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Panel #1
A young woman stands in her bedroom. Today is the day one of her glorious friends would send her an amazing game. It just came out a couple of days ago, you are quite excited. It is also the day your father leaves off to work, so there are a some boxes around the house, they were gifts from him before he left.

What is this young girls name?

Okay, so I always wanted to make one of these. I am quite unsure if this has already been done on here, and if it has, then this is just for the fun of it. Apologies if anything seems off, so don't mind.

Wowsers, okay, thank you for all the faves, really means a lot to me! ;o; Okay, so I felt like I should put this. All these panels are made in MsPaint and FireAlpaca. I animate using and - or known as ezimba. So, if you have any questions, you can locate me on my DeviantArt. The username is IsaacLover. If you would also like to contact me elsewhere, please go to my tumblr. Which is, xxisaacloverxx. It's easier to find my DeviantArt though. I may update this anytime I feel like, and add special links and resources. A good resource is also,, go there, they are really helpful for many bases. I can also help you with sprite animations and edits. So, I am not unapproachable! c: