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Panel #1
??: I am sorry, Virulent Panacea. Despite your valiant efforts, your group's wish has been fulfilled, and I can only allow one per planet.
??: I do recall your wish being particularly foolish. Was it not... "Prosperity for all creatures of Seconia"?
??: Your group failed this last test. Your planet was dead. There were none affected by this wish.
??: I will, however, divulge this bit of information to you two before obliterating you from reality.
??: Your session was fixed. Your group had failed before even beginning! Seconia was never meant to recieve the DIVINE INVITATION; your species was in no need of a deity.
??: I'm sure you are both well aware of this already, having now encountered examples of godless people.
??: Your home was utopian as it was.
??: And yet, I had pity upon your fellow ithicans. Your ARCHFIEND was entirely too powerful, even to be handled by this group here before you. So I stepped out of my bounds, just this once, and weakened it for you.
??: I would express my remaining sympathies, if there were any to present themselves.
??: But do not be ashamed of yourselves for trying.
??: A number of species you cannot even begin to fathom have attempted our trial. Most fail.
??: Do you know what happens to civilizations that fail META?
??: We consume them. They are obliterated from existence; past, present, and future.
??: Your universe has become an emptier place. But a better place.
??: When the DIVINE INVITATION has echoed to the very edges of eternity, all that remain shall be perfect civilizations.
??: No weakness.
??: No fear.
??: Only powerful, thriving civilizations, observed and maintained by deities such as myself.
??: So, Alternia.
??: Have you decided upon your wish?