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Panel #1
Your name is Skully, and you are one of the top Spooky Wizards in Ivywood. ... Well, you hope be one at least. You've been practicing magic for as long as you can remember, though you're still not very good at it. You aim to become a real Spooky Wizard someday, and possibly even be the first to combine the two magics - necromancy and summoning magic - successfully. It is a cool autumn morning, and you are feeling particularly wizard-y today.

What will you do?

Spookyquest is a suggestion comic - It's fueled by commands from readers like you! The story will not progress until there is a new command. Please contribute by clicking SUGGESTIONS under the Adventure Info below.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy Spookyquest!

The world in Spookyquest is filled with creatures and characters of all kinds, and you can design some!

Just draw up a reference for your character and submit it as if it were a command - though try to avoid using original or fan characters! If you're planning on using the character for something else, such as your own story, I'd prefer not to have them in my comic. Also, I'd appreciate it if you tried to keep the design relatively simple.
If you'd like, you can include any extra things about the character, such as where you would like to see them in the story. Otherwise, I'll try to fit them in somewhere!