I will be stopping Sa.l until my art gets better, once I feel like im ready I will remake this comic.

"Sal: STRIFE!!!"

You grab your trusty scythe, you have a feeling this is gonna be along day

"Become someone else, before things get hairy"

A little far away, but not too far away, a young troll stands in his re-
Lets get back to him later

"You're not that smart"

You know what? I think now is the best of times to introduce this....well idiot.
Your name is Sal Mander Burns, but you just call yourself 'Sal'.
You LOVE drawing things but never find the enthusiasm to do so, probably because you have whats known as Autism which does some stuff to you including the reduction of rewards when you do stuff.
You also have dyspraxia which may explain your crappy drawings.
You love to play video games, Listen to Homestuck music among other things.

"Quickly, Assume the Cannon Ball Position!"

What could possibly go wrong?


Too late.

"Who's there?"

Oh no, its your sister! Quickly! Get out of there!

"The Start"

A young-ish man stands in his bedroom, it was 14 years and 6 months ago that he was given life, he already has a name but to know that we have to ask him!