Panel #1
...thiS iS thE tasK I leavE tO yoU, mY discipleS. carrY thesE wordS througH thE sweepS, froM trolL tO trolL, sO thaT wheN hE arriveS hE wilL havE aN allY. sO thaT wheN hE arriveS hE wilL knoW thE legacY oF hiS blooD anD bE prepareD foR thE trialS aheaD. manY oF yoU wilL noT livE tO seE iT. sucH iS thE cursE thaT I toO musT beaR. buT trusT iN mE, trusT iN youR sisterS anD brotherS, trusT iN hiM. foR onE daY, wE wilL alL bE freE.

maY God bE witH yoU
Lealla Manzon
The Emissary