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Tales of the Random Crystal

Panel #1
Rules and Information (READ ME FIRST):
I'll start this Gameplay-Adventure-Whatever which I hope no one has already tried to do. Because yes, this adventure is about Me Playing Pokémon Crystal while You tell me what should do. But that would be pretty boring, right?. So, I added three small changes to the standard pokémon playthrought.
-I will play following a challenge, a "light" version of the famous "Nuzlocke Challenge":
I can only chatch one pokémon per route/area, which you will choose.
I can only use as much pokemon as the last gym leader I beat had (starting with 1). The elite four count as leader.
I won't use items in battles.
-The game will be Randomized, ie, the pokémon that appear, their atacks, stats and even type will be random.
-The main story will be "different". The story will change to accommodate the commands. So do not be afraid of post commands that couldn't be applied in a pokémon game.

Also, I have to speak about a special game mechanism of this adventure: The "Secret Questions". Occasionally, at the end of a page, I will ask a question about how do you want to continue the story. I'll choose my favorite answer. This question must be answered apart from your command, preferably in this format:

Sample Command
"The secret Answer"

There will also be "Special Secret Question", but that's another story...

List of POKéMON
Sterr / Gastly Lv.: 5
Fire - Dark Item: Berry

Flamethrower Fire Punch
- -

Best: Defense, Speed
Worst: sp. Atk


Characters and game belong to NINTENDO and GAMEFREAK
Kyubey(mon) belong to Shaft and Aniplex
Special thank to Skapokon, he helped me with the English