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Panel #1
You are a cat. A brown cat, to be specific. A brown cat that stares creepily at the screen, towards you. But, you don't actually stare at you, because you are the cat. You are not actually you, although you are at the same time. It is extremely confusing, so let's just say that you, the cat you, not the real life you, is staring at nothing. It is not staring at the real life you, because to stare at the real life you would be to break the fourth wall, and we don't want that to happen. Yet.But, maybe later, the author will decide, "Stuff this shit, I'm busting out the sledgehammers on this stupid fourth wall. Bah. Who even needs it?" And you will know that the fourth wall has been reduced to powder, because she'll be covered in white dust and have a crazed look in her eyes because she just smashed something to pieces.

Anyway, you're a brown cat staring at nothing. (The nothing is actually real life you.)