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"Answer chum."

-- criticalSequence [CS] began pestering nascentAvatar [NA] at 14:39 --

CS: yo Kate
NA: hi!!
NA: what's up?

CS: not much just wanted to tell you that Ringo got adopted
NA: yaaaaaayyy!!!!!! :D
NA: i was so scared he was gonna have to be
NA: well

CS: yeah me too but the family was like nah we'll take good care of him
CS: I guess they're used to troubled animals
NA: that's so great you just made my day
CS: good that's like my fav thing to do
CS: so what's up w/ you
NA: not much! just chilling in my room
NA: i was just about to start up the sims but i got distracted lol

CS: oh hey speaking of games
CS: have you ever heard of sburb
NA: uhhhh no i don't think so
NA: what's it like?

CS: from what I've heard it's basically the sims but
CS: idk more extreme or something
CS: I thought it sounded cool like something you would enjoy
CS: actually I preordered a copy because it was supposed to come out around your birthday but for some reason they bumped back the release date like months
CS: guess they finished early or something

NA: omg thank you!!! :0
NA: well hey today's my half birthday so i guess that kinda worked out lol
NA: but how will you get it to me?

CS: it's online you know my login stuff right
NA: oh yeah ok
NA: thank youuuuuu

CS: dw it wasn't even that expensive cuz it's totally indie I guess it was literally only five dollars
NA: oh cool! i hate it when people spend lots of money on me
CS: aw hell then you're gonna hate your actual birthday
NA: you got me something else??? and it's expensive???? :C
CS: Kate I'm allowed to do what I want with my own money if I want to buy you a present that's over the generally acepted $20 then I will
NA: where do you even get all this money???
CS: I get all the profits from the pet accessories remember that's basically my allowance
NA: oh yeah :p
CS: whup I gotta brb Pop's calling me
NA: ok talk to you later!! I will download the game in the meantime

-- criticalSequence [CS] ceased pestering nascentAvatar [NA] --


Your name is KATE. As was previously mentioned, today is your HALF-BIRTHDAY, a day which is essentially meaningless except for the fact that it marks the halfway point between your previous and next ACTUAL BIRTHDAYS. As with the rest of the human population, you have a variety of INTERESTS; so many in fact that it would be much too tedious and time-consuming to list them all. In fact it would be easier just to make a list of the things that you DON'T LIKE.

For starters, you hate SCARY THINGS. Anything from B horror flicks to creepy campfire tales gives you the willes SOMETHING AWFUL, and the willies are NOT A PLEASANT SENSATION. You also hate-

Oh. Looks likes someone's pestering you. We can take a break from harping on your disintrests to answer. You don't like to keep friends waiting!


Yes, that's right!

"For pete's sake-"

Oh. She found it. What does it say?

"Try AGAIN."

"Try again."

"Guess name."

"Recall name."

Oh dear! It seems she's misplaced her HONORARY PLACRONYM! Without it, there's no way we can determine her name unless we can guess it!

Go on, might as well give it a try.


A young girl stands in her bedroom. Today, the 19th of April, just so happens to be this young girl's half birthday. Though it was 13.5 years ago she was given life, it was only six months ago that she was given a name!

What was this young girl's name again?