Reader: be the young man over there.

Panel #1
You're the young man now.We'll get your name later,k?So anyways you seem to be texting one of your friends.And this friend of yours seems to be a moron.Anyways,let's see what you guys are talking about.

Pesterlog: (sorry I still can't figure out this stuff so it's going to be like this for a while)

optimisticButterfly [OP] began pestering satanicDealership [SD]
OP:heey aleex i want to talk to you
SD:Shut up,Shitface,I ain't got no time for your bullshit.
OP:seeriously though
OP:ivee got a probleem heeree
SD:Why should I help you,anyways.
OP:aaaah stop beeing so rudee
OP:i know youree playing the bad boy rolee and all
OP:but do you havee to bee such a pieecee of ungreeatfull shit
SD:This isn't a role.I hate you all with a passion.
OP:comee on
OP:i know you likee us
SD:No.Stop.You're impossible to fucking deal with.
OP:yeeah im thee onee who is impossiblee heeree
OP:will you heelp me now
SD:Okay.Fucking.Fine.What is it now?
OP:weell you seeee
OP:my guardian told mee to takee caree for this kid and i dont know what to do
OP:will you comee oveer and heelp me
SD:Fuck no.
SD:I hate kids.
OP:pleeasee for mee