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Some time ago...

but not too long ago,
Panel #1
the Heir of Breath valiantly sacrificed himself for his friends.
Panel #2
The Seer of Light lost herself to Grimdarkness
Panel #3
only to be slain by the Witch of Space, who also risked her life for her friends and for the greater good of the game.
Panel #4
The Knight of Time, having nobody left, decided to rewind time and try to prevent the destruction and massacre from happening; however he wasn’t able to fulfill his mission. Jack Noir merely executed him in the same way he murdered the Knight’s brother.
Panel #5
Most of the surviving trolls of the apocalyptic event in Alternia had already been murdered in the 6/12 Massacre by an unknown highblood who supposedly went berserk. Those who hadn’t been killed then or had reached God Tier were eventually slaughtered differently by, once again, Jack.