[S] Be wide awake!

Panel #1
You are currently... yeah you're just going to completely ignore that command. You are dead tired and you're not letting anyone ruin your one good nap in a long time. Not even a random voice in your head commanding you to do so. At least you hope this will be your one good nap in a long time. You know that it's going well so far. You got off your shift on time for once and came home fast as you could. You don't even know where you are, you were that tired. Probably on the couch, these things always happen on the couch. Sometimes tables, though you would have to be drunk to get on that uncomfortable of a surface. So it doesn't really matter what is compelling you not to or where you are as long as you are getting a nice long nap before your next shift. A girl's gotta catch some Zs whenever she can sometimes.
Wait, isn't there suppose to be sound on this page?