"==> Quarri: Be a Team B member"

Oh, alright. One second. Gotta just change the logo aaaand there. Heck, let's be a Team B member.

"==> Quarri: Promptly take over part of the ship"

You then walk over to the most isolated part of the ship and hole yourself up in there. You then turn on your husktop and play minesweeper. You also lock the door and mark it with scratches from "Black Rose".

"==> Quarri: Marvel at ship's interior "

You do just that, and it is amazing. There are actual walls that aren't lead, electronics other than a husktop, and COLOR, most of all!

"==> Quarri: Board ship"

After skipping a long and tedious getting ready section, you board the ship, with that sweet-ass sword that you have now. The fish has made no comment but keeps looking at you and the sword uneasily. You've probably scared the kid. Heh. Now you might say: why not use a pickaxe? You know how to! Well, maybe because this sword was sweet as all hell. "Black Rose" is engraved on it. You don't know why. Either way, you board.

"==> Quarri: Complain about starting"

You do just that! Why can't you start already?! The fish says probably because we're heading back to Alternia. This suprises you. Apparently a hive is required for the game. So you're getting your own hive. Nice. Maybe this won't be so terrible. Nah. It'll still be pretty bad.

"==> Quarri: Check weapon choices"

Hmm. The greenblood took an axe, the rust kid took a shield, and the fish has a cutlass. Interesting. No, wait, the greenblood is putting the axe back. He's taking a bowstaff. Alright, still cool. You secretly hope you can get those two on board with killing the fish.

"==> Quarri: Pssht, why not writer?"

Stop being self aware! You are now confused, something about being someone and writer? Yeah, you just expel these dumb thoughts and watch the others pick a weapon. And judge the others' weapons.

"==> Quarri: Be someone from Team B"

Oh! Nononono! Not yet! Later! You can't see Team B yet! Later. MUCH later.
Now is not a good time at all!

"==> Quarri: Go stab a bitch"

Not yet dammit! Wait until you're in-game and no law can stop you. >:) You're kidding of course. You'd rather live and win than let some other shitty team win and also die.

"==> Kylenn: You've been introduced, now go back to being Yahara"

No! You'd rather be Quarri. Well then.
ᶠᵘᶜᵏ ʸᵒᵘ ᵗᵒᵒ
Anyway, here we are. You are now Quarri Masone. Remember her? Swearing like a sailor and completely destroying Yahara on stage. Yeah, that's right, that's what you did. You smirk at your own cleverness. Which you usually cannot do, considering you're kinda DUMB. You are now led by the stuck up stick-in-the-mud to a glorious armory, filled with a shit ton of weapons. You are instantly stuck by a certain sword. You then grab it before she can object, and allocate it to your STRIFE SPECIBUS. This is a fucking awesome sword. Maybe this won't be so bad if you can just kill the fish later on.

"==> Yahara: Be the greenblood roughly 20 minutes ago"

You are now the greenblood roughly 20 minutes ago.
Your name is Kylenn Jannel, and you are a cleaner at Yalot Mines, cleaning the rusty grubby surfaces of the place. You enjoy learning about the history of the mines, however, you're pretty much the only one. You're currently wearing one of your outfits, a nice vest and dress pants, however, at this time, the announcement system goes off and you head down and have a conversation we've already seen. :)

"==> Yahara: Brief the players"

You change the arrow, then do just that.

Yahara: Okay then, welcome lucky φlayers. I'm Yahara Jakson, an' I'll be your session leader. If anyone has any comφlaints, would you kindly keeφ those to yourself?
Quarri: psht bitch ill say what i fuckin wa-
Yahara: No comφlaints? Great. So, let me exφlain a few things.
Yahara: You'll be taken to an armory and given a weaφon. Don't try anythin', because I'll have my own weaφon. Anyway, I'll be going in first as the client φlayer. The greenblood will enter as my server player, maniφulatin' my environment, and helφin' me φrogress. Then the rustblood. Then the roseblood. And finally, I'll comφlete the chain by connectin' to the roseblood.
Yahara: Now I should warn you, there will be another team. I'm not sure where they'll come in, however, we need the best chance of winning φossible. However, it is in our best interests to succeed.
Callah: Alright then. :)

"=> Yahara: Watch the workers leave"

They all file out, none of them look excited or disapointed either. You then turn to the players.

"=> Yahara: Address the two"

You hope they aren't as openly hostile as the last one.

