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Panel #1
-- undeadUltimatum [UU] began jeering technicalAlchemist [TA] at 5:24 pm --
UU: hey asswipe.
TA: NOt now, i'm busy.
UU: with what, exactly? all I see is yoU rUnning aroUnd like an imbecile.
TA: WEll, if you haven't noticed, MY HOUSE IS ON FIRE!
UU: yeah, thats obvioUs. bUt I mean, what the fUck are yoU rUnning aroUnd for? havent yoU already seen what happened the last time?
TA: WHat do you mean the last time?
UU: oh my fUcking lord. will yoU stop acting like a retarded jUnglebeast for 5 seconds and listen!
TA: OK, so what do i do all-knowing genius?
UU: first, find your crUxtrUder and open it.
TA: I Already did!
TA: THat's why all these meteors are hurdling toward my house right now.
UU: well that is pretty obvioUs.
TA: THen why did you ask me two do it again?
UU: to test yoU.
UU: congrats on having at least some reflection of previoUs events in yoUr pUtrid waste of an organ yoU call a brain.
TA: UGh.