"Finn: Examine Fetch modus."

It's nothing special, just the classic Connect-the-Dot Modus. You've had it for a while and have been meaning to get a replacement, but it is just so darn fun you have a hard time replacing it.

"Finn: Select "BAT"."


The BAT has been moved from your CAPTCHALOGUE DECK to your STRIFE DECK.

"Finn: Captchalouge bat."

"Finn: Allocate."

And by somewhere, you don't mean at the ass crack of weaponology. You choose BATKIND, seeing as its probably the most powerful thing you have in your room.

...What? It's not like you even had a plunger in here to allocate anyways.

"Finn: Choose "PLUNGER"."

You notice the wildly considered joke abstratus in the list of starter weapons. Plungers, eh? You're not sure how you could battle with it, aside from swinging it around. But what the hell, you have to start somewhere.

"Finn: Choose an abstratus."

You flip over the card and look at all the possible choices. Looking around your room, you already see a few. this one, that one, oh you guess this one is an option.

You mull it over for a minute or two before choosing an answer.

"Finn: Check out your weapons."

But you should probably prepare a weapon first. You already have your usual one, MUSCLEKIND, given to you as babies-first-abstratus. But already given to you as a present today, is another blank card, which you should also probably allocate.

"Finn: Find culprit of POSTER defacings."

Oh, that wont be hard. While the content of the defacings is rather neutral to you, you will not stand for the act. It appears it is your turn to retaliate to your loathsome war opponent.

"Finn: Examine final POSTER."

Ah yes, this...this is an interesting one. It looks like an interesting game, you guess, being some sort of multiplayer environment altering game, but you don't know how its supposed to work.

You were slipped in through a favor from a friend to a PRESTIGIOUS group of game testers, and you would be playing right now had your copy not been swiped by a CERTAIN SOMEONE.

"Finn: Inspect Alchamight poster."

You hung this one above your bed, and like to imagine the four heroes watching over you and protecting you as you sleep. You have been an avid fan of the series since it first came out, a little more than 7 years ago.

The games were supposed to all be on one console, but as technology got better they had to work around making better then the last games while still maintaining connectability between them.

"Finn: Examine other baseball-related posters."

You take great pride in having the foresight to hang your ANGELS poster too high to be defaced. That didn't save your BASEBALL TRADING CARD poster though. But even you have to agree the joke put onto it, though a little forced, is something that could only ever enhance the poster itself. You even pointed to the two balls to finish the joke.

"Finn: Examine defaced Baseball posters."

OK, you have to admit, these additions aren't too bad. you get a hearty chuckle when you look at Ty Cobb's screaming face, or Babe Ruth's dead eyes and bird being flipped.

You also have to admit, though, your Lou Gehrig poster was already a little weird, before the addition of his sickly yellow teets. And you don't even KNOW what that weird mask is about.

"Finn: Inspect poster with four symbols."

Ah, the emblems of disorder. When the final ALCHAMIGHT game was announced and they revealed the last emblem, it was only a matter of who could get the shirt first. You yourself proudly wear the ANARCHIST A on your shirt, and your other friends have claimed the COHERENCE QUILL, the MUTATION MERIDIAN, and the EXTRASENSORY EYE.

"Finn: Quickly switch on arms."

ARMS isn't out yet! Besides, you don't even have a switch.

"Examine room."

Your name is FINN. As previously mentioned today is your BIRTHDAY, though most would argue that that is only HALF of why this day is SPECIAL. A number of CRUDE and NOT SO CRUDE drawings are scattered around your room.

And lets not forget about your INTERESTS, of which there are PLENTY. You enjoy playing the LATEST NEW GAMING SYSTEMS, all of which you are KICK ASS at. Particularly you love a good game of ALCHAMIGHT 4, the latest and potentially last in a series made by HUNTER INC. You enjoy a good game of SPORTS, particularly BASEBALL. Your favorite team at the moment are the LA ANGELS, and you hope one day to JOIN THEIR RANKS as the TOP HITTER IN ANGEL HISTORY.

You wouldn't say its your FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD, but you are pretty good at CARPENTRY, or at least STICKING A BUNCH OF BLOCKS TOGETHER. A number of tools are strewn across your HOMEMADE DESK OF WONDER, which is also where you keep your COMPUTER.

What will you do?

"Try again."

"Enter name."

Wise guy, huh? Try again.

"Wake up."

I mean, okay. That's not a name or anything but whatever. So now hes awake, good job. And we didn't even get to attempt to name him "wake up." Surely now is a better time to bestow upon him a name, right?


A young man lies on his bed. It just so happens that today, the 16th of March, 2017, is the young man's birthday. Though it was 14 years ago he was given life, it is only today that he will be given a name!

What will the name of this young man be?

Hello! This, as a few of you might know, is a remake of a previous project under the same name. There has been much more planning and work put into it and ultamitly i think it will be a much better comic. As before please go down to suggestions in the adventure info to give a command to whoever you choose!