"==> Wow,creative command"

Without protection, that is!
This pillow suit gives just the right blend of "stupid" and "protection" for your current situation! Huzzah, for the day doth been saved!

"==> Dolan: Jump Through Window"

Hey now!
Kids at school may consider you insane and stupid, but in reality, you know many things, and the concept that dying is bad would be one of them.
So your not going to jump through the window.

"==> Dolan: Return to something less stupid"

Return was successful.
-10 "this is stupid" points
91 remaining
Anyway, as you can likely see from THE COMMAND, your name is DOLAN GUSTAN. And today is your BIRTHDAY! You have a VARIETY of INTERESTS, which you shall now go over.
You like PLAYING PRANKS on people (Not to discriminate against animals and plants), most notably to GOD ITSELF. It gives you a sense that you are in CONTROL of your life, and that you can ACHIEVE ANYTHING if you PUT YOUR MIND TO IT.
You like READING as well, and POSTERS of your favorite selections adorn one of the walls that the camera currently isn't viewing. You favorite book is "Adventures of Racist Fish Wizard #9: HouseBent." You love the twist on how Eridian (The Fish Wizard's archnemises, which is ironic, because he is just a baby grubbling) was secretly his brother, and there father was Shrek (You admit the comic is filled to the brim with memes)!
But by far, your best hobbies would have to be GAME DESIGN and ROLEPLAY, which coincide greatly with one another in DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS (Although you play the abridged simpler version, because the normal version is just a little too difficult for you to understand/keep track of). You love spending hours upon hours making detailed maps, currency systems, etc.
But even game designers like to play games made by other companies. For instance, you got to pick out a game to buy a week ago, To be opened once the cake is eaten today. Of course, you ordered a copy of SBURB, which just came out yesterday (PreOrdering rules!). As so, it has arrived in your mailbox. Now, your not going to lie, you are WAY TOO EXCITED to wait until dinner, and plan to grab the copy before your father gets to it. How do you plan to grab it?

"==> Dolan: Slip into something else"

Nope, the normal look was fine

"Adventure Start!"

The first page, and therefore the start of a wonderful adventure!
Oh wait, this is is a Homestuck parody.
Hold on.