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"I. The portal closes"


End of intermission

"I. ==>"


"I. ==>"

"Just make sure you won't be in my way, okay?"
"Hey! Wait!"
"I'll continue to keep an eye on you."

"I. ==>"

"Who are you?"
"... I think I can ask you exactly the same question, sir."
"Yes, but I asked first. It's pretty important. You get involved in my affairs and it starts to piss me off."
"... I'm just a woman looking for something she's lost long ago."
"Enough with the nonsense, you're no more human than I am."
"I can't know this, I don't know who you are. Why can not I see your face?"
"Maybe because I don't want you to know what I look like? You didn't think about that, did you?"
"Hey, you told me to tell you who I am, so I can at least demand to see you."
"No, listen, I came here to find out if you're against me or not, so I want to ask you a few questions. What do you think you're doing?"
"I told you, I'm looking for something I've lost."
"And that's all? Because I saw that you kept an eye on this man."
"What man?"
"The onw with the hat and coat. The detective. You're using him for yourself, are not you?"
"What exactly are you looking for?"
"I think I'm entitled to some privacy as well. You didn't even introduce yourself."
"Yes, and is there anyone in this world who knows your real name? Not even your partner."
"Ex partner. You know too much, how do you know all this, and why do you ask me if you know?"
"I know what you're doing, but I want to know why, what your goal is."
"Listen, my goal is mine and it's personal. I don't know if it's against your goal or what you're doing, so I think that as long as you're not willing to reveal anything, we cann't move anywhere."
"You know what, I'll ask you only one question. You've certainly came here for me. But portals opens randomly to other worlds... I've never heard of anyone who can open a portal at will... So let me ask how did you do it? "

"I. Someone comes out of the portal"

"I. A portal opens"


"I. The woman walks in the street"

"I. A street in the city"

"I. ==>"

That's ... your hand.
It changed its shape... to what you were dreamed about.
You dreamed about Rachel ...
Damn it.

"I. ==>"

"I. ==>"

What the hell is this?!

"I. Luke: Wake up!"

What the-

"I. ==>"

Oh God!

"I. ==>"


"I. Find out where you are"

What is this? A rabbit-man?

"I. Find out where you are"

Your name is Rachel Adams. As Previously mentioned, you woke up just now, and you have no idea where you are. You decide to look around you.

"I. Wake up!"

You wake up. You have no idea where you are.


You seems to be unconscious.


And he introduces himself as Matt Arskin.

End of Second Case

"Arthur: Answer the phone"

You answer the phone.
On the other side you hear the voice of someone you do not know.


"I'll find you, Grandpa, don't worry!" The man yells towards you, while he runs after Red.


"Oh, goddamnit ..."


"Hey, wait! Damn it..."
Red runs away.

"Arthur: Answer the phone"

You take the phone out of your pocket and are about to answer the call. The ringing probably surprised the man a little and he released Red. Red seemed to have noticed it.

"Arthur: Find out what the man's motivation is. Is he protecting humans from demons like Red?"

You are intrigued to find out what this man's goal is. He says he got orders, so he's probably part of some organization. Who is he? What is the purpose of the organization? You also want to know what it is about the barrier he mentioned. You still don't understand what a barrier means, and what happened after it brakes down. You have a lot of questions to ask the man, and maybe after he answers, you can explain to him what happened to your barrier.
You're going to ask him all these questions, when suddenlt your phone rings.

"Arthur: Ask Red where is Rachel Adams, who disappeared a little over a week ago. Maybe she's one of the blue ones?"

"I have no idea." Red answers. "We didn't take girls to the groups. I never heard that name."
Apparently the cases weren't related to each other.

"Arthur: Ask the man why he must kill Red, he can just bring him back to where he came from"

"Well, look." Says the man, who's beginning to lose patience. "It's not that I have to kill him. We cann't bring him back to where he came from, because we have no idea where he did come from. Personally I don't mind killing him, but my instruction was to bring him and imprison him."

"Arthur: Ask what happened with Red's mother, and how come he has parents if he's a demon"

You remember the strange conversation you had on the phone with Rad's mother and decide to ask about it. The man doesn't seem to know how to answer, because he turns Red toward you, and tells him to answer. Red doesn't seem to want to answer, but after a moment he sighs, and answers.
"I needed 'parents' for the school ... so I created an illusion for ordinary people that I have parents, and I gave the school an unregistered number... I don't know why you came out of the illusion..."
"It must be because of the barrier." Says the man. "That means that it really was not completely broken, so it took you a little time to get out of the illusion... but... how did you create this illusion? And why is it related to our barrier? What's going on here?"
Red refuses to answer.

"Arthur: Could it be that this barrier is connected to dizziness you had?"

You ask the man if there's a connection between the barrier he mentioned and the dizziness you've had lately.
"Dizziness? Maybe. I'm not very knowledgeable about the barrier buisness, but I don't remember that there's a dizziness... It may mean that your barrier was broken a long time ago, without us noticing it. Over time, maybe it started to mend itself, but not completely. And then, when you are exposed to things that the barrier is supposed to block, some goes in and others do not, which may cause your dizziness. If that's the case, you probably won't have dizziness anymore, because your barrier is completely broken. "

"Arthur: The new guy’s story is too fantastic to be a lie. Believe him!"

That's what you planned to do. You didn't think about doubting him at all.
All the kids left, apparently wanted to go home. The only ones left are the leader and the man who arrived, who grabs the leader's shoulder to prevant him from running away.
"Great, now that all these kids are gone, you can answer my questions." Says the man. "How did you break your barrier? When?"

"Arthur: Tell the kids that they were missing for a week, and that they are years older then they were a week ago"

You decide to tell them that, but say nothing about them getting older quickly, because it's just not true. They stayed the same age as before. You even remember you said yourself, that they're younger then what you thought the gang will be.
"Hold on ... a week?" Asks the kid with the sweat shirt. "Didn't we leave home this morning?"
As you talk to the children, the new guy approaches the leader.
"Wait a minute ..." Says Bobby. "It really was a week... How did we not notice this all the time?"
"It's part of The Red powers." . Says the man. "He can make the people he chooses for the conflict to not notice when time goes by."
"So... the whole game was for nothing?" The boy with the ribbon asks. "And we made our parents worried..."
"I think I don't even want to know the truth anymore" Says the kid with the died hair "I... I want to go home..."
"Yes". Says Bobby. "Our parents are worried..."

