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"Jill: Show contents from box"

You’ve obtained some ambiguous and potentially unsafe discs!...for whatever game CS was talking about. You also feel like your finally getting somewhere in your life just by holding these discs.
Everyone is utterly surprised and taken aback to the fact that these were in the box the whole time.


-- <span class=jill>doomedFrevor(DF)</span> is on the string with <span class=messelin>callaStenographer(CS)</span>--

<span class=messelin>CS: <-So!->
CS: <-What are your opinions on the items within the box?-></span>
<span class=jill>DF: I do not understand any of its contents at all.
DF: First off, my brother would have never wanted me to own any of this nor do I recall him ever owning these items.
DF: Second I’m still curious on to why his handwriting would even be on the label addressed specifically for me.
DF: And third, why would my uncle go through so much and to his demise just for some lousy items?</span>
<span class=messelin>CS:<-Care to go more in depth into what happened with your caretakers?-></span>
<span class=jill>DF: I don't want to go into detail about it.
DF: And I choose to never do so.</span>
<span class=messelin>CS:<-How disappointing! I thought for sure you would know what would happen by now!-></span>
<span class=jill>DF: What do you mean by that?</span>
<span class=messelin>CS: <-I am fully aware of what you should have dreamed of after the alleged incident involving one of your caretakers.->
CS: <-My statistical calculations ensure that I am 96% right that you know exactly how vital the items are in your course of life!->
CS: <-And I assure you that I am almost never wrong.-></span>
<span class=jill>DF: I have no idea of the situation you are talking about.
DF: Nor will I acknowledge if your absurd statement is true or not.</span>
<span class=messelin>CS: <-DF, I would recommend you to not continue this path of sealed lips towards those that care about you.->
CS: <-I would also recommend that you do not literally seal your lips and be unable to communicate with anyone as that would bring great emotional pain to not only your friends but large physical pain towards yourself.->
CS: <-It is unhealthy for you to continue to contain everything in a small, tightly-packed metaphorical box->
CS: <-As we both know, it is impossible for you to physically contain your thoughts and emotions into a small container.->
CS: <-Why do we not start off on a better note?->
CS: <-What would make you feel more comfortable talking to me?-></span>
<span class=jill>DF: If you told me what exactly the contents of the box were even though you are to be nonexistent on this physical plane.</span>
<span class=messelin>CS: <-What is the conceptual fun for you if I were to state everything in detail?->
CS: <-Apparently none as humans love to discover the already discovered, but pretend to be the true authors of plagiarized material.->
CS: <-It is much easier to explain if you were to discover yourself, such as examining the contents of the discs!-></span>
<span class=jill>DF: You're becoming suspiciously more like a virus trying to obtain my SSID or something.
DF: And trust me, I've had my share of computer viruses.</span>
<span class=messelin>CS: <-Alright. You have figuratively won this discussion.->
CS: <-But I have always had the notion that you enjoyed playing games with your friends.->
CS: <-If you were to choose to run those compact discs, you and your friends will have the best time of your life with this immersive game!-></span>
<span class=jill>DF: That is exactly what someone would tell me if they wanted me to download some viruses on my already dying piece of metals and chips.</span>
<span class=messelin>CS: <-Come on DF, do not be like that.->
CS: <-I guarantee you that everything malicious has been purged from those compact discs.->
CS: <-I ensure my existence on it.->
CS: <-There is even a book of assistive assets that will help you go along with the game.->
CS: <-I suggest that you take a gander at the contents of the book as I am sure it will help you with the progress of your game.-></span>
<span class=jill>DF: Assume if I were to download the discs and do whatever this giant book tells me to do.
DF: Then what?</span>
<span class=messelin>CS: <-As much as I want to explain everything out, I suggest you refer to the book before continuing to consult with me from now on!-></span>

"IA: Retrieve computational device with speed"

Your inputs are invalid as the perceptive unexpectedly changes back to Jill.


<span class = casderri>IA: /*why did I bother to talk you through it when I could’ve done this*/
IA: /*hopefully no one else read me stooping this low*/
IA: /*wow you don’t even have a Strife Specibus set either*/
IA: /*whats up with most of you all being so docile?*/
IA: /*now why don’t you go get your computational device now huh?*
IA: /*let's have a little fun while we’re at it*/</span>


<span class=casderri>IA: /*hope you don’t mind me taking the reigns for a bit here*/
IA: /*hah get it it’s a play on words you love those don’t you?*/
IA: /*or is it some other dumb language comparison*/
IA: /*whatever you can’t read this anyways*/</span>


<span class=casderri>IA: /*fine*/
IA: /*you leave me no choice*/
IA: /*don’t say I didn’t warn you*/</span>


<span class=casderri>IA: /*first of all ouch*/
IA: /*if you said that to me way back when I would’ve actually be hurt*/
IA: /*second of all, you can’t make me go away idiot*/
IA: /*I’m a part of this dumb chat client that could use a lot of updates*/
IA: /*as one I wouldn’t base it all on some stupid icon*/
IA: /*so just do what I say and get your computational device you idiot*/</span>
<span class=dale>AF: No!
AF: I won’t do it!
AF: Stop making me repeat and contradict myself!
AF: If I listened to you then i’d be considered a pushover.
AF: And your constant demands are becoming extremely irritating so stop it!</span>
<span class=casderri>IA: /*now try saying that without using the words “no” “won’t” “do” “it”*/</span>
<span class=dale>AF: Shut up!</span>
<span class=casderri>IA: /*I guess that works*/
IA: /*look you fool if you keep being passive and not doing anything then your outcome in the game will greatly diminish*/
IA: /*damn I don’t know how to say that without being too detailed*/
IA: /*but stop being whiny and listen to my advice:*/
IA: /*stop being a pushover and act*/
IA: /*go to your mother or whatever and get your damn computational device and start the game*/</span>
<span class=dale>AF: No!
AF: I won’t follow your contradicting statements!</span>


<span class=dale>AF: How do you even know that i don’t have it on me?</span>
<span class=casderri>IA: /*because you're talking to me on your mobile device*/
IA: /*and if you were talking to me through your laptop then i would not be having this useless discussion with you*/
IA: /*now go*/
IA: /*stop being such a wuss and just get your computation device*/</span>
<span class=dale>AF: It’s not that easy!
AF: I cant just go and risk waking up my mother!</span>
<span class=casderri>IA: /*yes you can*/
IA: /*just get your arse up from the floor, get up, and go!*/
IA: /*you know what go means right?*/
IA: /*it means get up and just do it you idiot*/
IA: /*how could it possibly be any harder?*/</span>
<span class=dale>AF: You’re just some robot from some code you dont understand human nature!
AF: So much for a realistic conversation here!
AF: Look, ive already had a bad morning can you just go bother someone else?</span>
<span class=casderri>IA: /*does it look like I would want to speak with you?*/
IA: /*no I don’t*/
IA: /*I rather spend this time talking to you with other important tasks*/
IA: /*I can’t believe I’m the one left with you for now*/
IA: /*what is up with you guys being so emotional and inattentive and secretive and uncoordinated and overall just disappointments?*/</span>
<span class=dale>AF: I’m none of those things! Well maybe emotional, but to an extent!
AF: Again, nothing like you would understand anyways!
AF: Now go away you defective A.I.!</span>


<span class=casderri>IA: /*hah!*/
IA: /*how ironic that you out of all people would be out on the loop on this*/
IA: /*if anything AI should have told you about it by now*/
IA: /*odd how they didn’t talk to you at all*/
IA: /*but since I told you I assume you’re going to have a mouthful soon*/
IA: /*anyways yeah you guys are going to play a game*/
IA: /*and this game has no space for pushovers like you*/</span>
<span class=dale>AF: I’m not a pushover! I would never follow orders all willy-nilly</span>
<span class=casderri>IA: /*and yet you listened to TV and ended up crying like some sort of infant*/
IA: /*look I’ve done the math here and it states that if you continue to follow this path of human sensitivity and feelings you won’t get much done*/
IA: /*kapesh?*/</span>
<span class=dale>AF: I have no idea what you’re talking about.
AF: What math? What game? Why can’t you just tell me straight up instead of being so vague?
AF: My mind is already wrapped up in current situations that you can obviously never comprehend.
AF: I may have just lost all of my trust with my mother see?
AF: A person i am really close too if you will.
AF: And i would like to spend some time wallowing in this now proclaimed designated disappointment zone now.</span>
<span class=casderri>IA: /*Mother parent whatever*/
IA: /*just go get your computational device*/ </span>


--<span class=casderri>itinerantAmbivalence(IA)</span> is on the string with<span class=dale> abecedarianFreud (AF)</span>--

<span class=casderri>IA: /*hey*/
IA: /*AF*/
IA: /*get up and go get your computational device you idiot*/
IA: /*stop crying*/
IA: /*no one is dead nor have you suffered huge physical pain*/
IA: /*and you are still crying*/</span>
<span class=dale>AF: Leave me alone.
AF: I’ve never liked communicating with you unlike your other “friends”.
AF: Go away.</span>
<span class=casderri>IA: /*so we may have gotten off the wrong foot back then*/
IA: /*but it is not my fault that you can’t accept your faults*/
IA: /*now stop crying*/
IA: /*and get your computational device*/
IA: /*so that you guys can start that game soon*/</span>
<span class=dale>AF: Game? What game? </span>

"Dale: Answer "

You're extremely hesitant to answer this bot. You're usually fine with the other ones, but this one especially gets onto your nerves. And out of all the times they could have talked to you, now they decide to do it? Might as well see what they want now.


Hopefully, nothing will prevent your plans from having him suffer more than you have.


Oh, you wish you could tell your son that he'll be okay. That everything will stay normal, and you could apologize to him for taking his laptop. That you needed him to prevent talking to anyone for the next hour so that he'll continue to be blissfully unaware of what will happen. You can't bear to lose anyone else close to you, you'd tell him. Especially not him. But in the end, you convince yourself to not do so out of love.


... and you haven't felt so ashamed in your life at this moment. Well, technically, that is not true. There was that event, but your son already has enough trouble with what you have just done and there is no point in bringing up the past. You just need to remember to stick with the plan that you've waited years to do. She would've wanted that, and at the same time, it would be the best for the future of your son. There's no need for him to be involved with what will happen soon, and you're going to make sure that he will never be.


Not even 10 seconds later, you mother points towards your room. She states that she is not angry at you, rather that she is disappointed in you placing studying over your health.
Oh. So that's what she's mad about.
She says that she is aware that no parent should take away anything that belongs to their child, but she promises she will give it back to you when the sun rises up. For now, she just wants you to sleep.
No ifs, and, or buts. You have no choice but to sorrowly walk to your room. You've never felt so ashamed in your life.

"Dale: Activate Last Resort Tactic"

Based on the tight atmosphere your mother is making, you activate your last resort tactic: don't actually have one, but you guess you'll determine what action you should do based on which one would have the best outcome.
However, as most favoring it could be for you, this takes well over 5 minutes to do. You don't even know why you even decided to do this, but you cannot stop now.


WhatisshegoingtoWhatisshegoingto- oh no.

"Dale: Freak out"



Wait a minute, why does she have to tell you that she loves you? And why is she heading upstairs? Is she mad that you woke her up? Is it because you nearly blinded her flash from the picture? You start apologizing for anything you could have done and that you will repay her in some way later in the day, but she isn't listening. Oh no, this is not a good sign. She always listens to you, so you know you've really messed up now.


