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"SR : Explain the Context Fetch Modus!"

Your Modus is fairly basic, Items can only be Captchalogued under the pretense there will be a Context where they may be used, Rumors tell that this Modus can predict the future, How it can know if an item will ever be used, Some say that this is merely a coincidence.

Others also just say it means the functions are Context sensitive, That they are sensitive to Context.

"Shameless Ripoff : Captchalogue the Cellphone!"


The Cellphone is not deposited into any of the three available card slots in your SYLLADEX, Your Fetch Modus instead registers the CELLPHONE as a MODUS UPGRADE, Enabling the CELL function visible on the front of the Fetch Modus that had previously been unavailable to you.


Toriel: The ruins may seem expansive at a glance, But in reality traversing the corridors is a fairly simple task.
Toriel: Our home is located at the farthest reach of the Ruins, Closest to the true expanses of the underground, You will know when you have reached it.
Toriel: In the case you need any assistance we will be able to communicate with you.

Kanaya: I Have This Spare Phone Right Here You Can Use
Kanaya: Give Us A Call Whenever You Need Us


Toriel: Actually, Kanaya there is something I still need of you up here.
Kanaya: Hm
Kanaya: Oh Sorry What Is It You Need
Toriel: These flowers are on the verge of blooming and I need some help gathering them, I'm sure our guest could probably make his way through the ruins on their own just fine.
Kanaya: Gladly
SR: Sorry if I sound useless but,,, I have no clue how to get through here...
SR: How do you expect me to find your house???
Toriel: You have a good point but it's nothing to worry about.

"Kanaya and SR : Continue!"

Kanaya: Anyway
Kanaya: Now That We Have All Our Introductions Out Of The Way This Would Account As A Good Time For Me To Finish My Escort
Kanaya: I Shall Be Back Once I Have Gotten Our Guest To Safety

"Toriel : Give a welcoming motherly hug to your new guest!"

This is absolutely adorable.


Toriel: Anyway, With all that said, Welcome to the Underground young one.


SR: I'm sorry to say but,,, I honestly don't have a clue,,, I'm kind of just drawing blanks here...
Toriel: Oh that's perfectly fine, We get that all the time from people who end up down here.
Toriel: You may not remember who you are right now but it will probably come back to you in time.
SR: Okay,,, Sound reasonable...

"Shameless Ripoff : State your name!"

Frankly, You would if you could, But it seems that as you have fallen into the underground you have also seemingly forgotten your own name.

The narrative prompt mocks you accordingly.


Kanaya: Toriel
Toriel: Oh, Kanaya, Who's this you have with you?
Toriel: It wouldn't happen to be another person from the surface?
Kanaya: Yes It Is
Kanaya: I Was Currently Escorting Them To Our Home
SR: (Since When Could Lusii Talk???)
SR: (Also,,,) Hello,,, It's nice to meet you,,, Toriel...
Toriel: And it's nice to meet you too young one.
Kanaya: Okay Anyway
Kanaya: If You Do Not Mind Me Asking
Kanaya: I Think It Would Be Good For Us To Move Along Now
Toriel: Oh it's not an issue, They probably have important things to do.
Toriel: No wait, Actually, Where are my manners.
Toriel: It would be rude for us not to have any proper form of introduction
Toriel: What might your name be young one?


And across that room there stands a custodian, The current guardian of the Ruins.


You are now in the next room


"Kanaya : Open Door!"

Kanaya: My Guardian Should Just Be Through Here
Kanaya: You Two Shall Be Acquainted Soon Enough And We Can Get You Someplace Safer




Kanaya walks in from a door to your right, She then proceeds to explain why she had to lock the door behind you.

Kanaya: Hello Again
Kanaya: Sorry If That Startled You On Your Way In Here
Kanaya: I Probably Should Have Mentioned This Before We Came In
Kanaya: We Have Been Having Problems With Surface Creatures Coming Down Here As Of Late And As A Precaution We Have Had To Lockdown The Entrance When It Isn't In Use
Kanaya: The Controls For The Door Are Just Through Here
Kanaya: Might As Well Let You Know That If You Are Going to be Down Here For Any Large Portion Of Time.

You feel that is was a good explanation and you proceed to continue on as normal.


Suddenly the door behind you closes

And then a window above you opens

"Shameless Ripoff : Head into the next room!"

You are now in the next room.

SR: Hello???

It also appears that Kanaya is nowhere to be found
You question where she could have went, and how she could disappear while moving from one room to another.

"Kanaya/SR : Get a move on!"

You get a move on


Kanaya: Marvelous Wasnt It
Kanaya: Well
Kanaya: Best We Get A Move On


Unexpectedly beautiful!

<iframe width="100%" height="450" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src=""></iframe>

You take a second to appreciate the calming music representing the cavern of which you have just bore witness to.

"Shameless Ripoff : Look up at the ceiling already!"

You look up at the ceiling.

Oh god, This sight...
its so...

"Shameless Ripoff : Realise this isn't a trick!"

Okay so she can look up at the ceiling just fine...

False alarm
No Danger
Threat Eliminated
Suspicions Over

You are also now very curious what she is looking at.

"Kanaya : Look up at the ceiling!"

You look up at the ceiling.

"Shameless Ripoff : Look up at the ceiling!"

