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While this adventure is currently behind on images, I am working on them in the background. Images will eventually posted along with each update once I have more time on my hands. For now though, we will just have text, and images may be uploaded to a previous update at any time.

Currently getting the hang of GIMP; if any readers know what they're doing and would like to help, please contact me! Hopefully the quality of the panels will include gradually.
Panel #1
You rise from the shoddy mattress at the corner of the room, blinking the sleep from your emerald-green eyes. You feel the breeze of an open window and the warmth of sunlight coming through it on your back; however, all you see is darkness. It's as if your eyes are closed. You come to the realization that you aren't wearing your glasses, but this confuses you--shouldn't you at least be able to see something with your glasses off, even if it's blurry?

You would investigate this predicament if you hadn't simultaneously realized that you don't even know where you are. You can barely remember a thing, as though a cloud had descended over your memory, leaving only miniscule rays of sunlight not obscured. You remember your name, Boomer, your gender, male, your species, human, your age, 16, and what you look like. What most would call hair but you call shredded adhesive bits of ostrich shit is blond, you have green eyes that match with your earrings and scarf, you're quite tall, and you wear an opened short-sleeved jacket, backwards, jean shorts that reach down to your knees, and a complete lack of shoes or socks. You're supposed to be wearing your almond-shaped glasses, but you don't know where they are. You can't seem to recall anything else, not even the positions of items in the room in which you dwell--besides the mattress you have just awoken on--but you suppose some things will return with a jog of the memory.

For now, though, you need to figure out what to do. You hear a voice you recognize as your sister's coming from the distance, likely from another room judging by the sound of it. "Rise and shine; wakey wakey, eggs and bakey; you know, all that jazz!" Funny, just a second ago you didn't even know you had a sister. Or what language was.

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