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"Open two chests at once/Open them from top to bottom/Be ready for battle."

You open the two bottom chests to find (1) Gold Nugget and (1) Goblin! But you are ready for the Goblin and will get the first attack!

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You enter the right room and spot three chests!

"Compare weapons/Go right and prepare to dual wield."

Well, your pretty sure dual wielding is a skill you'd have to get. As well, under comparison the Purple Pain is better.

"Go back to the machine, put stick in machine and press the green button."

You go back, put the stick in and press the green button.


It makes a Stick Sword!

"Throw stick on gray square."

You throw the stick on the gray square... nothing happens.

"Open the chest/Avoid the square."

You go to the chest, avoiding the square, and open the chest to find a stick.

"Go through the left door."

You enter the left door and see a chest!

"Examine the machine/Check to see if the doors on the left and right are locked, but don't enter either yet."

You see that the doors are unlocked and go to the machine. Oh, it's one of these! You put something in, press a button, and if your lucky, your item will be enhanced a certain way depending on the button you push.

"Go back to room 1 and go down this time."

You go down this time and find a machine and (2) doors. Well, what now!

"Break down the door!"

You unsuccessfully try to break down the door... Stop it.

"Check goblin for loot/Check door."

The goblin did not drop anything and the door seems to be locked and needs a key to open.


Oh, that killed him. Well, at least you got 2 EXP!

"Battle Goblin with newly acquired UNLIMITED POWER!"

You attack your goblin with your somewhat limited power!


"Equip Purple Pain."

You equip the Purple Pain. You feel power coursing through you. It feels... empowering, to say the least.

"Examine Relic closely."

This appears to be the weapon Purple Pain! You believe you have heard of this before... Oh well!

"Grab the Relic and then get out of there!"

You swiftly grab the relic and go to R1 F1. What now?

"Go up."

You decide to head up to find a (1) Goblin and a (1) Strange Relic in the room!


You then put away your inventory.

"Add 1 to STR, DEX and INT."

You add one stat point to STR, DEX and INT.

"Assign Stats."

What would you like to assign your points (SP) to?

"Wonder what all these fancy abbreviations mean."

You begin to question what these numbers are, and then suddenly know...Somehow.
HP : Health Points
EXP : Experience Points
MP : Magic Points
LV : Level
F : Floor
R : Room
SP : Stat Points
CHP : Cool Hero Points
STR : Strength
CON : Constitution
SPD : Speed
WIS : Wisdom
INT : Intelligence
DEX : Dexterity
PER : Perception
CLI : Climb
SWI : Swim


You enter your name, Rohoph. Well, now what?

"Enter Name."

What do you want your name to be?


You open your inventory and find a plethora of stats! You even have 3 stat points to spend! Think of the possibilities!

"Go through the left door."

The door seems to be locked.


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You stand in R1 F1, but you aren't really sure what that means. There is kind of this voice in your head saying, "Menu."