"Arthur: Tell Bobby, again, that he must go home now"

You take advantage of the fact that there is no gun that threatens anyone, and decides to tell Bobby and the other kids to go home.
"I dont care." Says the stranger. "I don't have to kill them."
It seems that since he noticed your barrier, whatever that is, he lets you do what you want.
"But the Red stays here." He adds.
But the kids don't move.
"I don't understand what's going on here." Bobby asks. "Why are our parents worried about us? What do you mean by demons? Please explain to me..."

"Arthur: Ask him what is he talkning about"

You ask the man to put the gun away and explain what he's talking about before he asks questions about you. Much to your surprise, he puts the gun away.
"So ..." he begins, and he seems to be wandering what to say and what not. "Well, let's start with The Red and The Blue, okay? Not like it makes him better than you, but this red guy here is not a human. I don't know how he would like to call himself and I really don't care.
Maybe you would call him a demon? I donno. Anyways, he and his brother, Blue, are a pair of creatures that feed on conflict. In where they came from, they probably were the cause of war between different groups of people, and it would give them more power. But when they arrived here, they realized that they won't be able to make in this city a classical war, otherwise they would come to the news and would be caught easily. So they decided to lower the level of the war to that of a gang war. They set up these two teams, The Red Team and The Blue Team, and caused them to fight against each other. Ever since he kidnapped those kids, he and his brother only grew stronger. Eventually, I was sent to imprison them, as I said. But The Blue vanished ... I do not know where he is now. "
You hear the confused children mumble between themselves. They don't believe what the man says.
"To imprison me?" Asks the leader. "You wish! I won't let you-"
The man is playing with the gun in his pocket, and the leader shuts up.
"Frankly, I don't mind killing you. A Human or not, I hate you anyways. So you better play nice. I really don't care if someone gets hurt. And anyway, you just got weakened while you and your brother didn't initiate confrontations between the groups. I believe you will die anyway in a day or two without taking action."
He returns to you.
"Now... What more do you want to know? Wanna know who I am? Who sent me? How about this: I'll tell you, if you tell me how and when your barriar broke."

"Arthur: Get closer to the gun man"

After you got over the shock, you approach the man with the gun, and try to calm him down. You have no idea who he is and what he wants, but you explain to him that there is no need for anyone to be hurt.
"Shut up." He says. "My mission is to look for the Red and the Blue, and to lock them in. I came here because I love the color red more, and also because that for some reason we don't know where Blue is. He disappeared."
"Wait a minute, what do you mean disappeared? Did you know where he is until now?!" Asks the leader. "So that's mean ... he's gone?"
"That's what I said, pal." Says the man with the gun, and then turns back to you. "In any case, I have no idea who you are, but you have nothing to do with... wait a moment ... your barrier... it's broken. Who are you? How did you break your barrier?"
"Wait a moment. Can you explain to me what's going on here?" Asks Bobby. "Who are you? Why do you want to take Red? Why are our parents so worried? This wasn't part of the game, Red. What's happening here?!"

"Arthur: Watch out! There's someone with a gun!"

Suddenly you realize that someone came from behind the teens with a drawn gun. You immediately warn them.
The new guy goes straight towards the leader of the gang. All the boys - and you too - are very scared. But the leader isn't really scared. Rather, he looks angry.
"Who are you?" He asks the guy. This man looks like he's in his late twenties.
"It's one of the Blues!" Yells the boy with the dyed hair. "He has a gun! It's not fair!!"
"Blues?" The new man asks angrily. "Ah, stupid human, what exactly makes you think I'm one of the Blues?"
"Who are you?" The leader repeats angrily.
"I came to take you, Red." He says. "And I'd be glad if you told me where Blue is."
The kids start mumbling among themselves in confusion. The man adressed the leader as "Red" ... Could it be...
"I'm not going to tell you. tell me who you are!" Says the leader.

"Arthur: Explain to them that you thing that one of them is the missing kid"

Yes, now that you look closely, you see that the boy with the hat is Bobby, the missing child. And the rest of the boys might be the rest of the missing children. You explain to them that you do not know who the Blues are, but you're here because Bobby's mother - you adress him by name - asked you to look for him.
"N ... nonsense." Says the leader.
"My mom? Why was she looking for me?" Bobby asks. "I told her I'd be back late today."
"She's worried for no reason." Says the leader.
You explain to the children that everyone's parents are very worried and that they should go home.
"But why?" Asks the boy with the red coat. "We haven't been away for long."

"Arthur: Knock the leader out with the stick"

You plan to do it, but once he sees you start moving, the leader pushes you back.
"Listen, Grandpa!" He says. "I have no idea who you are, but don't think you can defeat the Reds, understand? Now start spilling - who are you and what do you want?"

"Arthur: Tell them you're a new guy in their gang"

They start laughing out loud, and the leader comes closer to you.
"Very funny." He says. "I think I'd remember adding a grandpa like you to my gang!"
Grandpa? That's insulting. You're not that old.
"Who are you, buddy? Hey, guys -is he one of you guys' dad or something?"
"No." Answers the boy with dyed hair. "Don'tt know him."
"Maybe he's one of the Blue guys's dad?" Suggests the kid with a band on his hair.
"Yeah, the Blues would go down to the level of sending their dad!" Says the boy with the red hat. Wait a moment ... Something about this kid...

"Arthur: Pick up that stick for defence"

You reach your hand out... slowly... slowly... almost there....

Damn it, they see you!

"Arthur: Draw the gun against the leader in case you get captured"

Unfortunately, you don't have a gun. You weren't able to renew your license. All you have is this set of keys.

"Arthur: Follow them secretly"

You plan to do it, but they seems to stay here. The teens seem to be planning to stay here for a few minutes. Just as their boss said. You begin to fear that they will see you.


A group of teens comes out of the alley. One of them is turning to the rest, and starts talking.
"All right, men. We'll rest here for now. The info I got says that The Blues aren't far away from here. This time we'll finaly show them!"
It seems that they are members of one of the gangs that the principal mentioned, though they are younger then you expected.
"So have a five minutes break, then we'll be outa here and fight them!"
"Yes!" shout all the teens.

"Arthur: Hide and follow what happens"

You hide behind the box, without taking your eyes off of the alley the sound came from. You wish you'd had some sophisticated tracking device, but unfortunatly you don't. The steps are getting stronger and stronger, and in a moment whoever is walking there would come out.

"Arthur: Sneak to the place the principal mentioned"

You sneak into the old industrial zone. Sneaking in was a very hard and complicated work. You had a lot of strange and different obstacles, including a ruthless guard, a wild dog, a barrier and a large fence. Whoever might have seen this action must be very lucky. And now, you managed to sneak in, and-

Okay, that's totaly not true. The place is abandoned. There's no one here, and there's no reason in the world to guard this place. You really wanted to sneak into here, but you couldn't do it. You just came here. While you walk around, you hear th sound of footsteps from inside this alley.

