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I Need a Flare

Panel #1
Your name is Ruby. You don't know what your last name is. You are a 23 year old Dersite that lives in a Mansion-type-house in an unknown location (well, unknown to YOU anyway). You don't really know if it's a mansion or not because you never saw it from the inside. You HAVE to live here for the rest of your life doing all this god damn paperwork and model all these gaudy ass dresses because this one bitch has your 'life doll' and bribes you with it. It's like this voodoo doll kinda deal, but not at the same time? You don't really know how it works but you do know one thing: if she destroys your life doll you'll die. And when you say 'this one bitch' you mean your 'mistress'. But you don't think that bitch deserves that title. It's too good for her. Today is a special day for you. Because you plan on getting the fuck out of here. You don't exactly know how but, you KNOW you will. Now, what will you do?