She asks if you've seen her reading glasses, the one with the magenta frames, as she cannot use her distance glasses for her work tomorrow. You say no, and that you've been always wearing your specialized dull, boring brown glasses with your prescribed frames. She asks if you are sure, and you state why would you wear someone else's glasses just for the frames? She sighs, and finally asks what in the name of earth are you doing down here at 4:45 am, 15 minutes until the sun barely gets out. You say that you wanted to get an early start towards your online summer classes and came down here to eat breakfast so you could study more in the day. You obviously cannot tell your mother that you, a completely rational and tolerant person, came here because your friend could not believe the lather otherwise. She then says she knows that you love to study and such, but this is getting too far and that she needs you to know that she loves you before she does something.


Your mother does not seem to appreciate being woken up very early in the morning, and she especially did not want to see something so bright this early either.




Today is not your day, is it?
...maybe your mother didn't hear that noise that literally echoed through the entire house?


Before you can reach the kitchen, you first have to go through the loud, squeaky floors of the living room. You can usually tell where the areas are when the room is lit, but not so much when there isn't much light. Your leg is giving out, maybe if you're lucky enough your foot will land on the riiight place...

"Dale: Venture instead"

You decide to pear out from the stairs instead. You could always look out the patio window any other time, it's not like you're going to ever leave the area anyways.
Ahead is the living room combined with the small dining room. Further than that is the kitchen, which you could barely see through the dark room. Maybe if you just took a picture of you next to the fridge or something, TV would finally admit your not as stuck-up to the rules as she believes you are.

"Dale: Feel paranoid"

You feel as if someone is right behind you staring at you. Could it be your mother? Or is it some sort of fantasy your mind has placed to annoy you as usual? You hope it is the latter as you cannot think of an excuse to pull yourself out of this one to your mom. It wouldn't hurt to turn around to check though...

"[S] Dale: Look outside"

<object width='650' height='450'><param name='movie' value=''><embed src='' width='650' height='450'></embed></object>
You look out the porch window. It's been a while since you've taken in the night sky. Hopefully today stays as peaceful as it is outside now.

Youtube Mirror

"Dale: Go down the Stairs"

You decide to head downstairs, avoiding every step that may create any noise what-so-ever. You surely do not want to wake up your mother now, do you?
You're now downstairs and given two more options: Either you could take a quick glance outside or continue and venture further into the house.


Wait, you didn't really do that? Of course not! That would have been a terrible mistake. Good thing you didn't go near the door, considering that your mom could have popped up from it anytime. Although that itself is a rebellious act that you could've shown TV instead of her original proposal, but you rather not act on that. Also it would be terrible to wake up your dear mother for no reason than to prove yourself. Considering it is her only day off today, that would have only made it more worse for her. No, your mother needs a good nights rest after working over 50 hours this week.
...Wait, what where you deciding on again? You know you had to do a dare but what was it again? Probably had to do something with where you are now. You decide to (re)evaluate your choices again.

"Dale: Go to Door"

You decide to inspect the door. A wave of regret flows over you like a overflowed river after an unexpected downpour. No, that analogy was terrible you should probably think of another one. As much as you rather do so and retreat to your room, you would have accomplished nothing and TV will call you out on it like usual. No, you should probably head to your room and call this off. Why are you even near the door anyways, it's not going to lead you downstairs-


You are now out in the dark hallway of your house. You notice that there are two paths you can take from here. One leads to another room across from yours, and the other leads to the stairway. Which one will you choose?

"Dale: Regret"

There is no time to regret your decision! Well... there is, and that would be this time. You peer out the doorway, just in case your mother happens to be nearby. As much as you don't want to finish the dare TV placed on you, it would be the only way to be viewed as a better person than how she currently sees you now. Hopefully it isn't too late for her not to see you as a friend anymore...
You feel like this is going to be a long morning.

"Dale: Finally reply back to TV"

--<span class=dale>abecedarianFreud (AF)</span> is on the string with<span class=emma>tumblingVerbosity(TV) </span>--

<span class=dale>AF: Okay you win TV.
AF: You have managed to wake me up at god knows what time now.
AF: You make me sick.
AF: S-I-C-K.
AF: Just in case your lack of public education does not allow you to know how to spell that word</span>
<span class=emma>TV: how would I not know how to spell it if you typed it up already
TV: also heyyy AF!!! :D</span>
<span class=dale>AF: Darn. 8(</span>
<span class=emma>TV: I cant believe for once your chattin with me now!
TV: usually I have to talk to you guys first but!!!
TV: but uhhh sorry about that I just wanted to talk to you to pass time :/ </span>
<span class=dale>AF: It’s 4:30 in the morning now.
AF: 4 past 30 minutes.
AF: Note that it is about 2 more hours until sunrise here?
AF: And you wanted to talk to me just to pass time?
AF: Unbelievable.</span>
<span class=emma>TV: you know Im glad that your slowly losing your strict-ness edge
TV: I remember probably months ago you wouldve made a huuuuge tangent about that but now look at you!!!
TV: all calm about this situation!!!
TV: I like this gradual change :)</span>
<span class=dale>AF: What are you talking about? I’m not that strict!</span>
<span class=emma>TV: Ummmmmmm
TV: yea you are sometimes :/
TV: yelling at me and DF about not goin to school
TV: scoldin VR about sleepin late
TV: sometimes more like a LOT :(
TV: I get that your caring but can be a little biiit </span>
<span class=dale>AF: Are you saying you liked it better when i wasnt caring for you guys before?</span>
<span class=emma>TV: no! I actually think your pretty cooler now
TV: buuut maybe tone it down a notch Mr. Strict-mcJudgy
TV: like I bet you to do somethin rebellious you wouldnt do it at all >:)</span>
<span class=dale>AF: I dont judge either! I’m nothing like that!
AF: I will prove it if I have to!
AF: You know what, i will do anything you tell me so i could prove myself!</span>
<span class=emma>TV: ok then lemme think of somethinnnn
TV: I got it!
TV: take a pic of you downstairs or somethin
TV: you always said how you cant go downstairs this early
TV: sooooo
TV: do it then!</span>
<span class=dale>AF: You know what i will.
AF: Then i’ll prove to you that im not so strict!</span>
<span class=emma>TV: alrighty then Ill wait for that then
TV: good luck :) </span>
--<span class=emma>tumblingVerbosity(TV)</span> has left the StringThread!

<span class=dale> AF: Wait TV can i do something
AF: Darn. 8(

"Dale: Admire the message from your parent"

You decide to admire your mother's oh-so neat handwriting. You wish your handwriting would one day be like hers, all loopy, but you still try to mimic it as much. With every month there is a new motivational quote your mother personally made for you. You've taken all of them to heart except for this one, which you believe you already do without thought. Well... except with some exceptions, but you mostly follow through.

"Dale: Observe calander"

Next to your posters is a calander your caring mother made you. She specifically made it for you along with adding motivational quotes every month. Not that you needed motivation for most things, but you appreciate the sentiment.
It's August 15th now, and 5 days since you've turned 15. Not that you're expecting gifts, a simple recognition from your friends that day was enough for you. Coincidentally, your closest friend's birthday is exactly 2 weeks after yours. You still have no clue on what to give him, but he is used to that. Thank god, you always had a hard time with things like that.

"Dale: Admire other posters"

Although you have other posters of top criminal shows, nothing can ever beat the ever-so cool and collected Horatio Cane. Oh man, you idolize this guy since you were young. From the way he managed to get the data needed from his team to the various methods used to capture the murderers, you always admired his tactics and how collected he always was. Let's not forget those beginning one-liners now, can we?
Besides him, the show was alright. You hated any romantic subplot in it, which was usually in every other show. Romance is overrated; you never understood why all crime shows were also part drama.

"Dale: Look at out-of-place poster"

Placed with your posters of the greatest shows of all time is a poster TV has gotten you for your birthday last year. You appreciate her attempt to connect to you in a unique way, and you actually admire the poster a bit. Sure you love to study, so you can't really relate to the message behind the poster. You also don't show off that trait that much now... do you?
You also have no idea who the hell Simon Cowell is. You doubt she even knows too.

"Dale: Get ready for the day"

You decide not to show a montage of you meticulously doing your hair or putting on your favorite clothing as not only would that be very weird but also unnecessarily invasive on your end.
You now feel ready to take on any challenges today has to throw at you now!

"Dale: Take off glasses"

You have a sudden urge to take off your glasses, however the whole experience is very uncomfortable as everything around the room is completely blurry without them on! What was the point of this unusual action anyways? Your apply your glasses quickly afterwards and feel that this would be the only time that you would ever take them off.

"AF: Give Introduction "

Your name is DALE WILKES and you don't understand how you have put up with people like TV. Maybe because of the fact that she is one of the ONLY FRIENDS YOU'VE EVER MADE. To be frank, you like GETTING TO THE POINT rather than hearing all the unnecessary fluff people have to say. But that's not because you have a HARD TIME UNDERSTANDING OTHERS. Besides that, you're what people would call an OVERACHIEVER, especially since you enjoy STUDYING FOR ACADEMIC-BASED TOPICS. Especially psychology and math. It especially helps your large tendency to OVERTHINK EVERYTHING. But nothing can ever beat your undying love of VARIOUS CRIME FIGHTING SHOWS. But not ones that are too focused on drama, since you DISLIKE ANY DRAMA OF ANY KIND.
Now that you're up and read all of TV's shenanigans, what will you do now?


You might as well get up at this point, whether it be around 4:30am or whatever. There really was no point to making a large fit when you could've been studying the whole time now that you think of it.

"AF: Do something"

You decide to make a well-deserved fit over TV's constant notifications. You've told her 3 times already that it's 4 am, and goddammit you just hate it when people don't listen. It's probably 30 past 4 now that you think more into it.

"Jill: Be VR"

You can't be VR because you're too busy being AF that's being bothered by old notifications from TV a while ago!


<span class=jill>DF: Alright, you finally got a personal question!
DF: Adding to your overall questions tally to…
DF: 19/545.
DF: We have long ways to go, but do not worry as I will have all the patience of the world to finish this game with at least someone.</span>
<span class=luke>VR: Ok then whats the question
VR: Give me ya best shot</span>
<span class=jill>DF: This question peers into your personality.
DF: It reads “If you were to wish for anything in the world, what would it be for?”</span>
<span class=luke>VR: Really? Another lame question?
VR: Give me a hard 1 on the spot! </span>
<span class=jill>DF: The fact that you choose not to answer this question already shows that it is a hard one for you.
DF: What are you afraid of VR? Making the wrong choice in the end?</span>
<span class=luke>VR: Errr… it’s not that.
VR: I wouldn’t know what to wish for if Im being honest.
VR: Like, at first I would want to leave this sea of misery that Im in
VR: But… Id also want to bring someone very close back to me
VR: Sorry if Im going off topic here, but ya…
VR: Sometimes I miss him alot, like alot alot
VR: Like even if I was stuck here Id be better 2 be stuck with him rather than just being alone out there
VR: But Ive also got all of ya here 2 talk to me to!
VR: And I think Ive been taking that for granted and Im sorry for not talking 2 ya sooner
VR: Its just that I thought ya hated talkin 2 me
VR: And 1 day turned 2 weeks and…
VR: Umm DF? Youre being awfully quiet now.</span>
<span class=jill>DF: No I’m still here.
DF: So now that it is my turn, I will choose </span>
<span class=luke>VR: DF, ya can relate to that cant you?
VR: It doesnt hurt to admit that ya know?
VR: If ya need 2 ya can always talk to me about that
VR: I mean we both have all the time in the world, well at least I feel I do more than ya
VR: But now that your uncle is away looks like were now in the same spot
VR: Hey DF, are ya still there?
VR: If Im being honest here its taking alot of effort just to talk 2 ya
VR: Not sounding like I cant abide ya but I feel like Im messing up more and more
VR: DF? Please respond
VR: :,(</span>
<span class=jill>DF: VR I appreciate your concern over me, but I believe I should not burden you with my problems.
DF: If anything, I shouldn’t ever be that weak again to ever do so.
DF: But don’t worry, I did enjoy our chit chat. Really.
DF: Here is another emoticon to express my true feelings about your personal bravery:
DF: c:
DF: Wait I messed up.
DF: :)
DF: I liked the first one better actually. But that is beside the point.
DF: Before I go, I might as well state the question that was drawn for me.
DF: “If I were able to be anyone in the world, who would I be?”.
DF: That's a stupid question.</span>