"Arthur: Look at your calls log"

Something is very strange here. You check to see if something weird is happening. The last phone call was to Mrs. Smith's phone. You can't see anything strange in this number.
Before that, you have the call to the principal. And before that the calls to the perents of the other children and Bobby's mother. These are all of the calls you had today. Nothing here seems weird. The numbers seems okay.

"Arthur: Tell the principal that something's wrong with Mrs. Smith's phone"

"What are you talking about?" The principal asks. "Give me the phone."
You hand her the phone, and she begins to speak.
"Hello? Mrs. Smith? Everything all right?" She says. "I do not know. He said the number is changed in the middle ... Did you hear something?"
It seems that the principal manages to speak with Mrs. Smith.
"I understand. Maybe the reception go cut off in the middle of the conversation, and he did not hear you. Okay. I'll give it- oh, okay. Okay. Yeah, yeah. Goodbye, Mrs. Smith. Do not worry, he'll find your son - I'm sure! "
The principal hangs up the phone, and give it back to you.
"I'm sorry she had to go, and could not continue to talk. But as soon as she returns home, she'll be glad to help you. You asked her where Red could be? I understood from his teacher that he and his friends liked to hang out around the old industrial zone, so maybe you can find there a clue to their location. The problem is that until now, no one dared to go there. From what I understand, in the last few days a territories war between criminal gangs started there ... we all feared that the children were injured in this war, but everyone is afraid to go to this area for do something. And people in this part of town do not really trust the police, and so, again, I'm glad you're here to help us."

"Arthur: Contact Red's parents"

Red's parents might be able help you. Not didn't talk to them yet, so it might help you. You ask the principal to wait while you talk to them.

You are waiting for them on the line for a few moments, then Martha Smith responds to you.
"Hello." She says.
You introduces yourself, and explains the situation. You start to feel dizzy for some reason.
"Ah, yes ..." Says Mrs. Smith. "Thank you. I wish you could help my f-- ind my li--ttle Red."
You don't quite know why, but your head starts to hurt.
You ask Martha if she can tell you any information that could help you, perhaps where Red might be.
"S& ur #%^%^&^ I think#$%&e like to go to-.#%^%$#"
Suddenly, the dizziness and headache disappear.
"-ged in. Please make sure you dialed a correct number."
The voice that speaks to you now is not the voice spoke to you a moment ago. It's a recorded voice, a voice that answers when you dial a wrong number.
"The number you dialed is not logged in. Please make sure you dialed a correct number."
The voice repeats itself over and over again.
"Are you okay?" Says the principal. "You look a little pale."

"Arthur: Contact the parents to get information "

You're going to do it, when you realize you already talked with all of them. They are the parents that Bobby's mother send you to. They are the people that made you realize there's a problem of...

No, wait. You did not talk to everyone. There are names here you've never seen before. "John and Martha Smith," The parents of the "Red Smith". You did not talk to unto them yet. It seems that Red is the new kid that the principal mentioned.

"Arthur: Ask for details about everyone's parents"

The principal agreed to the request, and gives you a list with details of all the parents of missing children.

"Arthur: Ask the principal what does she know about the missing children"

"First of all, I'd like to thank you for coming to help the problem. We didn't want to involve the police, and we tried to solve the mystery ourselves. I'm glad one of the perents came to you.
"About the missing children... There are six missing children, all from the same class. What can I tell you about them? All of them are boys. From what I understood from their teacher, they were all very good friends. One of them is a new student, and the group of students who helped him fit in got very close, and they became some sort of group. They might have got involved with something as they hang-out together. I don't know more then this. Please, find them quickly!"

"Arthur: Wait patiently until the principal will arrive"

You try to do that, but unfortunately the principla just enters into the room. Really, how inconsiderate of her.


You didn't find anything suspicious. Really, why do you waste your time like that?




"Arthur: Snoop around and see if you can find something suspicious"

You snoop in the principal's office.

"Arthur: Go to the Bobby's school's principal's office "

You go to Bobby's school, and go to the principal's office. Before entering, the secretary said that the principal will arrive in a few minutes. Meanwhile, you're waiting in the office.

"Arthur: Contact Bobby's school administration "

Maybe you can ask the management what can they tell you about the disappearance of Bobby and his friends. You dial the number of the principal of his school, and asks her if you could meet her and talk to her on the subject. She's ready to meet you, and says you can come to the office whenever you want.

"Arthur: Contact the other party guests "

Unfortunately, Rachel's mom doesn't know any of her friends, so she couldn't give you their numbers. You will have to get their phone numbers in another way.

"Arthur: Combine the two cases "

That's not a bad idea. There are similarities between the two cases, so there is a possibility that they are related to each other. You look at the details of the second case, to see if it's possible.

This case is about the disappearance of a young girl, in her last year in high school. Her name is Rachel Adams. Her mother asked you to look for her in this case as well. But there are some different information between her's and Bobby's cases. First of all, they live in different parts of the city, and learn at different schools. From what you saw, she came from a far more from durable hom then Bobby's. In addition, they are in different ages - she's older than him. Besides, you noticed that all the Bobby's missing friends - are all boys. This can be an important detail. But there is another meeningful difference, and it is intriguing to you for another reason: the date on which they were last seen. While Bobby and his friends all went missing during the last few days, Rachel disappeared a week ago - at the same day of was the party at Mr. Rupert's house. Also, her mother said she disappeared after she went to a birthday party of one of her classmates. So maybe it's not related to Bobby's case, but you still can not rule out that possibility.

"Arthur: Contact Bobby's friends "

You try to make contact with all of Bobby's friends that his mother knows. You spoke with the parents of all of them, and to your surprise, they all gave you a similar answer: they also didn't see their children for several days. Something strange is going on here ...

"Arthur: Review the details of the investigation about the boy"

The boy's name is Bobby Sanders, a high school kid. His mother came to you yesterday asking you to find him. He hasn't returned home for several days, and his mother is very worried. She spoke with his school, his friends and even the police. No one could help her. She said she came to you after receiving a recommendation from someone who told her that "You're an expert in this kind of problems." Lately, everyone tells you something like that.

These are the details you have on Bobby, given by his mother: He's a very good boy, and he makes sure to always inform his mother whenever he leaves the house, which only worries her even more. He likes to play video games, though his mother does not have enough money to buy him the best games. He likes to meet and play with friends, although his mother know only a few of them. His grades at school are above average, but he's not considered an outstanding student.

