>
Vihnie: ((Vihnie shrugs because such talent is being wasted))
Rodard: <>"Well you're a talented bassist, and your talent isn't wasted"<>
Vihnie: ((It is when the troll whO likes you thinks music is a waste of time))
Rodard: <>"What? Haeton...waste of time?"<>
Rodard: <>"Laaaame."<>

Vihnie: ((Pfft I knOw)))
Vihnie: ((He says "waste of time" but HE'S the guy whO can't stOp staring at himself in the mirrOr))
Vihnie: ((What an idiOt!))
Vihnie: ((MOre music fOr us I suppOse))


Rodard: <>"You know, I thought you were going to hang out with Haeton."<>
Vihnie: ((It can wait, the meathead's tOO busy admiring himself anyways))
Vihnie: ((Alchemized a new Outfit and I gOt bOred Of watching him lOOk at himself in the mirrOr))
Vihnie: ((Besides, yOur timey pOwers makes the whOle frOg prOcess faster))
Vihnie: ((I'd much rather be prOductive than sit On my ass dOing nOthing))
Vihnie: ((I've gOt frOggy duties tO dO and yOu dO tOO))

Rodard: <>"Froggy duties?"<>
Vihnie: ((DOn't judge me rOdard, what else are we suppOsed tO call them?))
Rodard: <>"Key-to-getting-us-out searching?"<>
Vihnie: ((Laaaame))
Vihnie: ((Why aren't yOu narrating anyways?))
Vihnie: ((Isn't that yOur quirk?))

Rodard: <>"Only when something interesting is happening."<>
Vihnie: ((O and froggy duties aren't interesting tO yOu at all?)
Rodard: <>"Erm well I dO suppOse it's--"<>

"Vihnie: Reminisce. "

Rodard: <>"Ow!"<>
Vihnie: ((SOrry!))
Rodard: <>"You nearly jabbed my eye out!"<>
Vihnie: ((My arm's getting tired Of stretching and i'm hOlding three frOgs tOO, it's nOt my fault!))
Rodard: <>"I understand it was an accident."<>
Rodard: <>"Perhaps I should hold the lop-sided umbrella?"<>

Vihnie: ((Aww, what a gentletroll!))
Vihnie: ((And hey, my pOwers can Only cOugh up what i picture in my head))
Vihnie: ((I'm still trying tO figure it Out, sO cut me sOme slack On my umbrella making abilities!))
Vihnie: ((DOn't make me ditch yOu in the
Rodard: <>"Your planet is rather intriguing, it's as if we have stepped into a world drawn by a two-sweep old."<>
Vihnie: ((I like it too))
Vihnie: ((The land Of scribble and frOgs))
Vihnie: ((PrObably cOuld dO better withOut the slimy suckers, but eh, whatever))


Vihnie: ((NOthing, it was nOthing))
Morson: Well, it had to be pretty bad to split you guys up~ϟ
Vihnie: ((I dOn't wanna talk about it))
Vihnie: ((SOmething happened tO a person I cared abOut))
Vihnie: ((And it was all my fault))

Morson: But did you try apologizing?~ϟ
Vihnie: ((This wasn't sOmething yOu cOuld apOlOgize fOr))
Vihnie: ((What happened can never be fixed with a simple apOlOgy))
Vihnie: ((I just wish...we cOuld've just stayed the way we were))


Vihnie: ((Fuck))
Vihnie: ((This is the buttOn that glitched me Over here in the first place))

Morson: Can you take it off?~ϟ
Vihnie: ((It seems like i can, but what if i zap back to my friends?))
Morson: And what if you don't?~ϟ
Vihnie: ((...fuck))
Vihnie: ((DOn't be such a pessimist, Okay?))
Vihnie: ((Besides...things haven't been sO great between all Of us))
Vihnie: ((NOt ever since that fight))

Morson: What fight?~ϟ


Vihnie: ((!?!?!?!?!?!))


Morson: Show me?~ϟ
Vihnie: ((Uh duh, we all gOd tiered, kiddO.))
Vihnie: ((Our gOd tier abilities and Outfits stick with us even after death))
Vihnie: ((Of course, i cOuld just demonstrate my pOwers, but my Outfit is pretty kickass sO I might as well show you bOth))
Vihnie: ((I prObably have the mOst badass Outfit Out Of my whOle team))

Morson: If you say so~ϟ
Vihnie: ((Here let me just--))


Morson: What, you mean Alleph?~ϟ
Morson: Uh duh, he's like the biggest asshole on the planet~ϟ

Vihnie: ((He seems rather self-centered but i think he means well))
Morson: Means well?~ϟ
Morson: That's a good one~ϟ
Morson: Does he also happen to rescue poor, abandoned grubs on his free time?~ ϟ

Vihnie: ((I'm serious))
Vihnie: ((I've lOOked thrOugh his diary, and past his weird as fuck fantasies, i can tell he's a rather cOnflicted guy))

Morson: But you've never met h--~ϟ
Morson: Say, before we go off topic and discuss how Alleph happens to be an "outstanding" individual...~ϟ
Morson: Why don't you start explaining god tier powers?~ϟ
Morson: I think that's more important now~ϟ
Vihnie: ((Hmm...I'll dO yOu One better))
Vihnie: ((I'll shOw yOu myself))


Morson: Because it's personal, okay?~ϟ
Morson: Everything I write in there is~ϟ

Vihnie: ((O))
Vihnie: ((OOps))
Vihnie: ((I prOmise nOt tO tell yOur friends that yOu're a hOpeless rOmantic))

Morson: I'm not a hopeless romantic!~ϟ
Vihnie: ((I think it's sweet))
Morson: Not really~ϟ
Vihnie: ((I mean i'd probably be really flattered if sOmeOne wrOte sOmething for me, yOu knOw))
Vihnie: ((Like nOt even a sOng, but like maybe even a stOry or a pOem))
Vihnie: ((I think that's really sweet Of sOmeOne tO take their time tO write abOut the persOn they care abOut))

Morson: Okay yeah, whatever~ϟ
Vihnie: ((Well if it makes yOu feel better, i went thrOugh yOur Other friends' jOurnals tOO))
Vihnie: ((Well, if you can call them yOur friends))
Vihnie: ((FrOm what i've learned, yOu and Lutark's descendant dOn't mix well))


Vihnie: ((I'm nOt wearing a jacket))
Vihnie: ((I DON'T have a headband On my head))
Vihnie: ((My hOrns lOOk exactly like yOurs and AREN'T curved))
Vihnie: ((I DIDN'T tell yOu tO shut the hell up a cOuple of secOnds agO))
Vihnie: ((I'm NOT sitting dOwn))
Vihnie: ((I NEVER tOuched yOur sOngbOOk that's NOT under my arm at the mOment))
Vihnie: ((And I NEVER read thrOugh any Of the sOngs yOu wrOte, especially that One sOng that's ObviOusly abOut--))

Morson: Okay! Okay! I believe you, you can stop~ϟ
Morson: Can you give me back that book please?~ϟ
Morson: Sheesh I never noticed you were going through it~ϟ
Morson: At least Cyrill has the decency to ask before going through my things~ϟ

Vihnie: ((Hey, I just wanted tO find Out mOre abOut yOu guys))
Vihnie: ((It's nO fun being dead))
Vihnie: ((Plus yOu're a great sOngwriter, why are yOu sO wOrried abOut me reading yOur stuff?))


Vihnie: ((But yOu knOw what, I have an idea))
Morson: What~ϟ
Vihnie: ((I'll lie tO yOu tO prOve that i'm telling the truth!))
Morson: That...has to be the most--~ϟ
Vihnie: ((Oh shut the hell up, kid, it's pretty clever))
Morson: I know it's clever but it's weird~ϟ
Vihnie: ((Hey whatever wOrks))
Vihnie: ((Here, let me begin))


Vihnie: ((That's true, yOu DO have every right tO dOubt me))
Vihnie: ((But dO you really want tO take the chance that I'm wrOng?))
Vihnie: ((NOhmyt said he's nOt a liar, i tOld yOu this))
Vihnie: ((I knOw fOr sure that we're all nOt sOmething NOhmyt created tO mess yOu guys up))
Vihnie: ((If we were, he'd be lying tO yOu indirectly, and that's still lying))
Vihnie: ((ChamOrpheOns "lie" by gOing arOund the truth and being vague as fuck, but yeah i get where yOu're cOming frOm))
Vihnie: ((I know i can't ask fOr yOur trust, but i can just hOpe that yOu take my advice tO heart))
Vihnie: ((And hey maybe yOu'll time travel arOund and set a timeline straight))

Morson: I canϟ
Vihnie: ((YOu shOuld be able tO when you gOd tier!))
Vihnie: ((ROdard wasn't able tO, but that's cause his gOd tier class wasn't as...useful as he thOught it wOuld be))

Morson: That's something else I don't get~ϟ
Morson: How is it that when all of you, or most of you god didn't make it out of the game?~ϟ
Morson: Your deaths have to be heroic or just if you're powered up right?~ϟ

Vihnie: ((TO be cOmpletely hOnest i can't remember hOw we died, it's been sO lOng in here i guess my memOry's a bit fuzzy))
Morson: That...doesn't really help your case here~ϟ
Vihnie: ((I knOw))


Vihnie: ((That sOunds abOut right))
Vihnie: ((SOrry i sOrt Of went wild in explaining and all))
Vihnie: ((But the last time we were able tO talk tO yOu guys, yOu wOke up befOre we had the chance tO even help yOu))
Vihnie: ((NOw that everything's crystal clear, me and my friends can cOntinue being spOOky and shit))

Morson: It isn't crystal clear, actually~ϟ
Morson: To be honest, I'm still a bit skeptical about this~ϟ
Morson: I mean ancestors?~ϟ
Morson: Really?~ϟ
Morson: How old are you?~ϟ
Morson: Maybe nine and a half sweeps?~ϟ
Morson: This doesn't make any sense~ϟ
Morson: How do I know that you're not some program created by Nohmyt to trick us?~ϟ

"Anaiad: Be Morson."