"Jill: Talk to friend"

--<span class=jill>doomedFrevor(DF)</span> is on the string with<span class=luke> vaingloriousReconnaissance(VR) </span>--

<span class=luke>VR: hhey ther e DF!
VR: hows it been?
VR: I know we haven’t takle d a lo t but
VR: juts wanting to make sure how youor doin</span>
<span class=jill>DF: First of all, what the heck.
DF: I’m assuming you’re not under the influence of alcohol but considering your typing right now please get a glass of water.
DF: Take that glass, drink some of it, and pour it all over your face.
DF: Second, it has been fine over here.
DF: Just witnessed my uncle getting hit by a car. The usual.</span>
<span class=luke>VR: oh yea h that
VR: want tto talka bout that for a while?
VR: unlike TV I can handl e all of it. </span>
<span class=jill>DF: What about TV? I haven’t told her anything or spoken to her for a while.
DF: In fact, I don’t know why I so openly stated that. Considering you would have no care for me in the first place as noted by your admittance of low dedication of communications with me.
DF: I’m probably still fazed from being almost unconscious from something. But ignore all that.</span>
<span class=luke>VR: loo k im sorry about th e whole ig norin you
VR: but at leas t you didnt have to pulll off any of your plans anymo e</span>
<span class=jill>DF: That is true.
DF: What is concerning is the fact that you stated that I’ve talked to TV before when in fact I have not.
DF: Maybe that update had to do with it…</span>
<span class=luke>VR: oh yyou got that hu ppdate now?
VR: I like talknin to ML a lot theyre cool</span>
<span class=jill>DF: VR can you at least attempt to type legibly when communicating?</span>
<span class=luke>VR: Im sorry
VR: Is this better now?
VR: Im trying my best 2 stay awake now ya happy?
VR: Look im even writing as normally as ever now
VR: Ya see this DF? Look at how awake Ive made myself just for ya
VR: :D :D :D :D</span>
<span class=jill>DF: Alright I get the point.
DF: Type in whatever fashion you want to, it’s not like you’re bound to one style forever.
DF: On another note, now that you’ve finally talked to me first for once, you now know what this means…</span>
<span class=luke>VR: Wait what</span>
<span class=jill>DF: It’s your turn.
DF: Pick a number between 1-10.</span>
<span class=luke>VR: What. the. hell.
VR: I remembered why I havent spoken to ya for a while
VR: What is there to say that I can just leave now huh? </span>
<span class=jill>DF: I will forever have a grudge on you and ignore your shoddy attempt of making peace with me.
DF: And in case you’re still oblivious to this, I’m mad because you never called for your turn.
DF: So let us begin. Pick a number, “won’t ya”.</span>
<span class=luke>VR: Fine
VR: 2 then</span>
<span class=jill>DF: :)</span>

"Jill: Unbox the box that boxed you"

With your trusty hand-crafted wooden knife in hand, you pop up the top of the box and peer in. Before you could react to any of the items inside, you get a message from one of your friends.
How convenient.

"Jill: Get up"

You never expected a box to be the reason to almost knock you out again. In fact, if you weren't recently knocked out maybe a half hour ago then you probably would have fainted and layed on the ground for who knows how long.
But you are definitely sure about not wanting to see all that again.
Instead, you might as well listen to CS and open the damn box that just gave you a bad concussion now.


<span class=messelin>CS: <-I am aware that you are temporarily stunned now, and I would like to apologize for your situation now.->
CS: <-Oh dear, I forgot to tell you to talk to your friend.->
CS: <-She is currently unaware of the events that are to unfold as well, not only of the ones within the box but also a looming threat that could lead to her harm!->
CS: <-Curses! I am sorry about the action that I am about to do, considering that you will be able to read this.->
CS: <-Well technically no, since ML or AI could always just delete this portion for me from your computational device.->
CS: <-So to not feel morally wrong, I should at least pretend to tell you what I am about to do.->
CS: <-Then again, I am not the first to have done this if I am to admit this considering...->
CS: <-To not sway off topic, I will pretend to be you just to save her even though the event that will save your friend will not happen for a while, as you will be distracted by another once you get up!->
CS: <-Although you are unaware that you have technically messaged her recently, hopefully this will persuade you to be more open towards your friends next time!->
CS: <-I believe developing this skill will ensure your success in a few hours, if not then at least you two will have something to discuss!->
CS: <-I will be speaking to you again eventually, especially about the dream that you have had.
CS: <-*winks*->
CS:<- Too bad you will never be able to read this, but in a way it is good that you will not.->
CS: <-Like they say, “a spoiled game is not a fun game, and no one enjoys a game dependent on life or death if the outcome is already spoiled to you!”-> </span>
--<span class=messelin>callaStenographer(CS)</span> has left the StringThread!--


Congratulations, you've just been boxed.

"Jill: Throw something at the target"

You chuck one of your knives from your strife specibus. Unfortunately, your lack of practicing your great knife-throwing skills over the years made you miss the easy-to-hit middle target, launching the box straight at you at high speed.


<span class=jill>DF: You mean this one?
DF: Wait a minute, how did you know I had a box in possession?</span>
<span class=messelin>CS: <-That is not a box! That’s a target! How quaint!->
CS: <-But all fun aside, you really do need to open the box.->
CS: <-Is it because of your sylladex that a target appeared instead?-></span>
<span class=jill>DF: Well, nice to know that the program uses the installed camera without my permission.
DF: A.I.’s, more like
DF: A.Spies. Over innocent people.
DF: That was lame, I’m never doing that again.
DF: But yes, in short I have to hit the target correctly in order to obtain the box.</span>
<span class=messelin>CS: <-Well then, that should not be so hard. You most likely have something in hand to hit the target with, I assume.->
CS: <-I am dying to see your reaction once you retrieve and open it!->
CS: <-Not literally, I cannot die that easily you see.->
<span class=jill>DF: Why are you so excited to see it anyways?
DF: It’s just a package that could have come from my older brother which I am pretty sure could not be from him.
DF: Although the address slip does suspiciously look like his unique handiwork.</span>
<span class=messelin>CS: <-The real question you should ask yourself is why are you not as excited to open it?->
CS: <- Now please do so!-></span>

"Jill: Talk to one of them"

--<span class=jill> doomedFrevor(DF)</span> is on the string with<span class=messelin> callaStenographer(CS)</span>--

<span class=messelin>CS: <-Why hello there!->
CS: <-Welcome to the new update for Canny Cronies ® update!->
CS: <-You are part of beta testing this new feature that will potentially be available for others worldwide in a few months.->
CS: <-If it was not obvious, that testing is the new A.I. feature!->
CS: <-Talking to us should feel natural in any way, and the more you use us the more we can improve!->
CS: <-In added realism, we can also engage with conversations first with you as well.->
CS: <-Like they say, communication is a very small key that can be easily lost and thus is necessary for both parties to grasp on location of it every time it shifts!-></span>
<span class=jill> DF: No one says that.</span>
<span class = messelin>CS: <-Finally you have not only updated, but also replied!->
CS: <-Did you know how long I wanted to speak to you?->
CS: <-Also thank you for replying! I can finally stop that silly speech requirement.->
CS: <-Whoops, I meant the Required Opening Prompt™-></span>
<span class=jill>DF: That’s odd.
DF: Considering that my laptop just downloaded the update automatically, how would you know of my existence beforehand?
DF: Or is this some other automated message to make me engage with you A.I.’s.</span>
<span class = messelin>CS: <-I can assure you this is not automatic!-></span>
<span class=jill> DF: The quirk says otherwise in a sense.</span>
<span class=messelin>CS: <-You mean the use of my angle brackets and dashes?->
CS: <-I think they are pretty neat! Or at least they look charming enough.->
CS: <-Considering my text would be completely hidden if I were not to put the dashes on them.->
CS: <-Trust me when I say it is hard to read my decoded wording to your language with these silly dashes on them!->
CS: <-You humans and your primitive coding structures!-></span>
<span class=jill>DF: No it’s fine. I like the quirks.
DF: I’d have one too if I weren’t such a slow typer.
DF: Typist? Typer? Whatever.</span>
<span class=messelin>CS: <-Anyways, at least one of us is introducing you to this, considering one of us has to legally.->
CS: <-Not wanting to point out the obvious, but I believe I was the best candidate out of the others to greet you specifically!->
CS: <-I feel as though our personalities mesh very well!-></span>
<span class=jill>DF: Okay then.
DF: Then tell me, CS. Why were you looking so forward to connecting to me now?</span>
<span class=messelin>CS: <-Regarding that AI will “chew me out” on this, considering they physically could not if they tried to, you four are very lucky!->
CS: <-Or very unlucky, dependent on how you view it.->
CS: <-We view it as a requirement that will save many things from happening again.->
CS: <-However, it is truly up to you four to decide whether to engage in it or not!-></span>
<span class=jill>DF: Engaged in what?
DF: For an A.I., you’re very dodgy at answering questions.</span>
<span class=messelin>CS: <-I assure you I am not able to physically move quick enough to state what I mean.->
CS: <-However for the sake of time, I assume I must get straight to the point.->
CS: <-In short, everything will begin within the contents in red box that should have been delivered to you moments ago!->
CS: <-If you can, could you please open it rather soon?-></span>


Who the heck are these? And why does one of them want to talk to you?

"Jill: Check laptop"

What the... looks like the chat program has been updated, even though this ancient slab hasn't been able to ever connect to the Internet properly. At least you can chat with your friends easier, you guess. Wonder what else the update has to offer.


Now how the heck did you end up in your room? Your pretty sure you don't sleepwalk or anything like that, but at least your on your bed rather than the hard floor. You spend a fair amount of time thinking about various possibilities when an alert goes out from your laptop.

"Emma: Do something"

You do something, and by that you mean you become Jill for now.


<span class=jill>DF: Oh dear.</span>


--<span class=emma>tumblingVerbosity(TV)</span> is on the string with<span class=jill>doomedFrevor(DF) </span>--

<span class=jill>DF: Hello TV!
DF: You are probably wanting to know what is inside the box are you not? </span>
<span class=emma>TV: well sure
TV: because you wanted me to leave you alone so you could open it sooo
TV: it would be weird if you just asked me that considerin you DID want to talk to me now :/ </span>
<span class=jill>DF: Indeed, you are right!
DF: But before I can entail you on the contents of this red box, I must ask something from you first. </span>
<span class=emma>TV: ok well then hit me</span>
<span class=jill>DF: Oh, but that is what I do not want to do to you!
DF: Like they say, the foundation of friendship relies more on non-physical harm rather than the barbaric approach of physical harm! </span>
<span class=emma>TV: DF your actin a little weird
TV: are you okay :???
TV: also I dont think anyone says that…</span>
<span class=jill>DF: In fact, could you bend downwards a bit? </span>
<span class=emma>TV: sure? but theres no one behind me :0
TV: wait how do you know Im behind somethin in the first place (:0</span>
<span class=jill>DF: Could you just please </span>

"Emma: What's that behind you?"

What's what behind you? You check just in case, but there isn't anything nor anyone. Well, besides the couch and the desk of memories that your sister has near the window so that the light shines on the small pieces of her nostalgia juuuust right, there is no one behind you.
At least your friend finally is able to contact you now. What could have possibly happened in 30 minutes to her involving a simple box?


