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Chaotic Reformation

Panel #1
It was all but a normal day for a certain doctor. Everything was going fine for him but because of his plan he had to get in contact with one of his most hated partners in crime. He needed her curiosity to get the plan to move as needed.

One would say I might be giving too much away as it is on this 'evil plan', but there is no way a simple paragraph would be able to explain the complexity of what this doctor has in store.

Even with all this planning it doesn't help when you have to wait for that known disliked accomplice to show up and she's late, very late. It's already been twenty minutes since she was supposed to arrive. Pacing back and forth he finally just stops in the middle of the one of the lights in the room and yelled out in anger. When is she going to come? You got evil plans to get moving!