Morson: Let me get this straight~ϟ
Morson: You're Cyrill's Ancestor from another game session where everyone else's ancestors all played and lost~ϟ
Morson: And now somehow you've glitched up the game and you're here talking to me~ϟ
Morson: Because apparently Nohmyt's up to no good again and this game is just a way for him to toy around with our relations as trolls and make us kill eachother~ϟ
Morson: And you want to help us out so you came here and explained the whole function/goal of the game so that we don't get screwed over like you guys did~ϟ


Anaiad: -its cause yer a little shit-}x->


Anaiad: -well, those imps WERE getting on my nerves-}x->
Anaiad: -shoulda seen the shit they've pulled earlier with my pie-}x->
Anaiad: -okay, Ill go with you-}x->
Anaiad: -but you have to promise that when we get back-}x->
Anaiad: -youll hang out with me and ollie-}x->

Alleph: Of course.
Anaiad: -but instead of being your usual mr. admiral-bossypants youll be our friend-}x->
Alleph: "Friend"?
Alleph: I αm your commαnding officer.

Anaiad: -suuuuuuure chief-}x->
Alleph: I'm going to get us out of this gαme!
Alleph: Thαt meαns I'm in chαrge!
Alleph: If only everyone else could just listen to me like the two of you could.
Alleph: Why doesn't αnyone else listen to me, Anαiαd?

Anaiad: -pfft, alleph, thats easy-}x->


Alleph: After we eαt we need to move on and find Ollαpα.
Anaiad: -haha no Im staying put, Alleph-}x->
Anaiad: -this place is so much better for me-}x->

Alleph: Being trαpped in α game by α sociopαthic lizαrdbeαst is no wαy of living!
Alleph: You need to come home with Ollαpα αnd Me.
Alleph: I just tαlked to this beαst nαmed Eros and he's telling us thαt Nohmyt is using this gαme to screw αround with our minds.

Anaiad: -and howdaya know this...Eros whoever isn't lying?-}x->
Alleph: Well he didn't tear me αpαrt like Nohmyt did to you two, did he?
Anaiad: -that doesn't mean he isn't going to later!-}x->
Alleph: He hαs α grudge αgαinst Nohmyt, plus he showed me the wαy to get to your plαnet.
Alleph: Eros hαs my trust, kind of.

Anaiad: -I...don't know-}x->
Alleph: You need to trust me, Anαiαd.
Alleph: This plαce isn't okαy for us to stαy in for the rest of our lives.
Alleph: Even if it does meαn being three whole plαnets αwαy from Teslαα.

"Alleph: Reluctantly join her picnic."

Alleph: Your bαking hαs improved given your robotic independence, I'll αdmit thαt.
Anaiad: -yaaaayyyyy!-}x->
Alleph: You wouldn't hαppen to hαve αny teα, would you?
Anaiad: -nnyope!-}x->
Alleph: Well either wαy, you mαnαging to mαke food out here is pretty impressive, did you αlchemize this?
Anaiad: -I found the berries myself!-}x->
Anaiad: -Isnt it nice to take a load off once in awhile?-}x->
Anaiad: -oooh hey we should bake some cinnamon buns next!-}x->

Alleph: No, no, we don't hαve time to bαke αny sort of buns now.

"Anaiad: Help Alleph out of the water."

Anaiad: -I knew that, its just that I usually dont see you with your hair know-}x->
Alleph: Well I'll get α towel out of my syllαdex αnd dry myself off.
Alleph: Anywαys...
Alleph: You don't sound too excited to see me..

Anaiad: -lol who the fuck would be excited to see you alleph-}x->
Alleph: Wαs thαt α derogαtory comment?
Anaiad: -uh, yeah?-}x->
Anaiad: -I think...-}x->
Anaiad: -let's sit down and enjoy my picnic!-}x->

Alleph: Anαiαd, we hαve bigger things to worry αbout thαn hαving α--
Anaiad: -shush your toothy motor mouth and sit down and take a load off-}x->
Alleph: Ugh.
Anaiad: -have you HAD anything to eat since you came into this game?x->
Alleph: No.
Anaiad: -Well here, eat some pie-}x->
Anaiad: -It's fresh and it's good and it was made with love-}x->

Alleph: Affection is useless in times of bαttle despite the Queen's regulαtions regαrding--
Anaiad: -SHUT UP AND EAT-}x->


Alleph: Becαuse I'm right behind you.
Anaiad: -oooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh-}x->
Anaiad: -shit-}x->

Anaiad: -your hairs all floopy-}x->
Alleph: Yes, Anαiαd, thαt would be due to something we cαll "wαter".


PA: Well, it's too lαte to sαy no.
VD: -then why in the frack did you even ask in the first place?-}x->
PA: I'm in your lαke.
VD: -youre in MY lake?-}x->
PA: Yes, I'm in YOUR lαke.
VD: -well how the shit do you know it's MY fucking lake-}x->
VD: -it could be ollies lake for all we know-}x->
VD: -heck maybe its your own lake and yer confused and stuff-}x->

PA: You wαnt to know how I know it's your lαke?

"Alleph: Contact Anaiad."

pinnacledArrival [PA] began trolling vivaciousDiva [VD]

PA: Hey.
VD: -oh noooooooo-}x->
PA: Yeαh, good to heαr from you too Anαiαd.
PA: How αre you?

VD: -lol idk-}x->
VD: -a lot better with my new arms and stuff thank you-}x->

PA: Question.
VD: -mhmmm-}x->
PA: You wouldn't mind if I dropped by to see how you were doing, would you?
VD: -hnnnnnnngrrrrrrrrrh-}x->
PA: Is thαt α no?
VD: -ugghhhh-}x->

"Alleph: Enter the portal."

"Alleph: Look up."

Alleph: You've got to be kidding me.
Eros: Hahahaha.
Alleph: You sent me αwαy...WHEN I NEEDED TO GO THERE!
Eros: Wrong, you never needed to go up there the first time around.
Eros: Now you do.
Eros: Now that you've spoken to Ollapa, and that you are beginning to understand.
Alleph: Ugh, αgαin with the vαgueness.
Alleph: Sαy now thαt I remember, whαt wαs thαt αbout the "fαce me" thing the lαst time I wαs here?

Eros: Facing your Denizen?
Eros: You are not ready yet, though you've made progress since the last time I saw you.
Eros: You can fight me if you choose to, but I will refuse to battle with you until you're ready.
Alleph: Why would I be interested in fighting you when I hαve better things to do with my time?
Alleph: So I guess this is goodbye, Eros.
Alleph: I need to get out of this gαme αnd if thαt meαns leαving this booby-trαp invested hell-hole...then by αll meαns.

Eros: Farewell again, young Challenger.
Alleph: I'm not challenging you!
Eros: I am aware, but that is who you are.
Eros: He who is self-confident...strong...assertive...
Eros: But also...
Eros: Deeply fears being hurt by those they have faith in.
Alleph: I hαve no ideα whαt the hell you're bαbbling on αbout.
Alleph: Tαke cαre of the plαce for me, Eros.
Alleph: I'm gone.


Alleph: Could you pleαse keep your voice down?
Alleph: You're going to mαke this plαce collapse.

Eros: Fine.
Eros: But do you understand?
Alleph: Yes.
Alleph: Hesitαntly so, but yes.
Alleph: Now, αnother question.
Alleph: Where's the portαl to Anαiαd's plαnet?

Eros: You mean the gate, right?
Eros: Up.
Alleph: Thαt mαkes no sense.
Alleph: UP where?

Eros: Look UP!


Alleph: You meαn to tell me thαt Nohmyt woke you?
Alleph: And now you're αll up in α fuss αbout it?
Alleph: ...
Alleph: You're joking, right?

Eros: Our sleep was supposed to be almost eternal...until the time was ready to assist you in...carrying out this game's original intended goal.
Alleph: And whαt wαs its originαl goαl?
Eros: To create a new universe, and with that universe over play this game once more with its inhabitants and continue the cycle of destruction...and creation.
Alleph: So...Nohmyt isn't bent on destroying our universe?
Eros: He is not.
Eros: He is merely playing around with the functions of this game, seeing the possibilities and outcomes it has on its players.
Eros: The way it's cloudy to me.
Eros: Some of its aspects are the same...others slightly altered...others completely new.
Alleph: Well thαt's α relief, but still, if this gαme hαs the power to destroy α whole universe, thαt's α threαt αnd--
Eros: This not the real thing.
Eros: It can't and will not destroy your universe.
Eros: But our entities as Denizens...even as copies...
Eros: We do sense the effects of his meddling.
Alleph: His meddling?
Eros: He was able to find the copy of the game before it reached its new host planet...and replicate most of its aspects.
Eros: A task, we thought was impossible but...
Eros: The intelligence of the Chamorpheon race is not to be underestimated.
Eros: However, in replicating the game...he hacked and tweaked some of its core functions.
Eros: There are no longer "server" or "client" players, there is no need for manipulation of a player's environment.
Eros: He's...divided the players from one another, making the game increasingly difficult.
Eros: His reasons behind this are unclear.
Alleph: How do you suppose we go αbout hαndling this.
Eros: There is...a boss.
Eros: A final one, it's unclear to me what will happen in this session.
Eros: Each session has differed from the next in timelines, but...
Eros: You all have to pitch in together and fight, that is definite.
Eros: Anyone missing from the team means less of a chance of winning.
Alleph: So this meαns I cαn't ditch Teslαα αnd his lousy gαng of losers?
Eros: No, it means...

"Alleph: Consult the Voice."

Alleph: Hey!
Alleph: Heαrt...symbol wαll thing voice!

??????: My name is Eros.
??????: And I am your Denizen.
??????: You came back...that's rather surprising.
??????: I thought sending you away would frighten you into never coming back.
Alleph: Scαre me?
Alleph: The Greαt Alleph Lαmpri?
Alleph: I don't think so!
Alleph: You see, I came bαck becαuse I hαve questions.
Alleph: Aαnd I hαve the feeling thαt you hαve αnswers.
Alleph: You will instruct me on how I cαn meet up with my comrαdes so we cαn escαpe this gαme!

