Issue Solver: Start

Panel #1
you are one of the top issue solvers in a city that will go unnamed.

because of your esquivalience of late your various amounts of hobbies will remain coy until a better examination of your room is requested.
all of these vague hobbies cause you to lose clients or cause extreme amounts of situational irony and when they don't, you honestly wonder why you don't have more time to think about your life choices and why you are still considered one of the top issue solvers in this god forsaken city you might be the only one who knows?

being pseudonymous is one of you highest attributes and because of which you are referred to as IssueSolver maybe a time will arise where being titled is required, this time might be now and it might be never. you have lived with being pseudonymous for so long you might not even know the concept of a given name. not saying you would be apposed to one, just it might be unusual and maybe a little strange for a while

it is one of those Mondays that always happens in the begging of your work week. not that there is much point to run up 20 flights of stairs just to talk to a guy that may or may not solve your issue and might cause one himself.
so you understand why the rain might denture those who have an issue in need of solving, not that it gets you upset. its just so boring and the taxes don't pay them self's...
and it rains like everyday here. where ever you are

what will you do?