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"Step into foyer."

This is the FOYER, and it's right about the spot where the décor shifts from your interests to your FAMILY'S. They just adore TRAVELING and VACATIONS, and the magazines and framed photo in the corner reflect that.

Personally, you've never visited anywhere you liked more than your ROOM.

"Aidan: Ascend."

"Exit room."

You exit your room and step into the hallway. There are more posters on the far wall- what can you say, you just have so many INTERESTS that you have to put up posters to remember all of them.

There's also that awful piece of art on the other wall. Ugh. You drew that when you were maybe 9 years old, your parents framed it, and you haven't been able to convince them to take it down since. You hate this thing so much.

"Contemplate meaning of life."

On your way out, you take a minute to stare out the window and wonder what it all means. Why have you been placed here, in this land of wonder and horror? What else is there beyond this? Perhaps we keep coming back to this question because deep down we know that everything is inherently meaningless.

You also contemplate how you can't see a dang thing out this window because your room is in the basement.

"Take a stroll outside."

Having been in your room for quite some time now, you figure it's about time you got some fresh air.

You're not an idiot, though. Of course you'll captchalogue your trusty UMBRELLA before you go anywhere. It can get pretty rainy where you live.

You captchalogue the umbrella in your SYLLADEX, which is currently operating on a SWAP MODUS. With this modus, you must find and retrieve an item specified by the modus if you want to remove your current item. Luckily, it looks like all your sylladex wants for the umbrella is a TV REMOTE, which shouldn't be very difficult to find.

The inspiration for this modus comes from the Prison Modus detailed at Credit where it's due.


Hm. Oh. Okay then. Uhhh... well.

You figure you had probably better stay away from police officers and FBI agents for a while. And by a while you mean a very long time.


What a weird guy. You've never really had the talent for convincing your friends not to do illegal things, which is a shame, because that happens surprisingly frequently.

You should probably brush up on the methods your friend QL used. Maybe it's not too illegal? You figure you'll Wikipedia it.

You boot up your web browser, Eros, and begin your research.

"Actually respond to your friend."

You boot up your FLASHY but NOT ENTIRELY PRACTICAL laptop and start chatting with your chum.

--sarcasticallyMalicious [SM] began pestering janitorialAnxiety [JA] at 7:17--
SM: hey
SM: QL managed to get us those files

JA: Oh, neat!
JA: I'm still a little worried, though...
JA: Are you sure his methods were... entirely legal?

SM: are you kidding
SM: im absolutely positive

JA: OK then. Wonderful.
SM: that they werent
JA: uuuuugh COME ON
SM: dude this is QL were talking about here
SM: and its not like you can change anything by refusing to play with us

JA: I suppose. Fine, you can still count me in on this.
JA: I could never reject the notion of enjoying a good game with my friends.

SM: sweet
SM: ill try and get the basics set up
SM: ill contact you again when i do

--sarcasticallyMalicious [SM] ceased pestering janitorialAnxiety [JA]--

"Respond to your friend."

As you make your way to your computer, you decide to use this time to courteously tell us a bit about your Pesterchum account.

You go by janitorialAnxiety and you Speak in a manner that often trends towards the verbose. You have a strange aversion to using expletives in your speech, much unlike your friends.

Speaking of friends, you had better actually get back to this guy before he loses patience with you.

"Examine game poster."

This is a poster for that GAME you mentioned earlier. You're honestly pretty psyched about it, and your friends seem to be too. You've convinced about 5 of them to play it with you.

Speaking of which, one of them seems to be pestering you. You'd better see what they're up to.

"Examine strewn-about drawings."

These are all drawings of your amazing and wonderful CAT. His name is MILO and he is the best cat. The best. That's simply all there is to say on the matter.

"Examine poster of handsome gent."

This is your poster of RICK ASTLEY, one of the greatest and most underappreciated artists of his time.

Oh, Rick. You would never give him up. Not for anything. You would never let him down.

"Aidan: Kindly show us your room."

The various junk scattered about your room is reflective of your equally various INTERESTS. You are a self-proclaimed MASTER ARTIST, and a few of your pieces are currently proudly displayed on the FLOOR, the place where most of your stuff ends up at some point or another. Your taste in art is not confined to the visual, though. You also simply adore MUSIC, especially the OUTDATED VARIETY, and the posters of some of your all-time favorites hang on your walls to show this. To top it all of, you have a passion for PUNS, which are totally an art form and you will let no one tell you differently.

You are into VIDEO GAMES as well, but to be perfectly honest, you're absolute trash at most of them. This new one that just released seems right up your alley, though; you think you could probably handle just building houses and stuff.

What will you do?

"Enter name."

Yes, let's kick things off with a name. That seems a fitting start to a grand adventure.

"Begin adventure."

A young teen stands in a messy room.