Eros: And what makes you think I'll give you those answers?
Alleph: Becαuse I sαid so!
Eros: You have no authority over me, sea-dwelling troll, I have more power than you can possibly ever imagine.
Alleph: OH PLEASE.
Alleph: You're just α tαlking wαll who thinks it cαn scαre me αwαy by shαking up the plαce.

Eros: This "place" is my HOME.
Eros: I am not a wall, I am beast of power.
Eros: A beast who...was supposed to be sleeping.
Eros: Until SOMEONE messed with the program.


??????: A v%rus.


??????: D%d %t work?
??????: The teleportat%on p%ns you des%gned?

Nohmyt: 100% success rate on both Prospit and Derse
Nohmyt: I believe that should be enough of a test run...
Nohmyt: You are familiarized with the plan, yes?
??????: %t's not REALLY A PLAN per se
??????: RATHER, %t's you giving me the re%gns to th%s sess%on
??????: βut yes, % AM EXACTLY AWARE of WHAT % HAVE to do.
??????: ALL %n good fun, no?

Nohmyt: I got sick of watching Alleph be the murderer
Nohmyt: The other sessions were...not as pleasing as I wanted them to be
Nohmyt: Session "Trickster" was a complete joke
Nohmyt: Session "Surge" went out as quickly as Morson's temper...
Nohmyt: Session "Alpha"...well, you know how that went
??????: Yes...there's THAT proβlem of the ALPHA sess%on MAGE
??????: Why don't you...% don't know...
??????: K%ll h%m ALREADY?

Nohmyt: In due time he will be taken care of...
Nohmyt: He thinks he can outsmart me by jumping sessions, but he's absolutely wrong
Nohmyt: My eyes are everywhere
??????: AND so ARE m%ne!
Nohmyt: For now I am hoping you can...shake things up a bit
Nohmyt: Add a little spice to this...session I'm running
Nohmyt: Make this timeline a bit more...savory to watch
??????: Of course, Nohmyt!
??????: I owe my whole l%fe AND ex%stence to you!
??????: AFTER ALL...
??????: You CREATED me %nto WHAT % AM...

"Nohmyt: Have your friend interrupt."

Nohmyt: You know, I was busy moderating...
Nohmyt: New powers aside, you should at least notify me if you're going to take over the screen
Nohmyt: A simple "hello" would suffice...
Nohmyt: Anyways
Nohmyt: What do you want?


Rodard: <>"Perfect! Let's head back there so I can draw up an explanation of the whole game."<>
Rodard: <>"I believe that you can visualize it better if I had some diagrams set up."<>


Rodard: <>"Dear me, perhaps I don't look old...but my thinkpan sure is!"<>
Rodard: <>"I'm becoming about as scatterbrained as Actaea for goodness sake!"<>

Cyrill: if it makes you feel any better...
Cyrill: look like you're about maybe nine-ish sωeeps?
Cyrill: i'm sure you're not that old, you just have a huge admiration for vih--

Rodard: <>"AH YES the game!"<>
Rodard: <>"I think it would be better visualized if I had a pen and paper."<>

Cyrill: there's some pens and paper in my dream room i can go get!


Cyrill: i Ïas going to ask if you could start explaining the game to me but...okay. OÏO


Rodard: <>"Well, truth be told she does seem kind of cold at first glance, but when she's helping someone out she brightens up like sunshine."<>
Rodard: <>"And well...she's actually a really nice person once you get to know her."<>
Rodard: <>"I mean some of my teammates have called her out on things like being domineering and moody...but they just don't understand."<>
Rodard: <>"I actually admire that she's so confident in taking charge and being herself."<>
Rodard: <>"She also cares deeply for a lot of people and I--"<>
Rodard: <>"It was a huge mistake to misjudge Vihnie's character and to go so far as to being in a kismesissitude with her."<>
Rodard: <>"And really I..."<>

Cyrill: rodard are you--


Rodard: <>"That alone has to be the scariest part about being dead."<>
Rodard: <>"You're stuck, forever, with no hope of ever getting out."<>
Rodard: <>"Believe me we've tried, we all died playing this game. Some of us even killed one another before realizing what we had even done."<>
Rodard: <>"We've doomed ourselves, stuck in the dead player area with nothing to do but wallow in a pitiful eternity of existence"<>

Cyrill: that sounds horrible!
Cyrill: so did your horns get broken Ïhen you...erm...became spooky?

Rodard: <>"Well no, they were already broken before I died, but that's a long story."<>
Rodard: <>"How I came to pass exactly is a bit little fuzzy for me."<>
Rodard: <>" really HAS been that long being dead."<>

Cyrill: i'm so sorry...
Rodard: <>"Don't be sorry, Cyrill. Surely there's some hope for us."<>
Rodard: "The very fact that I have an opportunity to talk with you is a miracle in itself."<>
Rodard: <>"Plus if I didn't give you pointers about this game, Vihnie would probably kill me...metaphorcially."<>
Rodard: <>"There isn't much she can do now that we're ghosts and all...but she'd probably get rather angry and give me a stern talking to."<>

Cyrill: she sounds kinda mean.


Cyrill: o it's cyrill!
Cyrill: cyrill omicro. OωO
Cyrill: it's very nice to meet you rodard!
Cyrill: i don't mind you being dead and all, actually i think it's kinda cool.
Cyrill: like a fancy schmancy ghost guide that looks a lot like my one of my best friends.
Cyrill: except that he'd never be caught dead in a pun intended! >ω<

Rodard: <>"'re Vihnie's descendant?!"<>
Rodard: <>"Why I didn't notice it earlier is a complete mystery to--no it was probably my glasses."<>
Rodard: <>"And because you're rather soft-spoken, which isn't a bad thing at all."<>

Cyrill: ...
Cyrill: ωho are you talking about?

Rodard: <>"Morson was it?"<>
Rodard: <>"Morson's last name wouldn't happen to be Teslaa, now would it?"<>

Cyrill: it ωould...but ωait, hoω do you knoω that?
Rodard: <>"Because I'm his ancestor, and Vihnie is yours"<>
Cyrill: hmm...
Cyrill: aren't you a little too young to even be an ancestor?

Rodard: <>"Honestly, I have no idea how long me and my friends have been stuck in this game being ghosts."<>
Rodard: <>"We could be hundreds upon thousands of sweeps old and not even feel it or know it."<>

"Cyrill: Hand the glasses back to the stranger."

Rodard: <>"Well shucks! You weren't kidding!"<>
Rodard: <>"I don't know how this happened...but either way thank you very much!"<>

Cyrill: it's no problem at all!
Cyrill: i'm glad to have helped...i guess.
Cyrill: i have no idea ωhat happened but ωhat matters is that you can see again! ^ω^

Rodard: <>"Indeed!"<>
Rodard: <>"Oh!"<>
Rodard: <>"How awfully rude of me, I forgot to introduce myself!"<>
Rodard: <>"My name's Rodard by the way."<>
Rodard: <>"What might yours be again?"<>


Cyrill: huh?
Cyrill: ωha...ωhy...ωait...hmm...uh...ahhhh...
Cyrill: now hold on i...uh

Rodard: <>"..."<>
Rodard: <>"Please don't tell me you have amnesia."<>

Cyrill: no, it's not amnesia!
Cyrill: it's your glasses...

Rodard: <>"What about?"<>
Rodard: <>"They're already sort of ruined, unless you managed to pop out the other lens."<>
Rodard: <>"If you did, I wouldn't be angry, they're already broken as is."<>

Cyrill: no, your glasses aren't broken anymore...
Cyrill: they're fixed!


Cyrill: so ωhat happened to my first body?
Rodard: <>"Still sleeping probably. You'll return to it once you're awake"<>
Rodard: <>"No one informed you about the game rules?"<>

Cyrill: ωe're on our own, mostly.
Cyrill: agh i almost forgot!
Cyrill: i need to get started on fixing your glasses.

Rodard: <>"Oh yes, my spectacles!"<>
Cyrill: hoω bad is your eyesight by the ωay?
Rodard: <>"Erm...I can't really see your face clearly?"<>
Rodard: <>"And Prospit is a golden blur right now."<>

Cyrill: yikes.
Cyrill: then i better get fixing!

Rodard: <>"Just out of curiousity...what might your name be?"<>


Cyrill: also, sorry for the aωkωard hug-tackle out of noωhere.
Rodard: <>"No worries!"<>
Rodard: <>"It's rather odd because awhile ago a carapace confirmed my intangibility...yet you as a player didn't."<>

Cyrill: ωhat's a carapace?
Rodard: <>"The creatures on this planet, that look like an odd combination of your lusii."<>
Rodard: <>"I'm dead by the way. That's why I was rather surprised that despite me being a ghost, you were able to jump at me."<>

Cyrill: you're dead?
Cyrill: is that ωhy your eyes are so blank?

Rodard: <>"Unfortunately yes, your eyes lose their color after dying in the game."<>
Cyrill: so if you don't mind me asking, ωhere am I?
Cyrill: i've been lost for aωhile and ωell to be honest, i have no idea hoω i got here.

Rodard: <>"Did you fall asleep in-game?"<>
Cyrill: yes, but i don't get hoω that has anything to do ωith this place.
Rodard: <>"Think of Prospit as a dreamland, and the home of your second "dream self" body or 'life'."<>


Rodard: <>"It's...fine."<>
Rodard: <>"I suppose I could rewind the timeframe my glasses were in to the point in which they weren't broken."<>
Rodard: <>"But my powers don't last very long."<>
Rodard: <>"And I can't see very well."<>

Cyrill: maybe i can fix it.
Cyrill: i should have some glue in my sylladex i think.

Rodard: <>"I'm not sure if there's any glue out there that could put together glass..."<>
Rodard: <>"And I don't remember if sylladexes are accessible in this area."<>

Cyrill: please just let me try.
Cyrill: it's the least i can do for breaking them in the first place.