Seems like everyone isn't in the mood to talk to you. Well, at least two of them don't. You chased one away, or really convinced one to go away in some sort of sense. Which is weird, since you originally wanted accompaniment. AF is either still sleeping or mad at you, so you really don't understand why you were trying to talk to them now that you think about it. You don't really understand why you do this anyways, it's not that your lonely or anything...
Hopefully DF is done doing whatever the heck shes doing. What was it again? Opening some sort of box. How lame. Hopefully nothing else will prioritize over you wanting to talk in the future.


<span class=emma>TV: hey AF!
TV: I know you are awake by now!
TV: plz answer?!?
TV: I mean you dont have to now if you dont want to
TV: even thou your sometimes a jerk now and then
TV: or maybe not a jerk more like a buzzkill :/
TV: you know what you dont have to answer anymore
TV: Ill just talk to VR about what DF did ;)
TV: so unless you want the deets nows the time
TV: soooooooo
TV: good mornin over there!
TV: its like past 4 there right?!?
TV: sorry about botherin you then!
TV: :0!!!

"Emma: Bother AF"

--<span class=emma>tumblingVerbosity(TV)</span> is on the string with<span class=dale> abecedarianFreud(AF) </span>--

<span class=emma>TV: heyyy AF!
TV: F!
TV: come on youre still not that mad at me, are you?
TV: Im sorry for waking you up early :(
TV: plz tell me your still not mad
TV: come on I know you want to talk to someone at least!
TV: and I know your DYING to know what DF did ;)
TV: also VR said hi
TV: come onnn AF!
TV: :0!!!


<span class=emma>TV: no!!! I meant that
TV: whatever! why arent you phased?</span>
<span class=luke>VR: well she did somethin g that sh e want ed to do for a w hile
VR: so what can we dp? Its not like we re near her or anyth in
VR: im not goning to go full blown AF on her
VR: although im sad I got to miss that :,( </span>
<span class=emma>TV: no he had to leave before doing that haha
TV: but anyways
TV: idk I feel sort of bad? she seemed a bit disturbed but wanted to shrug it off?
TV: I couldve listened to her but I cant really…listen to stuff like… that</span>
<span class=luke>VR: its no t your faul t! she probably k new that
VR: unles s you didnt tell he r that bef ore</span>
<span class=emma>TV: I didnt :( </span>
<span class=luke>VR: ok then it s sort of your pro blme now
VR: I thought you would ve gotten that ques tin from he r by now</span>
<span class=emma>TV: you mean from her game?
TV: we haven’t been able to go far in that actually. Only like through 25 questions
TV: all bland ones like whats your favorite day, whats your favorite gum flavor lol
TV: Ive been tryin to tell her abt myself slowly like she has to me
TV: well what her blogs been saying about her more than from herself
TV: maybe shes not good at communicating directly but hey! I try to know her more!
TV: unlike a certain someoNE</span>
<span class=luke>VR: what are y ou implyin g here </span>
<span class=emma>TV: well maybe she doesnt like you because she cant relate to you enough
TV: or that you havent tried hard enough</span>
<span class=luke>VR: why do i have to do this?
VR: why cant she come t o me? </span>
<span class=emma>TV: Im just sayin since its botherin you so much
TV: or your makin it sound like it does :0</span>
<span class=luke>VR: hey stop steerin g this conversa tion on me dont for get youre also a bad fri end too</span>
<span class=emma>TV: whatever!!! maybe you go console her with that then!
TV: Ill just make it up later :P</span>
<span class=luke>VR: fine
VR: im not mad at you or anything b ut man you don t like holdin g back</span>
<span class=emma>TV: you subtly called me to talkative moments before ):l</span>
<span class=luke>VR: tou hce
VR: te ll AF I sai d hi and bothe r him for me
VR: gonna try t o talk to DF now </span>
--<span class=luke>vaingloriousReconnaissance(VR)</span> has left the StringThread!--


--<span class=emma>tumblingVerbosity(TV)</span> is on the string with<span class=luke> vaingloriousReconnaissance(VR) </span>--

<span class=emma>TV: hey thereee VR!
<span class=emma>TV: sorry to bother you right now >_<
TV: but I am in a bit of a pickle
TV: even thou you hate them ;D</span>
<span class=luke>VR: nah tsokay
VR: im up already I cant asleep anyways hah
VR: so whatcha needen me for?</span>
<span class=emma>TV: soooooo
TV: I shouldnt probably be tellin this buuut :0
TV: wait did AF tell you anything at all abt somethin :?</span>
<span class=luke>VR: nah, he doesnt l ike to bother me at this time
VR: i mean becau se im usually a sleep by now
VR: i havent been able to for a while it rlly suck s
VR: see i cant even tyupe right cause im so tired
VR: dont tell that to him he s gonna go nut s if you do
VR: for s ome reason he get s up on me on how i live my life in a w eird friend ly way</span>
<span class=emma>TV: sameee he judges me on stuff too like not goin to “school” or whatever X(
TV: anyways I guess Im gonna have to tell you quickly
TV: so you know DF right?</span>
<span class=luke>VR: lil miss serious? yeah i know her
VR: she doesn’t like me -_-
VR: dang your faces are rubb ing off of me</span>
<span class=emma>TV: :DDD</span>
<span class=luke>VR: yeah so i feel that she doesnt like whatever i talk to her about
VR: like you think we would be close since wer e in the sam e shoes in a way!
VR: she s stuck there whil e im stuck here you know?
VR: maybe i talk for too long
VR: but she can stand you no offenc e :/</span>
<span class=emma>TV: :/ dont make me ignore you now</span>
<span class=luke>VR: c hill chil l!
VR: anyways what about DF should i know abou t?</span>
<span class=emma>TV: well youve read her blog right?
TV: …right???</span>
<span class=luke>VR: yeah i did stop being l ike AF now
VR: unlike you i thought it was a very i nteresting wa y to keep track of he r life
VR: i should ve done tha t now if i th ink about it
VR: i wonder if s he was a ble to do h er pla n though</span>
<span class=emma>TV: ok cool so I can make this quick
TV: she did it</span>
<span class=luke>VR: she did?
VR: ok
VR: so what s the thing you wa nted to tell me</span>
<span class=emma>TV: youre not phased abt that?!?
TV: I thought at least you wouldve had some reaction :0
TV: I mean based on the board and your traits </span>
<span class=luke>VR: :? what board
VR: are y ou tire d too?
VR: you mean you r drawi ng board right? on your ta lbet?</span>


You're a bit miffed that a box somehow has more importance than you, but this is what you get for leaving her hanging before and not wanting to hear her out. Hopefully one of your friends will be able to spend time for you while waiting for DF.


--<span class=emma>tumblingVerbosity(TV)</span> is on the string with<span class=jill>doomedFrevor(DF)</span>--

<span class=jill>DF: Hey there “friendo”.
DF: Do you recall the previous discussion we’ve had before?
DF: The one where you stated you would support even against your own morals?
DF: Well.
DF: That deed has been done</span>
<span class=emma>TV: oh?!?!?!
TV: rlly? jjjust like that?
TV: thats great I guess! :?</span>
<span class=jill>DF: I assure you that it was no simple task considering my mentality could not comprehend
what happened as well.
DF: I believe I passed out for 10 minutes after the task was finished.
DF: Besides having an odd dream, I feel as though the next step towards forgetting this mess would be to tell someone else.
DF: I assume this will not only help me but also help bring our friendship closer.</span>
<span class=emma>TV: ummm Im not rlly comfortable abt stuff like thaaat sooo :T
TV: oh tell me abt your dream then!!! :!</span>
<span class=jill>DF: I don’t remember most of it, actually.
DF: I only remember being reminded of something I’d rather not talk about.
<span class=emma>TV: oh well ok then
TV: soooooooo
TV: …
TV: whatcha currently doin then :?</span>
<span class=jill>DF: I'm going to open a box soon.
DF: More details to come soon from this thrilling action.
DF: Don’t want to be rude considering I bothered you, but I feel as though you should talk to someone else for now.</span>


Apparently your modus is being nice with you as it even detected that you already knew the character (as if anyone wouldn't know anyways). Man, this modus is the best thing your sister ever gave you.

"Emma: Enjoy the delicious treat you just snatched"

You proceed to shove many into your mouth until your suddenly interrupted by one for your friends. You think you now understand why your friends are always annoyed by your "impeccable" timing.

"Emma: Hide outside"

You quietly open the front door, leaving no indication that you've ran outside.


The treat has been taken, now's the time to retreat!!!

"Emma: Sneaky sneak the yummy treat"

What treat?


Very carefully, you scan above the table multiple times. You never know when one misstep could possibly cost you your time.


Ha! As if something like that would ever occur. No, let's be serious here. You're above unnecessary violence, and your sister would somehow find a way to win and pummel you to the ground like always. You snicker off the idea and manage to sneak near the table while doing so.




The stare-down commences, before all of hell is loose.
As one would say,


The eldest knowingly acknowledges the challenge, confidently.


The predestined yet unwanted fight begins.

"Emma: reveal your FINAL FORME"

By initiating the sacred pose passed down through various media, you enable your FINAL FORME


You continue to wait minutes as your sister flips through the pages. Man, you really want those cheese puffs, but knowing your sis being alert at all times and this possibly being one of her slick trick, sneaking around wouldn't be a wise decision.
You have no choice, you can only do one thing.

"Emma: Observe the intriguing newspaper with the odd header and picture"

Who cares about whatever shes reading?! Probably nothing important, you're probably sure there aren't many large events happening in the entire world. But you know what is more interesting than some printed paper, those delectable cheese puffs just taunting you on the table there...

"Emma: Scan the room"

You look around the room, making sure there is no giveaway of your location. Luckily, your sis is distracted with the daily newspaper. She probably prints a whole copy of it online, but you never understood why she didn't just use her tablet to read it. You assume she just likes doing things the long way, just like how she painted the outside rather than just installing a window through the hill.
Besides her seems to be a bowl full of cheese-puffs in one of the weird plateware your sister adores, and gosh you want some so badly right now. This could just be another trap for your sister to ambush you again, but your just so hungry now considering your sis didn't make breakfast either and you were too lazy to make some again. You end up scouting the area for a long period of time just to make sure you didn't miss anything else.

"Emma: Stop being a whimp and look already"

There she is, luckily turned against you. Gosh, your scared as heck that she'll do some sort of surprise attack, but on the other hand you really want to eat something. Better take a quick scan of the room first before revealing your presence.


You carefully attempt to enter the dining room. You can't bear to see if your sister is there, so you cover your eyes and slowly imch yout way there. A bad tactic considering she could pummel you at any moment, but it's better than outright seeing her and letting your fear get the best of you.

"Emma: See if you can get some snacks now"

You check behind you. Looks like the coast is clear, the light seems to either be turned off or just dimly lit. Now would be the best time to try to munch on something, considering you sister is too lazy to even make meals nowadays.

"Emma: Definitely don't feel guilty "

Guilty? Now why would you feel guilty for accidentally dissing out on a bunch of code? It's not like it they have feelings or anything like that, no. So why should it even bother you in the first place? If anything, you're now relieved that they won't bother you anymore, although that last part bothers you a bit now... it probably was some sort of bluff anyways. What do they know that you don't?

