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"Kaden: Enter your tent"

"Kaden: Say your goodnights"

Kaden: welp, time to rest up. see you tomorrow morning!
Lillip: ττhere's no concepτ of τime or mornings here shiτhead,
Kaden: if you say so. goodnight Lillip!
Lillip: wwhaτever dumbass,

"Kaden: Set up your tent"

Lillip: ssnrk, ii will never undersτand why your τenτ looks like τhaτ,
Kaden: I know, it's fucking amazing right?


Lillip: sso uh, ii guess you can plop your lame ass meme τenτ over in τhaτ space behind you τhaτs not liττered wiτh fesτerin disgusτin bodies,
Kaden: okay! thanks lillip!

"Kaden: Talk to Lillip"

Lillip: wwhere τhe hell have you been,
Lillip: eeverybody else is eiτher recuping or fuckin around in τheir τenτs,
Kaden: huh? oh I was just check out some stuff.
Kaden: I found a glitch!
Lillip: uuuuuugghhhhhhhh, iim τoo τired τo care,
Kaden: :C
Kaden: but...
Lillip: nno, ddonτ even τalk ruggles, ii donτ wanτ to hear anoτher god damn word come ouτ of your speech orifice,
Lillip: wwell deal wiτh that shiτ afτer everyone is done resτing,
Kaden: eugh, fine. so where's everyone else?
Lillip: oover τhere, ssnorin up a sτorm,
Kaden: oh. I don't feel like sleeping yet.
Kaden: why're you out here, lillip?
Lillip: ii was waiτin for you, nnoτ my idea, ii suggesτed leaving you behind and τaking a huge burden off τhis τeams back, bbuτ emily and τhe oτhers basically forced me to sτick around,
Kaden: wow, I feel so loved!
Lillip: ddonτ give me τhaτ τongue kaden,


Lillip: uugh, ττhere he is,


"Kaden: Get Moving"

3... 2... 1... Gotta Blast!!!!!

"Kaden: Anways..."

Anyways... You should probably return to the group before they leave you behind. You should also report this glitch you found.

"Kaden: Think of the consequences!!!!"

Don't touch it Kaden. What if you get aids. Kaden. Aids. Aids, Kaden. Aids AIDS. What might you get? Aids. And how may you get aids? By touching it. Don't touch it Kaden. Think of the consequences. Well they're really just hypothetical consequences, aids. You don't really know what would happen if you touched that thing. But seriously. Think on it. Aids. Sleep on it. Aids. Just don't contract it. Aids. Kaden. Just think. Aids. You know how dangerous aids are? Really. I just googled how many people died from aids last year, and the death toll was around 1.1 million people. Well, on Earth at least. Which is destroyed. But back to the topic of aids. Kaden. Aids. Imagine yourself in a hospital bed. With aids. Horrible hospital food, why is it always horrible. Plus you have aids, which is a total downer. You could end up the approximately 1,100,001st person to die from aids. Aids Kaden. Scary stuff. Actually now that you really think about it, touching that thing probably won't give you aids. I mean, you can only get aids from fluids. Even vaginal fluids, eugh. Gross. I should not have googled how to contract aids. Even then, this thing probably won't give you aids. It might hurt. It doesn't look good. Like bad business. But still. Aids is a possibility. An improbable possibility, but still a possibility. Aids.

"Kaden: Touch It"

... Actually, maybe don't touch that thing. You might get infected or something.

"Be Kaden"

What the hell is wrong with that galaxy?


T̢ͯ͒̄͘hͣͤ̃͌̉į͆͌ͣ̏́͡ŝ̡ͮͦ̀̃̒͢ ̑ͬͮ͐̓̎̈cͣ̄̓͏̷aͫͧͨ̀҉̶͞nͦ̔͊ͩ̔̾͝'̋ͦ̇̾̀t̶ͬ̑̊ͣ̏ͨ͊ͣ͝ ̶ͪͯ͛̀b̵ͫͩ̇ͫͭ̊̿̓ěͫ ̶́̀̒ͯ͐͐̇g̵̢̾͒͋͌̇̋ͭ̚͜o̢͑ͨ̌ͥ̆ơͩ͌ͪ̋ͨ̇̈́͞d͆̊̊̎ͥ̋́͞.ͤ̅͌̈͋̿̆ͧ͠͞







Veelin: (ApΦlΦgies.) (It seems like the ship's sass is rubbing Φff Φn me.)
Mia: yeah, it seems like its rubbing off on everybody...


Mia: oh dear oh dear ok
Mia: OKAY! so uh lets do the alchemize thingy!!
Veelin: (I will return tΦ the brig.) (Mia, yΦu will be wΦrking with FelmΦa Φn the adhesive instrument, as HΦward is currently emΦtiΦnally unstable.)
Veelin: (Try nΦt to get... distracted.)
Mia: oh come on that was like the last thing i needed


Howard: Don't bother apologizing. I'm going to my room. Felmoa, you can figure this shit out. I gotta figure my shit out first


.... . . ... .. . .... . .. . . . . . .. .... .... . .. . ........ . ... . ...

Felmoa: or- uh... i... uh... uhm-... did... i... i'm sorry- i shouldπ't have said that...


Felmoa: maybe... because you wereπ't hap-p-y with the life you had on earth... you waπted som-ethiπg to chaπge...


Mia: yeah i know it sucks
Mia: uh
Mia: but without the game we would have never met the felmoa, veelin, zoelda, and the others, yknow?
Howard: Why did I even install this stupid game. I already kinda knew bad things would happen, but I still did it. You did too Mia. Why???


