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"Bezerker: Captchalogue Arms"

Oh, are we back to the silly questions now? You can clearly see your arms since you are typing your own inputs into the live chat now. Look at this. Typing. With. Your. Arms.

"Bezerker: Open your most recent browser page"

You open up to your homepage, which is a countdown to the official release of SBURB. This is kind of silly, however, since it is a physical game that is being shipped to you now, and will only be released in stores when they open in the morning. It does seem to be doing well hyping up the fans, however, since the built in live chat is going bonkers.

"Bezerker: Open every file on your computer and read them out loud"

You don’t think that is a good idea, since you have quite a large number of files on your computer, even more than you have books. And you have quite a lot of books.

"Bezerker: Answer chums"

Those aren’t your chums messaging you, ding dong! It’s a memo that began as a simple conversation to gain some information, but has now descended into chaos with what seems to be hundreds of different people yelling about different things. This always happens. You may try to read it later, especially since you don’t know how much longer you will get to talk to them for.

"Bezerker: Wear something less bright"

You put on one of your favorite shirts and some lighter pants, since even you were getting tired of those bright blues.


Well, that and the constant buzzing of your computer over there.

"Bezerker: Rumage through clothing cabinet"

You begin to look for something else to wear from your cabinet. You hope your Aunt didn’t hear the thunk of the cabinet, though. It is very late at night, and as relaxed as she is about most things, she is very strict about getting to bed on time and sleeping through the night. You don’t believe uniform sleep times are that important, but you mostly listen to her since she has been so nice to you on most other accounts. Your extreme excitement for tomorrow is the only thing that is pushing you against her bidding.

"Bezerker: Uncaptchalogue a valued belonging."

You reach into your Grab Bag modus and pull out your clothing cabinet, which slams down onto the ground with a thud. Not really what you wanted, but that’s just how it works. Even though this modus can carry tons of stuff, getting things out is more up to the roll of the dice than any actual organization.

"Bezerker: Captchalogue a book"

See, now that is something you can do! You captchalogue the book, and the card is stuffed into a large bag that also contains much of your other VALUED BELONGINGS, as how your Grab Bag Modus works.

"Bezerker: Shit and screech like a bird"

Okay, who let this person near the keyboard? I’m not doing anything else until someone more competent comes along.

"Bezerker: Make a nest out of books and light them on fire"

No, why would you ever do that to your precious books? It wasn’t easy to get them all, considering some you had to print out and bind yourself.

"Bezerker: Examine calendar"

Ah yes, the two biggest events in the foreseeable future, Christmas, and the release of the new game called SBURB. A smart business decision, given that many will buy it as a Christmas gift and play it that day. Good thing you are planning to play it Christmas eve with your “friends”, as to avoid the definite server overloads the next day.

"Bezerker: Pan out"

Your name is Bezerker. Your room consists mostly of BOOKS, filling up 3 shelves while the larger books lay stacked in the corner. The walls are VOID of any posters or things that would make it easy to understand your INTERESTS. There is a CALENDAR, however, with the next 2 days marked for 2 seperate important occasions coming up. Your LAPTOP sits on your desk, vibrating from both the broken fan inside and the constant stream of notifications you are getting. A box containing parts to build a chair sits in front of your desk, which you have been using as a chair. You haven’t had time in the past few months to build it, especially since your aunt lacks the TOOLS you need to construct it. A few other CARDBOARD BOXES lay stacked up next to your bed, full of various furniture you can’t assemble. You would have your guitar laying under your window, but since one of the strings burned off and you can't play it, you put it away somewhere in your sylladex. As mentioned before, your pesterchum tag is soothingBezerker and you tend to talk l1ke a n0rmal pers0n, wIth a few d1st1nctIve changes wh1le typing.

"Bezerker: Question why you changed your pants"

What do you mean by that? You have been wearing the same pair of jeans all day!

"Try again"

So we have something to call this person, he has graciously given us his pesterchum name. Bezerker sounds fitting.

"Read engraved placronym"

oh, you mean this placronym? The one covered in cardboard so you can't read it? Yeah, you aren't learning his real name.

"Enter name"

You can’t give him a new name, dummy, he already has one!

"Mari: Be the never-mentioned other guy!"

You are now this never-mentioned other guy.

"Mari: Leave laptop and draw"

Well, you’ve already been distracted enough. It appears the WORSE and IRRESPONSIBLE part of your mind has gotten you again! Oh well. It’s not like you even got the chance to ask your friend about the specialty of the day. Time to be another goblin ‘til 4 AM again by rotting your eyes and life with THE INTERNET and CRAYOLA. You’ll probably remember what’s up later in the afternoon when people are MEANT to be awake.
But of course you wouldn’t leave your lovely MSPFA readers here to be bored and read about you destroying your life.