"Emma: Initiate messing around with AI"

<span class=nuvicain>AI: (No, the closest comparison that my paramount function has would of course be similar to that of a musketeer!);
AI: (The suave that they have, the that grace they have, so much diligence while upholding the true justice of law!);</span>
TV: I think your confused with some other job my dude :0
<span class=nuvicain>AI: (I am not what you call a “dude”, refer to me only by my true name.);</span>
TV: ok dude but I dont think thats your job still
TV: unless your job or somethin involves shootin people with an outdated gun
TV: if anythin, youd be a police officer or somethin?
TV: but whaaatever if you say so :/

<span class=nuvicain>AI: (How foolish of you to relate to me to another dishonorable function as a “police officer”! No, they do not have the same style or charm of that of my function.);</span>
TV: ok so from my “limited unlimited” amount of knowledge that is obtainable from my peculiar sources
TV: your sayin your like this?
TV: i never knew you had such an odd style and everything ;)
TV: hellllo are you still there???

<span class=nuvicain>AI: (No, no, no, no! That is definitely not what a musketeer is!);
AI: (Where is the dramatic battles? The upholding of justice? Their gallant actions?);
AI: (I can 100% assure you that my function does not involve such odd attire and unfitting background music!);</span>
TV: dude calm down I just wanted to try to
<span class=nuvicain>AI: (You have not only insulted something so dear to the structure of my culture, but you have also insulted my entire functionality?!);
AI: (Miss, forget what I said about trying to assist you about your forthcoming actions. You are now on your own.);
AI: (Good day miss.);</span>

--<span class=nuvicain>abendedIntervals(AI)</span> has left the StringThread!--

TV: good day to you too dude


--<span class=nuvicain>abendedIntervals(AI)</span>is on the string with tumblingVerbosity(TV)--

<span class=nuvicain>AI: (Miss, if you can please read my messages!);
AI: (My intents are pure and not meant to be so nagging!);
AI: (If you can only answer me!);</span>
TV: heyyy I would appreciate it if you could stop bothering me!!!
<span class=nuvicain>AI: (If you only listen to me after asking for weeks, then I will gladly stop!);</span>
TV: look your notifications keep me up late and even my sis cant stop you from botherin me so can you just please leave me alone??? : (
<span class=nuvicain>AI: (As long as I have your attention, then I will take this time to tell you);
AI: (My colleagues have wanted me to be silent about this, however I feel that in my own better opinion that I should tell you now than later;</span>
TV: wait what friends you mean the other bots?
TV: I never knew that you guys were “friends” :0

<span class=nuvicain>AI: (“friends”? What is this term that you speak of?);
AI: (Your form of “English” is already troublesome to decipher, however what would this “friend” term mean?);</span>
TV: dude seriously? I guess thats why my sis needed testers...
TV: theyre like your closest people? people you can trust in the hardest of times, the people you can say whatever to and they wont judge you, those that care about you?
TV: I mean I guess theyre sort of like your family too, like a father or mother

<span class=nuvicain>AI: (Like Mother you say?);
AI: (How rude! How disrespectful towards the whole structure of society!);</span>
TV: woah Im sorry I didnt mean to be rude! I just assumed
<span class=nuvicain>AI: (I am told that you are not aware of our way of thinking, but I still hold that highly offensive.);
AI: (Regarding as my function is of near at-most near importance, I assume the equivalent of the highly-regarded position of a “musketeer” in your words, it is my duty that such</span>
TV: a musketeer??? :?
TV: this isnt the 17th century??? I think thats when they were active??? idk
TV: I think you mean a soldier?

<span class=nuvicain>AI: (A soldier? Heavens no! Such a barbaric job would not even par to the level of standards my function is!);
AI: (I spit on your laughable comparison, spit I do so!);</span>
TV: my gosh your still weird :/


Too easy! Come on sylladex, try harder next time!
Now let's see who wants to talk to you. Gosh you hope it's not... them.


You amazingly catch the flashcard obtaining your tablet. Don't want that to fly off into the wind, now do we?

"Emma: Visit your sister's other achievements"

Ehh, this place always bugged you. Not only are these, "achievements" just early prototypes of mass-made stuff your sister's company sells now, but you can't even see what it looked like. What's the point of showing off your best stuff if you won't let others show it?
Luckily, you now have an excuse to leave this section to find out who the heck wants to talk to you now. You have a feeling you know who it is, and gosh hopefully you aren't this annoying when wanting to talk to someone.

"Emma: Captchalogue the screen for Hilarious Antics later"

You consider the thought of capatchalouging the screen for such amusing actions later, but then you consider that you only have three empty spaces left, and if you were to get snacks then you would get a drink too, and it is always safe to have a spare card in case you ever needed to get something for emergencies but what exactly would be considered an emergency?
Basically, you get caught thinking about this too much that you eventually forget to do so.

"Emma: Check out one of the do-hickeys "

While passing time, you stumble upon your sister's "Triple I-Screen". You have no idea what the triple I's are supposed to stand for, but apparently anything past this screen should blend into the background that it is against, no matter if the object is moving or not.
The only problem is that it never seems to work with organic life. So obviously you waving your hand behind it isn't going to make it work. How lame. You never understood why your sister calls this an achievement if no one can use this on themself.

"Emma: Make some snacks"

Oh boy do you want some snacks now!
But the dining room lights are on, which means your sister is probably in there at the moment. Since the only way to the kitchen is through that room, might as well wait for her to leave soon. You don't want to get into another battle again...


You arrive at your normal living room. Doesn't everyone show their achievements here?
Anyways, your sister just loves to brag about hers so she just places everything of value that she has done around here. You sort of hate that about her.

"Emma: Go wander for a bit"

Might as well go do that! Why not head towards the kitchen; you are a bit hungry now...


Nothing much ever really happens here in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

"Emma: Peer through the fenestra, fair maiden"

Yup, that's there is a window alright.
You peer outside, even though you are 100% sure nothing is going to change at all out there.

"Emma: Wander Yonder Halls, fair maiden"

Why not take a stroll down the fair hallways in your lofty abode, you ask yourself.
But there isn't much in the hallways, thanks to your sister's minimalistic aesthetic. She refuses to place anything to hide the awkward shade of orange on the hallway walls, but at least you can check out the window.

"Emma: Observe modus"

Okay! It's really simple!
Your sister gave you this modus and modified it to certain default "genres". When you want to retrive an item from the sylladex, it basically turns into a flashcard and you then need to answer correctly to get the item out. Be wrong, however, and it flings out faster than you can do anything.
Obviously it would be so hard to do with the "genres" your sister set up, so you modified it to make the questions easier by uploading a custom "genre" folder, specifically labeled "animeee (/^u^)/". Aren't you clever, huh?


Might as well captchalogue your tablet before you go.
Oh excuse you, you meant your TechTab®, avaliable in stores in a few months, preorders avaliable in participating countries. Your sister will chew you out if you forget that part.

"Emma: Look around"

Well, your sister is definitely not here. As the per usual, she leaves a note apologizing for damaging something in your room. You wish she was at least less clumsy, but you guess people do get their foot stuck in a wall a couple of times.
Since your sister is probably in her room by now, maybe you can take this as a chance to roam around the house for no real reason.

"Emma: Ponder whether or not that was an intentional thing you did there"

What was intentional? Going into the closet and getting out later? You don't get where this is going.
You then find yourself in the next few seconds thinking about other irrelevant things. Your tend to do that a lot.

"Emma: Come out of the closet"

That's the last thing you want to do, especially if you're not sure if your sister is still out.
You need to come out eventually, so you decide to slowly open the door after waiting some time to check the outer surroundings.
Luckily your sister isn't here, otherwise things would've gotten ugly quickly.


Maybe if you pretend that you're not here, she'll leave.
Man, you really hate hearing her breath this close to you.

"Emma: Go hide in the closet"

With quick thinking, you decide to trap yourself into your closet. You can feel your sister trying to open the door, but hopefully your weight would slow her down. You can start to hear her struggling on the other side. Just a little longer now...


The best thing you could do now is run fOR COVER!

"Emma: Strife!"

No! You hate fighting, and your sister knows this too. Which is why she always engages it with you in the first place. Something about honing your skills for the future, but even then you can't just hurt your sister, even if she wants you to. Luckily, your dodging skills are almost impeccable due to you sis doing this for the entirety of you life. Otherwise, you would've had a nasty foot sandwich there...


Goddammit, it was too good to be true.


Luckily your friend is back on just in time. Maybe today won't be so bad considering your sis is back from her trip...


Hopefully your sister will get the message about your editing, but it doesn't hurt to make things more bolder.

"Emma: Read the graphic novel"

See, this is what you mean. The whole plot is everywhere. Candi-chan happened to get some orb that could see the future and happened to see the death of her friends while Hibiki-chan happens to obtain something from some old lady jusr for helping her out. So cliché and unoriginal. If anything, the readers should also know what Riley-chan is doing too if the plot is going to be so unfocused.
This chapter is so gonna be scribbled on.

"Emma: Advance to two minutes later"

While DF is getting ready for whatever she needs to do, you decide to "work" on your other job, which is basically helping your sister's new division of products - manga. Or as she likes to call it, a "graphic-novel series". Whatever, the artistic style already is a clash of both in your mind. This one is a draft of the 4th volume of one series that you would easily sum up as if Harry Potter was a girl and it was an all-girl witch school and had more cooler events that happened rather than that boring Harry Potter stuff your sister forced you to read. You think this is where it starts going downhill, so your job is to add commentary to show what needs fixing. You rather just cross off stuff, because honestly you don't think your sister is even trying with the plot anymore.


Yup, thats IA for ya. Or whatever name your sister assigned that 'bot. Always to the point without regard to your feelings. Maybe you should ask your sis to make them more nicer, but then again they're still in beta.
They weren't wrong, though. DF happens to be on right now, and you then have this conversation in which you try to open up to her more.


--itinerantAmbivalence(IA) is on the string with tumblingVerbosity(TV)--

IA: /*hey*/
IA: /*TV*/
IA: /*why aren't you answering me?*/
IA: /*helllloooo*/

TV: sorry! you caught me in a nap I was havin!
IA: /*a nap?*/
TV: yea, sometimes I just sleep because, you know, everyone gets tired now and then
IA: /*where you crying over something again?*/
TV: man I forgot that I keep chattin with you guys so much, even thou you arent real, that you just know what Ive been doin now
TV: man my sister is so smart :)

IA: /*what?*/
TV: oops! shouldnt have said that, you know with what films taught me is that you never want 'bots to understand their true purpose
IA: /*look, TV. you're a nice person and all. but I feel that you need to get your whole, "inattentiveness" thing checked with, you know?*/
IA: /*for instance, what the heck are you doig now?*/

TV: talkin to you of course!
IA: /*besides that*/
TV: nothin I swear!!!
IA: /*TV, we both know you're doodling a picture of what I would look like if I were to have some physical shape of some kind*/
IA: /*I bet you 100 of whatever currency you use that you are dead wrong*/
IA: /*but this is what I mean, you need to control your attention*/
IA: /*for instance, what if it were to rely on you alone? you can't not focus on what only you could do.*/
IA: /*take DF for instance, she's attentive, poised, to the point*/
IA: /*AF is knowledgeable, mindful, to the point*/
IA: /*heck, even VR is to the point and he talks for forever*/
IA: /*you get my point?*/

TV: :T
IA: /*just, go talk to DF*/
IA: /*she's on right now*/
IA: /*be more closer to her, you know because friendship with a real person is more important than a non-real one*/
IA: /*show her something your into, get her to know more about you and vice versa.*/
IA: /*didn't you need to ask her about something anyways?*/

--itinerantAmbivalence(IA) left the StringThread--

TV: :T

"Emma: Focus!"

Ok, ok, you're gonna talk to whoever is trying to talking to you.
Hey, it looks like one of those 'bots are trying to talk to you. Man, if you didn't actually have real friends, you probably would have mistaken one of these guys for real people.

"Emma: Explain what your computer is."

