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"Colin: Get on with it!"

You proceed to get on with it!!

Flash in progress.


SS: cuz you gotta put that in the lathe
SS: along with that dowel.
SS: it should then carve the dowel into a pattern thats read from
SS: the punched card

KN: Okay. The timer is going down fast. Is that just me?
SS: i think its just you. its going by regular seconds.
KN: Huh. Been wasting time.

"Colin: Go downstairs."

KN: Alright.
SS: so. this is a dowel thing. im gonna drop this pre-punched card
KN: Okay.
KN: Why is it punched?

"Colin: Seek comfort."

KN: Smalls.


SS: whats up
KN: The dinosaur got put in.
KN: The thing.

SS: what
KN: The toy
SS: holy shit im looking at your room right now
SS: thats fucking awesome

KN: No. It isn't.
SS: i thought you liked dinosaurs
KN: I do, but not real ones.
KN: Or
KN: bodiless flashy floating ones that roar really fucking loud.

SS: :(
KN: I'm gonna just hold off on putting something else in it.
SS: alright well. i figured out something so
SS: why dont you just come down here

"Colin: You okay there buddy?"



"Colin: Shoo it away."

Get auughtt, yee blastid scally-wag!! Aiiee gots me here dino-sword!!

This headache is making your inner voice say some pretty fucked up shit.

"Colin: Don't look at the flashy thing!"

You try not to look at it. You still have a headache.

You want it to go away! Can't a guy get some privacy around here??

"Colin: Go upstairs to find some cool stuff!"

You go upstairs to find some stuff.

Gaaahhh!! This is all so confusing! SS said she'll take things seriously though, so that's good. But now a meteor? You guess?
What does that even mean?

And now this flashy thing is following you around! You're gonna get a seizure just looking at it.

"Colin: look at this handy-dandy timer!"

KN: Uhh.
KN: Is this timer bad?

SS: i think not
KN: You think not?
SS: that was a weird sentence i typed wasnt it
SS: i meant
SS: i dont think so

KN: Does the walkthrough say anything about it?
SS: this bitch is saying it causes a meteor or something
SS: to come to your house

KN: Fucking. Do you know if that's part of their story thing or
KN: Actually, no. I'm willing to believe it.
KN: Hey wait, what does the kernel do again?

SS: its actually called a kernelsprite. and it needs to be prototyped with something
SS: two things actually

KN: Uh huh.
SS: yeah
KN: Are you going to explain what that means or
SS: you put stuff in it and itll have that thing
SS: in it

KN: Fucking. Thanks.
SS: h
SS: better find something while i figure more stuff out.
SS: got 10 minutes chop chop
SS: ill actually get more serious though
SS: sorry

KN: You're good.


It's a! It's a!

Uh... a cruxite dowel? It doesn't look very dowel-y to you.

KN: Is this a cruxite dowel?
KN: It doesn't look very dowel-y to me.
KN: Smalls?

SS: sorry sorry
SS: i think this is a kernal

KN: Kernel*?
SS: kernel*

"Colin: Stand back."

You stand away from the Cruxtruder. There she goes.

Easy. Eeeaassyyyy.....


"Colin: Message SS again."

KN: Thanks.
SS: is that sarcasm
KN: No I'm being serious.
SS: oh
SS: no prob

KN: So
KN: Are you going to use it now?

SS: right. yeah
SS: im gonna place it on this thing

KN: The Cruxtruder?
SS: yeah
SS: i think

KN: Pfft.
KN: Alright.

"Colin: Release Drawer Carefully."

You release the shelf-- you mean drawer as carefully as possible!

Which is not at all. Thankfully, Smalls was able to catch it in time and set it down. Whew!

You're not happy by how this is turning out.


KN: Okay. I'm angry enough to probably take it out.
SS: alright
SS: be careful though

KN: Why
SS: itll like
SS: fly out

KN: What why
SS: thats how discop modus works
SS: the discop modus*
SS: when ur upset itll fling things

KN: Why the fuck would they program that
KN: What use does that even fucking do

SS: maybe they thought that if they do something to piss you off
SS: youll keep being able to use that menu

KN: Fuck them
SS: i rest my case
KN: Get ready to catch it.
SS: h
KN: Shut up


SS: the other thing is uh
SS: forgot the name

KN: Hhhmmmmmm
SS: stop that
KN: HHHhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm
SS: it carves things
SS: the dowels i think

KN: Awesome.
KN: So does this mean I need to get the shelf out?
KN: I mean drawer.

