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Just Another Bloodswap Adventure

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A young troll sits against a wall. It just so happens that we do not have to go through the whole painful business of naming this troll, as her name is already NEPETA LEIJON, as it is has always been, and hopefully always will be.

And it also happens that this young troll girl is you!

Your name is Nepeta, as already established. Today, the 12th bilunar perigee of the 6th dark season's equinox, is not only the day you and your friends had settled on for playing an apparently very important and exciting GAME, but also the WRIGGLING DAY of one of these co-players, making this a very important day indeed!

When you are not celebrating wriggling days and planning games, however, you spend much of your time ROLEPLAYING with your friends, although you gave up FLARPING long ago. You also consider yourself an ARTIST, although the only canvases you can find consist of the walls of the neighbors hives. Not that they complain, although it may be due to your undeniable ROYAL status that they find it hard to.

Now that you're done with that thrilling self introduction, what will you do?