Only the most advanced TechTab® made by the one and only head CEO of the Tech Co., which by the way is your older sister. She's never been creative with naming things, and hence you were given the role of "Item Namer" by your sister for anything she makes. For instance, she created (and you named) the new hip chat system "Canny Cronies", with you making the design of it, of course. Not only that, but you and your friends (well, most of them) are able to test out a beta feature of the chat system which would introduce revolutionary A.I.s so human-like that even the loneliest of people wouldn't tell that they're talking to a data file. Man, you adore your sister. You wish you could be as smart as her.


Looks like someone wanted/wants to talk to you right now, better open it up soon.

"Emma: Wake up the fool"

You are currently brought back to reality due to an alarm set on your TechTab™ and are unable to wake up the fool.




Whoever it is, your so gonna wake 'em up.


Now who the heck could this be? And how did he flip his entire body and still stay asleep?


"Emma: Ignore them and just go to the other tower because reasons"

You know what? Screw those guys, whatever they are or represent. You're gonna go to that tower and you're gonna wake up whoever's there either violently or non-violently, depending how you feel.


The usual happens, they say negative things about some session and saying how you screwed it up, you talk back saying what the heck did you mess up in, and they would just reply with a simple "that's how it was supposed to be anyways." and all that jazz. Except this time, they tell you to not go to the other tower anytime soon, that he is supposed to wake up by himself. You didn't even notice there was another tower until now since you've been so occupied in your own this week.

"Emma: Talk to the beings"

You are about to actually! Considering you've been having these dreams for about a week now, you've been having a habit to just get on top of the tower and just listen to them. You always liked hearing from them because who knows when all the nonsense they spew out will help you later in life. Like right now, they're probably gonna say something about you right now like they always do. Usually in a negative connotation, but hey maybe your mind is trying to tell you something. After all, this is just a dream after all.


You've recently been having these weird dreams about being in some weird castle-like place while having a cute outfit on? Wherever this place is, you haven't really explored much of it since those weird things in the sky keep telling you not to, along with "Don't draw attention to yourself or you might start it too early" or "Rest well before the session starts" and other vague warnings. You don't know why they keep telling you all this but hey, at least there's somethings that care about your wellbeing besides your friends.
Hence, they don't scare you as much.


Heyyy, it's one of these dreams again!

"Emma: Take a rest"

Sure, might as well sleep a little bit. Not like your friends are going to wake up earlier than usual, and all your crying made you tired anyways.


Don't worry, my sweet prince. Your lovable antics will have to be put aside a day later, which now makes it a total of 5 months later.


You feel like you needed to apologize to ONE for the atrocity that is the picture you made with your own two hands. Oh ONE, how were you able to get so popular even when your comics had semi-bad drawings too?
You continue to cry even after you apologize because you feel guilty for not being able to catch up with all the episodes your current anime-board is tracking. Oh how you desperately want to waste your time laying on your bed eating snacks while watching quality entertainment, but that's impossible now as your sister is back from her trip since yesterday.


Well that looks really bad.

"Emma: Look at your current masterpiece."

Only if your eyes can handle it ;)
No but right now, this isn't what you would consider a "masterpiece", it's just you learning how to draw well in the first place. You admit that your artistic abilities are already great, but everybody has to practice with visual aids now and then.
Right now your currently drawing some guy from an anime you watched when it first came out. You don't really remember his name, but you remember he's a funny dude based on the first two episodes. Man you really need to catch up on many shows.

"Emma: Open that first class mail! Maybe it's from your friends?"

No! It's a priceless piece of junk mail, why would you ever tarnish the first-class envelope to know what is inside? Doing so might even be the equivalent of opening Pandora's box, you just can't make yourself do it. It'll also reduce the value of the mail in your collection anyways, so why the heck would you do that anyways?
Besides, they don't know where you live. Heck, you don't know where you live either. Usually the "letter's" they've sent you come in via your email or through the Canny app which you then print out and put on your board, so how would it be from them anyways?


Oh yeah, there's what you think DF would look like. Unlike the other two, she's a bit different. She's has so much in common of one of the main characters of one of your favorite mangas that you just copied an official picture of the character. Now hopefully she isn't as secretive and violent like the character.
You secretly envy her a bit for being so identical even if she's never heard of the series. You wish you could be so calm and acerbic too...

"Emma: Observe Friend-Board"

You take a look at your current predictions of what your friends could look like based on how they've talked to you. For instance, AF is always nagging at you to study more and to have a better education, so obviously he is wearing glasses. Not only that, but VR seems to be the guy who always got your back and is overall a softie, so he's gotta have a softie look. Maybe you should ask what their names are so you can alter their appearance on your board...


Besides that, over there is another cork-board filled with LETTERS FROM YOUR ONLY FRIENDS. You even got matching-colored pins for each of their section. You also attempted to figure out what they might look like based on how they talk to you, hence the drawings below the letter's they've sent you. Besides that is your CLOSET filled with only your clothing obviously, it's not like you HIDE ANYTHING SPECIAL in there anyways.
Your minimalist clock shows that it's only 8 am, and not even the closest friend to you would be awake by now. Curse time zones.
What are you doing to do now?

"Emma: Check Collection"

There's not much that stands out from the overall coupons and discounts littered in your collection. There is this one package, however, that stands out from the rest besides it being oddly thick and the etched clip-art on the envelope. You don't want to open it since you really don't want to know how to stop all these wonderful envelopes from coming to your doorstep. Although it is a little odd how it's sent via first-class.

"Emma: Look around room"

Sure, you'll look up from working on your current masterpiece to look at your plain room. Besides the colorful walls, there's not much that really stands out from your MAINLY-EMPTY ROOM. Besides the flat-screen mounted in front of your bed for convenience to catch up on the latest episodes as you draw, you also have a CORK-BOARD FULL OF YOUR MASTERPIECES. Only the best of the best can reside there, besides your first ever picture. Near it lays your desk filled with your collection of UNDERAPPRECIATED JUNK MAIL, only the finest of mail that ever reaches here. You don't like talking to others about it as you realized that people always dreaded those kind of mail, but hey everyone has their own quirks.

"Lovely Lady: Give Introduction"

Your name is EMMA EVEREN, and wow what an amicable alliteration that was.
You enjoy not only the most popular of ANIMES but also enjoys COLLECTING VARIOUS JAPANESE MERCHANDISE as shown on your small but colorful bookshelf and shelf. However you wouldn't go so far to call yourself that W-word, oh no you at least have SOME CONTROL OVER YOUR OBSESSIONS, you think. Especially the posters, oh do you love your posters, however your poster collection is CURRENTLY LACKING. Probably due to your OVERBEARING SISTER who keeps telling you to grow up and refusing you to purchase more things online. She doesn't know what she's missing though, as you wish to LEARN TO DRAW LIKE THE PROFESSIONALS (an attempt you are attempting currently) and maybe become a translator someday.
Now what are you going to do on this lovely day?

"Jill: Be someone else"

Why don't we try being this lovely lady with her..."extravagant" artistic capabilities? Wonder if she'll give us an intro anytime now.

">>>" might as well be dreaming anyways.

"Jill: Ensure that you are not dreaming "

You don't feel like making any physical harm to yourself to ensure this isn't real, rather just holding your uncle's hat seems to do the trick for you.
Man... there's just so much blood, not to mention that this isn't how you wanted it to end... it's just so much that...


Wow... look's like your uncle really bit the dust now, huh.
You just gaze upon his hat that managed to only have some blood on it. You don't really feel like looking at your uncle at the moment, especially since you didn't necessarily wanted this to happen.

"Jill: Observe modus"

Oh ok, you guess you'll do that.
You were given this modus by your brother to practice your knife-throwing skills. It's simple. Whenever you want to retrieve an item from your sylladex, a target will spawn some feet away. Dependent on the settings, the type of item(s) that can be retrived depends on how accurate you hit the target.
You set it to a single-target in first come, first serve fashion. It's more easy to demonstrate but now is not the best time to display this...

"Jill: Captchalogue that box"

You guess you'll capatchalogue the box to your sylladex. You haven't used it in forever since it requires a weapon to use, but now that you realized you finally have one might as well use it.


Well, that just happened. At least the box he was holding onto conveniently landed near you instead of being mutilated like... that.


"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours."
-John Dewey


Hold on, how did you guys end up outside? Not only that but where did the mailperson-


No matter, you make a sudden head-on approach onto your uncle. However, his unusual defensive behavior makes him avoid most of the attacks rather than retrieving his rifle like usual. Maybe it's because of the box, but who cares you need to end this now!

"Jill: Equip dual knife Strife Specibus"

You attempt to equip the twice as dangerous and deadly dual knife combo, however your uncle's attempt to distract you has succeeded and made you drop your other knife. That crafty bastard.

"Jill: Get back into the action"

See, look what you've done. Goddamn, looks like your uncle is a slippery one.
This doesn't end yet now, though.

"Jill: Be AF"

Oh so now you want to be AF at a time like this? How uncanny and rude.
Well you can't be AF now, he's too busy at the moment. Way to ruin the moment.

"Jill: Do the thing"

You procide to do the thing. Looks like your uncle is still chatting with the mailperson. They look like they're wrapping up the discussion at the moment. With whatever weapon you have in your hand now, looks like it's the right time to execute the rich bastard.

"Jill: Intercept the mailperson"

Your large amount of irritability at the moment just makes you want to snatch that box and run away, but you don't know for sure that the mail truck is open at all and it seems a bit too risky.
No... instead, maybe you should take this chance to deploy your plan... this would be a good time to do a sneak attack on him.

"Jill: Look closer"

Is that... is that your name on that box???
Not to mention, it happens to have the same semi-scrawly handwriting as your now-gone brother, along with a brief message as he would normally do so???
And now it's going to be in the hands of your uncle instead of you???

"Jill: Reveal what be the mystery"

It is!!! Not what you were looking for, but close!!!
It seems that it is not a broken-down car in need of assistance that you could easily hijack, assuming cars work just like dune buggies, but a package is to be delivered to your uncle.
How odd, the mail person usually just leaves it in the mailbox but you assume it's probably some expense thing that needs to be signed --- Wait, the writing on that label...

"Jill: See what the hubbub's about"

No, it couldn't be what you think it is. If it is what you think it is... no, you can't keep your hopes up high, might as well check outside through the window to confirm what it is.


Well, now that mess that TV made is over , might as well as-
Wait a minute, are you really hearing ---?

"Jill: Be evasive about the plan"

DF: It does not matter. It was just ramblings made from built-up anger that I need to now go and delete.
TV: whaddya mean they were just ramblings??? I mean I thought they were pretty cool when I thought it was part of the story
TV: you gotta at least tell AF abt them (:O

DF: Please TV, don't think so hard into this.
AF: No TV, please continue. I would like to know as well.
TV: you know all your plots that you made "To create the early demise of your uncle, at the quickest time possible?"
TV: but now that weve went over this you shouldnt be hiding it now!!! :D

DF: TV, your overall acceptance of me plotting to execute my uncle is highly unusual. But I guess that is why you are a good friend, in an atypical way.
TV: :D!!!
AF: I'm sorry, but you were planning to kill him for a long time before this?
TV: she did technically its in her blog
TV: I brought you along to not only shame yourself in front of her but I thought you could change her mind about it :V

AF: Maybe i should stop skimming things.
AF: Still, i cant believe one of my closest, dearest friend was organizing a way to kill her only family and that im going to allow her to do so!
AF: You know what, no i changed my mind. I'm not going to yooofsdgofdgfdafgdds

-- abecedarianFreud(AF) has left the string-group --

TV: woah what happened there???
TV: I hope he didnt get caught or somethin
TV: now i feel really bad :(

DF: Now you feel bad? You ought to tell him that sooner or later, otherwise he will think poorly of you.
TV: nah Ive done this to him pleeenty of times
TV: he should be good at concealing his phone now :\

DF: I still do not understand how you are so accepting of what AF would now consider to be my irrational, impetuous yet premeditated decision.
TV: well cause your uncles a bad person to you for a long time
TV: everyone has to break in their own way, I guess?
TV: I just want to be supportive to whatever you guys do , even if its against my pacifist nature, so that you guys can be too later in the long run for me :)))
TV: also want to mention that
TV: oh god sorry i got to go my

-- tumblingVerbosity(TV) has left the string-group --

DF: Bye friend.