Veelin: (The fact that you're still bickering like wrigglers is proving to be problematic.) (Howard... You're usually not this... How do I say... Sassy.) (What is the issue.)
Howard: I don't know. I'm bored. Maybe being stuck in this god-forsaken hunk of metal for two fucking years has something to do with it
Howard: I've been counting the days. My birthday was a week ago. I'm officially 16 years old
Veelin: (Congratulations.)
Howard: No. Not congratu-fucking-lations. I'm supposed to be in 11th grade. Junior year. But instead, Earth is destroyed, we're floating through endless space in a giant tin can, and our friends might die. The concept of 11th grade doesn't even exist anymore
Mia: uh i mean, look on the bright side!! you dont have to worry about getting into college and getting a job, uh, right?
Howard: I was excited for that! I had dreams and hopes and they just fucking blew up with the rest of Earth because of some stupid fucking game!


Veelin: (I see nΦ prΦgress has been made due tΦ yΦu and FelmΦa's...) (rΦmantic urges.)
Howard: Heheh
Mia: shut your face howard
Mia: i dont know what howard told you, but there wasnt anything going on veelin
Mia: no """"romantic urges""""
Mia: right, felmoa?
Felmoa: i'm, uh... p-retty sure-
Mia: see? nothing happened
Mia: totally fine
Veelin: (HΦward, please refrain frΦm spreading gΦssip arΦund the ship.)
Howard: Veelin. You know I'm not usually a fucking chit-chat switchboard like Sorion, but in the case of my sibling, it's kind of my obligation
Veelin: (Regardless Φf yΦur fake, nΦnexistent sibling ΦbligatiΦns.) (And Mia, FelmΦa, dΦn't let yΦur rΦmantic life becΦme an Φbstacle fΦr the task at hand.) (We all knΦw yΦu were kissing. Get Φver it.)
Mia: im going to die. this is how i die. congratulations are you happy.
Veelin: (I wΦuld be happy if sΦme wΦrk gΦt dΦwn arΦund here.) (AccΦrding tΦ the last memΦ left by team B, there are Φnly half Φf the Φriginal pΦpulatiΦn Φf glitches still in existence, sΦ we need tΦ get this adhesive instrument alchemized.) (quickly.)
Mia: i think thats a great idea
Mia: dont you all agree
Mia: fantastic idea
Howard: Careful Mia, you're showing too much enthusiasm
Mia: eat shit howard.
Felmoa: mia
Felmoa: relax
Mia: sorry


Mia: hey dude
Mia: oh, hey veelin
Veelin: (HellΦ.)


TS: Btw you're taking forever getting here
CC: shut up im like almost there
TS: Tell Felmoa Veelin’s here asking for a progress update so get her gray alien ass over here
Mia: dude im here chill


Get. This. Shit. Outta here!

"Be Howard"

CC: couldnt u just start achlemizing by yourself while waiting for us to get there instead of complaining to me?
TS: I tried. Now I have 523 Robbie Rotten Oompa Loompa heads
CC: what the fuck?? howd that even happen
TS: I’m asking myself the same exact question Mia
TS: God, they won’t. Stop. Fucking. Singing
TS: Help me

"Mia: Start Yelling"

CC: but yeah sorry if i came across as pissy
TS: It's fine. I'd be pissy if I got interupted from a make-out session
TS: eyebrow wiggle
TS: Suuuure you weren’t. Be happy, you're finally showing off some of your Heart aspect powers. With Felmoa
TS: eyebrow wiggle intensifies
CC: that is not what the heart aspect is about and we both know that
CC: im pretty sure it doesnt take like 10 minutes to find ur coordinates
CC: ring ring where u at
TS: I'm in the east lounge room
TS: Bring Felmoa too
TS: Try not to take any detours on your trip over here. Especially into your bedroom
CC: oh my god
TS: devious smile
CC: please just stop ta l k i n g
TS: Fine fine. Just get here as fast as possible

"Mia: Answer Howard"

tremblingSkyscaper [TS] began pestering contumaciousCrab [CC]

TS: Hey, you there?
CC: is it important
TS: Kinda. I can't find Felmoa, we were supposed start alchemizing that stupid magical duct tape for the Universe Rip, and Veelin is gonna beat our asses in if we don't get some work done
CC: uh
CC: yeah she's with me
CC: where are you i can come over with her and help out if you want
TS: Sure, hang on let me check the map
CC: ok cool
TS: So what were you guys doing?
CC: nothing
CC: i was just talking to her
TS: ...
TS: If you could see my face right now, you would see that I'm not convinced :I
CC: yeah whatever
CC: just give me your fucking location
TS: Jeez, alright. Don't get your jimmies in a fucking rustle
CC: jimmies? lmao
TS: Yeah, that old fashion word for underwear
TS: You know vocabulary
CC: you sound like an old guy haha
TS: ):I

"Welcome Welcome. Author's Note"

Welcome to what will more than likely turn into a standard, mediocre fan comic lost in the sea of obscurity. How poetic. Just an FYI, the fan comic does start out at a random point in the story. Two reasons: This is honestly just a test to see how this website works and practice drawing panels, writing dialogue, creating flashes, etc. The more lazy reason is that I just wanted to skip all the introductions and pleasantries and exposition and set-up that comes with any Homestuck fan comic. "A young man/woman stands in his/her room, blah blah blah." This won't be completely permanent. In due time I might start the story over with proper introductions. But until then...