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Panel #1
-- gardenGnostic [GG] began pestering ectoBiologist [EB] at 11:11 --
GG: john!!!
GG: i have reason to believe i will be making it into the game!
GG: im really sorry, i was looking forward to it as much as you… :(
GG: talk to you later! :)

-- gardenGnostic [GG] ceased pestering ectoBiologist [EB] at 11:11 --
-- gardenGnostic [GG] went offline at 01:13 --
-- ectoBiologist [EB] began pestering gardenGnostic [GG] at 04:10 --
EB: oh sorry i missed your messages.
EB: my dad kept hassling me
EB: what do you mean you cant play?
EB: jade???