When you asked his mother if he mention something unique before he disappeared, she remembered that he said he had an interesting new student in class, and she suggested him to give him company.

"Arthur: Get to work on your cases"

You open your suitcase. Inside are details of two cases you started working on yesterday. You have one case about aboy, and one case about a girl.

"Arthur: Try to find out to whom you might have given your number"

Well, it's not that difficult. After all, customers reach out to you using with your number. Your phone number is in all of your ads, so that many people can reach you. You have no idea who may know your number and misuse it, but changing it is impossible. And if you do change, you will have to publish the new number, and then you didn't really changed anything.

"Arthur: Look at the note on the table"

This note was taped to your door this morning. You put it in your office, and you try to figure out what it's all about. On the note is written in large letters:
"They have your phone number! Change it!!"
This note has no sender name.

"Second Case"

You stand in your office, again grinning like a fool.

A week passed since Mr. Rupert's investigation. You remember that the next day you read in the newspaper that he got into trouble with the law in a drug deal, and was sent to prison. Something about that part bothers you. You tried to find the normal looking waitress that day, but couldn't find her. You also tried to get back to Olivia - or the woman who told you she was Olivia - but she did not answer you, and after several attempts you decided to give up.
Much to your surprise, since the investigation many people turned to you suddenly for help in investigations. Just yesterday you solved three - or even four - different cases. Now you have two cases people came to you for help with yesterday.

What will you do?

"I. Luke: Answer"

You don't answer right away, you think a little bit before you do. You can't answer this question so quickly. But in the end, you answer.

End Of Intermission

"I. Luke: Ask her why she cares about you so much"

"Well, you saved my life, right? It must count for something. Besides, I care about the lofe of everyone in the city.
"Okay... that's not entirely true... At first I thought you were willing to sacrifice your life to defend mine. But after a while I thought of something. You didn't fall from this building, right? You jumped. Which means, when you tried to defend me, you didn't sacrifice your life... you threw it away. And that's made me very sad.
"I don't know what's happened to you. I can't think of what made you see your life as such a sad thing that you want to threw it away. But I want to change that. I want to see you happy to be alive. I want to see you smile.
"I want to be your friend. I'd love it if one day you'll tell me why you think there's no reason for you to live. If you want, you could help us defend the city. What do you say?"

"I. Luke: Ask about those "we" she keep mantioning"

"I... guess I can't run away from this questions, right? I... again, I don't really know, because my perents told me everything. But... my family came to this city... through one of the openings. We came here from a different world. I personally was born here, so I don't know exactly what happened. My dad told me that after he, my brother and my mother passed through the opening it close behind them. They were very confused, but there was a man there that explain sort of what happened. My father and mother agreed to help him defend the city, and they were who put the magic barrier that protected the citizens. Since they came here twenty years ago, my perents, brother and also me defend the city, and find shelter for those who came here by mistake. We also hope to find a real solution that'll help us control the openings, and we can return everyone to the place they came from. Our family as well."

"I. Luke: Ask what happened to the golden creature"

"It's fine. I rescued him from someone who tried to use him for their own benefit, and now he's in a safe place. Thanks for taking care of him!"

"I. Luke: Ask her what did she do to your arm"

"After your arm got cut off, we didn't have much time. We did the first thing we thought of. We attached to your shoulder and nerve system a special material, that can change it's shape. It usually in a jello state, but it can be harden or soften by the choice of the one controlling it. Since it's connected to your nerve system, you're controlling it now. But it turned to the shape of an arm because that's what your brain ordered it by instinct.
"Basically, it should function like a regular arm. It's shape like an arm completely, including muscles. So you shouldn't be worried. The only problem is that it can't change its color - gray. That's why we couldn't erase your memory... you'd ask yourself what happened to your arm. Sorry..."

"I. ==>"

"These openings are created randomly. And through them, many different things come into the city. They could be dangerous or defenseless; Literally everything can happen. It's our job to help everyone those openings may hurt: the innocent creatures who enter this place accidently, and the human who live here from dangers from other worlds. We also put a magical barrier that prevent people from noticing anything unusual, unless of course they come in contact with it directly. This is probably why you didn't see the arm before it grabbed you. We also erase the memories of those who do come in contact with it... Of course, we can't do everything. We do miss sometimes someone who need saving. My father thinks that there is someone else in the city, using this situation for their own benefit..."

"I. Luke: Ask her what is this "Opening""

"I guess I really need to explain it to you.... It's a little bit long and complicated, and I only know what my parents told me.
"Something happened in this city around twenty years ago. Something... kind of weird. Again, I don't really know what, but it resulted in that opening to other worlds keep on appearing throughout the city. We don't know what cause every opening to open, and where. But it's like that for twenty years"

"I. Luke: Ask her what was the arm that grabbed you"

"I don't really know exactly. It probably was a giant creature, one so big, it could only fit one hand into the opening. Though I don't know how the other arm got to behind my back..."

"I. Luke: Ask her who she is and where you are"

"Oh, you must be so confused... I'm sorry... Maybe I should explain everything. It could take a while... Usually we just erase the memory of those who got exposed, and return the barrier... but I don't think it'll work in your case. So I think I'll just tell you everything.
"So about your question, you are in my room. After the hand attacked you, I didn't know what to do... when I came to my senses, I attacked the giant hand, and cut it as well. There were no more attacks, so I came to check on you... That hand... cut off your arm, and you lost your consciousness. I didn't know what to do, so I brought you here. I asked my dad to help you quickly, before you bleed to death. My brother objected, but my dad agreed. We gave you this replacement for the arm, and then I brought you here to sleep. You slept for a whole week, and everyday I came to see how you do. I'm so happy to see you're okay. I know you probably have no idea what's going on, and are very confused, but I don't think I can explain everything so good, so why don't you ask all of your questions, and I'll try to answer as much as I can. Okay?"

"I. Luke: Leave the room"

You're about to do it, when the door opens and the girl enters the room
"Oh... You're awake... How are you?"

"I. Luke: Inspect the stuffed plushy "

It's a pink stuffed mouse. It looks like it really is the girl's room... But who owns a stuffed mouse?

"I. Luke: Inspect the picture"

It looks like a photo of the girl you met and another person that you never seen before. Did the girl brought you here? Is it her room?

"I. Luke: Check what's inside the closet "

Unfortunately, it's locked.

"I. Luke: Try to find out where you are"

That's the last thing you remember. The giant hand struck your arm, and... that's it. You have no idea how it's ended with your arm... whatever the hell this is.
You get off the bed, and check out the room your in.

