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Panel #1
Your name is Molly Summy and today, you are 14 years old.
You are currently waiting for some strange game to come in the mail, since you saw some pretty vague reviews about it and your friends have been rambling about it pretty much since the day it was announced, you just had to order it. Your interests include obsessing over musicals, acting out parts from plays, and singing whole musical numbers by yourself.
You can be a huge bitch sometimes, but only when you are provoked. You basically hate everything and everyone-is something you would say, but really you care about people and most if the time hurting them causes you painful guilt. Being raised mostly by your father, you turned out rather negative and saracastic, not to mention how much of a bully you can be at times. To be dreadfully honest, you dislike your parents, they're unforgiving, selfish, and narrow minded. You wonder how even turned out the way you did in this family. In short, you're really just a giant trashcan full of 14 year old cynicism.
Your chumhandle is termagantStarlet and you write in a way thats lookin' a lil' somethin' like this.