Rodard: <>"Alright..."<>


Rodard: <>"MY GLASSES!"<>
Rodard: <>"Those were my only pair too..."<>

Cyrill: oh my gosh, i'm so sorry!
Cyrill: from far aωay you looked a lot like my friend!
Cyrill: i didn't mean--
Cyrill: i'm so sorry!




Rodard: <>"I obviously need to pull myself together and think this through."<>
Rodard: <>"The carapaces aren't able to see or touch me, and this Prospit is still pretty active despite our session having ended"<>
Rodard: <>"The only viable explanation is that this Prospit doesn't belong to our--"<>


Rodard: <>"Invisible apparently."<>
Rodard: <>"That felt undoubtedly invasive."<>
Rodard: <>"At least that proves that I'm still a ghost and am stereotypically intangible as one."<>



Rodard: <>"This is twice in one day that weird glitches are happening in the game and I'm stuck in the middle of them."<>
Rodard: <>"I obviously can't be dead and on prospit, that's breaking major rules in this game."<>
Rodard: <>"If you're a dead troll, you're a dead troll."<>
Rodard: <>"But then I suppose I could go and TRY to be useful like Vihnie wanted me to do..."<>
Rodard: <>"Even though most of the time I screw things up."<>
Rodard: <>"Like the relationships between me, her, and Haeton..."
Rodard: <>"Everyone is really bitter to one another and I can't help but feel--"<>


Rodard: <>"This..."<>
Rodard: <>"This cannot be good."<>

"[S] Ollapa: Look into the Void."

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="" width="700" height="530"></object>


Ollapa: I gθd tiered.


Ellata: ??????
Ellata: your arms...

Ollapa: :)
Ollapa: Yes.

Ellata: YOUR ARMS!!!
Ollapa: Yes, my arms, as in they are mine.
Ollapa: Bθth θf them.

Ellata: HOW?!?
Ollapa: Well, tθ sum it up briefly...

"Ollapa: Remove gloves."

Ollapa: I think it's better that I shθw yθu rather than tell yθu, as it's kind θf hard tθ explain...
Ollapa: Just...dθn't tell anyθne else.
Ollapa: Especially Alleph.
Ollapa: I made a prθmise tθ a friend, θr well...I prθmised I'd dθ him a favθr.
Ollapa: And keeping this hushed is part θf it.
Ollapa: But I need tθ tell yθu sθ we can mθve alθng with this game.

Ellata: dId you alchemIze somethIng on your arm?
Ellata: or dId you break It?
Ellata: I'm not exactly sure.

Ollapa: I've dθne neither θne. :)
Ollapa: Well I dθ suppθse I did break it mθmentarily, but it was fixed.

Ellata: I'm...not sure what you're talkIng about.


Ellata: the gloves are a nIce touch too.
Ellata: though honestly, you don't need hIde the robotIc parts of yourself, ollapa.
Ellata: I'm not one to judge at all anyways!

Ollapa: θh well, my outfit is nθt tθ hide my new appendages.
Ollapa: In fact it serves mθre θf a functiθnal purpθse than decθrative.
Ollapa: I had...a lθt θf climbing tθ dθ before I gθt here, and it was a lθt of wθrk.

Ellata: ah, well I thInk the robotIc parts could've wIthstood the climb...but then I wouldn't know.
Ellata: If the gloves made thIngs easIer than that's good!

Ollapa: Well, the glθves were made after the climb actually.
Ellata: huh?
Ollapa: Can yθu with a secret?

"Ellata: Help your friend out of the bushes."

Ellata: what are you doing here?
Ellata: I thought It'd be awhIle before someone else showed up.
Ellata: how?

Ollapa: θur planets are linked in a circle.
Ollapa: Frθm what I've seen, the θrder θf the linkage is: Alleph, Anaiad, Me, Yθu, Mθrsθn, and Cyrill, and then back tθ Alleph.

Ellata: so you exIted your planet and you were automatIcally transported here?
Ollapa: Precisely!
Ellata: when dId you arrIve here?
Ellata: more importantly how long were you In those bushes?

Ollapa: Nθt tθθ lθng.
Ollapa: Enθugh tθ θverhear yθu wanting tθ cθntact me, as well as yθur fustratiθns with yθur land's missiθn.

Ellata: you mean my staIr Issues?
Ollapa: Yes, yθur stair well as having strange dreams?
Ellata: thIs ghost trIed to warn me about nohmyt.
Ellata: but I woke up before he could tell me anythIng.

Ollapa: Knθwing Nθhmyt, he prθbably dθesn't want anyθne drθpping any hints abθut hθw tθ escape this game.
Ollapa: Yθu were awθken because that ghθst was interfering with his plans.

Ellata: well rodard, the ghost who talked to me, saId he played hIs own session of thIs game wIth hIs frIends...can you try and use your cards to see Into the previous game maybe?
Ollapa: Sadly, that wθuldn't wθrk.
Ollapa: I can θnly see hidden infθrmatiθn θf players currently in this sessiθn.
Ollapa: Because he's θutside θf θur game, his infθrmation is θut θf my sight. :(

Ellata: that's a bummer.
Ellata: Is there any chance that I'll be able to see hIm If I go to sleep again?

Ollapa: Mθst likely nθt, the fact that yθu were able tθ see him was prθbably a minθr glitch-up in the game.
Ollapa: I'm sθrry, ellata. :(
Ollapa: I suppθse I cθuld give it a gθ, thθugh.
Ollapa: The cθntrθl θver my pθwers has imprθved a lθt since we last cθnversed.

Ellata: I can tell!
Ellata: you were able to reach my planet In such a quIck amount of tIme!
Ellata: you even had tIme to make a new outfIt for yourself!


Ollapa: ...
Ollapa: I'm nθt very gθθd at I?

Ellata: no you aren't!
Ellata: thIs Is rather awkward.
Ellata: I think just walking up to me and saying hello would've been better.

Ollapa: Me and Anaiad never sθcialized very θften.
Ollapa: But that was befθre θur seperatiθn.
Ollapa: I hθpe yθu can understand and accept my apθllθgy.

Ellata: I accept, but fIrst, let's get you out of those bushes and cleaned up.
Ellata: Your hair's covered In leaves!


Ollapa: It's me!
Ollapa: Dθn't use yθur swθrd θn me.
Ollapa: I just wanted tθ figure θut hθw tθ shθw up and say hi withθut making it awkward!

Ellata: ollapa?!?!
Ellata: less...awkward?
Ellata: so you hId In a bush?!?!

"Ellata: Investigate."

Ellata: I'll admit, the whole bush thIng was kinda smart.
Ellata: but makIng noIses just completely ruIned It.
Ellata: I hope you're ready for a good slashIng you--

Ollapa: Wait!!!

"Ollapa: Hide."

Ellata: !!!
Ellata: What was that?

Ollapa: !!!
Monkeysprite: Would you like me to go check it out?
Ellata: nah, I thInk I can handle It.
Ellata: It's probably another dumb Imp.

Ollapa: I am nθt dumb...θr an imp. :(


Ellata: I mean even If he Is doing somethIng, he can reply later!
Ollapa: (*gulp*)


Ellata: but you know what, I have the greatest Idea ever!
Ellata: I'll just message Ollapa, and ask hIm about rodard!
Ellata: I mean he can surely help me out with hIs secret card readIng powers!
Ellata: I just hope he's not doIng anythIng Important rIght now.


Ellata: I honestly can't help but feel that I could've gaIned somethIng from dreamIng just a bIt longer.
Ellata: rodard was going to tell me somethIng Important and then I was suddenly woken up!
Ellata: that was very InconvIenIent but also odd!
Ellata: I wonder why I was roused before he was able to tell me anythIng that could've helped us...
Monkeysprite: ...
Monkeysprite: Eee!


Ellata: you know, I thought It would've been a whole lot easIer than thIs.
Ellata: I'm really out of breath rIght now!
Ellata: there's way too many staIrs!
Monkeysprite: nobody warned you about stairs.
Ellata: nohmyt never told me about them!
Ellata: you never told me about them!
Ellata: nobody warned me about these staIrs!
Monkeysprite: Heehee hee
Ellata: It Is most defInItely not funny, BaNana!
Monkeysprite: :(


Monkeysprite: Perhaps you should take a break.
Monkeysprite: You've been at this for quite some time.
Ellata: yeah I thInk I wIll.
Ellata: I thought I was sure one of these staIrways led somewhere else!
Ellata: but they're all leading to nowhere at all mostly!
Ellata: ...
Ellata: why are you collectIng vInes?
Monkeysprite: I'm not sure, I like how they feel and smell...eee! :D
Ellata: alrIghty then.

"Ellata: Clear a path."

Ellata: drat!
Ellata: another dead end!





Vihnie: ((What am i?))
Vihnie: ((Hah))
Vihnie: ((NO need tO panic, kid))
Vihnie: ((In fact, yOu shOuld be glad tO see me here))
Vihnie: ((Because i'm yOur One-way ticket Out Of lizardbeast land))


Vihnie: ((Aside frOm the awkwardness, I've gOtta say))
Vihnie: ((YOu've gOt yOurself One kickin' dream rOOm))
Vihnie: ((It's been awhile since I've jammed))
Vihnie: ((I almOst fOrgOt hOw tO, hah!))
Vihnie: ((It's really refreshing actually))
Vihnie: ((SO thanks))

Morson: ???????????????????????????~ϟ
Morson: You look like my best friend~ϟ
Morson: But she doesn't play bass~ϟ
Morson: Or have a mole or wear lipstick~ϟ
Morson: You're not...~ϟ
Morson: I mean...~ϟ
Morson: .......~ϟ
Morson: What the hell ARE you?~ϟ


Morson: Can you ever forgive me?~ϟ
Vihnie: ((Aww that's sweet))
Vihnie: ((Well, apOlOgy accepted dude!))
Vihnie: ((ThOugh tO be hOnest))
Vihnie: ((I think that yOu're just wasting yOur breath))
Vihnie: ((See, I think yOu have me mixed up with sOmeOne else))
Vihnie: ((Still I appreciate the little sOb stOry))
Vihnie: ((It made my heart all tingly))
Vihnie: (( wOuld've if it was still beating))


Morson: !!!~ϟ
Morson: Cy is that you?~ϟ
Morson: Look listen~ϟ
Morson: ...~ϟ
Morson: I know you were upset when you left~ϟ
Morson: And that may have been my fault~ϟ
Morson: I'm so sorry Cy~ϟ
Morson: I'm sorry for being an idiot~ϟ
Morson: You don't even have to say anything to me~ϟ
Morson: I understand I'm just...~ϟ


Morson: You know~ϟ
Morson: I think I would've remembered making the decision to wear this~ϟ
Morson: ...~ϟ
Morson: Where am I?~ϟ


Morson: ??????~ϟ

"Morson: Wake up."