"I. ==>"

"I. ==>"

"I. ==>"

"I. ==>"

"I. ==>"

"I. ==>"

"I. ==>"

"I. ==>"

"I. ==>"

"I. Luke: Remember"

You're starting to remember what happened...

"I. Luke: Look at the painful area"

What the hell is this?!

"I. Luke: Wake up"

You wake up.
Where are you? How did you get here?
You try to find out what's the last thing you remember. It's hard, because you feel a sharp pain on the side of your body, around your right shoulder. You think you remember that you fell on the roof... The giant hand got cut off, and you fell on the roof... It seems so long ago... And you feel so much pain... What's hurting you so much?
Oh, there was this strange girl... with a sword. She gave you a golden creature... and then...
You can't think. The pain is horrible. What is hurting you so much?!

"I. Matt: Execute"

"Do it quickly, okay?"

"I. ==>"

You remember now that after watching this footage with your ex-partner, she asked for a copy of it for herself. You always wondered why she wanted it, but you never got an answer.
After you finish telling The Prisoner what happened, you look at him. It's hard to see on his expression, but he seems saddened.
"I guess... there's no way to reverse it, right?"
That's true, of course. You have no idea what cause this, so you have no way you can reverse the process. Moreover, you already told Dylan's family that he died in an accident. You can't just bring him back there. And besides, no one have any clue about weather he'll ever become wild again. And it seems Dylan understands it well. Both he and you know exactly what's about to happen.
"So... Please..." He says.

"I. ==>"

And then, one day, he dissapeared. The few signals you still got from him vanished, the murders stopped and quite return to the streets. You had no idea what happened. The Prisoner vanished, and left behind him a long trail of slaughtered bodies.

You remember that a short while after it happened, your contact at the police sent you several security footage that captured The Prisoner during his murders. They warn't many, which is why it was hard to locate him. The final footage was at the docks next to the beach at the edge of the city. Apparently a couple of policemen found him, perhaps after arranging an ambush without telling anyone. The Prisoner killed one of them, and the other shot at him an entire magazine. You remember how you and your ex-partner watched this footage, and saw this cop fight the scary creature bravely. The Prisoner got hit in his chest - probably the source of the scar he mentioned - and fell into the water. This is probably how he disappeared from the city for this three years.

"I. ==>"

He escaped to the city.
And killed.
And killed.
And killed.
And killed.

Many people in the city started to be afraid. It reached the police. Everyone knew about a wild serial killer, who leave behind slaughtered victims.
Of course, your contact in the police promised that you'll get everything they find out first. But they found nothing. Your ability to track signals wasn't as good as today, and you didn't know how to find him.

"I. ==>"

No one really saw what happened. Something might have broke, something you didn't know so much. It hit Dylan, and turned it almost instantly to this creature.
All of the lab members ran away, and called security. He became wild, and the security men had to fight him. They managed to capture him and lock him in one of the rooms. The people of the department decided to name him "The Prisoner", in order to not scare other people, who didn't know he was one of them. They might fear it could also happen to them.

But after not a long while, he ran away.

"I. Matt: Tell "

At the beginning, Dylan was a scientist in your department. He worked in the lab with other scientists when it happened.

"I. Matt: Talk to The Prisoner"

You decide to start with asking him if you know his name. If you remember correctly, his name should be Dylan.
"Yeah, that's my name." he answers.
If that's the case, he return to himself... well, at least in the inside.
You ask him what he remembers.
"I remember... I think I was working at the lab... something broke... and... well, the next thing I remember is me like that, in some woods I don't know where... and I have a scar on my chest I have no idea where it came from... I came back to the city to ask for help from Porta Industries, but as soon as I entered the city they caught me and brought me here. Can you tell me what is going on?!"
You understand he doesn't know anything. He have no idea what happened during the last three years.

"I. Matt: Get closer to The Prisoner "

You get close to The Prisoner. This is the first time you see him face to face. You only saw him at the past in pictures and footage. He really is more threatening up close. You're getting close nervously, and he notices you instantly. You're sure he's about to attack you.
"You're... Matt, right? Can you explain... what the hell is going on here?"
This isn't what you expected, and the truth is it's quite relaxing. In spite of his threatening look, he spoke to you with a human voice. It wasn't like that at first... It goes along with the theories they had after he dissapeared. They said he might be back to the himself somehow.
You decide to try and talk to him.

"I. Matt: Get ready"

The security man hands you a gun.

"I. Matt: Turn on the lights"

There's no need, the light is already on.

The storage room isn't very big. Next to the door stands one security guard. And on the other side stands The Prisoner.

"I. Matt: Go to meet The Prisoner"

You go to storage room 413. You enter the room - where The Prisoner is waiting for you.

"I. Matt: Call W about The Prisoner"

Okay, it's time to start working. You call W, and ask him what he got for you.
"So here, listen." He answered. "Early in the morning, before you came to work, we got his signal. He's somewhere in the east of the city, and I sent some men to keep an eye for him. He's currently on his way here. I told everyone not to talk to him. Y'a wanna talk to him yourself, right? Maybe you wanna end the business too?"
You answer positively. You want to make sure yourself that this annoying ordeal will be over. You ask when he'll be here.
"Soon. They'll left a little less while ago. I sent him to storage room 413.
You thank him, and get ready to go meet the prisoner and get over with it.

"I. Matt: Do what you planned to do before you checed your e-mail"

You sit next to your computer, and are about to open your E-Mail - just as you planned before... opening... the E-Mail...

You really want to waste time today, huh?

Can someone explain to you how it's still 10:00?

"I. Matt: Call the phone of The Detective"

You want to ask this Detective how he can help you about your ex-partner. Unfortunatly, The Detective's number isn't in the like that you got. You call A, and ask him to send you this Detective's number, so you could call him. A says he'll send it to you when he'll have time. He has more tasks to do, ones you also told him to do, so you'll have to wait for him to get back to you.

"I. Matt: Open the mail from A"

You recieved this mail from the guy you sent after your ex partner. It took him a week to get back to you. Interesting.
You look at the link he sent you:

"I. Matt: Open the two new mails"

You decide to start with the earliest mail, which is the one that interests you more. The Prisoner... that's... surprising. What's he doing here?

You don't like the fact that they call him "The Prisoner". After all, first of all, he's part of the company. But the people in the department started calling him "The Prisoner", and slowly it began to catch on. You can't really blame them, since for not a short time he indeed was a prisoner.

How many years it's been? Three, more or less. After all the mess and chaos he made, he dissapeared. He probably left the city. But here they found something about him... What does that means?

