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"Lillian : Open Attic"

C'mon..almost there..

Got it!!

"Mila: GASP!!"

Oh no! She's armed! What should you do? Should you run to your room and grab the most lethal pillow from your sleep chamber?
No, you shall tough it out! Yeah! You can totally win, right?

"Mila : Journey to kitchen "

Before you can get there, a monster blocks your path!!! (If you consider angsty teenage older sisters to be monsters..)


Wow, it is Lillian's birthday!! Congratulations, you are now twelve. PARTY HARD!!!!!!!

"Mila : What do you want to eat?"

Waffles, of course! You seem to have an obsession with them. Why don't you go downstairs and make them?


Seems like your stomach is grumbling, you must be hungry! What do you want to eat?

"Mila : Worship Tomoe poster"

Is this REALLY how you want to spend your time?

"Introduce Camila"

Your name is CAMILA, but you prefer to be referred to as MILA. You are a 14 year old ARTIST who loves ANIME (such as Ouran High-School Host Club, Brother's Conflict and Kamisama Kiss, TOMOE IS YOUR LIFE!!!!!!). Though, you passed your anime art phase ages ago. You really like Steven Universe, as you talk about it a lot with your friend LILLIAN. You enjoy playing MINECRAFT and the SIMS, but you're not obsessed with them. You aspire to become an animator, as well! Though you have tons of posters on your wall, you also like to collect pins, and you have various different kinds such as Melanie Martinez pins and Fnaf pins! (Though, you aren't into the game anymore..)
What will YOU choose to do with your time on this chilly day?

"ACTUALLY Guess Name :"

> Camila

Well done!

"Guess Name : "

> Weaboo AnimeArtist

Huh? That's not like you at all!


Who's this young lady? And why are there so many hot men on her wall?

"Lillian : Joke's over"

The jig is up, now get out of the attic and don't die.
Okay, fine. Did I scare you?
You horrified me! D:
I wish I could've seen your face! It must've been hilarious!
No, that wasn't hilarious! Now just get down here!!
I can't.
My arm is stuck and I can't get the pull thing, and you can't reach it from down there

"Lillian : Investigate"

ALLISON? Hmm, she doesn't seem to be out her- OH MY GOD !!!

"Lillian : Open Door"

Wait, what? Oh no, she must be waiting for you to look around the halls like the "trickster" she is. She'll probably be hiding in a closet then trample you with her heelies that she ironically ordered on Amazon (in black of course. This is your sister we are talking about). What a stupid purchase..
Perhaps you should go out of your room to investigate? Just to humor her? Or maybe she actually has something exciting to say? Whatever, just go out already you weirdo!!!!

"Lillian : Oh no. "

Oh god, that's definitely your older sister at the door. You better answer it before she starts yelling at you.

"Lillian : Bant with the prosecutor "

Hmm, what's that? What I'm saying is irrelevant and doesn't line up with the information in the case file? Take a look inside it yourself, you dirty little prosecutor! "Death of Cindy the Panther, estimated time of death 1-2:00. Shot through heart..". She was shot, which means no fingerprints were on the body, meaning it could be either of them. What's that you say? Cinder's prints were on the gun? While that may be true that cannot answer the question; "was lemonsnout wearing gloves?"! Did he use Cinder's DNA to make it seem like she held the pistol? Now that the tangent has been resolved, perhaps you'd like to begin your testimony, "witness". (Or should I say, cold blooded killer).

"Look at him.."

Just look at the sweat dripping from his face! It's descending faster than the Emoji Movie's rates! (Which is saying a lot).

Why, Mr. Senator, you cannot hide your deceitful perspiration from me! As a defense attorney with a brain, I can tell you did it. So, I am here to defend my client Cinder the cat, who you framed! She would never commit the murder of her sister! How DARE you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emotions aside, please present the court with your testimony. We are waiting for the lies to spill from your oration conduit.


Yes. So much yes. Let us engage in the court session, the soon to be turnabout trial of lemonsnout! (*a much better version than Terezi's might I add. What even was the hogwash that she was saying? Pff, what a novice prosecutor.)


Your name is Lillian, but you don't mind being referred to as Lily. You live in a house with your sister as well as your two parents and two dogs. (Previously three..). You love HOMESTUCK (specifically Jade, Terezi and Jane) and you are not yet 12, but in a few days your yearly jubilee will come! In 4 days to be exact. You love the LAW (which was not found out by Terezi, you in fact had a passion for judicial matters since second grade and Terezi did not form this love but minorly encouraged it), and you really want to be a DEFENSE ATTORNEY. You also wish to play more of the Ace Attorney games, but the only platforms you have are an iPad and an awful computer that doesn't even belong to you. (Did I mention you're broke?) You love other things like Dan and Phil (you don't ship them) and Steven Universe. You enjoy DRAWING (though you aren't very good at it. Spriting and pixel art are a difficulty, so you don't use bases for rooms when making sprites for characters..) and GIRLY things (mostly) such as skirts and the color pink (especially). You are all about being fair and respectful, and you try to be funny on the side. Oh, and you really want a CAT!!!!!!
Today is a not so normal day. An artic front somehow managed to reach Texas, and it's freezing!!! Even more freezing than the usual 30∘ғ Texas winter winds. Because of this, you decide to stay bundled inside and do something.
But what?

"Guess Name:"


Well done! She smiles in approval, which means that must be her name.

"Enter Name: "

>Tereziobsessed ScalemateMcGee

She rolled her eyes and smiled at the silly name, however that is not correct. Yes, you heard me. She already has a name, and you are trying to guess it.

"Oh, hello!"

Hey there! Wait..who is this? She doesn't seem familiar. Perhaps we should give her a name!