Platypusprite: He's already been through a lot as it is already.


Gecko✪: Nnnno no no no no.
Gecko✪: Big mistake...HUGE mistake.
Gecko✪: am I supposed to explain to my commanding officers.
Gecko✪: I-I could loose my badge for this, you know.
Gecko: How in the hell could you ever think that the thing on the ground over there is an imp?
Gecko✪: Mmmm hmmm nnnn...
Gecko✪: H-HIS HORNS.
Gecko: But did it ever attack you?
Gecko✪: Nnnnnnnnnno.
Gecko✪: S-sorrrryyyy.
Gecko: Ugh, who was the idiot who decided to give you a promotion?
Gecko✪: Yyyyyooouuu ssir...
Gecko: *groan*
Gecko: You there! Floating Fowl!
Gecko: Is this being on the floor here dangerous?

Platypusprite: He would be if you pissed him off.
Platypusprite: You're both lucky he passed out.
Platypusprite: Though honestly, I think he'd forgive you if you meant well.
Platypusprite: After all, the attack was a mistake.

Gecko✪: Mmmmmmmistake.
Gecko✪: Yyyyessss. Tell him mistake.
Gecko✪: Big mistake! We're so sorry.
Gecko: Well fine then, with your permission, ghostly fowl, we shall take him to our sanctuary to rest until he reawakens.
Gecko: It's the least we can do since SOMEONE accidentally knocked him out.
Gecko✪: Mmmmm don't tell...don't report please.
Gecko: I'll report it was an accident. They won't demote you because of that.
Gecko: But do we have permission, fowl?

Platypusprite: You have my permission, but I will follow you if that is fine.
Platypusprite: I am his guide and he needs me.
Platypusprite: He's been quite moody and shouldn't be disturbed until he wakes up.


?????: Keh Kek kekekekeke
?????: Bopped 'em right in th' head, the nasty imp.
?????: They're getting uglier by the minute!!!!
?????: ...
?????: This one smells very nice though.
?????: Too bad he's going to have to go.

Platypusprite: You just hit my caretaker, sir.
Platypusprite: I'm afraid he is not an imp.
Platypusprite: We are hunting imps as well, so I am assuming we are on your side.

?????: ...
?????: Oops.


<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="" width="700" height="530"></object>


Platypusprite: But you don't feel just a little bit re--
Morson: I'll save the imps for later, I think I'd better talk to her now~Ï
Morson: I have my broken husktop in my inventory, maybe if I alchemize it with my headphones I can make some sort of portable computer gadget~Ï
Morson: I should have enough grist by now to make something~Ï
Morson: I really hope I don't screw up again~Ï
Morson: I'll just sing my husktop out and I should be golden~Ï
Platypusprite: I find it funny that you "sing" your items out.
Platypusprite: You're not even that good at singing.
Morson: Hey, cut me some slack~Ï
Morson: At least I try~Ï
Morson: I wish I could be better at it but oh well~Ï
Morson: I would've had my old rhythm-hero modus equipped but I can't play guitar without electrocuting myself anymore~Ï
Platypusprite: :(


Morson: Oh fuck~ϟ
Morson: Cyrill~ϟ
Morson: She left so suddenly and I--~ϟ
Morson: Never got to ask what was wrong~ϟ
Platypusprite: You hurt her feelings.
Morson: I did?~ϟ
Platypusprite: Yes, you did, you dense airhead.
Morson: Fuck~ϟ
Morson: Alleph was probably being a little asshole to her while I was taking care of his friends~ϟ
Morson: I should've just let him heal on his own~ϟ
Morson: I fucked up~ϟ
Morson: I fucked up so badly~ϟ
Platypusprite: Oh well, remember when you said "I don't even like her!"
Morson: I didn't mean it that way! ~ϟ
Morson: Fuck, that probably made it worse! ~ϟ
Platypusprite: It did.
Morson: Kill me now~ϟ
Morson: She probably hates me~ϟ
Platypusprite: But you said you don't like her, why would it matter?
Morson: I do like her, she's my friend~ϟ
Morson: She's always been there for me and she always has my back~ϟ


Morson: Two hundred and sixty-seven imps and we're still not any closer to finding out what that noise is~ϟ
Morson: I'm getting really tired of this~ϟ
Platypusprite: I am aware.
Platypusprite: You've also been pretty irritated since you took out the powe--
Morson: It was an accident!~ϟ
Platypusprite: But you have a good place to vent though, right?
Platypusprite: You've collected boondollars and some alchemizing material!
Morson: I could care less about that, really I could~ϟ
Morson: I've already made some noise cancelling headphones, but that doesn't really help the issue of me getting through my planet's task~ϟ
Morson: And I still have no idea what that task is, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to get going once I have a clear peace of mind~ϟ
Morson: How big is this place anyways?~ϟ
Morson: We've been walking for hours~ϟ
Morson: I still need to make a computer, figure out how to not short circuit my planet, and then I need to figure out how everyone's doing~ϟ
Morson: I mean it's been awhile since I've talked to---~ϟ

"Haeton: Be Morson."

"Haeton: Put away game."

Haeton: ☄*ya know what i heard, 'leen?
Haeton: ☄*i heard that lamp and rhodos aren't a thing anymore

Seleen: Goodness Haeton, now you're changing the subject!--★☾
Haeton: ☄*shouldnt ya, i dunno...make your move?
Haeton: ☄*dont ya still have a huge crush on her?

Seleen: Not so loud, Haeton, she'll hear you!--★☾
Haeton: ☄*rhodos?
Haeton: ☄*hear us?
Haeton: ☄*PSH, that girls got a one track mind
Haeton: ☄*i dont think shes gonna hear anythin at all


Seleen: Haeton, you can apologize--★☾
Haeton: ☄*yeah, sure
Seleen: What matters now is that you make amends and make peace--★☾
Seleen: Wouldn't that make you feel a lot better?--★☾
Seleen: Just to let go of all of that anger, and finally move on?--★☾

"Haeton: Clean up the game."

Haeton: ☄*...
Haeton: ☄*we should prolly pick up the board game.
Haeton: ☄*its ok ill take apart the pieces and--
Seleen: You do realize Lutark has a point--★☾
Haeton: ☄*...*sigh*
Seleen: Like it or not, Haeton, you need to stop holding grudges and let go--★☾
Haeton: ☄*...
Seleen: Anger and jealousy are your own personal poisons--★☾
Seleen: There more you soak in it, the more you're hurting your soul!--★☾

Haeton: ☄*i dont wanna talk about it


Haeton: ☄*NO!!!!!
Haeton: ☄*FUCK OFF, LAMPRI!!!

Lutark: yeesh okAy!
Lutark: i'll go somewhere else
Lutark: leAve them be where ever they Are
Lutark: i meAn, i did tell rodard he should tAlk to vihnie AnywAys

Haeton: ☄*WHAT WAS THAT?
Lutark: AhAhA...lAter guys!


Haeton: ☄*OH so BOTH vihn and tess have gone missing?
Haeton: ☄*gee, lamp, cant ya put two and two together?
Haeton: ☄*the little shits are prolly in some crappy imaginary cave makin out
Haeton: ☄*quit worrying about them
Haeton: ☄*theyre just a bunch of no good LIARS who fuckin deserve to rot together in this stupid shit-hole were--

Lutark: you know, hAeton, we could Always tAlk About your feeli--


Lutark: Ah seleen, how Are you this fine dAy?
Seleen: There is no measurable about of time in this area we're currently residing in--★☾
Lutark: AhA yeAh, you're still As funny As the lAst time I tAlked to you
Seleen: Again, Lutark, there is no amount of time that can be physically accounted for in this--★☾
Haeton: ☄*don't talk to him, Seleen, youre only encouragin him
Haeton: ☄*what do you want anyways?
Haeton: ☄*ya dont usually bother us unless you want somethin
Haeton: ☄*so spill it, lamp

Lutark: As A mAtter of fAct, i'm looking for my moirAil
Lutark: hAve you seen rodArd?
Lutark: he left his typewriter Alone and i have no ideA where he's gone off to
Lutark: kindA weird if you Ask me

Haeton: ☄*well i don't hang around with tess and i never will
Haeton: ☄*i could care less about what hes doing and where hes at

Lutark: ouch, thAt's kindA cold, hAeton
Lutark: i'm pretty sure rodArd's over the whole rampage episode thing with you ripping his horns off And stuff
Lutark: you should let it go too

Haeton: ☄*FUCK, dont remind ME about that
Haeton: ☄*JUST DONT

Seleen: He is clearly not over it, Lutark, I suggest you move on with your search before you pick at his last nerve and you send him off on an uproar again--★☾
Seleen: I can only do so much--★☾

Lutark: Alright, Alright!
Lutark: i'll look somewhere else
Lutark: i didn't wAnt to go up and Ask my ex, cAuse thAt's Awkward As hell
Lutark: now thAt i think About it, vihnie's been gone for Awhile too...

"Lutark: Reveal yourself."

Lutark: AhAhAhA hA!
Lutark: should've seen the look on your face, h-mAAn.
Lutark: it wAs priceless!

Haeton: ☄*i thought i told ya not to call me that!
Haeton: ☄*oh please, youll know the true meanin of priceless when im done rearrangin your face!

