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The Delta Trolls

Panel #1
Alrighty, I figured I should do a little introduction. My name is Snow, and I'll be your author for however long it takes you to read this story. I'll do a quick intro at the top here, and elaborate further down. (So the lazy people can get the info too.)

This is The Delta Trolls, an AU (literally) where the beta trolls scratch their session, similar to the way the alpha trolls did, and created a brand new session for their descendants to play.* They are going to be playing their version of "SBURB" which will be alternately titled, as it was with the beta trolls vs humans. That is the basic gist of the story.

This is a genderbend, which means all canonically male characters, in homestuck, will have female descendants, and all canonically female characters, from Homestuck, will have male descendants. Some of the bends will have specific reasons, and some will not be elaborated on.**

Please contact me at if you find a spelling mistake, or anything of that nature. I am 315% open to suggestions, and if you want, I can have your fantroll do a cameo! I already have a few + random trolls that are totally up for adoption. Can't wait to hear from you!

FAQ (Surprisingly these exist and I'm so freaking flattered)

Will there be kids?
Yes, but they will not be introduced until WAY down the story line.

How long will it be?
Honestly, I'm not sure. There will definitely be over 2,000 pages, but I can't tell you exact numbers. I doubt it'll get as long as Homestuck, because let's face it Hussie is amazing and I'm mediocre, but it will be pretty long.

Will there be flashes and games?
Flashes? Yes sir! Much flash makes me happy XD. Gamesss??.... Maybe. I'm not the best at computers, but if this takes off and people want to help? Then hell fucking yes there will be games!

Why do the names suck?
#1 Rude!
#2 This started off as just genderbend designs and did an acrobatic fucking pirouette off the stump to become what it is now. So yeah, I changed some of the names, but some were too intertwined with the characters and it was too late.

Are they the opposites of the trolls?
Kinda sorta. At first they may seem like the complete opposite of the beta trolls, but under closer inspection, you'll start to see similarities in their driving forces, just expressed in different ways.

*Alpha= Meenah, Kankri, Ect.
Beta= Karkat, Vriska, Ect.
Delta= You're about to see!

**My personal head cannon is that trolls are born without gender, and hormones secreted from their lusus determine their gender. So, because I am the author here (It really feels nice, you should try it out. I'm like fucking God.) that is the cannon in this world.

Cannon stuff I think you'll like:
Panel #2
You see a new planet. It doesn't match your mental picture of Earth or Alternia. A Google search reassures your feeling. What could this mysterious planet be named?