???: !... Oh! WErE you addrEssing hEr or I?
Yahara: Both of you. Name, blood color, an' job if you will.
Kylenn: KylEnn JannEl, jadEblood, and clEanEr. Thank you ma'am.
Yahara: An' the other one? Yes, you lookin' increasin'ly haφφy. :)
Callah: Callah Yaquen, rustblood, and miner/relations.
Callah: Very, very exicted to meet and work with you ma'am.
Callah: This is sort of a... "dream of mine". :)
Yahara: Happy to hear it. At least you're resφectful.
Yahara: These are all of the φlayers. I will brief them shortly. Thank you for gathering here today. An' thank you to the managers of this fine colony.

"=> Yahara: Point"

The buzzing increases more as you hone in around a troll in a grey-black sweater, looking very unhappy to be there. You decide this is the one.

Yahara: You. In the sweater. Yes, the one looking very suφrised an' hostile.
???: whλt. no. you're fucking kidding.
Yahara: I am very much not kiddin'. Come on up... Name φlease?
???: ...λlright. you know whλt? i'll plλy your shitty gλme, if only to fuck it up for you. heh. λlright you violet bλstλrd.
Yahara: Hey! You don' talk to me like tha-
Quarri: eh, gonna stop you there. im your chosen one or someshit. so you cλnt do λnything but force me to plλy the gλme. quλrri mλsone you fish-λss shitbreath.
Yahara: ... Alright then. Who else?

You are extremely bothered by this roseblood. However, you keep your cool, and continue, until your finger comes to rest on two workers in the staff area. The rustblood from earlier and a greenblood cleaner. Interesting, if nothing else.

"=> Yahara: Give announcement"

You the give your announcement.

Yahara: Trolls of Yalot Mines. I have a very imφortant announcement to make. Trollkind is in danger, and the only way to save it is to φlay a game called Sgrub Omicron. I know this sounds silly, but hear me out.
Yahara: This game will be a long term investment for those who are goin' to to φlay. My φremonitions have led to this point. I know who in this room will be φlaying with me. An' I know that you're all very tired of hearing me talk. So let's cut to the chase. If I φoint to you, tell me your name, blood color, and job at Yalot Mines.
Yahara: The trolls who will be φlaying with me are....

The buzzing noise increases as you move your finger around.

"=> Yahara: Arrive"

You arrive in the cold landing bay, and the manager of the colony approaches you, pays you the proper respects, and then shows you the Announcement Hall. The bare hallways tell you that this facility is most likely more about practicality than lavishness, however, this is alright. You then head up onto the stage, and wait for about 5 minutes after the announcement, looking up as an overexcited troll runs in, and then calmly walks up to the staff like it was nothing. The manager assures you that this is alright, and that she is a staff favorite. Your head has an irritating noise. About 5 more minutes pass, and the grumblers head in. You then head up onto stage.

"=> Yahara: Have convenient flashback"

What a convenient flashback! You are now seen in a dank and small cave, with a fairly young tealblood in a robe. The cold air rushes through the cave and you feel a sense of discovery and yet nervousness as you approach the strange woman.

Yahara: You said the world is in danger?
Crone: Ye%. You need to hurry. There will be another team, told by another crone the%e exact word%.
Crone: You will both be playing the game %o that there i% a better chance of one of you winning. You %hould not exactly try to oppo%e the other team, however it would be in your be%t intere%t% to come out on top.
Yahara: I understand. Now, could you φlease tell me what the game is called, where to find it, an' anythin' about the other team?
Crone: Certainly.
Crone: The game i% called %grub Omicron, it can be located on the cave wall next to you, and the other team... I can't %ay anything about them. ;)
Yahara: Thank you ma'am. I'll φut in a good word for you with the Emφress. Thank you again.

That crone also told you that your head would start buzzing if you were heading to the right trolls for your team. Which has lead you out to this damn colony.

"=> Name the Troll already"

Introductions, anyone? Your name is Yahara Jakson. Currently, you just have on a plain jacket and skirt, however, the emblem of your school is on there, showing that you are one of THE BEST. Your curls are also carefully done to perfection. You are a violetblood, and also very lucky. You are going to play a game that will save your race. According to some old wise crone. You also happen to have a superiority disorder, but we aren't going to talk about that. Your trolltag is naturallySuccessful, an' you sφeak with a φunctuated an' yet laid back accent. Come to think of it you were actually told by the crone several things, so why don't we have a convenient flashback about that?

