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-> Author, test page.

The Author is a N00B and trying to figure out how to make this work. This will be deleted then later denied to have existed at any time.

RQ: Hmm. see if this works.
RQ: the colour does not seem to work. At all. maybe I have soemthing wrong witht he HEX colours
RQ: Wait
RQ: Did I need a fucking hastag?

RM: Fuck you guys.
BS: Fuck the frogs.
PR: Fuck the team.
MD: Fuck fate.

TB: Fuck you all.
KH: Goddamnit guys.
PT: :< We need to work together!
HL: What is even going on anymore.

MB: Which one of you assholes are giving up.
WL: Not me, I don't want to be stuck here after the reckonging.
SV: Count me in too.
SH: anyone that blames me for not seeing this happen get's a boot to the prostate. I fucking told you so.

I'm the dick of this session.
I rip my hair out because of Books/
The Mage and I get together.
I get caught in some plans.

I get powerful late game
I hole up on my planet after going through game files.
I get with the Heir.

So I can't talk verbally.
And there goes the session.
I try to stop the Prince.
I like my new room.