Lutark: okAy, okAy
Lutark: sorry, hAeton
Lutark: i just wAnted to hAve A little fun
Lutark: i just LOVE pulling peoples' legs, yA know

Haeton: ☄*yeah?
Haeton: ☄*well pull my leg again and you're totalled
Haeton: ☄*you got that, lamp?

Lutark: well not thAt it mAtters AnywAys, we're All deAd
Lutark: being hit in the fAce is like punching Air
Lutark: you cAn't reAlly do Any dAmAge
Lutark: but i'll tell yA what, i'll knock it off becAuse we're friends!

Haeton: ☄*psh friends
Haeton: ☄*sure whatever

"Haeton: Be surprised."

??????: BOO!
Haeton: ☄*SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seleen: You know it's not very nice to sneak up on people like that, Lutark--★☾
Seleen: Now please make the rest of yourself visible, your floating hand is a tad creepy--★☾

Lutark: AhAh AhAhAhA!
Lutark: sorry, i couldn't resist!


Haeton: ☄*ya kno what i dont understand 'leen?
Haeton: ☄*whyd the hell did they start quadrant flippin?
Haeton: ☄*i mean for cryin out loud
Haeton: ☄*what did i do wrong?

Seleen: Well, you lack a sense of etiquette and understanding of what people are beneath their surfaces--★☾
Seleen: You also let your jealousy (along with the combined powers of being influenced by the power of void) destroy whatever fragmented relationship was left between you and Vihnie--★☾
Seleen: Something that was going to happen anyways (even without powers) given your horrid attitude towards everyone--★☾

Haeton: ☄*are you makin fun of me?
Seleen: No--★☾
Seleen: I am merely pointing out what obvious traits you possessed that led to your downfall in terms of having friends as well as relationships in general--★☾
Seleen:It's not ridicule at all--★☾

Haeton: ☄*well good, cause I lost ya after "etiquote" and everything else after sounded kinda mean
Seleen: You could learn from your mistakes--★☾
Haeton: ☄*i tried tellin 'em sorry already!
Seleen: Tried?--★☾
Haeton: ☄*i know everyone thinks im an asshole
Haeton: ☄*thats why I don't get into nobodys business anymore


??????: One, two, three--★☾
??????: I believe I have won, Haeton--★☾

Haeton: ☄*like i was even tryin!
Haeton: ☄*this game is rigged
Haeton: ☄*fuckin chutes, fuckin ladders, fuckin---this game is for wrigglers anyways
Haeton: ☄*you beat me and you werent even paying attention, you were reading your dumb book

??????: Well I for one thought it would be fun--★☾
??????: You weren't doing anything productive either way, besides chewing candy--★☾
??????: And glaring at Rodard and Vihnie--★☾

"Vihnie: Exit the dream room."

Vihnie: ((You knOw, it's kind Of convenient being On Derse))
Vihnie: ((I did say that i wished we cOuld warn Our descendants abOut nOhmyt sOmehOw))
Vihnie: ((And nOw, here i am))
Vihnie: ((Weird))
Vihnie: ((I just hope i can get back tO my friends when i'm dOne here...))
Vihnie: ((One of these kids have tO gO tO sleep eventually, right?))

"Vihnie: Look closer."

Vihnie: ((Aha I knew it))
Vihnie: ((A Lampri descendant))
Vihnie: ((Jeez Lutark, this guy's such a suck-up cOmpared tO yOu))
Vihnie: ((I dOn't think yOu'd like him at all))
Vihnie: ((This kind Of makes me wOnder what everyOne else's descendants are like))
Vihnie: ((HOpefully they aren't ass-kissing schmucks like this guy))
Vihnie: ((I guess it wOuldn't hurt tO find Out...))
Vihnie: ((Maybe if I'm lucky enOugh I'll catch them while they're awake))

"Vihnie: Inspect recuperacoon."

Vihnie: ((...this trOll is a descendant?))

"Vihnie: Examine corkboard."

Vihnie: ((Or Obsessed))
Vihnie: ((PrObably the latter))
Vihnie: ((WhO is this chump anyways?))
Vihnie: ((YOu know, there's way mOre tO life than lOOking fOrward tO serving Her Hineyness))
Vihnie: ((Well nOw that i think abOut it...))
Vihnie: ((I don't remember seleen, rOdard, Or lutark being this Obsessed with the queen...))
Vihnie: ((SO maybe...))


Vihnie: ((...))
Vihnie: ((Okay...))
Vihnie: ((I guess this trOll must be pretty devOted))


Vihnie: ((Well, figment Or nOt, I guess it's wOrth explOring))
Vihnie: ((I mean it's way better than flOating here dOing nOthing))
Vihnie: ((Why waste time freaking Out when yOu can investigate?))
Vihnie: ((NOw let's see whO's sleeping behind tOwer numerO unO...))


Vihnie: ((Gah!))
Vihnie: ((Me ending up On derse is impOssible))
Vihnie: ((I'm dead!))
Vihnie: ((We're dOne with this game!))
Vihnie: ((Hell, this isn't even my Own mOOn!))
Vihnie: ((Ugh...))
Vihnie: ((Maybe I'm sO desperate tO get Out of here that my gOd tier pOwers went beserk))
Vihnie: ((Maybe this is all a figment Of my imaginatiOn...))


Vihnie: ((Oh shit Oh shit Oh shit Oh shit Oh shit Oh shit Oh shit Oh shit Oh shit OH FUCKING SHIT))


Vihnie: ((Oh shit))


Vihnie: ..........................................................

"Vihnie: ???"


Well wherever you're going, you probably aren't going to need a flashlight.


Well, gee whiz.

It seems that after wandering the caves for what seemed like hours, you've finally found what you were looking for.

What were you looking for exactly anyways?

"Alleph: Be Ollapa."

You are now Ollapa.

Now that you've talked to Alleph, you've prevented a disastrous future that the Alternate!Morson warned you about.

A future in which Alleph succumbs to a madness his god tier powers give him, due to the fact that he wasn't fully sure of his authority over you and Anaiad.

Even though you and Anaiad do not wish to be his lackeys anymore, there is one thing that is for certain:

He's still your friend....

...even if he is a total asshole.

"Alleph: Exit out of Trollian."

Alleph: Well I'm glαd thαt's settled!
Alleph: Whαt wαs I thinking?!
Alleph: Getting so worked up αbout losing my greαt leαdership αbility, I'm such αn idiot!
Alleph: How could I ever doubt my own skills αs α commαnder!
Alleph: Nohmyt just rαttled me up α bit!
Alleph: I won't let thαt hαppen αgαin!
Alleph: ...
Alleph: We're going get out of here.
Alleph: And I'm going to kick his scαly sweαter-vested αss!


LC: Abθut what?
PA: Nothing importαnt.
LC: Is it Nθhmyt?
PA: ...
LC: Yθu shθuldn't talk tθ him, Alleph.
LC: He's the villain here.

PA: I just wαnt to get OUT OF HERE.

LC: We're all struggling here, Alleph, remember yθu're nθt the θnly θne.
PA: Nohmyt is picking αt my nerves...
LC: Dθn't talk tθ him.
LC: Getting angry with him is exactly what he wants.

PA: Why do you even cαre, Ollαpα?
PA: Shouldn't you be exploring your "freedom" with those new tin cαn αppendαges of yours?

LC: I've finished my explθring mθstly, believe me.
PA: Then whαt mαde you contαct me?
PA: Going to sαy good riddαnce?

LC: Nθ.
PA: Then?
LC: Because I wanted tθ let yθu knθw that Anaiad and I are still lθyal tθ yθu, Alleph.
LC: Rθbθtic bθdy parts θr nθt, yθu still mean a lθt tθ us.

PA: Oh well...
PA: ...
PA: I knew thαt αlreαdy
PA: Hαh.
PA: I'm αwαre of αll of the dαring αnd clever wαys I've helped the two of you live.

LC: Which is why we need yθur thinking.
LC: There are pθrtals cθnnecting everyθne's planets tθgether like a chain.
LC: If we lθθk hard enθugh we can find them and meet up.
LC: Then we can try and figure θut what the gθal θf this whθle thing is tθgether.

PA: Who told you αbout the portαls?
LC: Liθnsprite?
PA: Ugh.
PA: My lusus is α complete idiot.
PA: Well then, I might αs well gαther αlchemizing mαteriαl αnd look for thαt portαl, huh?

LC: Yes.
LC: Talk tθ yθu sθθn, Alleph.

PA: You better!

"Alleph: Answer comrade."

-- luminousCompetitor [LC] began trolling pinnacledArrival [PA] --

LC: Alleph.
PA: Whαtever do you wαnt, Sulise?
PA: Hαving fun yet?

LC: Tθ be hθnest...
LC: Nθt really.

PA: Is thαt so?
LC: I am cθnfused as tθ what we're suppθsed tθ be accθmplishing.
PA: I hαve no ideα whαt we αre supposed to be doing either.
PA: ...
PA: There's just imps αnd whαtever they drop, αnd there's αlchemizing...which I should stαrt doing.
PA: But I'm not getting αny hints αt αll!
PA: ...
PA: I'm...
PA: ...αbout αs lost αs you αre I guess.
PA: ......

LC: Are yθu feeling alright, sir?
PA: ...............
PA: I'm αngry.


Alleph: ...Ollαpα?
Eelsprite: Alleph wait I---
Alleph: Stop tαlking to me.
Eelsprite: ...
Alleph: I hαve to see whαt he wαnts.


Alleph: Whαt αre you bαbbling on αbout, Unceel?
Eelsprite: It's fairly simple, Alleph.
Eelsprite: God tier, and everyone will listen to you.
Alleph: How?
Alleph: I meαn it's just α stupid title.
Alleph: Thαt αlone isn't going to get αnyone to pαy αttention.
Eelsprite: No, there's---


Alleph: ...
Alleph: ......
Alleph: He's right.
Alleph: I don't hαve my comrαdes αt my disposαl right now, αnd I've lost my power.
Alleph: But do I reαlly need them now?
Alleph: They're just trying to get used to their own bodies.
Alleph: It's hαrd to get them to follow my orders when we're sepαrαted like this...
Alleph: I hαve no ideα whαt I'm doing αnymore.
Alleph: And I doubt αnyone else does.
Alleph: I'm just...
Eelsprite: You need power.