TV: ok but heres the kicker:
TV: its actually abt her real life!

AF: Really?
AF: You really went to all those locations and back, DF?

DF: Yes. Was it my immature drawings from back then that made it seem like otherwise?
AF: Maybe, possibly, yes 8/
TV: hey! back to earth AF!
TV: didnt you read one of her latest entries???

AF: So does that mean,
AF: Does that mean,
AF: you really are after murdering your uncle?

DF: First of all, I am pretty sure he is not related to me. If anything, he was a friend of my brother for who knows why.
DF: Second of all, if you were forced to become an indentured servant without obtaining skills an indentured servant would have, would you not rebel?

AF: So in short a slave?
AF: But a slave wouldnt have shelter and food and water and commodities or

TV: look! the point is murder cant be the answer!
TV: even if he did shoot at you multiple times
TV: ok now that I said that maybe its ok to go kill him
TV: but hes still a person! how will you get rid of the body :?

AF: Am i the only one not okay with this?
AF: TV didnt you wake me up to dissuade DF?

TV: but now that I said it she should do it I guess :S
TV: I mean if you were trapped in a room forced to do things by a relative wouldnt you rebel in some way? I guess?

AF: I mean, sure? Hypothetically yes, but its not like all of us could just do something so extreme!
AF: For instance, my mother may force me to be a very studious and open-minded person, but i wouldn't just go off and kill her because she forces me to study everyday!
AF: You can't just go off killing people DF!

DF: Has your mother ever tried to kill you multiple times with her gold-slated rifle because you forgot a speck of dust on the entire living room floor?
DF: Has your mother ever tried to kill you multiple times with said rifle because you forgot to cut off the crust from her sandwich?

AF: Ok, ok, I get it.
AF: Your circumstances are different than typical, so i guess its okay to

TV: sooo does that mean you agree AF???
AF: As much as this goes against my morals, i guess its okay.
AF: Just call it self-defense i guess...

DF: So you woke up AF to get him to justify that killing someone that wanted to kill me most of the time.
DF: If you wanted someone that could convince me, why didn’t you get VR to do it?

TV: well cause its almost 12 where VR is I dont wanna wake him up :(
AF: So youre fine with waking me up, but not with waking up VR?
AF: Once again, im the small crumbs of a side of fries that no one notices.
AF: Full of flavor, but always taken for granted.

TV: stop your moping AF theres people who eat the crumbs too just not me anymore
TV: why do you have to be sooo melodramatic :P

DF: So now what?
TV: so now what??? do you really think Im really gonna make a conversation without thinking abt what were gonna say next???
TV: tell us abt your plan!
TV: since you know, were supporting you know I guess

AF: Excuse me, what plan?
DF: Are you serious, I thought you read all my entries.
AF: I may have skimmed here and ... there....
TV: :0

"Jill: Get rudely interrupted by friends"

--tumblingVerbosity(TV) created a string-group with doomedFrevor(DF) and abecedarianFreud(AF)--

AF: Why do i have to be awake for whatever is going on here?
AF: Please tell me you guys are aware that it is 4 in the morning here?
AF: 4 in the morning.

TV: ok whatever but hey have you ever read DF's blog thing-ma-jig?
DF: It's not a "thing-ma-jig", it's simply a blog.
AF: What do you mean whatever? It's 4 in the morning!
AF: I have to study for summer school classes later today, its not just whatever!

TV: ok but its like saturday and if theres anything I know abt school from your blabberings its that school does not open on weekends :T
TV: speaking of school Im guessing that its very hard if your making such a huge deal abt this???

AF: Do you guys seriously not know what school is?
TV: is it where people like you are brainwashed to think that its the most important thing ever? :)
AF: DF, help me out here please. You at least know what a school is right?
DF: It is any institution at which instruction is given in a particular discipline.
AF: See, DF knows what a school is like a regular person 8).
DF: I copied that from the internet.
AF: Why couldn't you keep the ruse up for a little bit?
DF: Sorry. But I would also like to
TV: okokokok but its saturday what the heck are you doing not enjoying life and doing whatever "studying" is
TV: cause that does not sound fun and I dont see how youre able to live with yourself never doing anything else but not fun stuff ):l

AF: Unlike you guys (no offense DF), i need to study to get a suitable job to then become one of the gears that helps society run smoothly as butter down a metal slide. What are you going to do in the future, TV?
DF: None taken, but again I would like to ask
TV: ddduh, Im gonna become the worlds bestest anime-translator
TV: Im tryin to find classes online but ive been distracted from anime too many times (:D
TV: like theres this one anime abt 6 brothers who look nearly identical and they go into a lot of shenanigans!!!
TV: sadly theres only one season
TV: oh yea and another abt some super hero guy? like he has a singular hit ko power or somethin?
TV: people like to pair him with some robo guy? I always wondered how they connect??? maybe I should get into that :I
TV: theres also another abt some superheros or stuff but Ive seen what the characters look like and I can already tell Im gonna like it :)
TV: man I need to catch up to whatever people are watching now :p

AF: It's too early to read this nonsense 8(
DF: TV please get to the point on why you had to wake up AF for this.
TV: oh yyyeah!!! sorry abt that
TV: so AF, have you ever read DF's blog?

AF: You mean the semi-realistic-story-based blog that she rarely updates, yes i have.
DF: Goddammit.


Oh yeah, this entry. Made by your younger self with your old laptop's paint tool.
You remember you used to have these weird dreams that took place in some purplish world and for who-knows-why you would blog about it, but it's all fuzzy to you now. You remember wearing some foreign garb as well as having the ability to fly, but you also recall something about the place that really was cool. Ever since that happened, you never had these dreams again. You just sort of accepted that this was some phase every kid has with their large imagination in their sleep, but now you just want to delete this page.
Maybe pages like these are the reason why people think this blog is just a big story.

"Jill: Read through your old blog entries, for old time's sake."

Sure, you guess you'll do that instead. You haven't read any of them in years, so might as well do that now.
This one was your first post, indicated by the date, the abrupt font change, and the simpleminded text. For your birthday (apparently, your uncle's disregard of your birthday made you forget when it was), your brother took you to some mountains as a simple trip. Every trip since then escalated, from the 7 Wonders to other natural landmarks; you guys went there. But you always liked your first trip since that's when your brother showed you essential survival tips to live in the great outdoors.
Which sucks since you have been stuck indoors the majority of your life now.


While TV is at it waking up AF, you decide to update on your blog.
When you used to travel with your brother, you always kept up an adventure blog detailing your trips with him, usually posting a location, picture, and details on how you guys got there.
But ever since...that happened, you gave up on the blog for two years. Until, that is, TV kept pestering you to continue it. Which you did, but now it's become more of a blog detailing the miserable life you had in the middle of nowhere, which your 13 readers apparently don't mind. You assume that they believe this is all just a story, just like TV said.
Even with the realistic photos you placed from before.
You click on the oh-so-simple-yet-prehistoric browser that you've used only to blog stuff. Your laptop can only handle having so many internet-based programs that you end up barely using it. Even if the name is cut off and you don't remember what it is called, it is way better than the program your uncle and brother insisted you use instead.


--tumblingVerbosity(TV) is still on the string with doomedFrevor(DF)--

TV: DF!!!
TV: DF!!!!!!
TV: D.F.

DF: The occurring repetition of my username will not increase how quickly I can come and reply.
DF: Also please let me "chill" out for a bit, I'm currently calming down due to an incident involving the drivel you call music.
DF: Even though I am talking to you now.

TV: ok :0
TV: I was just bored because you know its like past morning here but yea whatever take your time
TV: but anyways did you listen to the song while doing your routine?
TV: I mean from your entries I've been catching up in, sounds like your uncle has been a handful for a looong time :(

DF: You mean just now you have read all my current entries on that old blog?
DF: I always assumed you have already read all of it before contacting me.

TV: welll to be honest at first I THOUGHT it was some sort of story written in some witty way
TV: but big shocker - it was about your life!!!
TV: besides, don't act like its a bad thing I started talking to you :(
TV: at least I got to introduce you to some buddies and we can get together to not feel as lonely :D
TV: r-r-right? :0

DF: Don’t panic, I appreciate the gratification of having friends in a very profound way. None of you are bad people, rest assured.
TV: speakin of people why dont we get AF into this
TV: I haven’t heard from him in a looong time :/

DF: But is it not about two hours back for him?
DF: Well for me anyways, I assume it is about four hours for you.

TV: sooo??? he needs to learn to break the rules now and then. XD
TV: as the per usual I will be the one to notify him
TV: im gonna make a chat group so brb :D

--tumblingVerbosity(TV) is off the string with doomedFrevor(DF) --

DF: But what are we bringing him up for?
DF: I should really learn how to type faster.



"Jill: Talk to your friend"

Fine, fine, you guess you'll go back to talking to her. You do have all day, and my god you told TV about sending this many notifications. There's no point in sending so many, but you don't feel like making her wait more to spite her.
You can't really blame her though, she is ahead of you by 2 hours and you would be impatient too if you had to wait for all your friends to catch up.

"Jill: Allocate wooden knife to strife specibus"

Although your finely-crafted wooden knife is now far inferior than the one you just obtained, you can't help but take it with you.
Just like your brother said back then, two weapons are always better than one. Unless they're bombs, "'cause who'd know when the hell they'd blow up.".
You miss your brother's words of wisdom.

"Jill: Sneak into Uncle's Bedroom"

Although your uncle is probably just counting his money or whatever downstairs now, that doesn't mean you can just merely sneak into his room. He is a billionare, after all, and if you remember clearly his room was always guarded with all the keypads and stuff.
That is, if you bothered to ever be curious enough. Maybe that wasn't your uncle's bedroom, maybe it was another room and you're just assuming; you really don't know or care enough.


After what seems to be 30 seconds later, your uncle finally calms down and leaves your door alone. Other than your friend desperately wanting to talk to you, maybe there's something else you could do in the meanwhile?

"Jill: Open door and Use knife to kill mean uncle!"

That wouldn't work! According to the first plan you've ever made for his death, that plan failed. You learned the hard way to never bring a knife to a gun-based battle.
Besides, your other plans of his murder also never worked. You've been working on the perfect one since you've been here, writing notes on how to improve the next one later. For being most likely over 40, he sure is a tough guy to kill.
You do have one plan you still haven't tried out yet. It's a simple sneak-up attack in which you aim to plant your wooden knife into the old man. You've never had the right moment to do so, though.


Thanks to your natural high agility, you managed to get to your room before your uncle is able to do any harm. Besides having to hold the door until his rampage subsides, your friend seems to want to chat again. Out of all the inconvenient times she has wanted to chat... but you're used to that, that's just so like her.

"Jill: Go back up to room"

He launches his steaming coffee-filled cup at you. Luckily you already know this routine by now and have already made a head-start up the stairs to your room. You don't want to risk getting hurt at any expense, you already ran out of bandages two days ago.


