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"Sataii Lucfei"

Name: Sataii Lucfei
Age: 9 sweeps
Personality: quiet, mysterious,
Trollhandle: pentagonaGram
Quirk:capitalizes "x" replaces k with X replaces c with x
Sataii can be considered a mysterious troll, he was once found dead, and the next day he was walking around, just with dead white eyes, almost no one talks to him unless necissary

"Jestla Herleq"

Name: Jestla Herleq
Age: 5 1/2 sweeps
Personality: tricky, prankster, humorus
Trollhandle: bestedHollowpoint
Quirk: replaces a with Q, replaces I with j
Jesta, the youngest troll in the group, is known as the prankster, playing pranks on the other trolls often, these are more innocent and harmless than sintri's tricks, but they can be a bit annoying and mischivious.

"Grelia Neenai"

Name: Grelia Neenai
Age: 7 sweeps
Personality: Kind, outgoing, helpful
Trollhandle: greenCoastline
Quirk: starts her sentances with "0><" replaces "e" with "3"
Grelia has a somewhat obsession with the colour green, making sure everything she owns has some green on it, unlike the other aquatic trolls she's very outgoing and kind, even being the only troll to freely speak to N, and being his matesprit.

"Sintri Odelle"

Name: Sintri Odelle
Age: 8 sweeps
Personality: cunning, smart, sarcastic
Trollhandle: blueLabel
Quirk: capitalizes "a" and "m" speaks sarcasticly in almost every sentence
Sintri is a very cunning troll, he easily plots tricks and trolls the other trolls (ironic) often, though almost killing some of them

"Henria Klanti"

Name: Henria Klanti
Age: 9 1/2 sweeps
Personality: kind, protective, friendly, outgoing
Trollhandle: trollDad
Quirk: uses father puns, capitilizes "d" but only at the start of words
Henria is what he calls himself, troll dad. he's always had the feeling of enjoyment of taking care of others, after discovering humans henria learned of the human concept of parents and instantly took suit, taking care of grubs and trolls of any age, being the oldest troll it only makes sence.

"Selmia Liamal"

Name: Selmia Liamal
Age: 7 1/2 sweeps
Personality: quiet, seclude
Trollhandle: allowanceOfpain
Quirk: Doesnt have one at first, ūsës áltèrñåtë lëttērs
Selmia secludes herself from the other trolls often, not able to stand their "weirdness" for too long. she almost never talks due to this, however she has her own weirdness(she makes friends with toys and inaminate objects), so she eventually learns to accept the others's "weirdness" saying that they're "çløsë tō thé sæm âftér åll".

"Aleksn Marcht"

Name: Aleksn Marcht
Age: 7 sweeps
Personality: kind, drunky, humorous
Trollhandle: drunkenPilot
Quirk: replaces "Th" with "z"
Aleksn would be what humans would call the "russian steryotype" he even talks with the accent. he's known as Carosi's best customer, buying drinks of all kinds and consuming them often, he never seems to act differently when drunk however.

"Khahan Sviper"

Name: Khahan Sviper
Age: 8 sweeps
Personality: cunning, devious, selfish
Trollhandle: ssslitheringSsserpentine
Quirk: triples "s" uses snake puns
Khahan is a self centered troll, usually thinking he's always right, and that he's better, which leads to several problems for him, unlike kelalia, he never fixes his problem

"Mayana Selvia"

Name: Mayana Selvia
Age: 7 sweeps
Personality: kind, outgoing, insecure
Trollhandle: babblingBabbler
Quirk: TalksWithoutSpaces,IndiactingSheTalksVeryQuickly
Mayana is a very kind troll, but suffers from insecurities, which her matesprit, bekyuc helps her with, she also suffers from serious anger issues, when angered she can result to violence, which is a big factor in her insicurity


Name: unknown, goes by N
Age: unknown
Personality: quiet, mysterious
Trollhandle: nauticalNonsence
Quirk: capitalizes "n" uses nn instead of "m"
N is a mysterious troll, his unecisarily long hair covers his horns and face, the only visible thing being a scar on his chin, despite his mystery he can be a very kind person, and serves as grelia's matesprit

"Hollus Helmia"

Name: Hollus Helmia
Age: 6 sweeps
Personality: shy, crafty, helping
Trollhandle: breakthroughGenerator
Quirk: replaces "i" with ";"
Hollus is a skilled mechanic, building machinery is his specialty, despite a mechanical injury which led to him getting stained with his own blood, he's very resoursefull and can build nearly anything out of anything.

"Kelaia Bentuc"

Name: Kelaia Bentuc
Age: 7 1/2 sweeps
Personality: proud, stuck up, angry
Trollhandle: withinRavines
Quirk: doubles y's and j's
Kelaia is an aquatic troll, and due it he feels like he's higher up than everyone. he can be rude to many other trolls but the other aquatics, he eventually learns to calm himself after his first death.

"Volkai Mereze"

Name: Volkai Mereze
Age: 8 sweeps old
Personality: quiet, friendly, protective
Trollhandle: honorScript
Quirk: replaces "s" with 5 and replaces "t" with "7"
Volkai is a master of bladed weaponry, having a fascination with making, using, and eventually breaking many weapons of many kinds. he's always been very protective of his friends, making sure that no harm ever comes to them

"Nicles Zalela"

Name: Nicles Zalela
Age: 6 1/2 sweeps
Personality: proud, bossy, ordering
Trollhandle: calibratingOrganization
Quirk: replaces "g" with "6", replaces "t" with "+"
Nicles has always loved being a leader, giving orders and watching people carry them out, despite how bossy she can be she can still be a good friend, proving to have many of them in fact.

"Carosi Telkin"

Name:Carosi Telkin
Age: 7 sweeps
Personality: quiet, lonesome, "sick of it"
Trollhandle: unmournedCorpse
Quirk: replaces "l" with "/"
Carosi is a very quiet character, he doesn't have a big interest and usually tries to stay out of most situations, he's most known for his popular drinks, made from a recipie he created similar to beer. his moirail is Bekyuc.

"Bekyuc Bevich"

Name: Bekyuc Bevich
Age: 7 sweeps
Personality: cunning, kind, humorous
Trollhandle: depthlessConvection
Quirk: STarts EVery TWo LEtters WIth CAps
Relationships: Moirail: Carosi/ Matesprit: Mayana
Bekyuc is a 7 sweeps old troll, with a fascination in vehicles, building his own from time to time, his outgoing self makes him pretty popular amongst other trolls

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