You decide to wait with this matter for later, and open the second mail. This one doesn't surprise you, but it's also very interesting.

"I. Matt: Open the mail from Karkat"

You don't really understand the meaning of this thing. You received this mail last week, and you didn't receive any mail from the same guy before or since. He writes in a very vulgar way, and you censored inapropriate words. You won't allow this language in the company's computers, even if it came from an unknown sources.
You don't know who this John guy or who this Karkat guy is. You guess that this mail wasn't addressed to you. Or it was, and the entire point was to confuse you. If that's the case, you decide not to give it more attention. The mail is getting even longer, and the language is getting more vulgar and less comprehensible, but you didn't even bother to read it completely.

The only interesting thing in this mail is that whoever it is - who probably sent it to you by accident - managed to bypass the automated system of your company's mail program, that names everyone with the first letter in their mail account.

All in all, the entire ordeal seems to you like a bad joke, one you don't want to take part of.

"I. Matt: Open your E-Mail"

Looks like you got only 2 messages during the week, and both came this morning.

"I. Matt: Open the computer, and check if another portal is open"

That's a very silly idea. If a new protal will open, it's signal will apear on the big monitor on the wall. You didn't install it for fun, after all.

You open the computer anyway. You need to start working.

"I. Matt: Try to hire a detective to help you locate your ex-partner"

That won't work. Since she dissapeared you try anything you can to locate her. The best people are working for you, and no private detective could help you about it.
You suddenly remembers that only last week - at the night of the party - you noticed a signal similar to your ex-partner. It surprised you, and you sent your men to try to investigate. You still didn't receive a response from them.

"I. Matt: Try to get the stolen money source for yourself"

That's a ridiculous idea! First of all, you don't know who stole the money source. All of the signals related to the money source are gone, similarly to those of your ex-partner.
Besides, you don't need money anymore. You only needed funding when you started your project, and while working under Mr. Rupert. Now, since you've taken his company, you're completely independent. Along with the company, you also took his shares. So money isn't the most important thing to get now.

"I. Matt: Call your partner and tell her what's the next step"

You take out your cellphone, and look at it for a few moments.
You wish you could contact your ex-partner, but unfortunately she dissapeared without a trace around a year ago. You did try to contact her in any way you know, but couldn't do it.

"I. Enter Name"

Your name is Matt Arskin. Until a week ago, you were the head of a department in a big compeny owned by Alfred Rupert, the richest man in the city. But after he got robbed of his most precious secret - a secret you and your department provided - you didn't really support him, and you used the opportunity to take over the company. It wasn't planned, but like a lot of unplanned things, you used it for your own benefit. You took over the company, and made some big changes. You changed the name of the company to the name of your department - Portal Industries - and now the company focused on what your department focused until now.

The truth is, your department's connection to Alfred Rupert was only an official thing. For your project you needed funding. You knew you can get money easily and quickly, but your partner at the time suggested to get instead funding from someone who is already rich. She said that if someone will pop out with lots of money out of the blue it might draw too much suspicions, so she suggested to make a deal with Mr. Rupert. He will let you be the head of a department in his company, and that department will be focusing on your project. In return, you gave him a way to get more money quickly. If a rich businessman like Mr. Rupert suddenly gains a lot of money it'll be less suspicious, and it can be explained by his other connections. Of course, you informed him from the start that if he'll lose the money source, you won't support him. He knew at the moment it got robbed that he's lost. Not only you didn't support him, he also got mixed up with the law and got in jail. He didn't even resist. Since then you took over his company, and turned it into your own project. You know that one day he'll get released, and he might want vengeance, but until then several years will pass, and hopefully, you and your company will be able to defend yourselves against anything he'll try.

After a week of organization, you can finally start working. The entire company had a long change process, so you couldn't really do any work.
What will you do?


A businessman stands in his new office. He got the job only last week, and already he redesign the room for his liking.
What is this man job? What is his goal in life? How does he manage his work life with the life outside of work?

Okay, we might just stop with the stupid questions, and start to get to the most important question.
What is this businessman's name?


End Of First Case


Wait... did it just pooped gold?!


It seems a little bit frightened...

"Luke: Look at what you have in your hands"

What is that thing?
It looks like some kind of a pig.
Well, not really. It's way too small for being a pig. And it has no ears. Oh, and it's golden.

"Luke: Look at the direction the voice came from"

You see a normal looking girl standing next to you.
"I need to go, but I'll be back in a few moments. I don't know what was that thing, but from my experience, anything with a right hand has also a left one. That's mean we're still in danger. I know you might be confused, but I promise I'll be back when it's over and explain everything."

No, wait. She isn't normal looking at all. Her hair is red. And she has a azure coloured pony-tail. Why did you think it was normal? And she's holding a sword... Was it she who cut that arm?

"Luke: Land already "

You land back on the roof. You lie on it, confused. What just happened? Why did the hand released you? You can't seem to see well.
"I'm sorry, but do you mind taking care of him? I just saved him, and I don't want him toget hurt during the battle."
You're not sure who said that, and who ware they talking to, but before you have a chance to react, you feel something soft get shoved into your hands.




... and a giant hand grabs you and pulls you upwards.

Wait, what?

This giant hand wasn't here a moment ago. It didn't came out of the ground and grabbed you. One moment it wasn't there, and in the next you were trapped inside it. It's as if it was there all along, but you just couldn't see it.
It tightened up and crushes your body. You feel the pressure on your entire body, and it's starting to get hard to breath. You don't get what the hell is going on, but at least this giant hand will kill you. That's what's important, right?


You're ready for this. You're falling with great speed. In a few moments, your body will hit the ground, and it'll all be over. This is your choice. You are not afraid.

And yet, you feel an odd feeling. It's like time stopped moving. Is it fear? Do you not want to die?
No, that's not it.
Something her isn't right. You're falling, but you arn't sure if you feel it.
It's like... something in the air... something in the city... is warped.

Additionally, you think you can hear the sound of shattered glass. Or was it just something in your head?
Something here isn't right.

But soon, you feel everything is back to normal. Time return to move in normal speed. Again, you fall. soon you'll reach the ground...



"Luke: Jump "

"Luke: Take a deep breath and relax"

You are quite calm. You were pretty stressed out at first, but during your way here from your home you calmed down. You made this choice with a clear mind.

"Luke: Think of what you did and all the things your care about, and try to fix the wronged"

If someone would have ask you a few hours ago to think of what you have in life, you could have answered easily. But now... not so much.
No, you can't fix the wronged. Your punishment is the only solution.