But why would you do that?
You don't even know this woman (Well you kinda do but still)
And if you remember one thing from before you fell down here, If there is a big light in the sky, Looking up is like the last thing you want to do, Like man, Your retinas will just cease to exist.(But then again that was the surface, who knows what the rules are down here)


Kanaya: This Probably Isnt Something Too Important But I Think It would Interest You None The Less

SR: Okay...
Kanaya: I Want You To Just Stand Here With Me For Awhile And Look Up
Kanaya: It Wont Take Too Long I Promise


You enter into a large room, Its almost mystifying due to the contrast between here and the dark rooms that preceded you.
Kanaya too appears to the be admiring the beauty of the room, Things may be looking up from here.

Kanaya: Hey Come Here For A Second

"Shameless Ripoff : Follow!"

"Kanaya : Introduce yourself!"

Kanaya: Well That Was Close
SR: What... was that???
Kanaya: Something Dangerous I Would Assume
Kanaya: Not Entirely Sure What It Was But You Should Be Glad I Showed Up When I Did
Kanaya: Anyway Who Are You

SR: I don't know... Not even sure why I'm down here...
Kanaya: Dont Worry About It
Kanaya: Its Not That Important Anyway
Kanaya: Just Follow Me For Now And I Should Be Able To Bring You Somewhere Where You Can Relax And Take The Time To Remember Who You Are
Kanaya: Oh And Wait
Kanaya: I Havent Exactly Introduced Myself Have I
Kanaya: My Name Is Kanaya Maryam
Kanaya: I Am The Current In Training Guardian Of This Place We Call The Ruins

SR: You mean there are other trolls down here???
Kanaya: Certainly
Kanaya: Anyway We Best Not Waste Too Much Time My Guardian Is Probably Waiting For Me To Return
Kanaya: Come Along Now


Critical Hit!


You swiftly kick the small flower in the face.

"Kanaya : Attack at full force!"

With one kick you tear down the metaphorical wall that had surrounded the original main protagonist and have now left the creature attacking them in a good position for absolute destruction!

Flowey: Oh wait, I forgot about her..


Flowey: In this world, There is only one rule!

Flowey: In this world...

Flowey: It is either kill, or be killed!


Flowey: Let me tell you how things work down here!

"Flowey : Initiate tutorial!"

Flowey: Hee Hee Hee!

Maybe you should do something about this.

"Turn around!"

Oh my, what could be happening here, Someone new has fallen down here that you are familiar with but...
When did that flower get there?

"Get a closer look!"

You decide to move closer to the entrance, But you still can't get a clear view because you appear to be looking the wrong way.

Maybe turn around, It might help.

"Kanaya : Notice something in the distance."

At the other end of the chamber you see something in the dark recluse, But you just can't get a clear look.

"Enter Name."

Your name is KANAYA MARYAM.

You are next in line as the guardian of THE RUINS, Though this may seem dull to you, It is more than certain that a story of epic proportions lays ahead of you outside of your fixed role brought onto you by your own guardian and ancestors.

What shall you do as your first step as a playable character?

"This is terrifying!"

Which is exactly why we are getting as far away from that place as possible.

Look here, This person right here, them, they will live the dream and be our main character.

But what is their name?


Flowey: Hee Hee Hee!

"Flowey : Initiate Tutorial!"

Within an instant, Everything around you goes dark.

You feel as if that sign maybe was bad all along.

"Flowey : Introduce yourself!"

Flowey: Hmmm...
Flowey: You're new to the UNDERGROUND, aren'tcha?
Flowey: Golly, you must be so confused.
Flowey: Someone ought to teach you how things work around here!
Flowey: I guess little old me will have to do.
Flowey: Ready? Here we go!


Wont be a complete and utter monster beyond your own comprehension.



Lets just hope though that whoever is down here.


But still figuratively its a sign you aren't alone down here.


Unless you count the fact that its a door and not a sign


It would appear there is a doorway here, It doesn't look natural, This could be a sign, You don't know what of but its a sign nonetheless.

"Walk to the right!"

You can't do that since there is nothing to your right, You decide the only logical option from here is to go left instead.

And as luck would have it, to the left of you there is a large opening that you for some reason never noticed or cared about.

"Ignore this useless distraction from the plot!"

You decide to ignore this useless distraction from the plot.

Its time to start exploring, and also learn what your name is.


What pumpkin?

"Examine Smashed remains of Pumpkin!"

Im sorry, I thought we established you have no idea what a pumpkin is, Also, what smashed remains? There is only a healthy pumpkin in that particular corner of the room.

Also to ask the real question?

"Shameless Ripoff : Survey surroundings!"

You decide to refrain from acting out an existential crises and look around the room.

It would appear the room you are in is quite barren,Only that would be the case if it weren't for the overabundance of mysterious objects.

"Shameless Ripoff : Object against this humiliation!"

Oh would you calm down, This isn't even where you're supposed to receive your name, That already happened before we even started, Now calm down and get exploring this dark cave.

"Enter Name!"

Yes, that seems about right, Though the face on our dear protagonist would suggest otherwise, I assure you that this is in fact their true name, Despite going against all laws of Troll naming conventions!


A Young troll stands in a cave, it would appear they have just arrived, likely on their own volition. Though you may be interested in this fact, It would be fair to to tell you, that today,On the 17th bilunar perigee of the 7th dark season's equinox is the day this troll will reach his larvel awakening, also known as his wriggling day.
A great journey awaits this young troll, For he serves a great purpose, A purpose he has yet to learn.

What will the name of this troll be?


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