PA: Shut up.
GM: It's very interesting seeing someone with your type of personality do without someone under their command
GM: Oh, look how the tables have turned
GM: The self-proclaimed "mighty and great" leader, Alleph Lampri without anyone answer to his orders
GM: So lost and confused and desperate that he's asking the alien for help
GM: When all of his friends haven't even contacted the guy once
GM: Who seems more helpless now?
GM: You or the azure blooded troll?
GM: Hehehehehehehehehehe
PA: You're...
PA: Such α liαr.

GM: Really now?
GM: Weren't you the one who stated that we can't lie?
PA: .........
GM: Ring me up again if you feel lonely, Alleph
GM: But in about an hour or two
GM: I've got some important errands to run for a friend...
GM: Ta-ta for now

"Nohmyt: Be interrupted. "

-- pinnacledArrival [PA] began trolling gameModerator [GM] --

PA: Nohmyt, I hαve α bone to pick with you.
GM: And by bone you mean to say that
GM: You're utterly confused as to what just occurred...
GM: And you feel as if your life was put at stake because you happened to provoke some imps
GM: You do realize that they only attack when provoked...right?
PA: ...
GM: You provoked them, didn't you?
PA: I did no such thing!
GM: Well in that case I'm afraid I'll have to cut our little chat short
GM: I'm in the middle of something very important
PA: I'm NOT done tαlking with you!
PA: Whαt wαs thαt room I wαs in?
PA: Whαt wαs thαt voice?

GM: You know, I made those sprites for a reason...
GM: Why don't you ask Unceelsprite?
PA: Becαuse αll he does is utter nonsense thαt I hαve no pαtience for!
PA: Why do I even bother!
PA: You're just α hopeless wαste of my time too!

GM: Right in the heart, Alleph
GM: How very cruel of you to say that
GM: You really want to know why you're talking to me?
GM: It's because you have no one else to talk to
PA: Whαt!?
GM: You're coming to a slow but painful realization
GM: One that you keep denying again and again...
GM: That you no longer have control or authority over your "comrades"


Eelsprite: Hello Alleph, back so soo--
Alleph: No.
Alleph: You shut up right now.
Alleph: You sir, αre deαd to me.
Eelsprite: Well Alleph, technically I am dead--
Alleph: Stop.
Alleph: I'm done with you αnd your silly poetic rαndom "helpful" hints.
Alleph: You weren't there for me when I needed you.
Alleph: Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to hαve α serious chαt with the αlien.


Alleph: You know...
Alleph: They could hαve αt leαst mαde αn effort to teleport me bαck ON SOLID GROUND!!!
Alleph: Well αt leαst I'm in my respiteblock αgαin.

"Alleph: Land."

Alleph: Oww!


??????: Farewell, young Challenger.


Alleph: Aαααααααααααhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
??????: Until then, you have no reason to be here.
??????: However, I will do you a favor and return you to your starting point.


??????: Your heart is still tainted with pride and selfishness.
??????: Return when you understand the true value of your friends...
Alleph: Whααααα!

"Rodard: Be Alleph."

??????: Alleph Lampri...
Alleph: Who sαid thαt?
??????: You are not yet ready to face me...


"Rodard: Pick up the strange item."

Rodard: <>"I don't ever remember bringing a paperweight out along with my stationery.."<>
Rodard: <>"And is that...Prospit's color scheme?"<>


Rodard: <>"Rodard sighs and decides to quit beating himself up over his broken relationships to continue writing."<>
Rodard: <>"He reaches over to pick up some more parchment paper to fill his typewriter up with."<>
Rodard: <>"...!?!?!?"<>
Rodard: <>"Rodard discovers a round object lying among his stationery."<>
Rodard: <>"He soon discovers it is a metal button, gleaming gold--"<>
Rodard: <>"Wait a second--"<>


Rodard: <>"*sigh*"<>
Rodard: <>"It's not that easy, Lutark."<>
Rodard: <>"I mean I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing wrong."<>
Rodard: <>"She said she needed space but I'm...just not sure."<>
Rodard: <>"The whole fiasco with my horns is long gone in the past..."<>
Rodard: <>"Why can't we just sit down and have a conversation?"<>
Rodard: <>"I mean perhaps I just..."<>
Rodard: <>"..have to respect the fact that she doesn't want anything to do with me anymore..."<>


Lutark: okAy rodArd
Lutark: i'm gonnA 1et you get bAck to your typing
Lutark: but before I go
Lutark: do you reA11y wAnnA know whAt I think?
Lutark: As your best bud, i think you shou1d stop fAntAsizing And go After the reA1 thing

Rodard: <>"..."<>
Lutark: 1Ater mAn!
Lutark: ;}


Rodard: <>"I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about."<>
Rodard: <>"Whatever accusation you're trying to make about my writing is simply absurd."<>

Lutark: i fucking sAw it, rodArd
Lutark: you were b1Ack to red quAdrAnt f1ipping with her And you know it
Lutark: And you sti11 hAve fee1ings for her

Rodard: <>"Well you're wrong."<>
Rodard: <>"I'm completely over the breakup and the mishap with my horns and that's all there is to it."<>

Lutark: yeAh you're over the who1e horn thing but 1ike...vihnie
Rodard: <>"There is nothing regarding Vihnie Omicro that needs to be discussed."
Lutark: imAgine if she finds your stories And stArts reAding everything
Lutark: who knows whAt's gonnA hAppen

Rodard: <>"She isn't going to...ugh."<>
Rodard: <>"Rodard continues to write, ignoring his friend."<>

Lutark: fine, be A stubborn creeper And continue to write your stuff
Lutark: just...whAtever

Rodard: <>"Look, Lu, I don't mean to be rude or anything. But I can't."<>
Rodard: <>"I know you're the Seer of Heart, and you can see into my soul and stuff..."<>
Rodard: <>"Really I'm fine, I don't need emotional counseling. I'm cool."<>
Rodard: <>"I'm okay with the breakup. I'm totally over it."<>

Lutark: thAt's not whAt your heArt is sAying
Rodard: <>"No, this is what my think pan is saying."<>
Rodard: <>"I am being a totally logical and sensible guy right now."<>
Rodard: <>"I am relaxing by writing stories inspired by my friends who I spent time with during the horrible game we went through."<>
Rodard: <>"I haven't even started on writing you in, Lutark, or everyone else for that matter."<>

Lutark: of course
Lutark: thAt's why you decided to stArt your story off with the two of you first

Rodard: <>"......"<>
Rodard: <>"............"<>
Rodard: <>"...Shut up Lutark."<>


Lutark: re1Ax, r-mAn, i wAs just pu11ing your 1eg
Lutark: but you know, sitting here writing isn't going to get her to mAke out with you
Lutark: you're just mAjor1y disp1Acing your fee1ings here
Lutark: just go And tA1k to her A1reAdy
Lutark: i meAn she's right over--
Lutark: ...oh i guess she rAn off somewhere
Lutark: but sti11

Rodard: <>"Why are you floating upside-down?"<>
Lutark: you're chAnging the subject


"How can you just stand there and...let others," The Signaler tried to start a conversation with her, "call you those terrible things?"

"How can you let those ruffians order you around?" She inquired him in a soft tone of voice.

He was taken by surprise. It was such an...odd question for being the first words she spoke since her capture.



" on this ship is all I'm good for."

"Is that so?"

How could he begin to explain to her? The life he'd lived: constantly being kidnapped by pirates and taken from ship to ship. At one point he had forgotten where he had come from. This was all he knew now. He didn't once think about running away. There was no point, he thought, they would always find him and use his powers for some selfish goal.

"I'm unsure," He finally replied. The Stowaway released her grip from the bars and began to turn; the Signaler pulled her back, "Why are you asking me these things?"

"Life should be about living through something enjoyable and something you love, not being forced to do a task you are 'good for.'"
And with that, the disheveled prisoner turned

??????: And then they decided to e1ope And fi11 hundreds of mi11ions of buckets
Rodard: <>"LUTARK!"<>

"Rodard: Begin writing new chapter."

A stoωaωay was found in the cluttered hull of the ship not too long after leaving port. Of course, swashbucklers would usually kill trespassers or make them walk the plank, and in even some circumstances force them to join the crew. But this intruder among the ship was much more valuable than any common idiot who would dare hitch a ride with pirates. There was a bounty on her head for offenses against the Queen.

She was a wanted criminal known as the Mediator.

No one really knew or cared about what she could"ve possibly have done to threaten Her Majesty. Though, they all agreed she was worth more if she was captured alive than dead. Obviously, being the least liked on the crew the Signaler was made sure to watch over her during the dreary hours of the day when he wasn"t needed.

She stood silently in her cell, never a word from her mouth or any violent attempt made to escape. There was just a silence that filled the air with what the Signaler could only describe as sorrow.

He was rather puzzled as to how or why she was such a threat in the first place. She never did talk back to the captain or any of his crewmates that spat bitter words at her on their way down to fetch a drink. She took it all in without a reply.

"Actaea: Be Rodard."

Rodard: <>" how should I phrase this?"<>
Rodard: <>"And suddenly..."<>
Rodard: <>"No...too cliche."<>
Rodard: <>"And within the darkness lay a..."<>
Rodard: <>"No...that's just...ugh."<>
Rodard: <>"I want to smack myself in the face."<>
Rodard: <>"It's difficult picking words to use in a story."<>
Rodard: <>"I think I'll just keep it simple."<>
Rodard: <>"That's less worrying on my part."<>

"Actaea: Turn around."

