MB: i was thinking,
MB: that we should have a,
MB: rechristening of sorts,
MB: for the new server
MB: i have a cool idea for it

AL: and that would be what
MB: so you know how this client uses the whole two letter system
MB: each person chooses two letters,
MB: so usernames don’t take up too much space
MB: and i realized that the letters in meme have four different combinations of two letters

BQ: Go on.
BQ: (Also by the way, sorry I haven’t been talking much. I have some chores that I’m doing.)

47: At 4 in the mornin
47: *g?

BQ: For the coffee, by the coffee.
BQ: Just kidding, it’s because I have a terrible sleep schedule.


>Sheyton47 (47) joined at 4:21 AM<

AL: fashionably late i see
AL: hey 47

47: I purposely waited to not join at 4:20
47: And i think i succeeded in dodging the weed jokes
47: Looking at you

MB: alright now that everyone is here,
MB: let’s give a name to this beautiful chat

>Memeboy (MB) renamed the server to MEME<
47: :|
47: Really
47: That’s the best you got

MB: nope,
MB: there’s more


>BardQuestant (BQ) joined at 4:20 AM<

>animelover (AL) joined at 4:20 AM<

AL: sick
AL: just in time

MB: that’s pretty dank man

>Memeboy (MB) uploaded lilsnoop.gif<


>Memeboy (MB) started a new server at 4:19 AM<

>Memeboy (MB) invited Sheyton47 (47), animelover (AL), and BardQuestant (BQ) to the server<