"Enter Name"

Your name is Luke Stone. Today was your 18th birthday.
Until a couple of hours ago, everything was all right. You were partying with your friends, and you were very happy. But now, you stand on top of a building, getting ready to jump down. You did something horrible, and you cannot forgive yourself. All the way here you repeatedly told yourself that it was the alcohol, and repeatedly answered that it's not an excuse. You can't go on lie this. This is the end, you know it. All you have to do is to take one step foreword, and jump.

What will you do?

"Arthur: Look for the waitress"

Arthur can't look for the waitress right now, because he's too busy being the young boy on the roof, earlier this night.
Who is this boy? What is he doing on the roof? What happened to him?

Well, it's pretty obvious that there is a far more important question, right?
What is this boy's name?


"About a year ago..." Mr. Rupert continues. "My wife... Olivia.... died in a car accident."
You can't believe what you're hearing. What does he mean? She was killed in an accident?! A year ago... if that's the case, it makes sense you didn't hear about it. But...
"Listen, I never was the most righteous man in the world..." Mr. Rupert continues, cutting your line of thought. "But I loved my wife. I loved her very much. After she passed away... I couldn't go on in a relationship with any other person. So the fear that I'm... having an affair... is completely baseless."
You have to admit, you're very confused. Something in this story doesn't add up. You feel like you can't think straight - in fact, you've been feeling like that for a while. Now that you think about it, you feel a little bit dizzy ever since you heard the braking glass. But you try to ignore the dizziness, and to digest the new information you have.
Mr. Rupert might be lying. You can go home and search about him later, you'll find out that there is nothing true in what he said, but when you'll get back to him he'll sue you for stalking him illegally or something. Why did you tell him the truth? Anyway, you really don't want to enter this legal buisness. One time was enough.
But what if he's telling the truth? If that's the case, some woman came into your office, pretended to be Mr. Rupert's wife, and asked you to come here... at the exact same day that something important was stolen from Mr. Rupert's safe... Was that her plan? Maybe she wanted to frame you? Or maybe she wanted you to stop the thief... If only you warn't going to the kitchen, you could have been here in the room, seeing the theft with your own eyes!! Damn it!!
You remember that Olivia - no, the woman saying her name is Olivia - talked to you on the phone. You have her number. Maybe you should talk to her. Or maybe you should first find out in what Mr. Rupert's says is true or not? He seems quite honest, he nearly cried when he talked about Olivia's death. What will you do now?

"Arthur: He's about to attack you! Tell him the truth"

You're thinking about making excuses, like telling him you're a detective by day and a waiter by night, but you're afraid he won't accept it as an explanation. So you confess that his wife hired you to check with whom he's having an affiar with. Additionly, you suggest that the thief might have been the young normal-looking waitress, who dissapeared just a few minutes before the sound of the shattered glass.
At first, it looked like Mr. Rupert won't believe you, especially when you mantioned his wife. But after a few moments he starts to relax, and after you tell him about the waitress, he sighs.
"You could be right. But what can I do? I don't have her details, my secriteries were responsible for the staff, and even if I'll get from them her detail before my end arrives, it will probably be false." says Mr. Rupert. "But... are you serius? I was sure you made it all up, but you cannot possibly not know. Yet here you are, looking at me with such an innosent look in your eyes. I was sure it is common knowledge, but you know nothing of it. If you didn't know who I were, it would have make sense, but if that was the case, you would have investigate ablut me before starting the job... and a short reserch could lead you to this truth. I am sorry, my boy, but just as I was robbed, you might have been tricked. It might have been the same coulprit behind both cases."
You are very very confused. You have NO idea what he's talking about. It's true, since you know who Alfred Rupert is, and since Olivia said she'll take care of everything, you didn't really bothered searching info about him online. But... what sort of detail could you have missed?

"Arthur: Question Mr. Rupert "

It seems like something bigger is going on here. You try to calm Mr. Rupert down, but it's not that easy. He can't quite figure out who you are, and why you're questioning him. But eventually, he starts to explain what is going on here.
"We all heard a sudden sound of shattered glass from here. All the guests ran got scared and ran away, and i came in here. I found the broken window and the open safe. I checked what's inside the safe, and I found out..."
At this moment he start panicing and shouting.
"I'm doomed! It's all been stolen! I'm going down!! They stole it! They stole it!!"
You try to understand what he's talking about it, but he won't say anything. It seems that there was some kind of secret inside the safe, and if it will be exposed, or maybe just being stolen, is very dangerous to Mr. Rupert. This is a big mistery, and you offer your help in finding the thief. But Mr. Rupert just sighs and nods his head.
"What does it matter who stole it? Without it, I'm lost. But... you are a private detective? What are you doing in my party, dressed as a waiter? Who hired you? Are you from another company, triyng to find my secrets? Wait... you stole it, didn't you?! give it back! Give it back!!!"

"Arthur: Go to Mr. Rupert's study"

The door to Mr. Rupert's study is now open, and you enter the room.
Inside, you can see that the window is broken, and that's probably what you heard. Mr. Rupert is in the room, but he's more interested in the big safe that next to the window than the window itself. The safe is open, but you can't see from here what's inside. Mr. Rupert seems very anxious.

"Arthur: Go to the party room to check what that noise was"

You come back to the party room. It is now empty, and a lot more quieter. There is nothing broken here, and anyway there wasn't anything made of glass here. So the noise probably came from Mr. Rupert's study.

"Arthur: Search for the waitress in the kitchen"

You go to the kitchen to look for the waitress. Unfortunatly, she isn't there.
A few moment after you enter, you hear the sound of a glass shatters. It sounds like it came from the room of the party or Mr. Rupert's study. Moments after the sound, you can hear a commotion from around the same place.

"Arthur: Listen to Mr. Rupert's conversation with the man with the suit and try to figure out where is the waitress"

You listen to the conversation between Mr. Rupert and the man with the blue suit. The man with the suit doesn't really talks, only nods again and again. It reminds you a bit of what you just did a few moments ago. For some reason, it's kind of bothering you.
Mr. Rupert just talks and talks about money. It's unbelievable. He talks about shares and the coin value and how much muney he gained and how successful is his company etc. So weird... He doesn't even mention anything else - not his wife, and not the girl he's having an affair with.
Speaking of girls, where did the waitress gone to?

"Arthur: Answer the call, and after he'll leave you try to snatch a key from someone"

You're half-listening to the guest who called you, while noticing your surroundings. The guest only wanted to complain about something in his food, so you just nod and apologize without paying much attention to him. But from who can you get the key? The only one you can think about is Mr. Rupert, but you don't want to get close to him as long as he is speaking to this guy... and the man with the blue suit is also a guest, so he shouldn't have a key. Who else can have a key?

