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Lilypad: Be at Prom.

Panel #1
You are now at the Tumblrpon Pony Prom.

You have had absolutely the worst night of your entire life.

At this point you are completely broken. You have no idea what to do with your life now. Everything you've ever come to accept has been destroyed, the concept of a "normal" life so out of reach it isn't worth thinking about anymore. In one night everything has changed. In one night, you had gone from the happiest little cute pink pony around to...this. The route of your troubles stands right in front of you, as if to taunt you. There isn't anything you can do to fix this. You feel so helpless and alone that tears begin to swell up in your eyes.

In this state of complete anguish, memories begin to float to you. Memories of the past few days, and how it all came to this. Memories you choose to recall right now, at this very instant, because obviously, the clueless reader would love to know what the fuck is going on right now.

You search your mind for when the troubles began. Oh, that's right...