Meet The Hero of this game, er, story!

Panel #1
Your name is Ryou but everyone calls you Pixel. If you're wondering why, you're an idiot. Look around your room, see all the stuff? And what are they all references to? Video game, genius, video games! They are your unhealthy obsession. Well, them and yaoi and anime. You are 17 and you love to watch anime, play video games or do pixel art on your computer. Your grey hoodie only leaves your side when you go to school because your high school has a uniform.

Your chumhandle is joystickJerker and despite how provocative it sounds, you're think. You are never caught without some kind of electronic devise for you to play on. Normally, is your DSI. You want a DS 3-D but you can't afford one, but you can dream right?

Now, what would you like to do with your life today? End world hunger? Get a date? Maybe just go outside?