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Panel #1
You! Yes, you! Hello, friend! Sorry 'bout going through the trouble of highlighting, but hey! I'm glad that you have taken interest in this adventure of mine. Well, it's technically not MY adventure... It's more of a tale I would like to share!

If you wish to continue, then you are more than welcome to! If you desire to move on to another adventure, then that's okay. You may exit this tab or switch to another adventure. If you're leaving, then farewell! Have a nice day and all! <3

As a First Guardian, I'm ultimately knowledgeable on anything and everything! Though it's better to be **MYSTERIOUS** about this! Anywaaaays, I hope you like this little story about a certain session which is originally doomed to fail, yet they have found a way to make things right!

Well, that's all for my introduction. Let me just retrieve the book...