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[A6A6I3] Just get back to the real stuff already.

Panel #1

DAVE: yo rose great timing
DAVE: help me get jade back to johns mom she can resurrect her

ROSE: ...
ROSE: Can she really? Bringing a person back to life isn't the simplest of matters, Dave.

DAVE: idk but im gonna go with it
DAVE: i mean
DAVE: i dont think we have any other choice here
DAVE: either we throw our shit on the ground and watch these canine dumbasses chase a fuckin cat around
DAVE: or at least try to get harley back here
DAVE: what do you want to go for

ROSE: Have you told this to Jack Noir and his friend?
DAVE: dude theyre DOGS
DAVE: theyre braindead as shit
DAVE: look at that they just woofed at me again
DAVE: dont you growl at me you fuckin doggy ass

ROSE: I'm almost sure your attitude is what's bothering them.
ROSE: You could try be at least polite in their presence.

DAVE: how would that change anything i dont even know if they get a single word im sayin
DAVE: but if you wanna go just shoot
DAVE: apparently youre better with words than anyone so look at me bow to the feet of her majesty the seer of pooch dialogue

ROSE: ...