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Panel #1

Third solar cycle in the year of Glass; Entry 001

So, apparently, by law, I have to keep a log of my service or something like that. Kind of stupid, when you think about it, 'cause who the hell else is going to want a log of my accounts? You'd think that people would ride the Sun to transcribe all that occurs in the Kingdom. Or not.


Fuck, I already started a paragraph with "so". See this, Council? You see this, you group of over-privileged dicks? This is why this shouldn't be my job. (Not that you jerks are ever going to touch this because oh no, it was touched by someone of lower status. Pffff.)

Nothing is really coming to mind right now, since I'm thinking on it. I'm confused about the recording of "all accounts" thing. Is that all up my accounts? Is that all of the Sun's accounts? Is that some dumb-ass riddle thing that I'm supposed to spend the rest of my life searching for? Yes? Pass!

Guess I'll just start at the beginning like a good little sribe-thing.