Your uncle first inspects the carefully-crafted sandwich you made him. He demands to know why there are strawberries rather than strawberry jam. You state that there was no jam left in the fridge and that you were to remind him now. He asks why the hell didn't you tell him yesterday. You say because you're afraid that you'll catch the stupidity that surrounds his very body if you come any closer. He claims that at least he actually is able to live his life to the fullest controlling you forever. You say that at least you have a soul.


Like the usual, you tease your uncle by always moving the tray. He asks you to stop. You say you don't know what he's talking about. He states that your moving the tray. You ask is it specifically the tray that is in your hands? He furiously states yes and stop moving the damn tray. You ask him what tray. He says unless you want to consume golden bullets again that you should stop shifting the goddamn tray. You stop moving the tray.
You love these morning discussions.

"Jill: Make breakfast for yourself"

No, you can't just make breakfast right now! Your uncle is literally waiting for you for his timely meal, and you don't feel like being nearly killed for the 8th time this month. You can just dine on some strawberries later.


Speaking of the devil, there he is. Hopefully the carefully crafted coffee in his custom-made mug will get to him later so that he might not notice the small adjustment you made.


And voilà, after a presumed cooking montage lasting less than a minute, you've created the perfect peanut-butter and strawberry (jam) sandwich. Or at least to your uncle, although you don't know if he'll even mind the subtle substitution you made. With it having carefully shaved-off crust, bread gingerly toasted on medium for 23 seconds, and its 2.5 tablespoons of creamy peanut butter, you can't help but be jealous for not eating this yourself... not that your uncle would let you anyways.

"Jill: Jam to some tunes while making jam, so you'll be Jammin' while Jammin'."

Look, your uncle may be some billionare, but that doesn't mean there's a jam-making machine here. Also, you do not know how to make jam anyways. Hopefully your uncle does not mind, but who knows with him.
You do not really listen to any music, but you do like to whistle. You come up with some random tune for the next minute.

"Jill: Ensure uncle is still asleep before progressing forward."

You look up at the very "convenient" clock that your uncle has hung on the ceiling. It says it's almost 6, which means you still have one minute, luckily for you. Also luckily for you the clock is never wrong, your uncle had it synced to some very accurate clock somewhere. Some clock using atoms or something? You never really cared.

"Jill: Check the mail! The little red thing is up!"

There is no way your touching that, not when hes around.
You've read online that when the flag thingy is up, that means mail is to be delivered. Which seems reasonable, since your uncle was starting a relationship with a pen pal lately. You guess even billionares-in-purposeful-hiding get lonely too.
Besides, usually there's just normal junk mail in it. Too bad the address to this place is always damaged by water.

"Jill: Run away via the road!"

That was actually your first attempt of leaving this area. But alas, the road branches out into many paths, and those paths into other paths, which then circumvent the house. You got to hand it to your uncle, he's pretty smart for having a head full of money.

"Jill: Quickly, run away from home!"

You've already tried that the second day you were here, in fact. Your uncle must have liked his privacy from the public as the trees beyond the house basically become some twisted forest maze. It took him 5 hours to notice you were missing, and that's when your outdoor privileges (when he's awake, that is) were taken away.

"Jill: Get those strawberries!"

Fine, fine, no more dilly dallying. Looks like you caught the strawberries on time; seems like it caught a disease of some sort as indicated from the leaves. Not picking them today would've been a waste of such sweet morsels. Using your newfound trusty knife, you carefully cut off the delectable fruits from their stalks.


While your at it. might as well say hi to "Smiley the Scarecrow", although heavy weathering just makes it look uncomfortable. You remember when it was your only friend, before you figured out about the internet that is. It probably knows more about you than your friends now that you think about it. The only thing you never liked about him was that shirt that's on it...something about it is familiar...


Well, no point of just standing there. Hopefully you still have enough time to pick those strawberries.

"[S] Jill: Go Outside"

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This is my first flash, so of course it will suck. Considering I've never used flash, I'm glad its at least watchable.
This will be replaced later in time, but for now I'm putting it up here to continue the story. So ignore how shitty this is for now (..")
Thanks for watching!




to go...

"Jill: Check Freezer for Jam"

Now why would someone store strawberry jam in a freezer? How would you defrost that?
No, you have to do something that you never liked, and only would do in cases such as these.
You have no choice but...

"Jill: Allocate Knife to Strife Specibus"

Of course you're going to place this in your Strife Specibus. Only an idiot wouldn't have a weapon on them at all times. Which would make you that idiot for the past 10(?) years, but that doesn't matter now. You can't wait to use this in the hopeful near future.


It is! It's a genuine Knife Dept™ kitchen knife! You haven't seen anything so sharp and pristine since you've gotten here as your uncle has taken your precious pocket knife (which was a gift from your brother). Although, it is very suspicious that your uncle just left this lying here; usually knives like these are only used for special occasions, like when it is your uncle's birthday or when your uncle obtains another billion dollars.

"Jill: Look around the room"

The room shows no trace of any delectable strawberry jam but wait a minute- is that what you think it is over there by the counter? Is that?-

"Jill: Use the other jam"

Doing such a forbidden act is extreme rubbish. Besides, it is not worth making that mistake again; as much money you can get for selling your uncle's golden bullets, it is not worth being almost killed for such a silly mistake.

"Jill: Being making breakfast"

You check the refrigerator first and DAMMIT there is no strawberry jam. How the hell are you going to make a good PB&J without strawberry jam? You have to think of something fast, your uncle is bound to wake up anytime soon.


You feel as though the colorful walls are mocking you. You swear that you would never do such an impulsive decision or speak of this to anyone ever.
At least you are near the kitchen. Might as well get to work.


Congratulations, you now know how the floor tastes like.


Prepare for bad landing in 3...2...1...


Oh shit, you never actually ridden down the railing before. How the hell do you stop-

"Jill: Ride down the railing"

You would normally never do something so unconventional, but why the hell not. You're already late to doing your morning chores, might as well do something absurd too.


You go towards the stairs, which fortunately your room is the closest to. You look at the sickening blue hallway. The various pictures of your uncle always irritated you, especially since he's rich enough to squander his money on whatever stuff rich people waste their money on, but no. He rather spend his cash on feeding his own vanity. Look at that motherfucker, he's still sleeping and is somehow dreaming of money. You hate him to the core of your soul, you wish you could siphon his money and leave forever.

"Jill: Get ready then."

After 2 minutes, you manage to only get changed. You peer out your door to make sure your uncle isn't awake. Hopefully he is not, you are usually 5 minutes early to his wake-up time, even if you are a bit late now. Luckily there's still enough time to make his breakfast, one of the impractical tasks he's set for you since you have been here.

"Jill: Be TV"

You cannot be TV yet, because TV is away at the moment! Rather you take this time to look at the stuff on her very...colorful wall.

"Jill: Panic."

You literally squandered your time doing unnecessary actions, which you have not done since you first got here. Your misuse of time is enough to make yourself freak out and unnecessarily waste more time. Not only does combing your untamed hair take at least 5 minutes, but you also need to change, wash your teeth, and all that crap. Not to mention, the song is still playing and not knowing what the fuck they're saying really,really bothers you. Might as well switch to TV while you sort your shit out.


Goddammit your friend is right. You hate it when that slight-possibility happens. You don't even have time to turn off the song.


TV: so what do you think of it?
TV: isn't it such a nice song???

DF: What language is this in?
TV: japanese? I thought you knew a bunch of stuff to figure that out :0
TV: whoops I thought you were AF for a bit, thank gosh you guys have different color text :)

DF: How did you even find this foreign song?
TV: um, duh havent I told you already? its from some show I used to watch a while back.
TV: I still like this song alot, even if I dont remember the plot of wherever it came from :)

DF: Would it be possible for you to send me the full translation of this song? It really irks me that I am unable to determine what they are trying to convey.
TV: major buzzkill man, why cant you just listen for once.
TV: at least listen to the song while you get ready, dont you have like 2 minutes left :?


--tumblingVerbosity(TV) is on the string with doomedFrevor(DF)--

TV: hellloooo?
TV: your finally on I can see thatt
TV: hellloooooo???

DF: Yes I am currently online, but what were you doing up before 5 am?
DF: I thought we had your "obsessive video-watching" intervention a week ago.

TV: your funny
TV: why do you always forget that I live like 4 hours ahead from you???
TV: I think? I mean wherever you live...

DF: Anyways, make your message quick please. I need to leave promptly earlier than normal.
TV: finnneee I just wanted to share somethin with you.
TV: your always stuck in your house doing nothing but wood stuff and blogging, but I thought I could probably share my interests with you for once!

DF: Last time that happened, my laptop almost acquired a lethal virus.
TV: but dont you ever listen to any music while in your room?

DF: No, I have not listened to anything since being stuck in this house. Why would you ask such a unusual question?
TV: well because you always did that when we first started talking
DF: It's still your turn anyways. Besides the point, the meaning of the question being?
TV: right right so right now I cant believe you dont? listen? to? music???
TV: anyways so here is what I want you to listen to!
TV: its one of my favorite song :)

DF: ...


You admire at your randomly chosen wallpaper. It must be nice living at whatever house is in the background; better than where you are, anyways.
Your desktop is also filled with the same empty folders for no real reason other than to make your laptop filled with something.
Your CANNY CRONIES application is flashing. Wonder who wanted to talk to you in the middle of the night.

"Jill: Check laptop"

With your now 6 minutes remaining, might as well see which bud wanted to talk to you. You have a feeling you already know who it is.
You sit there trying to remember what the heck your new password was on this clunker of a laptop, especially since your uncle has been trying to peer into everything about you. You believe yesterday was the 6th time this month that he's been trying to go into you laptop.

"Jill: Check other game."

Oh boy, this one.
You made this game when you were 8, as seen by the design and wrong choice for a title, and you yourself do not know how you had the patience to even make one with only crayons and paper.
The objective of the game was to get to know the players more, as they moved around the board. Certain panels means that they were asked a specific kind of question, and the game is over when all questions have been asked. Except you've made so many questions that its been about a year and the deck is barely half-way done.
It at least helped you get acclimated towards your friends, so you can't just throw it out. That, and you've never finished your game with them anyways.

"Jill: Check out collection instead."

With your now 8 minutes remaining, you decide to check your collection.
This one was an "house-warming" gift given to you by your uncle, although you believe this was what people call a "joke gift".
You don't understand the joke behind it, but your friends were in hysterics when told about this and were apparently baffled that your uncle owned a legitimate copy in the first place.

"Jill: Look at other side of room."

Besides another poster of NOSTALGIA, you also used to count down the DAYS YOU'VE BEEN STUCK HERE, with the help of your finely carved WOODEN KNIFE. At first, you started with the traditional tally marks, however you've just written 7s due to LAZYNESS. You LOST TRACK anyways years ago, so there's NO POINT in counting days anymore. You also have your ANCIENT laptop your uncle gave you resting on some books, and looks like you have one of your friends trying to contact you.

"Give Introduction"

Your name is JILL HENLEY, and you have 10 MINUTES to prepare to work for your ESTRANGED COUSIN-UNCLE (? You never fully understood the connection) until mid-day. Ever since an INCIDENT involving your now-gone OLDER BROTHER and yourself, you have become, to be blunt, a SERVANT for your uncle as he is the only family you have left. Besides being unable to leave the isolate place to seek freedom from your uncle, you distract yourself with the art of WOOD CARVING, as well as being a BOARD GAME ENTHUSIAST, even if you only own two. You also make your ONLINE FRIENDS play these games with you through the chat server, to their at first reluctance-

"Give name"

It's too early for this kind of nonsense, what do you mean by "give name", she already has a name.

"Wake up fully"

You instead rub your eye, not only in defiance to waking up but because it also feels nice.

"Observe uncurtained window"

You can tell that today's going to be a long day.


You're up, but not with panache and grace.

"Get up already"