SS: yeah


SS: alright sorry
SS: well the one in the middle is a cruxtruder
SS: you have to use something heavy to open it
SS: which is why i needed the shelf
SS: which is actually a drawer

KN: Shit.
SS: its supposed to give you these dowel things
SS: i think

KN: fhemfiomefioem
KN: I'm just getting pissed. Sorry.
KN: It's all super annoying. And going super fast.

SS: poopy

"Colin: Message SS using PDA without Captchaloguing it."

KN: Okay so.
KN: What the fucj is this shit
KN: fuck*


SS: so these things are i guess like
SS: things for the game?

KN: Elaborate.
SS: well
SS: idk man they do things.
SS: im sort of skimming this walkthrough i found

KN: What the hell, why? Just read it.
SS: its fucking long though
SS: and annoying

KN: How can a walkthrough be annoying
KN: Is it just because it's long?
KN: Fucking, you're putting real shit in my real house.

SS: this asshat who wrote it is all
SS: fucking passive aggressive sort of
SS: and an asshole.

KN: ...
SS: no im being dead serious right now
SS: they did a whole fucking paragraph in the beginning about
SS: wood on fire or something

KN: What the hell
KN: Not at you. At the person

SS: fucking. its so god damn gross to read
SS: like dude
SS: fucking just tell me what to fucking do
SS: dont give me your shitty story rp with like
SS: with fucking annoying pretentious words too

KN: Okay I get it.
KN: Can you just explain to me what some of this stuff is?


Smalls drops your old PDA. You completely forgot you even had one.

She drops it though. She drops the fucking PDA. Like, can't you just set it down? Why drop it?

Fortunately it didn't break. You're really getting angry.

"Colin: Examine room?"


She totally trashed your house!! The fucking table is broken! There are weird fucking, machines in your living room?? Are these more game stuff?

God dammit Smalls. You don't know when to fucking stop. This is all going so fast, you haven't had time to think.

"Colin: Enough foreshadowing. Go down stairs!"

Oh god dammit.

"Colin: Calm down by looking at Truman Show poster."

Oh Truman.

You finally got what you wanted. You set sail to the outer end of the stage of life, and you finally got free. The sky was painted as the sea was filled from pipes.

The movie never showed what happened after he escaped, but it didn't need to. It was perfect the way it was, and not a lot of people accept that. He and Sylvia better have led a good life.

Gosh, you hope one day you can end an adventure by going through a door to freedom. That would just be fucking awesome, you say to yourself.

"Colin: Exit room."

You go out your room into the hallway. God! That Smalls and her antics.

Well, it's the first time she's been able to be in your house. Or, control it? You don't get it.

Sometimes you just gotta let life do it's thing. Even if that means having to put a shelf in some fucking intangible inventory.

That's what it should be called. A Fucking Intangible Inventory. AFII for short. You don't even know what the word "Sylladex" means.

You need to calm down.


SS: putting something down
KN: Fhio3wdmfi
SS: wi0dfhmwe?
KN: wiofhmwifom!!!

"Colin: Rant at SS."

KN: Smalls.
KN: Smalls.


SS: what happened
KN: Why the fuck were you doing that?
SS: i needed something heavy
SS: i think

KN: ????????????
SS: !!!
KN: God dammit dude. Now I have it captchalogued.
SS: nice
KN: No.
SS: stay there
KN: What? Why?


You captchalogue your shelf using your Upset menu!!

How amazing is that?


"Colin: Freak out."

"Colin: Make SS Stop!"

You go over to the desk and try to motion to SS to stop picking up the god damn shelf!

You can tell by spastic movements of the shelf that she's trying to communicate that she needs to do this. You try to tell her through rhythmic dance moves to back the fuck off and go away.

She doesn't listen.

"SS: Pick up shelf to calm Colin down."

