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Author: ...Quit.

Today's the day.

4 years ago, I wanted my work to be heard and noticed.

I remember how eager I was to start my own Homestuck universe, how I was so enthusiastic and dragged all my Internet friends with me into this adventure. It's certainly a pleasant memory to remember how I felt. I was so inspired by none other than our Lord Andrew Hussie and many other fanadventures.

Even when I was the most inactive and idle, and when I was the latest to hand out my pages, you would all be happy and delighted to read the newest of pages. And let me say, as days went by and the favorites grew, I was so happy. I was so happy my work was being noticed, I was so happy that I had made a positive reputation for myself. (Even though I admit I handled some of past collaborations rather... poorly, but all's in the past.)

And still, I am the Author. As the author of this story, it is my responsibility to let you know what is going on with this fictional era, and to that, I have a rather... saddening announcement to make.

TEIOAB is discontinued.

I know this seems like a nightmare come true. I would like to begin this letter to give out my deepest apologies to all of the supporters of my fan webcomic.

I understand how much of a disappointment this is to all of you, and how much it might hurt to some of you that looked so enthusiastic to continue, and to admit I am down also. But I cannot push any further.

To clarify, TEIOAB is discontinued due to personal reasons. Speaking of me, personally, I am slowly improving. But still, this one gray thought just never seems to leave the corner of my mind and frightens me to no end. I do not want to leave any hints that I've existed on this platform. I do not want to be heard or known, I am scared of the people behind my screen and I can't trust anyone. I know this would only seem as irrational paranoia to you coming from someone like me, but I cannot shake this feeling, even with the passing of 150 days.

I cannot shake the feeling of my every move being watched, my every breath being heard. I feel as if someone is following me and trying to find me.

I am terrified.

I do not want to be found again.
I hope you understand.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.

-The Author