"Arthur: Fix your tie at once!"

Can do. Now, that you have a tie you can do it.

"Arthur: Enter the study and start digging "

That is a very good idea. Unfortunatly, the door to the study is locked, and you have no way to enter.
"Waiter!" you hear behind you. It seems one of the guests in the party wants your help.

"Arthur: Talk to the waitress to find out who are the party guests"

You go to the normal looking waitress, and try to learn from her about the people attending the party.
"I'm sorry..." She mumbles. "I don't know more than you who the guests are... People from work? Family members? No, that doesn't make sense..."
You notice that the normal looking girl seems a bit distracted. She keeps looking at the door at the other side of the room - the door that leads to mr Rupert's study. Her looks might not be suspicious, but the girl's behavier is a bit strange.

"Arthur: Keep an eye on Mr. Rupert"

So far, it looks like he doesn't do anything suspicious. He talks to this man, probably someone he works with.
Something about the man with the blue suit bothers you. You're not sure why, but you really don't want to get close to him. For some reason, he brings back not so pleasant memories. Damn it! It's been so long ago, why are you remembering it now? Focus, Arthur! You're in the middle of work!

"Arthur: Try to blend in as a waiter"

Pffffft, no problem. You can do it without a doubt, since you really are a waiter. Here, you see? You're holding the tray like a waiter should hold a tray. You were born to be a waiter. If you weren't a P.I., you would have been a waiter.
Okay, there's no need to exaggerate.

"Arthur: Find out where you are"

Well, it's pretty obvious where you are.
This morning Mrs. Rupert called you, and gave you some details to help with the investigation. She said that her husband is having a party in their house, and she managed to get you in as a waiter in the party so you can start investigating. Unfortunatly, she can't be at the party - Alfred asked her to take care of the office. In fact, it's only make him look more suspicious - he must be hiding something from her!
Now you're in the room where the party is, wearing your waiter uniform, and you should start investigating and find out whether - and with whom - Alfred Rupert is having an affair. What will you do?

"And The Detective..."

What do you know - you're wearing a tie.

"The Normal Looking Girl"

The normal looking girl is getting ready for her work. She has a part-time job in some event this evening. She's wearing her uniforms, and is about to go soon.

"The Buiesness Man"

The Buiesness Man is getting ready for a party. Today is a party in the house of his compeny's CEO, and he is invited to it. He really doesn't feel like meeting his boss outside of work, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

"The Teenage Girl"

The teenage girl sits on the stairs, looking at a piece of paper, and smiling. The paper is an invitation to a birthday party of someone in her classroom for tonight. The girl is very thrilled to go to the party. She sure she's going to have a lot of fun there.

"The City"

Another day falls upon the city. This is a big city, and it's full with different people. Sometimes people can feel as if they're lost in the city. Like something in this city warps reality. Like something impossible may come out of anywhere, a thing that may change people's perception of reality.
Many people live in this city, and it seems as if there is not a lot to connect them to each other.

"Arthur: Tell her you'll do it tomorrow, and go home to eat Pringles"

You don't know why, but you really crave for Pringles now. You say goodbye to Mrs. Rupert quickly, run home, take off your jacket and hat, sits on a chair and eats Pringles. Now you feel really calm.

"Arthur: Take the picture, look at it, and remember who is this Alfred!"

There's no need to be aggressive, you remember very well who is Alfred Rupert. He's a very succesful buisness man, definitely the richest man in the city. He's very close to the most important people in the world, and people say he has influence in every subject. He's the CEO of a very succesful company, though you can't quite remember what is his company does. It might be something very general. You remember now you heard he's married to a woman named Olivia, which is why her name was so familiar to you. But why is such a rich woman ask for help from a P.I. such as yourself? She must have connections with the best in th best.
You don't say it to her, of course. She might just decide to go to other experts. This is your first job in a long time, after all.

"I suspect my husband, you see." Mrs. Rupert continues. "I believe he's having an affair. I'm willing to pay you as much as you want - just find out who he's meeting with! I bet it's someone from his office, probably one of the new secretaries. Please, Mr. Brown! Find out the truth!"
Before you can answer, she puts out a large amount of cash, and shoves it into your hand.

"Arthur: Nod with self importance and continue listening"

You nod with self importance and listen.
"My name is Olivia Rupert. Did you hear about me?" The woman says.
You admit, that name sounds a bit familiar, but you're not sure from where.
"I came here because my husband, Alfred Rupert."
Oh! Now you remember where you know this name from. Of course you know who Alfred Rupert is!
But it seems that Mrs. Olivia didn't entirely believe you, since she takes a photo out from her pocket, probably of her husband, and hands it to you.

"Arthur: Let the woman enter"

You let the woman enter your office. She is a very good looking lady, though you're not quite sure how old she is. You signal her to enter, and she starts to talk to you.
"Hello, Mr. Brown." she says. "I hope you didn't wait for me too long. "

"Arthur: Listen to the news"

You're about to listen to the news, when suddenly you hear a knock on the door. It's probably the woman you've benn waiting for. You decide to forget about the news. The news isn't on right now, anyway. and besides, you don't have a radio in your office. Do you see a radio on that desk? that's right, there's nothing there.

"Arthur: Check what's inside the suitcase"

That is your Suitcase, where you keep items and information regarding your many investigations.

It's currently empty.

"Arthur: Climb to the shelf with the chair, and try to jump from it to the desk"

You don't think you should. If you didn't make it from the desk, you won't make it the other way around. maybe you should pass the time more calmly, don't you think? Also, you're not sure you can move your chair


In fact, you can't see any reason for you to even wear a tie in the close future.

"==>"'s pretty obvious that you're not wearing any tie!

"Arthur: Fix your tie at once!"

This seems to be quite problematic. You see...


You failed miserably.



"Arthur: Check if you can jump from the desk to the the shelf"

You know you've always wanted to try.

"Enter Name"

Your name is Arthur Sherlock Brown. You are a private eye. Ever since you were a kid, you always liked police movies and detective movies, which might have affected you careers choices, both in the past and the present. It might be because of your name, but you can't be sure. You're working as a private eye for a couple of months, but so far you didn't have a lot of costumers. However, this is about to change. Several hours ago a woman called your office, and she said she have a request for you. She's suppose to come in a while, so you have some time to burn before she'll be here.

What will you do?


A man stands in a room, waiting. Many questions can be asked about this man. What is he waiting for? What is this room? Why the hell is the man grinning like a fool?
But there is one important question that precedes all these questions.

What is the name of this man?