"=> Callah: Be the Violetblood"

You are now the Violetblood. You are going to do something very important with some other trolls, however first you shall be named. Which of course, you already have one, but what the hell, eh? Cliches are always good.

"=> Begin Act 2"

You begin act 2, and also notice that the arrow has changed, seeing as we've now been properly introduced to two of the characters. Enough meta. Let's continue!

"=> Well then"

Go on then :)

"> You get the gist"

Hi! I'm the creator of this webcomic, and I'd like to hear feedback and suggestions for this comic thus far. You can find me on pesterchum at:
anecdotalGander (AG)
unreliableRagdoll (UR)
anarchicReaper (AR)

Et cetera.
Thanks! Now back to the story :)

"> Act I Intermission I"

"> End of Act 1"

"> Callah: Close husktop and arrive in Announcement Hall"

You sadly close your husktop. Someday she'll understand. You then slide into the Announcement Hall before anyone else does. One of the High Overseers recognizes you and waves you over. Luckily, you get so sit with the High Overseers for events like this. You have a feeling this might be the most important one yet! You then decide to talk to your friend on the staff of the High Overseers, though not a High Overseer himself.

Callah: Hello Kylenn! How are you doing? I haven't talked to you in a while.
Kylenn: I'm doing just finE, thank you. I surE hopE your drEams comE truE. HavE you convincEd your othEr friEnd yEt Callah?
Callah: Unfortunatley, not yet. I do hope she'll come around. Oh! The ceremony is starting! We'd better hush now.
Kylenn: AgrEEd.

Who is this mysterious jadeblood? We shall see. But not yet. ;)

"> Callah: Continue to msg Quarri"

You do just that.

AA: Well, I just wanted to see if you were as excited as I.
AA: And whether or not you're actually heading down to the Announcement Hall. Please tell me you aren't just sitting in your respiteblock.
LL: λs much λs it might suprise you, i λm λctuλlly heλding down there kiddo. now id λppriciλte it if you shut up λnd stopped spying on me for the dλmn overlords. seriously, get λ new hobby.
AA: Are you seriously not excited? I wonder what the special announcement could be! ;)
LL: kid is this more of your working together to creλte λ peλce bullshit? cuz if it is i hλve no interest. seriously give up kid.
AA: Hmmph. I suppose I'll see you there then? Maybe after this announcement you'll believe me that they're not ALL bad. I had another dream. ;)
LL: mmmhm λnd im the fucking empress. seeyλ kiddo.
leadLicorice ceased being msg'd by abidingAcolyte

"> Callah: Msg Non-Accepting Friend"

Oh the suspense! Who could this person possibly be? No. You just msg her already.

abidingAcolyte began msging leadLicorice
AA: Quarri?
LL: whλt do you wλnt kid

"> Callah: Head down to the announcement hall"

After hearing what the announcement said (see page 10), you are very excited and bound down the hallway before some of the more groggy members of the facility are even swearing at you yet. You are always excited for announcements. Even if they're bad, they can have good effects later on. And some of them announce your own ideas, so that's exciting. You also had the foresight to grab your husktop so you could contact your "friends", most notably your non-accepting one.

"> Reader: Name Troll"

Correct. Your name is Callah. Currently you just have on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, one of the two outfits which your bloodcaste allows from the government. Unfortunately, rosebloods only get one. However, as a rustblood, you are allowed two. Thankfully. You are a very strangely optimistic troll with strange dreams, which you have gotten to thinking are real. A lot of other trolls on Yalot hate you, because you walk with a confidence in your stride that has been long forgotten on this dreary planet. You are a very dilligent worker, though not the most productive by any means. Some have called you the High Overseer's pet because you are the only one they can talk to without getting openly hostile stares. You would hate the highbloods, but your dreams have told you that one day you'll work together with some of them, and that they are just as emotional and stressed as lowbloods are. You have more credibility with the High Overseers than almost any miner here, and your blood is a rusty as the pickaxe you swing each day for 12 hours. You actually spend the extra 3 hours talking with the High Overseers about what they should do to calm riots and such, and are very smart about it. You don't have many interests, as there is nothing to interest you here, except your dreams. Your username is abidingAcolyte And you speak in a manner which is unbecoming of most Trolls. You are still "friends" with some miners, who believe your dreams as well, however, one of your "friends" is still holding grudges left and right. You try to sympathize and understand what she is saying, and you suppose she would be right if not for the future ally with them. You had a day off yesterday, which happens for almost no other rusty or miner in general. You wake up to the sound of an announcement today.