"Mari: Pester voidDunked"

-- scribbleMaster89 [SM] began pestering voidDunked [VD]--
SM: Voooooooooooid.
VD: what is it, mari
SM: Hi Void!! Merry Eve of Eve of Christmas. --w--
VD: uh, merry eve of eve... to you too.
SM: Santa's gonna break into your house and steal the cookies you were gonna binge eat on for your Netflix.
VD: i haven't had christmas cookies for santa in years, actually...
VD: this is the first year my youngest sibling will be old enough to appreciate the tradition!
SM: GSAP. Really????? :D
SM: Chur adorable lil sibling~~~
VD: aw, i should show you this little scribble she made in my notebook today.
SM: Lemme see lemme see lemme see
VD: oh, i'll need to get a picture of it for you real quick.
SM: okey --w--
VD: i seem to have left my phone somewhere else, you'll have to excuse me a moment.
SM: Oh. Okay then. EXCUSED, m'lady mistress ma'am. tips hat ;)
VD: i told you not to call me stuff like that. >:I
SM: finethenyoureexcusedyoulittlepieceofsh*t

-- voidDunked [VD] ceased pestering scribbleMaster89 [SM] at 16:15 --

"Mari: Check Pesterchum"

It looks like one of your CHUMS are on. Most of your CHUMS you recognize as some friends you met not that long ago and hope will stay in a long term group, like your older ROLEPLAY groups. You think you're going to go and talk to them. Maybe they know what’s so special about today.


You plug in your TRUSTY LAPTOP and check what you left on the screen last night. If you're not drawing, YOU'RE HERE, which has been more often recently. Your wallpaper is one of your own digital arts, and you're SO PROUD of it. More than you should be, though.

The desktop has been sorted into folders to keep things neat, but with the OVERLOAD OF FOLDERS you really think you just made it harder to get around to things on your computer.
It also seems you left your PESTERCHUM application running, like usual.

"Mari: Go Online"




The noise was the laptop DYING. Wasn’t it plugged in though?

"Mari: Get scared. "

Get scared? But by wha--JESUS.
Oh, it's just your laptop. It looks like you left it on again like a doofus.


Oh, of course. You meant the fourth wall of your room!
But why?

"Mari: Examine… fourth wall?"

What do you mean by that?

"Mari: Snap out of it and examine other things!"

You can’t remember how long you’ve been staring at that poster now, but it feels like it’s been more than three minutes. It’s about time you do something else. The readers here are getting bored.
Readers? What readers? Who EVER. Said readers?
Go check out the fourth wall.

"Mari: Examine Poster "

No no NO!!!
You’ve already distracted yourself too much!-- And you aren’t going to give in staring for another three minutes at that. GLORIOUS. OFFICIAL. VOCALOID POSTER.
Okay, maybe three minutes isn’t that long.

"Mari: Fail to refuse examining."

But, it's still tempting to go look at the scribbles anyway. You decide to give in to your head. It's possible you drew a reminder anyway.
Or maybe that's just an excuse.

"Mari: Examine scribbles on walls."

NO, still.
Your head is really getting distracted with other requests. You need to focus on what you were trying to remember...

"Mari: Examine contents of box."

You didn't come here to check your box, you came to look for reminders on what today's EPIC JOURNEY will be. The box seemed boring enough, and you're honestly too lazy to go through the rest of it to find CLUES.

"Mari: Get your arms already. This is serious business."

You retrieve your COSPLAY ARMS from your box.. You love using these to take the most epic pictures as you pose as your favorite characters with robotic arms.

You captchalogue them in your SYLLADEX. Olive Card. Remember!
The card stays blank so you do not know what is in the card, but the arms can be seen in your deck. It is now purely up to your memory to know which colored card is what item.

"Examine room"

Your... REAL NAME is Marishelle Buchess but go by Mari by most. As previously mentioned today is supposed to be a SPECIAL DAY? You feel like you're forgetting something about today that's supposed to make you excited. So with this, you decide to look around your room for reminders, bringing us to your variety of INTERESTS. You have the greatest passion for DRAWING. You've scribbled on all of your walls and countless amount of papers ever since you were a little girl. You also like to try and do DIGITAL ART sometimes but at the moment, you are very MEDIOCRE AT IT. You have also have an interest for ANIME, VIDEO GAMES, MEMES, AND ROLEPLAY, as near every "cringey tween trash" would, but don't talk about it unless it is brought up.
What will you do?

"Enter name"

They seem to actually like the name.


A young girl stands in her bedroom. It just so happens that today, the 23th of December, 2014, was a very special day indeed! It's the day of... It doesn't matter!! You feel that this day is special and awesome and it’s in your memory somewhere!!
What will the name of this young girl be?