You can't be SS (SmallS) right now because you are too busy being Colin!

SS picks up the shelf anyway. Grrr! Why is she messing with your god damn house??

She needs to back off! Why does she think this is a good idea right now?

"Colin: God dammit."

As you can see, the colors have switched! This indicates that you are in a different mood than the other happy moods!

With the upset menus, you can carry objects that are much bigger than regular objects!!

Man, you sure feel amazed by this modus! You can't wait to try it out!


"Colin: This doesn't seem like a very good modus."

What? No way! This is such an awesome modus!

The sylladex changes menus to fit your new mood once again.

You've now gone into the Upset menu! This menu runs slightly differently! Here, let's take a look!

"Colin: Uh oh."

Gleeful! That's it! You're feeling gleeful!

The sylladex changes menus to fit your new mood! Now isn't that just splendid?

"Colin: Hooray!"

Hooray!! This doesn't seem so bad!

You get a rush of feelings after accomplishing this! What could it be called... Hm...

You're not quite sure.. Maybe..

"Colin: Captchalogue Shadow Jenny Shirt now!"

You captchalogue the SHADOW JENNY SHIRT into the Neutral menu of your Discop sylladex!

"Colin: Check out Discop Modus!"

You check out your Discop Modus!

Like Smalls said, this modus uses menus based on your emotions. As of now, you are set on Neutral.

Let's try out this sylladex!


KN: How do I use the Discop Modus?
SS: oh god.
KN: What?
SS: that thing is so
SS: annoying
SS: burn it

KN: I'm already using it.
KN: Why is it annoying?

SS: well
SS: it has a few different sort of menu things
SS: depending on your mood.

KN: That sounds really useful actually.
SS: are you kidding me?
SS: okay okay. well.
SS: youll see what i mean if you start to use it.
SS: just you wait

KN: I'm getting worried.
SS: you should be
KN: I guess I'll go experiment with it then.
SS: you do that. ill start messin around
KN: Okay I guess. Don't break any more stuff though. Unless I guess.
KN: You have to? Fuck.

"Colin: Accept Chat Invite from SmallS"

SS: hey.
SS: hey.


KN: Hey.
SS: howdy peppe
SS: roni

KN: Nice.
SS: shush
SS: so uh, the game finished loading while you were still away
SS: this morning

KN: Oh it did?
KN: That's cool.

SS: yeah.
SS: i sort of ripped your light switch out the wall
SS: sorry

KN: Wait what?
KN: You can do that??

SS: yep.
KN: Like, I can see a hole in my wall where the switch was.
KN: I'm not even mad because
KN: this game controls
KN: real things?

SS: yeah dude. pretty sweet.
KN: Jesus christ. That is pretty sweet.
KN: Why though?

SS: im not totally sure?
SS: i cant really find any walkthroughs so
SS: just been experimenting on my own

KN: ...
KN: Have you been messing with my house in other places?

SS: nah nah. i wanted to wait until you got back.
SS: ive just been exploring this menu system.

KN: Ah. Alright.
SS: i like your hair
KN: You can see me.
SS: yeah
KN: God dammit. Okay whatever.
KN: Can you help me with something?

SS: sure whats up?

"Colin: Open Discop"

You open Discop.

Your username is KillcoliN, and you picked this greenish color as your chat color.

There's a variety of emotions to pick from, but most of them don't really do anything. Some just let people know you're busy and don't want to talk.

You are under the Neutral Emotion, because you don't really feel the need to express yourself right now.

Only two people are online, and one of them sent you a chat invite.

"Colin: Go on the ol' computerino!"

You head straight to your computer!

You spiced up your desktop a bit with a state-of-the-art, handmade wallpaper. You're an avid fan of The Truman Show movie, and also of bad image edits.

You use the HEMERA internet explorer because it just feels right. It's got a cool sunsettey theme to it, and really relaxes you when you're just surfing the web.

You don't have a lot going on on your desktop. You used to have a bunch of unorganized files, but decided to just put them all in folders in you SYSTEM directory.

The DISCOP program is the chat-program you use to message your friends. It's pretty handy to use. It also comes with a special sylladex modus that you are using right now.

