Welcome to Strifestuck

Panel #1
1000 sweeps after Homestuck...

Alternia. A desolate planet of ruins, filled with the bones of trolls. A Brittle planet of the solar system. It's former inhabitants of Trolldom had been set a ruin and their bones had buried beneath the earth.

However, what I haven't told you that there is still life after darkness...
Panel #2
After the crumble of her empire, there were no rules to shield adult trolls from coming back to her planet. At 420 sweeps after Homestuck, 67 Million adult trolls returned from their journey across the galaxy. They used their ships to build communities.

Unfortunately, their different use of technology had brought devolution to their race. Even their starship technology had been reduced to millions of rifles... Rifles of WAR.

Unfortunately, their long-accustomed to the hemospectrum had brought separatism among the lower classes. Carving the Trolls into 12 Nations. 12 Realms. 12 Warring states.

At 1000 Sweeps after the events of Homestuck, each blood in the Hemospectrum grew apart from each other. Until there is a large gap that can only be filled with the blood of Trolls. All-out War is on the horizon...