"> Writer: Contact Reader directly"

Hello! Reader! I finally was able to move us to someone else, someone hopefully more interesting. More cooperative. More willing to show us their INTERESTS? But first they must be named.

"> Quarri: Be the other troll"

Pfft. You WISH you could be another troll. However, at the moment, you're heading into the Announcment Ha-

"> Quarri: Be awakened"

You are abruptly awakened by a morning announcement. A highblood is coming today for a special ceremony. Whoop-dee-fucking-doo. The last ceremony was an announcement that the colony workers' rations were being reduced to reward the High Overseers for their excellent job sitting on their asses and yelling at rosies and rusties all day. Oh, what is a rosy and rusty? Blood color. What did you expect? This entire damn hierarchy is based on the color of the shit running through your veins, and yet, when we get cut, we all bleed. The difference is if that blood is fuschia, the agressor is culled. If that shit is below anywhere from Jade to Rose, you're either culled for whining, or at least turned a blind eye. However, you still get up and open the lead door, then file down the hallway just like every other troll in this colony, toward the Announcement Hall.

"> Quarri: Log onto Minermsg"

You head inside the giant lead door and sit down on your 4-legged-sleeping-apparatus.
You do not have a recuperacoon, because sopor slime is only makeable on Alternia, and only the High Overseers of colonies have a recuperacoon. The common slang word for your 4-legged-sleeping-apparatus is cot, though this word is never said among the Overseers. You open your husktop and check your chump list. Still not online. Unfortunately, most of the other miners value your hard work, but steer clear of anything beyond that. You're a bad influence, as per the previously mentioned whippings. However, the young troll currently on your chump list has not had her spirit broken yet, believing that sometime soon, for a select few, they will all have to work together to create a cosmos of peace. You think she's youthful, idealistic, and most importantly, full of bullshit. You lay down restlessly, and stare at your blank walls and ceilings until lights out comes into effect, and you're trapped in darkness, closing your husktop and eventually falling into a fitful sleep.

"> Quarri: Return to your hive"

You don't have a hive, you have a respiteblock in Minerhive K, Sector IX. If you had an entire hive to yourself, you'd have to live on Alternia, for even lowbloods there are treated better than any of the colonies. One good thing about the colonies is that because Alternia can't afford to send more trolls, instead of being culled for disobedience, you're simply disciplined. Wow, what a relief.

"> Quarri: Mine for lead"

You're on the lead shift today, so luckily you won't get any oil on your clothes, however it is still incredibly grimy down here. You quietly acknowledge the other workers, swing your pick, and work in silence. For 15 hours. You also find some lead licorice. This is a funny name given to lead that comes in thin strands that is particularly hard to mine, as well as your username on Minermsg, given by the High Overseers of this colony for being a "tough shell to crack" as they call it. You think they're stuck up pieces of shit. And at least in your mind, you're right. In fact, you've very vocally called them out on it several times. You've also very publicly been whipped several times. However, these two events have no correlation whatsoever, surely. You aren't the smartest shell either.

"> Quarri: Look at chump list"

You look at the empty list, save for a single younger troll who is incredibly irritatingly kind, and almost never on nowadays. And of course, being she isn't usually on, she isn't on now in some kind of miracle to give exposition to more of the cast. Cast? What cast? You expel these stupid thoughts and close your husktop.

"> Quarri: Log onto Minermsg"

You open your government issued husktop after changing into your mining clothes and open your Minermsg, a government issued program for messaging practical mining business. However, you just message your acquaintances on the damn thing. People who you don't openly depsise. Which is almost no one. Your username is leadLicorice.

"> Quarri: Go to mines"

You proceed to go to the Yalot Mines, to work your 15 hour shift. This colony was set up 12 solar sweeps ago, you arrived 10 solar sweeps ago, and began working 8 solar sweeps ago. You mine for lead and oil every day. At least you didn't get stuck on a hostile planet mining helium-3. However, this is not much better.

"> Reader: Name Troll"

Correct! Your name is Quarri Masone. You have a variety of INTERESTS an-.. Oh. You're going to work. In the mines. Apparently you don't have time to show us your INTERESTS. Well then. Just between you and I reader, she's blunt, cynical, and speλks in λ mλnner thλt is exhλusted and wλry.

"> Reader: Begin Reading"

A tired troll stands in her respiteblock. It just so happens that her 6th wriggling day....happened 4 sweeps ago. What is her name?