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There is nothing, and yet there is everything; there is naught a soul in sight, and as your eyes scan the grey expanse of the blank webpage, you find yourself growing bored.

The protagonists of this adventure are dead, deceased.

Each one of them met their fates at the hands of those they least expected, and paid their unjust price dearly.

Tragic though it is, and I must say it is rather tragic to be told of the plot of this story before a single image surfaces, it is the truth, and only the truth.

But it is an interesting tale nonetheless.

Although their lives were cut short, were wiped as clean as the page before you, it is worth retelling their sad, pitiful tale if not to watch you writhe in suppressed emotion.

I do enjoy watching people writhe, especially in pain, after all. And writhe these characters did, attempting to stop me, attempting to prolong their own existence.

It's rather sad how gullible they were.

But I should tell you about them anyway.