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==>Begin Story

Scene illustrated by: Eversor
Panel #1
Everyone down below is enjoying the festivities. Yet here you are, sitting on a ledge of this dark and dreary building, taking a break from changing light-bulbs. Holding that necklace in your hand is the only thing that gives you hope. Hope for a better tomorrow.

You begin to wonder how you are going to safely get back down this battlefield of a building. Getting up here almost ended your life prematurely. Oh boy, it's going to be a long night.

-Here is what you have-

Tool Box
It has a Wrench, Wire Cutters, Screwdriver, Hammer, and Crowbar

It has a figure of a famous cartoon character that uses it's hands to tell the time.

It gives you hope.

It has 12 dollars and 32 cents in it. Also a Coca-Cola Membership card. Along with a business card from a friend. (No ID though)

Carry on!