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Panel #2
Your name is KASUMI HARUKO.

Some of your INTERESTS include AWESOME VIDEO GAMES and SHARP AND POINTY WEAPONS. You also like to play and draw on your husktop even though YOU ABSOLUTELY SUCK. People say you BARK A LOT, but you really DON'T CARE. Lets go more in detail about who lives with you. You like with your CAT, Kuroko, since your LUSUS, Okami, WAS DEAD FOR YEARS. You can sometimes be ANNOYING or EASILY HURT. You love ALL KINDS OF FOOD but your favorite would have to be BACON. You also love ANIME AND MANGA and have a bunch of FIGURES on your SHELF, but we will get to that later.
You chat with some of your other troll or rezun FRIENDS which mostly just PISS YOU OFF but you try to keep the peace. That can get really ANNOYING so you tend to sometimes FLIP THE FUCK OUT. Your trolltag is hellWolf and you type in wolf and dog puns which include Talking/Barking, Meet/Meat.

But your bored so lets go LOOK AROUND YOUR ROOM.