Actaea: V(|)hn(|)e?
Actaea: Where'd you go?
Actaea: You know, as my mo(|)ra(|)l, (|)t's very rude to leave me hang(|)ng out on thought process here.
Actaea: V(|)hn(|)e?
Actaea: *s(|)gh*
Actaea: (|) guess (|)'ll go ask Rodard about what he saw.
Actaea: But not now.
Actaea: Not w(|)th h(|)s (|)d(|)ot fr(|)end float(|)ng there anyways...

"Vihnie: Pick up mysterious object."

Actaea: Or why she suddenly d(|)sappeared so fast!
Actaea: And (|)f she'll ever come back!
Actaea: And (|)t's just so great (|)--

"Vihnie: Examine button."

Actaea: L(|)ke what was my ancestor do(|)ng (|)n a dream bubble (|)nstead of Prosp(|)t!
Vihnie: ((Is that--))


Actaea: (|) just knew someth(|)ng was up!
Actaea: Th(|)s ra(|)ses so many quest(|)ons!

Vihnie: ((The fuck is that?))


Vihnie: ((Well ROdard did))
Vihnie: ((She just randOmly appeared here and then disappeared))
Vihnie: ((It was sO fast that I didn't even get tO talk tO her))

Actaea: SEE TH(|)S (|)S WHAT (|) WAS TALK(|)NG ABOUT.
Actaea: Vihnie th(|)s (|)s HUGE!
Actaea: (|)f there's a l(|)ttle alternate me runn(|)ng around, there must be an alternate you...and an alternate everyone else!


Actaea: Th(|)s has noth(|)ng to do with that (|)d(|)ot.
Actaea: (|) don't th(|)nk you understand!
Actaea: Th(|)s (|)s HUGE V(|)hn(|)e, th(|)s feel(|)ng...
Actaea: (|) don't bel(|)eve (|)t's just hunch!
Actaea: (|)'m about to uncover someth(|)ng!
Actaea: Haven't you had that feel(|)ng that someth(|)ng (|)s happen(|)ng?
Actaea: That someth(|)ng's d(|)fferent?

Vihnie: ((Uh...))
Vihnie: ((Well I dOn't think--))

Actaea: Well th(|)s feel(|)ng (|)s REAL and you guys need to stop brush(|)ng (|)t off.
Actaea: (|) just know there's go(|)ng to be b(|)g th(|)ngs happen(|)ng real soon and we're go(|)ng to have to prepare for that and--
Vihnie: ((Actaea, we saw yOur descendant))
Actaea: And even though we're---
Actaea: Wa(|)t...what.


Vihnie: ((What's up?))
Actaea: Hmmmmm.
Vihnie: ((Is this abOut yOur breakup with Lutark?))

"Vihnie: Complain to your Moirail."

Vihnie: ((Ughh))
Vihnie: ((Why dO I EVEN fucking BOTHER))
Vihnie: ((Actaea, I'm sO dOne with everyOne))
Vihnie: ((I'm trying tO help peOple Out...)
Vihnie: ((And we're stuck with a cOuple Of lazy ass bOzOs whO aren't even lifting a finger!))
Vihnie: ((It's like everyOne dOesn't give a flying--))

Actaea: Oh my golly V(|)hn(|)e (|)t just dawned on me.


AT: Also, Ollapa...
LC: Yes?
AT: After you talk to Alleph there's something I need you to do
LC: θf cθurse, Mθrsθn.
AT: I'm gonna warn you that whatever I'm going to ask
AT: Is probably going to sound crazy
AT: Do you trust me?

LC: Yes.
LC: The infθrmatiθn yθu prθvided me abθut my visiθns seems tθ be legitimate.
LC: And I dθ wish tθ get θut of this game.
LC: What dθ I need to dθ?


LC: ...
LC: Nθw that I lθθk at it...
LC: He seemed rather quiet.

AT: Are you looking at your cards?
LC: Well yes.
LC: I see him, Mθrsθn...just barely.
LC: Yθu were cθrrect, he is rather upset that he's θn his θwn.
LC: Thθugh, I've always assumed Alleph was strθng enθugh tθ take care θf himself.

AT: Maybe he just...keeps that kind of stuff to himself?
AT: Probably because he has a major superiority complex

LC: Shθuld I try and recθncile the friendship with him then?
LC: I didn't mean tθ anger him.
LC: He is my friend, after all.
LC: Even if he dθes get rather bθssy.

AT: It would probably be best if you talked to him
AT: If we're gonna get out of here alive, we all need to be on good terms
AT: Which means we can't have anyone going on a murderous rampage
AT: Don't tell him any information about me or the future, though
AT: It's better off he doesn't know about his powers yet

LC: Understθθd.


LC: But I dθn't believe we've made him mad, Mθrsθn.
AT: Ollapa, are you absolutely positive?
LC: Tθ be hθnest, all we've dθne is try and dθ things θn θur θwn.
LC: I've infθrmed Alleph that me and Anaiad are just trying tθ grθw a bit mθre independent.

AT: Hmm...
AT: What did he say after you told him that though?
AT: Did he take it well?


AT: ...make him a commander of souls


AT: No, Ollapa, it had nothing to do with progressing in the game
AT: She let Alleph manipulate her into breaking up our friendships
AT: And went on a murder spree with him for revenge

LC: But that dθesn't sθund like her at all!
LC: Thθugh I've never cθnversed with her in persθn, she seems kind and hθnest.

AT: It wasn't her at all
AT: I was such an idiot that I didn't realize I made her unhappy on accident
AT: Alleph took advantage of my poor choice of words
AT: He controlled her using his new abilities

LC: What?!
AT: Ollapa, you can't let Alleph god tier
AT: And don't make him angry or anything!
AT: Because Alleph's god tier powers...


LC: She was rather unhappy when she entered the pθrtal.
LC: Hθwever, I dθ nθt see hθw that cθuld have affected her ability tθ successfully get thrθugh the game.

AT: Neither did I, until I experienced what could have happened
AT: In my timeline...everyone's dead except for you and me

LC: All θf this because Cyrill did nθt prθgress in her game?

"Ollapa: Contact Cyrill."

-- luminousCompetitor [LC] began trolling achromaticTerminate [AT] --

LC: Hellθ Cyrill.
LC: I have sθme questiθns regarding Mθrsθn
LC: And by that I mean tθ ask...
LC: Has Morson been acting strange lately?

AT: Ollapa, this is Morson
AT: Cy was exhausted and kinda passed out after fighting
AT: So I'm answering for her

LC: ...
AT: You're right
AT: Well I mean your visions are right

LC: Hθw did yθu kn--
AT: I'm not Morson
AT: Or well...
AT: Not the Morson from this timeline anyways
AT: I haven't told Cyrill yet because if I did you wouldn't be contacting me right now
AT: You're a Seer of Void, Ollapa
AT: Your god tier skills let you see what is unseen and unspoken, what is not clear or understood
AT: So I kept my identity a secret, because I needed you to contact cyrill out of curiosity
AT: I really do need to speak with you
AT: Urgently

LC: Abθut?
AT: Getting all of us out of here
AT: Alive

LC: Pardθn me asking but, why did yθu nθt alert me sθθner?
LC: As a time traveler, shθuldn't yθu take care θf what is mθst impθrtant?

AT: Cyrill IS important
AT: It's crucial that she gets through the beginning stages of her game with me
AT: Or else this session will be as doomed as all of the other ones

"Ollapa: Safely make it back to your hive."

After several card-throwing battles against the imps, you finally make it back to your hive.

You slam the door behind you and rush to your computer.
You have a lot of questions that need answers.

Of course there's only one way to get to the bottom of the odd visions you've been getting lately.

You contact the azure-blooded troll to begin your search for the truth.

"Anaiad: Look out the window."

Anaiad: -YOU LITTLE SHITS!-}-x->
Anaiad: -I TOLD you I was going to share some with you guys as soon as it cooled off!-}-x->
Anaiad: -FINE!-}-x->


Anaiad: -......-}-x->
Anaiad: -where the fuck did my pie go???-}-x->


Anaiad: -ollie was always able to paint them without makin a damn mess everywhere-}-x->
Anaiad: -maybe I shouldve paid more attention when he was showing me how to do it-}-x->
Anaiad: -...-}-x->
Anaiad: -whatever lets just forget this-}-x->
Anaiad: -I'm doin pretty awesome at this "alone" thing-}-x->
Anaiad: -I baked some dessert-}-x->
Anaiad: -I redecorated whats my hive-}-x->
Anaiad: -Guess the chamelon dude made a copy of it but cut stuff in half-}-x->
Anaiad: -...weird-}-x->
Anaiad: -but anyways I should clean up-}-x->
Anaiad: -its about time to go check up on that pie...-}-x->

"Anaiad: Attempt to do something fun."

Anaiad: -yes anaiad-}-x->
Anaiad: -paint your toes-}-x->
Anaiad: -paint your DAMN toes like youre 2 sweeps old-}-x->
Anaiad: -DAMMIT-}-x->


...reached zero


...its counter finally...


Until one day...


"He's going to be alright"

That is what Cyrill and Ellata told themselves

They patched up his burns and let them heal

Morson never got the kite, but he did get something else...
And it lay dormant within his body like a time bomb

"[S] ===>"

<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="" width="700" height="530"></object>

Let's just say he didn't get the kite...

Predictable...was it not?


Of course its poor construction led to the string snapping and the kite flying off...

It had gotten stuck in a tree so Morson climbed up to retrieve it

And well...

"Nohmyt: Rewind."

At about 6 and a half sweeps the three of them went out to fly a kite they had assembled themselves

The winds in the area were favorable...

What was about to happen next was not

"Nohmyt: Examine the photo."

Ah yes, the dreadful "accident"

Poor children...
They didn't know better

You want to know what happened?


I suppose I can rewind a bit to show you...


Ellata: everythIng was happIer when we were younger.
Ellata: before the accIdent splIt us all apart.

"Ellata: Browse scrapbook."

Ellata: It's kInd of funny, you know.
Monkeysprite: What is?
Ellata: the fact that we're all together agaIn.
Ellata: morson, cyrIll and I.
Ellata: I mean It's been a whIle sInce we've really talked