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Panel #1
Your name is MALANA GRAVHA and you are 8 Sweeps old. You are probably THE RICHEST purple blood you know.
You enjoy showing off just HOW RICH YOU ARE. You are very rich. You love that you were hatched into this cast. Other than showing off how rich you are, you enjoy SPOILING your friends. You like showing them the life they cant have. How nice of you. You also enjoy buying new clothing and getting more gold. You LOVE wearing it. The gold.
You dont know where your lusus is, you dont ever know where she is. Shes probably slithering around here somewhere. Who cares. You dont. You could care less about her, shes been cool some times but now shes just, ugh. y'now? Shes become a bit of a bother for you, she used to take care of you but now its just began to be a chore for you since its the other way around this time.
Your trollhandle is prosperousContemptible and and you speak in a way (- that makes trOlls think that yOu cant speak the same language as them and it ends up pissing them Off while yOu laugh at them. wwwwwwwww o)