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221 Days Until the End of the Universe

Panel #1
You are a strange creature in a strange world. As you have lived this life for your entire life, you are unaware of this fact. You have considered it before, but always forgot what you were thinking of a few seconds later, moving on to a different, more interesting task. However, to an outsider, a person viewing your life, this apparent strangeness is more obvious. For starters, your entire reality is, in layman's terms, crappy. Really, really crappy. It looks like some fool has opened up an image editor and just drawn this world freehand with a standard brush tool in a couple minutes flat. It is frankly sad, you think. Although you don't think this, actually. In fact, all this time you have just been standing still, doing absolutely nothing at all.

Welcome to reality! Your name is Philip, and there are 221 days until the end of the universe.