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"Introduce the troll. "

Oh yeah... I should do that.

Your name is KOBAKE HAELIX. You are currently in your HIVE, which has you and your LUSUS as its inhabitants. You enjoy READING, PLAYING GAMES, and every once in a while you'll DRAW SOME INSULTING CARICATURES, and LAUGH AT THEM WHEN YOU'RE ALONE. Your username on the chat service TROLL-A-TROLL is planetaryNuisance, and you talk IN A VERY ENERGETIC, WISSPY TONE OF VOICE, BUT YOU DON'T REALISSE SSOMETIMESS

"This is prewritten, you duncle."

Oh shit. I better do something then. Fuck...

"What now?"

How the fuck should I know. Its up to you idiots.


Oh. Wait. There was a mistake. Gawd fucking dammit Donny. You need to get your shit in line.

"==> Start."

You see a small troll boy in his hive. On this fateful day, he will finally be given a name!