You just got the modus, so you don't really want to mess around with it.

You have your game running in the background. It's a really early build, so you don't know how well it'll work. But your friends seem pretty adamant about playing it.

"Colin: Read letter to mistress. "


"Colin: What's with the note behind the chest?"

This note is a weird one.

You checked the mail one morning, and found this in the mailbox. Seems like some guy meant to send a letter to his mistress, but somehow got the wrong address? You don't totally know how that worked, but whatever.

The guy even went out of his way to put a picture of himself in the envelope. Sheesh.

You put it on your wall because you thought it was funny.

"Colin: Captchalogue Shadow Jenny Shirt."

You take out the SHADOW JENNY SHIRT. Though, you don't captchalogue it.

You haven't totally figured out your sylladex, and you don't want to fuck around with it.

You close the toy-box.

"Colin: Look at items in chest."

You look inside your toy-box.


Thinking about it now, there isn't a whole lot in this chest. You guess you could leave most of these things in here. None of them seem important.

"Colin: Check what's in your chest!"

Ah right, this old thing.

This was a toy-box from when you were little. You painted all over it and would put useless stuff in there.

As of now, you've cleaned out the toys and put other things in. You sort of forgot what you put in there though.

"Colin: Read note."

hey colin.

i know this is dumb, but i thought to give you this since i saw it. so yeah. this is really stupid. i honestly dont know what to write here.

it isnt your birthday or something, so i cant right "happy birthday pal".

okay whatever. here. take it.

"Colin: What was in the orange-box?"

Your friend you mentioned earlier sent you a gift recently!

It was a toy dinosaur. You actually really like it. It's all, "GRRAAAAA". You know?

He also wrote a very nice letter.

"Colin: What about the other poster?"

Ah yes, Jenny. Or, Shadow Jenny.

This was a huge inside joke between you and your friends. One of said friends was messing around and drew a weird character named Shadow Jenny as a joke. A very "edgy" name, alongside a very bright and friendly looking lizard.

Actually, you think it was supposed to be a Komodo Dragon.

Your friend sent you a homemade poster of Jenny. And even a couple shirts he made himself. Sort of accidentally went all out, but you don't really mind.

"Colin: Look at posters on wall."

Oh, yeah. Well, you're not much of a poster guy, but your friends sent some last year as a gift.

The one on the left is a picture of a girl. She's from a video game. You really don't want to go into it. God, you don't even like this character. She's so annoying. All British and shit. Yeah, you heard you, British. You know, right?

The poster on the right are some dinosaurs. You're not totally sure from what though. They look sort of specific, like from a video game. Either way, it's really nice.

Both of these posters are really nice presents. It's why you put them up in the first place.

"Colin: Examine "suspicious" room."

See? Nothing "suspicious". Except you. You're weird to be looking around your room like that, take it easy!

You have a variety of INTERESTS. And by variety, you mean a few. You usually spend your time talking to some friends online.

You have an interest in DINOSAURS you guess. You mean, you wouldn't want one in your room, but dinosaurs are cool nonetheless.

"::Start Adventure::"

Your name is COLIN. And this is your ROOM. Man, CAPITALIZING IMPORTANT THINGS sure is IMPORTANT!

For now, let's just sort of, chillax. No need to do all the tropes of a "sburb-adventure".

You sort of look around your room suspiciously. What's so suspicious?


SS: really.

Join the Morning Discord!


PK: really?


SS: ill just wait until he comes back
PK: that sounds good
SS: im starving
PK: how starving?
SS: like really really starving
PK: really really starving?
SS: really really really starving


PK: ss.
PK: smalls.

SS: sorry sorry
SS: getting use to this layout

PK: oh
SS: yeah
PK: mhm
SS: h


SS: uh oh
PK: ho hu
SS: h
SS: i broke the light switch

PK: lights out
SS: but really, it's super dark and i cant see shit
PK: bahh bah bah bahhh.
PK: it is still early for him.


SS: it's so dark though
PK: turn on a light
SS: i think i can. this is really weird.
SS: i cant turn on the light with this cursor



SS: alright so colins game loaded
SS: i think

PK: cool